The BlackBerry Z10 is making its way to Bermuda and the Caribbean

Z10 Bermuda and Caribbean
By James Richardson on 15 Apr 2013 06:03 am EDT

Hot of the press - It looks like the good folk of Bermuda and the Caribbean can get their lucky hands on the BlackBerry Z10 from April 23rd. Two carriers (Digicel and CellOne) have confirmed the new BlackBerry 10 device will be hitting the tropical region although currently no pricing is available. CELLONE are even having a BlackBerry VIP party to celebrate the launch. If you fancy going along you can enter your details here for a chance to get an invitation.

Digicel Group Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Finn, said, “Digicel keeps its customers on the cutting-edge by offering the latest handsets that suit any lifestyle and budget.

“With the launch of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, customers will experience the latest in BlackBerry smartphone technology – enabling them to create and share extraordinary moments with their friends and family using Digicel’s fast and reliable 4G mobile network."

CellOne will also have the BlackBerry Z10 available for sale on April 23rd. Frank Amaral, Chief Operating Officer at CellOne, said, “The BlackBerry Z10 is getting excellent reviews worldwide and we are happy to be able to power one of the hottest Smartphones on the market with the best network in Bermuda.”

Are you in Bermuda or the Caribbean? Sound off in the comments who's excited to make the jump to BlackBerry 10.

Thanks to CrackBerry forum member BermudasBest for the tip off.

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The BlackBerry Z10 is making its way to Bermuda and the Caribbean


About time...we here in Barbados are BB users through and through...I think at one point in time per capita we had the most blackberry users in the world *population around 270,000* not sure if that statistic stilll holds!

Trinidad was also a high usage country. People here don't ask for your phone number, they ask for your pin.

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All we need to see now is some confirmation from Lime and we are set. With some competitive pricing and data plans too of course..... Maybe I'll have better luck telling a dog not to bark.

Is good to see that we Bermudian are not left out, I know it's going to do well here, everyone has been talking about it, I have had mine since Feb. And I have been showing everyone demos they love it

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Glad to hear. I have a lot of customers in the Caribbean and every time I travel to the islands all I see is BlackBerry everywhere. BBM is actually part of my "Toolbox" for providing support to them.

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I don't know about the other Caribbean islands, but LIME (in Jamaica) confirmed via their official Twitter account that they'll be launching the Z10 this Thursday (the 18th)

I had several friends that I kept in touch with via BBM in the Dominican Republic, but over the last year, they've all dropped from my contacts. Now they are all dedicated IPHONE lovers and say will never come back to BlackBerry. So, I hope it's not too late. I'm down to three BBM contacts...

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I live in the Dominican Republic and I have had my Z10 since March 15. It has been available since this day on the country's two biggest carriers, Claro and Orange.

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SWEET! I'll be heading to Negril for some rest and relaxation in a few weeks. Now I'll feel better knowing I won't be "flaunting" this little beauty. :)

It has been in the Caribbean since March 26 in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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I sent in the tip saying that it will be officially available in Bermuda on April 23rd via Cellone and Digicel... Bermudas only two carriers. The Caribbean reference was added by James Richardson. I live in Bermuda.... I have no idea about official rollout in the Caribbean region.

What will be most interesting will be the retail price in Bermuda sans contract. I assume approx $1000. Possibly $499 on 2 year contract and $599 1 year.

It's supposed to launch on LIME Caribbean on Monday April 22nd. Just got an invite to the launch party in Anguilla.

Good to know that , I live on the island of Dominica and I have had the z10 for more than a month now , mostly everyone loves it , the big thing is when they hear the price it's a kind of turn off, knowing the carriers here it could sell as much as $2800-$3000 Eastern Caribbean dollars which is about ($1030US-$1104US) , Lime here still sells the blackberry bold 9900 for EC$2200 or $809US, the blackberry torch 9810 is even strangely more expensive at $2329EC or 857US and the blackberry torch 9800 still very expensive at $2229EC or $820US , can't wait to see the pricing in the next coming weeks...

Great news, hopefully both Digicel and Lime will have competitive packages here in Barbados. Unlocked Z10s cost between $1,600 - $1,900 BDS dollars, which is about $800 - $950 USD.
BTW, Bermuda's closer to the USA than the Caribbean, it's located about 300 miles off the North Carolina coastline.

phone prices in the caribbean as far as i am concerned is never "tuned in with the various economic strife " keep dreaming

yea heard they launched any idea of pricing. heard its gonna be int he 5000TTD range.. been holding out just to get bmobiles bloody warranty

Where you heat that tr1ad? And I asking these people bout the phone off and on and nobody know when.

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Strange. I was expecting trini ppl to be talking more about digi. Anyways, I skipped the christmas bmoile ip5 free special waiting on a z10. Hoping they have decent/similar packages.

Lime(cable & wireless) is launching/selling the Z10 starting April 23rd 2013 here in Anguilla(caribbean) havent heard a launch date from Digi but im sure they wont be to far along