BlackBerry Z10 now available from AT&T

The BlackBerry Z10 finally lands on US soil thanks to AT&T!

AT&T Z10
By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2013 09:48 am EDT

You waited it out and today is the day - the BlackBerry Z10 is finally available in the US courtesy of AT&T. We had an amazing night at the launch event in NYC and even got to hang out at midnight as the first BlackBerry Z10 was purchased in the US. If you haven't already pre-ordered your device, you can grab one through AT&T online or in stores now. The Z10 will run you $199 on a 2-year contract.

Verizon and T-Mobile users - you only have a few more days to hang out to snag a Z10 of your own, so hang in there!

Did you pick up a new BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out all of our help guides to get your started!

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BlackBerry Z10 now available from AT&T


I'm outside of Best Buy right now...looks like I have friends in the parking lot waiting it out too.

Just a sign of a EXTRAORDINARY product! I have failed to sale ANY of my 5 previous BBs! LoL I can just never bring myself to do it. I look down and start "wiping that screen" and next thing I know it's in the Hall of Fame witht. The rest of em'! LoL I'm seriously trying to sale my Bold because it is worth $200 dollars there providing me a free 710, but I keep getting that old familiar feeling. *sigh* "ALL THOUGH WE GO!/ TO THE EEEEEEND OF THE ROAD! LOL

This! It was all I could do to mail my retired 9800 to my son when he needed a phone 3 months ago to get him to his next upgrade - made him promise to send it back!!!

Nice to pull the old ones out and all the memories that come along with them - ESPECIALLY the 9000.

9900 retiring - probably today if I can get to an ATT store.

Texan here! From the Amarillo area up in the Panhandle.

Stuck in Baton Rouge LA for the last 4 years - did you know they eat BAIT down here? I always politely decline and explain that we Texians eat cows, not swamp bugs.

In Amarillo waiting for the Postman to bring mine. Last two days I haven't got my mail until after 6pm. Going to be a long day.

I got mine yesterday at the store. Rep told me I was the first in Texas to get1. I have been playing with this phone all night. BlackBerry is officially back in it. #teamblackberry all the way

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They won't upgrade me until April! Every new blackberry that has come out they have pushed me up. DUMB! I would throw my money at them for it and they won't give it to me.

I'm on att with a available upgrade but as easy as it would be to just go and get one right now I've decided to jump ship to Verizon........ I get to wait one more week. Hooray!

If this is launch day, why have I seen absolutely no advertising/hype from the carriers or from Blackberry for that matter? Seriously, the only ad I've seen was the SuperBowl stuff, I honestly can't recall seeing another tv commercial or anything. Boston here.

I said the exact same thing in the forums, unless you looked for it how would you even know the phone was launching today? In Canada they mentioned the great carrier ads, some said they were better than the BBRY ads - here nothing. You would think there would have been a "get it first on AT&T" or Verizon hawking they have the white exclusively - nothing. Go to first thing is HTCOne X for 99cents.

I can say that I've seen a Blackberry commercial 3 days in a row! Which as we know, NEVER happens! LoL with the 3rd being last night during the NCAA tournament! So it's definitely picking up. As far as the carriers go, AT&T and Verizon both feature the Z10 on there front page as a part of the top sliding advertisements with Best Buy having a EXCELLENT Z10 page, have u seen it!? WHOA! We also have to remember that marketing has many forms, we have to count the interviews Thor is doing as well as increased Social Media ads, etc. I do don't know about you, but I've seen a TON of em'!

I have seen the corp ad every day this week about 1 an hour not saying they are not advertising. What I am saying is their carrier "partners" are not promoting the Z10 as far as I can tell. The corp ad did not say the phone released today, and shows you an year+ old phone before you get to the Z10. This is in direct contrast to what we saw and heard from Canada is my final point. We see a ton of the ads because we get cookies from this site and other BB sites we frequent that tells folks to give us BB ads, so I have no idea what the average person in the USA is seeing but I don't think they are running to the store as they did in Canada.

I got mine from a week ago but switched my 9900 to the Z10 yesterday at the AT&T store. Less than 5 minutes ...It took me longer (10 minutes) to brag on the device to the sales rep and show him some things (i.e. hub and Balance). He was suppose to have is training 30 minutes later...Not sure if that was accurate or not. This company store only got 16 units to sell.

Congratulations Americans, enjoy the Amazingberry, I'm in Qatar and I got it almost immediately, best phone in the world.

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A big welcome to the USA BlackBerry Z10 users. Such an amazing device! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have been!

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LoL Your Blackberry Relationship with your pops sounds just like mine! I'm his own personal Blackberry IT guy! LoL

Have fun guys. I've had mine for a month now and can't seem to put it down for less than 15 minutes. Good luck BlackBerry!!

Ordered one from AT&T to officially help US sales numbers. It will join my white Z10s. Can't get enough of them ;)

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Remember: the best advertisement BlackBerry can get now is word of mouth! Fellow Americans : don't be shy to show off your Z10! Show it to friends and family... let them try it! Success in US will then be guaranteed!

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I'm sorry but $199 is just way too much, only us crackberry users will actually buy the Z10 for that price. Don't see the employee's persuading oblivious customers into buying a Z10 over a iPhone or GS3/4. Oh well, off to get my Z10.

