BlackBerry Z10 now available in France

Orange BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2013 12:58 pm EST

The BlackBerry Z10 is trotting its way around the globe and now looks to be available in France. It started popping up at some retailers online a few days ago, but from the looks of things is now officially available on various carriers. Orange and Sosh are showing the device as in stock on their web sites with a handful of others offering it up for preorder. So if you're in France you should be able to pick one up soon if you haven't already. If you do be sure to let us know!

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BlackBerry Z10 now available in France


Just because it is has been launched doesn't mean it is available. I was busy on launch day and stores in my area sold out. I'm still waiting to get mine.

Ce doit être leur surcouche SFR et les applications SFR qu'ils veulent mettre de force quand ils vendent un produit "SFR" qui prend du temps ?

C'est étrange n'empêche, tous les autres opérateurs affichent au moins une pré-commande.

Maybe SFR is taking their time due to their bloatware !

Yea ..... do you see what the media did to you?
They speak bad about the Berrys, and CrackBerry Kevin .... so now you gotta wait.

Blame it on your big mouth media people.

BTW - The Z10 is an AWESOME phone.

France? Kuwait? No US of A? Are you kidding me?!? From a marketting standpoint I totally understood why Canada and the UK but all these other countries before the US? And I'm only talking about from a business stand point. 4mil in advertising andkuwait has the phone first. I don't get it.

EMEA was announced as "first wave" ... And France is in the first "E" part of it ;) ... We still like BB here, probably much, much more than in U.S; it makes sense to go where your fans are first, grab some cash, some good reviews etc, before fighting the media in U.S ...
Sorry (I feel you pain and I'm really sry, no second degree here) the delay is IMHO bigger than planned but as stated above, I believe some carriers need a foot shot for that ...

Do you think that the different carriers in different markets have different technical specifications for their tests and different hoops to jump through to get the devices to the public?


Actually they do. Moreover Verizon test specs are toughest to pass and At&T is famous for adding all their network related bloatware which has to be tested to work on the new Phone. A first Gen OS needs so many specs to pass including some which do not even exist in other countries. Trust me there is no company which does not want to bring it's products to US, and US is the Holy Grail of Smartphone sales.. BlackBerry is putting all the efforts to get it released but yeah carrier testing may take 1 more month before it comes to US officially. But in the end you get a new OS with a fresh UI and user interaction paradigm and I think it is worth it.

Thanks for that Sam, but they were retorical questions for the guy who posted before, but I get your point ;)


This message is to all Americans that are impatiently awaiting the arrival of BB Z10.

How do you explain the fact that all other countries were able to do their required testing
in time to offer this phone within days to two weeks from its launch on January 30th?

As a Canadian I'm pissed about the fact that US carriers have not stepped up their efforts to
make sure that Z10 is available to US customers earlier than it currently is (mid-March).
I don't believe for a second that this is due to Blackberries incompetence.

Contrary to what analysts think and say, I find this inexcusable, and in my opinion this delay
has everything to do with the carriers, Apple, Google, Microsoft and their Lobbyists.

Yes it is in carrier's benefit to have as much competition as possible but more and more I see
how they are being controlled by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft (I'll call them the troika). It is the deals that the carriers have signed with them (which we are not even aware off) that prevents them from offering Blackberry's Z10 on time. Troika is trying to squeeze out
Blackberry from USA as a valid competitor.

I only wonder how much money has been put in to the hands of lobbyists and politicians to push Blackberry out!

Many are on payrol, so it's like their job to steer people away from BB. This won't be the case much longer though, especially as the OS matures and more big name apps become available. BlackBerry has indeed created a very solid foundation which they are building upon. They have already changed the mobile computing game. It's only a matter of time before the masses demand BB10!

..........and that is why north Korea is upset with us Americans.
It's because we THINK that we are the best, but really know that we are no better then everyone else.

My heart breaks a bit each time I see BB10 in another country.....


Everyone but me hates BlackBerry at my work.

And just because of your co workers hate towards BlackBerry ... the USA will wait another week for their Z10.

Time to take this out on your co-workers.

I'm really sorry that our US friends can't get the Z10. However instead of yelling at BlackBerry maybe you should start yelling at your carriers.
All the carriers around the world got the same "golden" phone at the same time. Don't blame BlackBerry if they can't get it tested in time.

That's because it is Blackberry's fault they are trying to make big numbers before they hit the US They delayed the Launch on purpose in the US because they know they are out gunned by Apple and Android.

But it was a stupid move because while they may be making great numbers else were the Z10 stood up well in spec comparison to the S3. but when they release now it's going to be going up against the S4. And its going to look like every other Blackberry effort To Little To Late.

Because the globe is pretty frickin' big and doesn't revolve around the US?!

Oh, and it IS coming to the US, it's just taking a little longer than other places.


Orange has it available for order online (just ordered mine). In stores they have posters up and were supposed to have the actual devices starting today but I've gone into multiple stores and got answers ranging from "by end of week" to "end of month". If you order online it's 3 days delivery and they're in stock now, but you have to mail back the signed contract so activating the line may take a bit longer.

Orange only has the black Z10.

Buoygues ( has the Z10 showing up online as "Available soon", but the stores said "by end of month". The black is available to everyone and will be in stores, the white is "web only".

I got the phone for 199€ + 50€ mail-in rebate I'll redeem now on just a 1-year contract. 5Gb/month 4G/LTE bandwidth, unlimited calling for 75€/month.

Although I've been umming and arring over whether to get the black or white, I think I'll just go with the black through Soch (539€ off contract) and stick to my 24/7 calls, 24/7 text messages, 3Gb data, all for 24€/month ;)


What's the difference between being available in France and in the European Union as a whole ? In other words, could someone in Germany eligible to purchase a BB10 on contract from France or would they have to buy it outright? Just wondering.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

Each European territory has it's own carriers (although the main owners are often the same if you climb high enough), and because of that if you buy on contract in one country, and you use the provided SIM card, then you'll be paying roaming charges.

You could buy in one country and just pay the monthly fee, but you'd still have to de-simlock your phone and pay another monthly fee from your own carrier (in whichever territory you are from)

It would be better just to buy outright.


Are you kidding me?! France gets it before the US?! Honestly, this is getting so old. Verizon hasn't said a word and it is getting so old.

I agree w/you, I am starting to look @ the Windows phone. I know people will say "you can't wait a month", but it isn't about waiting, it is the constant screwing up that Blackberry does to their customers. They take 2 steps fwd then 10 steps back.

Amen. And I have been a Blackberry user and preacher for a long time. But after this latest delay the last of my friends (that I converted to Blackberry in the first place) switched and went to Galaxy devices. I am looking at the Note 2 heavily. The only drawback is the loss of Bridge for my playbook, but with the Note 2's size and functions it's not seeming like that much of a loss. It also has a quad core processor in it instead of dual core and same 2 gb of ram.

Fine, go to Android. Nobody is forcing you to wait for the Z10.

I'm presuming when you say "they don't want to release", I presume you're refering to the US carriers?


Did just that today one less phone bb will be selling in the US Hope they can stay alive with the rest of the world because it's not looking good for them state side.

Our Store informed me they are not even going to carry it. Once blackberry makes it available you will have to special order it. That will be the only way to get one.