BlackBerry Z10 now available from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2013 09:34 am EDT

It's here it's here! The BlackBerry Z10 is now available from Verizon Wireless. Verizon customers that haven't already pre-ordered a device can grab on now either online or in stores. The Z10 will run you $199 on a two-year contract and is available in either black or white (the white being a Verizon exclusive). 

If you already put in your pre-order for a new device, you should hopefully see it arrive within the next day or two as we heard that most shipments were sent out on Tuesday.

For anyone in the NYC area that has yet to grab a new Z10, you should head down to the Verizon store at in Bryant Park at 10am ET where you can meet up with Kevin and Bla1ze for some good times and shenanigans. 

Did you grab a new Z10 from Verizon today? Let us know in the comments!

Buy the BlackBerry Z10 at Verizon

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BlackBerry Z10 now available from Verizon Wireless


Went by that VZW store @ a little after 9 and they had no Z10's and didn't even know if they were getting them in today. What a fiasco. Fortunately, mine is on a FedEx truck somewhere between Brooklyn and NYC.

I asked about Z10 accessories and they had 2 cases and never even heard of the extra battery/charger kit. Glad to see VZW is so much more on top of this than the other carriers. :(

"Went by that VZW store @ a little after 9"
You went to the store at Bryant Park an hour before Kevin is showing up and they had no idea?
I find that hard to believe

Frankly, I was shocked. I knew it was too early for Kevin & Bla1ze to be there but I stopped by hoping to see some BBerry reps and check out the scene. The store was quiet, there was one Z10 poster in the back corner and one dummy unit out. When I asked to see what accessories they had, he had to go into the back room to get them. I only spoke to one person in the store so maybe other VZW people in the store were more knowledgeable about the Z10, but this guy was pretty clueless. Hopefully the FedEx truck got there with some Z10s before Kevin did.

I wouldve liked to get one today, but i think i'd need to put down a $500 deposit. I wish i could find out. I can wait a few more weeks to leave sprint!

to bad my upgrade isn't till October :( I love BlackBerry but can't swing the price tag of buying a brand new Z10 outright. I am pumped to head into the store and play with one though!

On the bright side, by the time your eligible to upgrade in October, you should have multiple BlackBerry 10 devices to choose from! :)

I'm curious about the assumed launch time line of the new flagship device. I don't believe the aristocrat is going to be out until next year. For some reason the idea that they would come out with a phone that soon would just seem like cutting off their own sales. The beginning of next year sounds better to me

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Sitting in front of the Verizon store waiting for it to open right this moment. Grab my accessories and head over to Best Buy to get my pre-ordered phone. The day is finally here!!!!!

1. Headin to town.
2. Swing by ATM.
3. Pick up white z10.
4. Cover it in white transform shell.
5. Tell the rep to let me put on screen protector before he touches anything.
6. Pay, walk out, and have a great day. (:

Sitting outside the store with a sign showing off a white z10 in my rearview. To say I'm excited is DEFINITELY an understatement.

Maybe by October the Z10 will be "actually in the stores" and available for purchase. Any other BB10 devise will be "coming soon"! Sorry so frustrating that the terms available March 28th translates to just kidding!

Still waiting for Sprint to bump me off their network for roaming too much... Then it's off to a Verizon store!

Now that the z10 is available on all 3 carriers, let's see what happens with marketing in the US. I could see holding off till it's actually as widely available as possible. But holding off any longer would mean they don't intend to focus marketing in the US at this time, probably focusing on other markets with a larger user base for now.

Yes, I know the best buy's by me haven't received thiers yet, they are suppose to come in on UPS today but who knows!

I hit F5 on the FedEx tracking site about every 10 minutes...stupid me, had it delivered to my house instead of the office.

You had to have it delivered to your house, or the address on your credit card bill. Same for me. Guess it helps prevent fraud.

FINALLY!!! Cancelled my online order when it had not shipped as of yesterday. Went to VZW store this morning when they opened at 9am. The rep was vey knowlegable about the z10, and seemed excited to share his knowledge. It was a great experience overall, and it feels good to finally hold this in my hands. Got the white after seeing it on display I just could not say no.

No I didn't grab mine. Apparently I shouldn't have pre-ordered mine. Won't receive it until tomorrow. Way to go Verizon.

