BlackBerry Z10 now appearing in Verizon system

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2013 02:46 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 was announced a few days ago for AT&T and now it looks like Verizon may not be too far behind. According to some screens from their internal system, the Z10 in both black and white is just about ready to go. Pre-orders are supposedly going live tomorrow with a tentative release day hovering somewhere around the last week in March. We'll be hanging out late to see if the Z10 does indeed go live on Verizon's site later, so for now just keep that refresh button handy and have a look at the images below.

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BlackBerry Z10 now appearing in Verizon system


Too bad Verizon ruins the clean look with that ugly, off center logo at the top. NO OTHER CARRIER in the world f'd it up like that.

There are suggestions in the forum for removing the Verizon branding on the body of the phone. That would be a useful tip to add to the Z10 section of the forum or list of FAQs.

You can use scotch tape and a pencil eraser to lift the logo off the phone. Put the tape over the logo and rub over it with the eraser. Repeat a little at a time until it's gone. It won't hurt or scratch the plastic using this method. It's worth trying first since most people have those items on hand.

They are also appearing on Best Buy's Reward Zone Mobile site now as well. Posted a thread and links to it in the News & Rumors forum. T-Mobile is also there as well.

Hoping the white is released on the same day as the black. As for AT&T they have to wait until somewher ein April for the white release.

Up here in Canada when Telus released the Z10 the black was available first day, white was available exactly a week later. Could be because of supply from BlackBerry but I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same from Verizon. So I waited an extra week for my pre order white, but I purchased the black from fino on a cheap pay as you go plan and played with that till I got my white one and returned it for a full refund!

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Whoa, what?

I was under the impression that Verizon and Verizon ONLY, would be carrying the white z10 in the states.?

That is true. Only Verizon will offer the Z10 in white in the US. Who knows, maybe down the road another carrier might eventually offer it also, but for now it's Verizon only.

This is incorrect. 3G is CDMA which is why it cannot do voice and data over 3G. LTE is gsm based. As long as the device has dual antennas and the modems are setup correctly, you can havesimultaneous voice and data over wifi and LTE. Which is why most LTE droids can do it. Also, I mentioned this in a thread already and someone posted up the FCC sheet showing where simultaneous voice and data was tested and supported. Please don't spread misinformation. Do your research and don't just assume.

Thanks for the info. Apologies again, I wasn't aware. I was assuming only because some CDMA only carriers claim to have "4G LTE" and don't have voice/data working at the same time, eg. Sprint and a few others.

Read above. LTE droids have been doing it since the first one released on Verizon. Do some research before posting misinformation please.

WHY would the white be a week later than black? I've waited long enough! I actually didn't realize we had the choice between black and white at VZW, I thought it was white devices only and got used to the idea of having it in white. Anyways, it can't be more than another two weeks! =]

I was just in a Verizon store two days ago (do-not-ask-why #ashamed), but I was kicking it to one of the reps who seem to be extremely cool and seemed like he knew his shit and respected a customer that knew what he was talking about. The context of our conversation is not as important as he signaled me to turn our shoulders from the rest of the reps and manager to tell me that the date will be the 28th. I never asked him for this information nor did I urge him too, but he actually went through the trouble, ipad covering face and all.

He told me that he was hands on with the product (which I think would be fair to believe training wise) and he said that it appeared to be a marriage between an iphone and android which is what I've heard before from a few other post out there in the ether. He really enjoyed the experience, but did admit as a lifelong iPhone user he was on a bit of a learning curve due to the lack of buttons the Z10 has. Overall he said he'll be jumping on the Z10 himself since the only experience he's had with a BlackBerry was picking up his mothers to just answer the phone.

For an individual who has not had any experience with BB in the past and the Z10 being his first to actually convince him to give it a try is pretty interesting and exciting. Please do not shoot me if the 28th if not spot on, but coming straight from one of the horse's mouths is quite convincing and dead on and in alignment with the last week in March.

Ugh, I need a new phone - BAD!

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Verizon Wireless VZ -0.74% said late Wednesday afternoon that it plans to begin selling the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone in the U.S. on March 28 -- about a week after rival AT&T will launch the device. Verizon VZ -0.74% said it will begin taking pre-orders for the new smartphone on Thursday, March 14. The carrier will offer a white version of the device that will be exclusive to its network. BlackBerry BBRY +6.98% shares were last trading up more than 5% in late-afternoon trades after the company announced that an unnamed customer placed an order for 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices, not specifying how many were the Z10 and how many were for the yet-to-be-launched Q10 device that features a QWERTY physical keyboard.

Hey Adam, Great writeup. Questions for the Verizon version that I have not seen answered: Does the Z10 have a smart button function on the side, in between the up and down vol buttons? The 9650 had 2 smart buttons, then the 9930 has 1 smart button, but it looks like the Z10 doesnt have any unless its in between the vol buttons. Does this Verizon Z10 version also use the GSM SIM card so that it can roam on to GSM networks as a world phone same as the 9930? And finally do you know if Verizon installed their PTT app into the OS as in the previous models? Tnx Glenn

I spoke with someone at a local Verizon shop not long before closing time tonight and asked them about preorders tomorrow and they said no. I'll still go down tomorrow am just in case..