P.S. I need a replacement white battery door for my AT&T Z10. It's the closest I'll get to a Storm Trooper :/

Had mines since the 15th of this mth. It's such a great device that have not really put it down lol

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Matching Z10's for my wife and I this morning. We loved our 9810's but it's time for some BB10 goodness.
Initial impressions are good... we're both hardcore physical keyboard fans, but I can already tell I'm going to like the Z10's V-keyboard just fine once I get past the learning curve. There were no lines at the store, but they did say they've gotten a lot of calls to make sure there were Z10's in stock.

Pre-ordered and waiting on the postman. Out for delivery though. Should be any minute now.

Is it wrong to take a mental health day off to wait for a phone...?

In a few months, I'm guessing AT&T will be giving them away free for renewing my contract. I'll just wait until then to get mine.

Glad the wait is over for our American friends. Welcome to the Z10 family US of A!

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You will absolutely love this device. Ever since I bought 1 for me (Black) and my Wife (white) we haven't been able to put the bloody things down. The flow of the Z10 is flawless! effortless and real time multitasking. Virtual keyboard is amazing. It took me a good week to get used to it coming from a Bold 9900. There is a learning curve initially, be patient, and then the Z10 just keeps you moving flawlessly from email to texts, apps browser, the HUB is awesome, one place stop for everything that comes in. and if you want to filter to go to one account, its just 1 swipe away and swipe back to HUB. man i love this thing! I have showed it to some iphone users and they cant even keep up with me going in and out of different email accounts, text messages. My z10 does it so fast because of the HUB. they have to exit, go look for the other icon click etc......haha lol! i just swipe, there i am, swipe back, click on the text messages there i am swipe back. Blackberry did an awesome job here. I agree with advertising and word of mouth. Here in Canada, all i see is Blackberry z10 advertising everywhere, even if you are not looking of it, your eye will catch it.

For those here...Rogers just decreased the price to $99 on 3 year term. I heard they have sold so many and the demand is so high they are always on back orders especially for the white z10. Enjoy my fellow Americans, enjoy your new z10's. They are totally worth every penny!!!!!

I got my Z10 charging on my desk right now, picked it up right when AT&T's doors opened. I'm here in NYC and wanted to go to the event lat night at Best Buy union square but preferred to get mine at an AT&T store. It feels great in my hand. I couldn't let go of my 9900 though so I just added another line. Cool to have Blackberry back in the smart phone race.

I have had my z10 here in the USA for the past three weeks and I have been spreading the word about this great device. I bought a Canada version and unlocked it because I could not wait. I have learned to love this device and "trust me" when I say, pick it up, play with it and "give it a chance" and you will find yourself liking it more every day you use it, just like I have. This is coming from a former iPhone 5 and Android user. I am back to Blackberry and hear to stay. My hats off to the folks up there in Canada for designing a great device.

Picked up my Z10 earlier from an AT&T store. Loveeeeee it. It certainly is a different experience than iOS.

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Got mine at 9 this morning. Disappoint no preset eq for music and trying to figure how to turn or the charms and not also figure out how the stop the volume from lowing when it charms

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Just picked up my new Z10!!!! Hit up my local ATT store at 3PM & my clerk told me I was the first to buy....of course, I AM in Kansas - hahaha!!! Anyway, got the first charge going & getting ready to play all night - YIPPEE!!!!

Got mine as soon as the store opened and haven't stopped messing with it since. Great job BlackBerry!

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Got my Z10 on Friday from AT&T Store.. enjoying the step up from 9810.. a very new Blackberry experience!

I agree with the comments, I happily gave up my iphone5 for my z10 and haven't looked back. Awesome phone and experience

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Picked up my Z10 from AT&T Store today!!! This thing is amazing! Coming from my 9900 to an all touch device was kinda scary but this is not bad at all.

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Got my Z10 from att yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it so far. You won't know how useful the hub is until you actually experience it. The screen is absolutely beautiful. The wait was definitely worth it.

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I have been a Blackberry user for the past 4 years or so. Over the years, Android and IOS have grown in stature and left Blackberry far behind. I decided to stay faithful to the brand and I am so happy that I did.

For the last 6 - 7 months, I used a GS3 (company issued phone) in addition to my personal Bold 9900 and on occasion, I found myself picking up the S3 instead of the BB for browsing, social media and maps. The larger screen just made these experiences more pleasant.

After months of waiting for the US release, I picked up my Z10 at the AT&T store and I am absolutely in love with this phone. It is difficult to put into words just how buttery smooth the OS is in comparison to IOS and Android.

The peek feature that I kept hearing about I thought would just be a gimmick. However, it is something I find myself using every time I pick up the phone. The experiences just quite simply "flows". The Hub is also any excellent feature which I am growing to love more and more. Being able to access all my messages in one central location by a simple gesture without having to go in and out of separate applications is a massive time saver and extremely convenient.

Next up, we have the display. The display on the Z10 is nothing short of gorgeous. I have always been impressed with the display produced by the Iphone 5. Ladies and Gentlemen, the display on this phone is just as good if not better than the beautiful iphone 5 retina display

Lastly, we have the keyboard. As I mentioned, I previously used the bold 9900 which is a physical keyboard. I worried about having to use a software keyboard full time considering the fact that I hated the keyboard on the GS3. The keyboard on the Z10 is just plain awesome. The word suggestions are extremely accurate and unlike anything I have seen on any other software keyboard. I believe this keyboard is as good as a software keyboard can get.

The only drawback so far is the app support. There are a few key apps missing, However, I am sure with time they will all grace Blackberry world. In the mean time, the browser is so good that it can be used in place of the few missing apps.

Overall, this is an excellent phone and one where you really have to use it to see its true power and potential. Blackberry is definitely back. BB10 is a true winner.