Pre-ordered they only got 2 units in both black, but I pre-ordered white... so im pissed and on the phone trying to secure it at a different location!

Blackberry is made in Canada, an American Nation. USA is an American Nation. Verizon is a USA carrier. I am proud Blackberry is made in North American by a Canadian company called Blackberry.

Cant be a bad thing. If no one was in the store, that means that they weren't buying iphones or droids either. So selling the 1 z10 to you is one up for us :)

I just got my Z10 from the Bryant Park store! I love this phone! It's my first BlackBerry. I'm rocking my Mobile Nations shirt too.

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I guess the FedEx truck made it to their store faster than the one to my office. Still waiting for mine. 4.5 hours from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Can't believe the had the nerve to not make my package their first stop!

Mine is on a Fed Ex truck somewhere in Austin TX on it's way to my appartment.
Patience is a Virtue.
It's FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VZW, I'm not sure what the point of pre-ordering is when we get our device AFTER launch day! I've been ready for my Z10 since 2010! lol

Called my Verizon store and was told that the phone will ship on the 28th and that I could pre-order it. I was like....EHHHHH today is the 28th. Cool that he knew when it was coming out but upset that he didn't know this "big VZW launch" was happening today. All I keep hearing is wait fro Verizon, the launch will be huge. Well its hear now...It wasn't huge...and Blackberry has a lot of advertising to do in the US now!!

I have a new theory. Please let me know what you think. Okay. Consider this: It's not about the Z10, it's about Blackberry 10, right? So if this is the case then I believe Blackberry wants a relatively quite US release. It is not the carrier who sets the specifics of how a brand markets itself, it is the brand. The brand is responsible for sending the carrier all the necessary specs (signage, location, accessories, booths, lingo, etc.) of the release. Knowing this, then we can safely say that Blackberry made a conscious decision to NOT pour a lot of money into this aspect of the AT&T release. This will have even more validity if the Verizon & T-Mobile release is handled the same way. Now, I say all of this to say this, Blackberry is aware of its weaknesses which is the key to being a strong competitor. It's main weaknesses being apps (Which in reality isn't a weakness, but relative to today's naive market it is.) and OS bugs (Which take time to surface & fix, especially with a 1st gen. OS). Americans are relentless when it comes to these 2 facets of the smartphone game. Blackberry doesn't want all those clueless consumers to have a chance to rip the device more than necessary.

So to prevent this unnecessary bleeding, release quietly and allow the best part of Blackberry, #TeamCrackberry (80 Million), to be the main marketing. Just yesterday I literally, after pretending to be a naive shopper for 15 mins., trained AT&T's on-staff Blackberry Z10 specialist on how to use the Z10 for an HOUR! She had just bought an iPhone5 & iPad THAT week! Yet her reactions were: "WOW!" "WHAT!?" "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!?" "THAT'S COOL!" "IMPRESSIVE" "MAN, THIS IS BETTER THAN I THOUGHT." etc. We will be enough to carry Blackberry into the next phase, which I believe is where they are truly looking to focus their advertising efforts. The undercover device that will be released this Fall! You see, by then, there will be enough true buzz (Market Share) created from the Z10 & Q10 to have Americans truly paying attention to Blackberry 10.

I believe Blackberry has turned to the most tried & true method of marketing there is... WORD OF MOUTH. Once a person believes in something, they become the walking billboard. Don't believe me, look at Apple users. Another example: The same day I trained the AT&T Z10 specialist, before I was introduced to her, the employee who was with me at first was so unbelievably Samsung that after finding and showing me to the Z10 she IMMEDIATELY started bashing the Z10, admitting that she had NO KNOWLEDGE of the Z10, and PROMOTING the **** out of Samsung. Mind you, there was an iPhone right beside the Z10 so it wasn't an AT&T/iPhone thing (They're dropping the iPhone so what sense would that make?), it was about BELIEF. At the end of the day, the employees are carrying the devices they BELIEVE IN and this is what is going to come out of their mouths. Belief is what is going to ultimately bring Blackberry back to prominence.

