BlackBerry Z10 now available from T-Mobile

The BlackBerry Z10 has landed on T-Mobile in the US!

BlackBerry Z10 Back
By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2013 08:31 am EDT

It's T-Mobile Tuesday! The BlackBerry Z10 is finally available on T-Mobile in the US, so if you haven't already, head out to your local store or order one up online. Paired up with a Simple Choice plan, the Z10 will run you $99 down and $18 for 24 months, or $531.99 outright. The pricing is pretty much on par with other carriers across the board so far. 

This only leaves Verizon users waiting a few more days to get their hands on a Z10 - but hey, they do get that sweet white version right? 

If you're on T-Mobile and picked up a device today, be sure to drop a comment letting us know. And if you happen to be in the NYC area - head over to the T-Mobile store at 34th and 6th this morning to say hi to Kevin and Bla1ze.

Buy the BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile

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BlackBerry Z10 now available from T-Mobile


Basically they allow you 0% financing on the device for well-qualified buyers (starting to sound like a car commercial). If you add the 99.99 plus $18/month, you come up with the same amount as the total purchase price on day one.

Roughly $150 down after the tax part comes to play (since the tax is for the full price of $531.99). Still a grrrrrreat deal. I still owe $120 on my Bold 9900 (6 installments) so I will hold off on the Z10 until a rebate comes to play :)

Abrante we have done away with all rebates but you can do a deferred trade in on your 9900 and they will automatically apply this to your EIP balance within 3 billing cycles. Just drop by your local T-Mobile store

Tmobile is making me dizzy. You literally have to dig to find it on their website and if you already have an account and sign in to checkout, it says 'out of stock'. Tried ordering over the phone and rep said it is not fully available yet even though I am able to order it as a new customer online. About to hit up a store as my last resort but would prefer to order over the phone as the customer loyalty department usually gives better deals

You bring up something I was thinking about yesterday: the customer loyalty department. How...empowered will they now be, given that TMO's essentially become a very large prepaid carrier now?

So I'm here bright and early, but the store is still closed at opening time!? Why are they making this so difficult!? LoL

I prefer to get my phone at the T-Mobile store so I get it immediately. Plus, the one time I ordered a phone over the phone I had a problem with the phone. Then when I tried to exchange it at the store they wouldn't let me because I didn't purchase it at the store. I hope everything works out for you.

Agree, I was shocked with their price for the 9900, in comparison to the other carriers. But, I did get a $200 MIR at the time of purchase so it turned out well. I still owe on that agreement with t-mo BTW. lol

Stop your blasphamy...

except from t-mobile page. Under phones > search "z10":

Or pay in full today at checkout $531.99

I should have waited for this but was so impatient and ran off to phones4u the moment it was launched. Cost me £520. And here it is for only $540. BlackBerry better give we UK customers some discounts for future

Interesting price in the USA. Smart but BlackBerry should be wary about pissing off loyal customers

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539 outright is a pretty great deal ! In comparison to Rogers(600) and Bell(650) here in Canada. Can anyone tell me if this model is compatible with Rogers Network?

im loving the price but .... it does not support HSPDA+ @ 1900mhz sigh plan was to let my sis buy it then unlock it here in Trinidad but i hear our carriers are launching soon down here so guess imma wait and see what the price is like im guessing $3000 - $4000 TTD ... wish i could have won one from CB awesome device
my 9700 better hold out till i get one lol

It does support HSDPA 1900. TMO just doesn't have that band listed. You could also buy the AT&T one which is $18 more (before taxes.)

I think we will start to see things really start picking up now. Once people start seeing how great this phone is and showing it to their friends everyone will need one.

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I think we have to consider the hardware build as well as the reliability of the Bold. We gotta remember that the Bold is no slouch. I'm upgrading because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. #Luxury

Takes a lot more time, testing, hardware, etc... for the newer keyboard.

That's why Apple stock is 700 dollars last time i checked. They sell a cheaper product for $$$ more.

Good deal in my opinion.

Its obviously easier(cheaper) to make a phone without a keyboard, removal batter, micro sd.
It's even cheaper to switch from metal to poly-plastic. But with the right marketing... it's possible to suck even more dough from customers.

It really doesn't seem like the USA carriers are all that concerned about promoting BlackBerry. That's depressing, in Canada you can't turn your head (in Toronto) without seeing some advertising for the new phone! It almost seems like. Bigger deal in the north with carriers than south of us.

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Heard "First" ten T-Mobile customers get Alicia Keys tickets for NYC. Sounds smart. Good luck! If you don't want them let me know :)

@Brandon I would do some serious researching before investing my "blue notes" if I were you. Make sure that the one you are purchasing is compatible with your networks there. There is a post here STL 100-1 vs STL 100-2 that runs a good comparison. Also check out the specs on the STL 100-3 and STL 100-4 and see which matches up better with b-mobile or Digicel.

yea thats what im gonna do cuz u knw when that launch next month is 3000 - 4000 an that is more paper than a friend taking it out when they renew their contract an just giving me the phone nice to meet another trini here 2

I wonder if the lure of concert tickets, discount, and the Z10 were enough to get any sort of line going at the NYC store.

hell yeah!! i can go for that price. I'm glad I waited, I almost walked out with one at AT&T.

I was just at the Tmo store on 34th street nyc. Got my z10, $25 discount and a pair of concert tickets. What a great day this has been so far!
Oh yeah Kevin and blaze were there documenting and blessing us with their presence. Lol

I'm not understanding the pricing model. Can someone help me out? I called and was told $99 down, $18 a month for 24 months and an unlimited everything plan including data and web for $60 a month.