I couldn't have said it better myself "winter_hat," "PATIENCE." #BB10believe

Picked up mine @9am this morning. Where are the how to's on this site? Thought I had them bookmarked.
Anyway- the girl that sold me mine had somewhat of an idea about how to work the phone and I did too -so between the 2 of us I got a decent overview. They didn't have the software to transfer my contacts or anything yet and I had to update the software before I could add my emails.

picked up a black one at 9am. 4 accessories available. Otterbox case, Leather holster with NFC, Generic Silicone case, and a car charger kit. My upgrade went well - no issues. I'm customizing it now. BTW, maybe I missed it in the reviews, but with this device I can talk on the phone and browse the internet - nice!

Have fun you guys! It's an amazing piece of device. Still familiarizing myself with the new OS, and loving every second of it. Go #teamblackberry!

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I love Verizon Wireless video promotion of BB Z10. It put out the most important features of the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry should use this video for their TV advertising.

11:15 eastern time. And FedEx just delivered my Z10. I am installing blackberry link now. Then I can see how the transfer process works...

I have had the hardest time with VZW. Tried to pre-order online, and when that failed I called customer service. By the time I was done with the 6 people I had to talk to I wasn't sure my pre-order was successful. The day has come and I'm pretty sure something went wrong somewhere along the way... On the plus side, the guy on the phone seemed really excited about the Z10... Just wish it were in my hands right now! I have a 16 hour shift to work, figures... :-(

Pre-ordered mine weeks ago...... BUT it's shipping Ground (even though it stated 2-day) and it won't be here until Friday.. Bummed and will never pre-order another device, but am happy it will be here before the weekend. It did screw up my plans. I was supposed to leave early on Friday, but now I will wait for the Z10!

-Freeze Out

Just picked mine up from Bestbuy. They price matched Walmart $149.99..thanks to the cool manager. As I was waiting for my phone, about 5-7 people came in looking to grab the z10. The Verizon store a couple blocks down on had 1 car outside it.

So far, I'm liking the design., I havent had a chance to really play with yet because it's

Where is everyone getting cases from? Bestbuy didn't have any...

Browsed around at the Verizon store and helped demo the device to a person who wanted to buy it. Multiple Blackberry reps in the store as well.

Walked into my local verizon store at 10:15(opened at 10) and asked for a white Z10. The rep says, "sure thing, first one today." Booyah I love this phone. In the process of downloading the newest OS

My best buy is waiting on the UPS truck but they don't even know if the blackberry phones are on that truck...not sure how best buy and Verizon could drop the ball on something as simple as having preorders arrive at stores yesterday and stock for their shelves arrive yesterday so that when you announce oh the z10 is available, it is actually available!

Someone please, now that Verizon is out can one of you high achievers with two phones pop a gsm sim in there for me and see if it is unlocked out of the box like some of the other recent verizon phones? Please?

Woo hoo my pre-ordered Z10 is waiting for me at the Verizon store in Mays Landing, NJ. Can't wait. They have demo model and reps are familiar with the phone - didn't see any signage yet. Good bye Sprint hello Verizon. Good looking device Verizon logo not too overwhelming for my taste. Got my accessories ahead of time including 64 gig sd card. Is screen protector really necessary

I got to say I got my BlackBerry yesterday in the mail and I like it a lot I was an avid BlackBerry user then switched to android and I currently own a HTC dna and live it. The multitasking feature on this BlackBerry though is amazing! BlackBerry is definitely moving in the right direction

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Picked up my white Z10 about an hour ago!

Will get it fully set up when I get home tonight. It's sweet!

BlackBerry team was there when I left

Picked mine up in the store!!! They had signage but didn't actually have the phones out yet.

Loving it so far! My wife (has a GSIII) loves it as well. The white is a sharp looking phone! Makes the iphone look so dated.

Has anyone bought the Z10 out right and managed to activate it (on VZW) with keeping the unlimited data?

I have multiple lines with available upgrades on my account. The VZW rep activated it on a non-smart phone line (which added a data plan) then did an EIN swap with my Pre 2 which was on the unlimited line. She then cancelled the Pre 2 (putting back my standard phone) and removed the data plan from the 2nd line. This allowed me to keep the unlimited data. If I had upgraded directly, it would have removed my unlimited data.

I have a single line (still in contract)...
If I activate it will I loose the unlimited data? Or I should just go to a VZW store and let them do it for me?

The rep told me there is a difference between unlimited data being in the contract versus being a feature (a feature means it will definitely lost). Mine was in the contract, but when she tried to upgrade directly the system removed unlimited data and converted it to a 2 gig account. That's why she did it through an EIN swap instead of a direct upgrade. I'm not sure if you will be able to keep it. I remember in the past when dealing with VZW that I was able to get an override to keep unlimited data through customer service on the phone (but I had to complain pretty strenuously. I told them that the rep who sold me the new phone promised that I would be able to keep the unlimited data and then threatened to move my business to Sprint or AT&T. Good luck.

Mac3434 I'm in Canada and I'd rather buy a product that says Made in U.S.A or made in Canada. Nothing against the Chinese but the mass produced Chinese products are usually cheap junk.

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Went in my local verizon store around 1:00 pm today. They had a big sign up with the Z10 on it. When I asked the rep to look at the Z10, she pointed me to where it was on the wall. I played with it for like 15 min. The browser is FAST!!! In the end though, I just can't give up my 9930 yet. To me the 9930 is the perfect communication device with the touch screen, trackpad, & keyboard.

It didn't look like anyone else had played with the demo Z10 before I had a chance it (maybe one other person).

Agree the 9930 is pretty much a flawless device except for the pathetic camera and it can bog down sometimes. What's making it difficult for me to grab the Z10 is losing my unlimited data plan and nervousness about the lack of physical keyboard. I'm 80% gonna go for it anyway.

Just a heads up that several retailers including Wirefly, Fry's, LetsTalk, and Walmart are offering the Verizon Z10 for $149.99 (Wirefly and Fry's) or $139.99 (LetsTalk and Walmart) w/ 2-yr contract.

I went into my local Verizon store and they had a 3' x 3' poster in the window showing the Z10. They had a working demo right in front of the main counter and two people were playing with it. I was short on time, so I didn't get a chance to use it. The nearby AT&T and T-Mobile stores had no outside advertising.

Picked up a White one at the VZ Store in Oceanside, CA. Sign outside for the Z10 as well as inside. Working demo with a white dummy next to it. while I was there a black one and 2 other white ones were sold. Employees said had a 4 hour training on it and she was going to switch to it. She said they received 4 whites and 7 blacks for inventory!

Okay I went and I saw. The VZW here in Salinas CA had a few posters in the windows, one or two signs standing up in the store. When I asked to try the Z10 they pointed me to the far side of the room, "on that wall". No luck on "that wall". I asked again, they knew they had one out but didn't know where they put it. We looked through all the displays of Apple, Samsung etc., and all the repeat displays of said makers. On the corner of the LG counter was a white Z10, and a Black Z10. That was it. The first time in 11 years I walk into VZW when not a single salesperson would assist me. They are usually such pests! Anyway I still have a few weeks on contract, they will not back down even that much to let me renew early. In a way Im glad. I would have bought it, instead of waiting for the q10 which is the plan I would have gotten the Z10 and been happy. But this way the plan is alive and I hope to hold out till the Q makes it through.

Being from Canada ice had the phone for a few weeks now, having g both a black one and a white one. The black one feels a lot more premium for some reason compared to the white.

Not sure y but it does to me. Maybe it's the way the back feels on the black? But then again even the sides of the phone feel different, either way love the Z10 and I switched from an iPhone 5 to

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Just got mine in black from the San Dimas , CA store. Bought the phone for full price and kept my unlimited data plan. The store had black and white models on display in the middle of the showroom and sales reps had positive attitude towards the new model. They told me they had already sold several before I came in. Their selection of accessories was pretty limited as someone else noted above, leather belt holster, a silicone protector, otterbox defender, and a universal usb car charger. Pretty happy with the transaction. This store was definitely promoting the phone alot more then the local ATT store which didnt have any display models, signs, or even a charged unit to check out. Heading home in a little bit to transfer my data from my 9850.

Picked mine up in La Jolla (near San Diego) right when the store opened. I was their first Z10 sale, but another lady was buying one for her husband right next to me. She was grousing that it wasn't as good as her iPhone and couldn't figure out why he wanted it. I spoke up "Because it's new technology not like the old iPhone". She came back with some inane comment like its still better. Oh well. Anyway the guy who helped me said he was looking forward to getting one as his new phone.