What happened to the $199.99 specials? Also, I've been a customer for 12 years, VoiceStream days, and was told they no longer offer upgrade discounts to long time customers.

P.S. Currently using Bold 9780.

@Phil, T-mobile completely redid their pricing structure this week. Essentially they separated the cost of your phone from the cost of your service, and you get discounted service once your phone is paid off (or if you bring your own). It ends up being cheaper over a two year period, but it's confusing at first.

What happens if I decide to get the Q10 from T-Mobile before paying off the Z10? Do I have to pay the remaining Z10 balance before starting a payment plan on the Q10 or will my Z10 payments be shifted to the Q10 and I just return the Z10? When did buying a cellphone turn into a car payment business model, geez.

I agree with Shapor, TMobile is a cussing mess right now. With the whole shift of pricing plan and Z10 being a new device they don't what price to give. The store can't even ring them up. My best contact was over the phone where the price was $538 and they were able to adjust my plan pricing. Good news is there has been a lot of inquiries about the Z10, on the phone and in the store (of course I asked)! Even more surprisingly the rep over the phone wants the Q10 asap lol. She confidently told me that although the S3 that she has at the moment is nice she misses her tactile buttons, ease of communication and really likes the new OS! Good luck to you TMobile customers, wife and I hope to have Z10s this week.

How so unless you pay outright from another carriers unlocked or unless your a business customer

I have a possible two sales so far lined up. I think we need to start a forum on how many (as non paid salesmen) were we responsible for. And yes th "F Word" comment was historical.

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BB is in trouble man. I called T-mobile to order my phone and the rep had no idea that the phone was on sale!!! After i explained that the phone went on sale today she then went and checked, she came back to say that she wasn't selling the z10 over the phone yet so i should go into a store to purchase it. The thing is a friend of mines had called earlier and ordered theirs from t-mobile over the phone... These US companies are not trying to promote this phone guys... This is some bullsh*t!

Well, I cracked; was planning on keeping my 9900 for a while and waiting on Q10, but just couldn't hold out. I dropped into TMO store this morning and picked up Z10. First one they sold (of course, they had only been open a few minutes). TMO sales rep was very helpful and informed about BB10.

Got my BlackBerry Z10 on the 15th from T Mobile after reading they were available to business customers. Actually I got two as I knew thew would be a hit and I would be able to convert those whom have eaten the fruit of The Poisonous Tree.

Love every inch of this BlackBeauty...the predictive typing gets better and better as does my experience as I learn all the new shortcuts.

it's been a long time a coming'!

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The thing is that the only ones who are fired up about the Z10 in the US are the BB loyalists !
Ordinary people couldn't care less!
Playbook deja vu ! :(

Bought mine today and was first and only person in store. The lady was nice but just not helpful at all. Cant wait to have some free time in a little bit to play around with it. Hope everyone enjoys their new friend!

I just added a review on T-Mobile's website for the Z10, praising its features. I challenge all T-Mobile Crackberry-heads to do the same--let's get the good word out!!

I just got my new Blackberry Z10 in Tucson, AZ. It turns out that most of the TMO stores here in Tucson didn't get any Z10's and the others only got about 4 units at the most. I was one of the first ones to get one reserved at the location I went too. As I was waiting to pick mine up, other customers were calling to get there's as well, as well as other TMO stores wanting to snag some for there store. So there has been more demand for the Z10 here than TMO was prepared for.

TMO really botched this launch horribly. Havign a family plan, everyone but me upgraded their phone to a SSG3 last year, i held mine for the Z10, which I just found out was a massive mistake. After talking to 2 reps on the phone, I was told the standard 532 up front of 20 a month and some how I save money which I quickly pointed out a major flaw. I'm on an old plan which works great for us (old school My Favs), their new model doesn't work for us. The nice girl tried her best to somehoe make it sound like we'ed save in the long run, I ended up torpedoing her arguemtns simply by saying," your asking me to drop $600 on a phone when I can go to ATT and sign up for 2 years for $199". I even said I'm willing to sign a contract for 2 years with TMO to match, she said they can't. Also I can't leave since I'm under contract when everyone else upgraded. Thanks TMO, for nothing. Congrads on screwing me once again.

I have 5 lines and had 1500 minutes plus my faves. was paying 250 a month. They switched me to unlimited everything for 130 before tax and includes hot spot on all lines. I picked up 2 z 10's

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I'm not saying you are wrong, but go home and do the math. Yes you may think you are only paying $199 at AT&T, but you pay for the phone the same way T-Mobile has changed their plans to, except T-Mobile's plan is transparent - you see the monthly fee they are charging you for the phone (i.e. $18-20 per month). AT&T's phone installments are buried in their (normally) much higher plan costs.
This however doesn't work if your "old school" plan is more costly per month than what AT&T, or for that matter, the new plans T-Mobile is charging. Won't they let you pay the $99 down, $18 per month under your old contract?

T-Mobile authorized resellers can still upgrade you, I knew this was coming so I didn't even bother with a T-Mobile retail location.

Oddly enough I got mine at Walmart with my upgrade.

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So excited with my Z10 coming from a iphone user. Got it this afternoon at T-mobile. Great to be back with blackberry (last BB was a 9700) with t-mobile.

Just picked one up yesterday and opened it up today as a reinforcement to finish my research paper and I am loving it so much right now. I always get so giddy when I have a new device in my hand. I am very happy to say that I am back to blackberry once again! =)

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I got my T-Mobile Z10 last Thursday in Houston, TX and they had just gotten a new shipment that day, having sold out days earlier. Great phone.

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