Oh yeah, the store had two large signs for the Z10 at the front door. I don't know how busy it was from there, .no one else came in the store.

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Local VZW store had received no white ones and only had 1 black one up until 3 hours before closing. At that point, they received a box from another store containing black and white. Big advertisement at front door, and big advertisement on interior wall. Black demo one w/ white dummy beside it. I was there at closing time and was told I was the only Z10 customer on launch day. Bought the black one w/ the bundle (screen protector, otterbox defender, and a speaker instead of car charger since I had a car charger and speaker was same price). Rep said he'd had training last month, but this was 1st time setting one up. He liked the 'large battery' and how responsive it was. The browser is wicked fast. This is my 3rd BB in a row (had Storm and Storm2). Now to pair it w/ my Playbook. BBRYZ10FTW!

Just saw the comments about retaining unlimited data via EIN swap. Wish I'd have known about that!! :(

Picked one up a VZ. Actually heard a sales person telling another customer about the Z10. The one helping me had respectable knowledge it. He said they sold 5-7 for the day. Had to give up my unlimited data though, just couldn't afford the full price. I will be keeping an eye on T-Mobile though, hopefully their coverage gets a bit better soon.

Got my new Z10 and I'm having a great time getting to know the device. Upgraded from a 9650. I was so angry with Verizon yesterday, but they were awesome today.

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FYI, today I was able to get my unlimited plan back onto my Z10, by way of using another phone on my account that was also eligible for an upgrade and it only cost me an additional $35 :) Here's how:

1) Returned the Z10. Received full refund for the phone and the activation fee. Btw, they said full refund is offered w/in 1st 14 days (not just 1st 3 days).

2) Paid $35 restocking fee.

3) Re-activated my old phone (Storm2)

4) **MOST IMPORTANT**: Rep submitted a Request to Restore the Unlimited Plan to the old phone. Rep provided me the confirmation# for that pending Request. While standing there in the VZW store, I used another phone to call *611 to verify that VZW corporate had received the pending Request. Corporate verified the pending Request had been received. Corporate completed the Request (Sometimes they're unable to complete the request right away - but that is fine. It just means the unlimited plan wouldn't be usable yet for a few days. The important thing is just to VERIFY that corporate has RECEIVED THE REQUEST to RESTORE THE UNLIMITED PLAN. Unlimited plan was now successfully restored to the old phone at this point (but, again, it wasn't necessary that it was restored yet - just that corporate received the request).

5) VZW did what they called an "Alternate Upgrade" onto the other phone on my account which was also eligible for upgrade. This effectively used the *other phone's* upgrade eligibility. They warned me that if the other phone would lose its unlimited plan, if it had one. It did not have one, b/c it wasn't even a smartphone and thereby did not even have a data plan to begin with. So, no issue there :)

6) New order was placed for the Z10 and it was re-activated.

7) Done! Now, my Z10 has the unlimited plan and also still has its upgrade elibility. Since the other phone used its upgrade elibility, they said there's still a way to upgrade that other phone (I forget if they said this would be possible via an ESN swap or via another Alternate Upgrade. I'll follow-up w/ VZW on that). So, the only net cost to all of this was the $35 restocking fee, since the original purchase and activation were refunded.


My fiancee and I were like kids on Christmas morning after the FedEx truck finally rolled up in the afternoon! It felt so good deactivating our Storm2's and connecting our brand spankin' new white Z10s! She's loving it and discovering new features every minute!

Finally! My friend couldn't wait and lost the will to live! Am sure I'll get a BBM how cool everything is. Not gonna tell him that I already know. Lol

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Got mine Thursday afternoon courtesy of FedEx. I have been waiting on the touch screen for some time but didn't care for the Touch. Got right on it and began the learning curve. I LOVE the predictive testing. Much fewer keystrokes for me. When I first put on my new Otter Box case, I was having issues with sliding up from the bottom but have learned a trick that seems to work for me. Just a little pressure seems to do it for me. I am in the same camp as a lot of folks as I really miss the group contacts list. I rely on that as I send many emails to a lot of people regularly. Am hoping for the addition with an update.

Loving my z10!

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After some confusion I finally have my Z10. What a device. The experience has been un unbelievable. BlackBerry is back.

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