BlackBerry Z10 makes T3 Gadget Awards shortlist for Phone of the Year 2013

BlackBerry Z10 makes T3 Gadget Awards shortlist for Phone of the Year 2013
By DJ Reyes on 24 Jul 2013 09:45 am EDT

It's that time of year again where the T3 Gadget Award nominees have been selected and where you votes come in. BlackBerry smartphones have made the shortlist before, so it's nice to see them there again, especially with the latest BlackBerry 10 devices representing. This year BlackBerry's contender is the BlackBerry Z10. It's in there with the HTC one, Samsung Galaxy S4 and of course the iPhone 5.

The BlackBerry Q10 did make the longlist and it's a bit of a shame it didn't make the shortlist. It would have certainly big huge if two BlackBerry devices made the top 6. The Phone of the Year nominees will be judged on usability, innovation, features and product design. The BlackBerry Z10 certainly has those. So, let's get behind it and vote it Phone of the Year 2013. Head on over to the T3 Gadget Awards website and get voting.

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 for Phone of the Year in the T3 Gadget Awards 2013

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BlackBerry Z10 makes T3 Gadget Awards shortlist for Phone of the Year 2013


Uh, not duh, the Q10 should have made the shortlist. But of course, if it's not a slab of glass like the rest of the herd it doesn't belong in the cool club. So who cares about this list. Whatever wins, it'll be a phone if you held it at a slight distance nobody can tell what phone it is because they all look the same...

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It is all about denial.

Anyway, will be voting now and will do something about this as well on my blog. Let's Keep Moving! :)


Your info is just for winning a PS4. If you don't want to be entered press the link below submit.

You can vote more than once too.

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Oh because you know the future and everyone else must have the same opinions as you!

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Geez, what kind of hipsters picks these shortlists? The top cars are just about all crap...

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So now everyone has to vote (all in the BlackBerry community)

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

Voted for the Z10 from my Z10. Someone said we can keep voting?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

It is not too bad Q10 didn't make it. Otherwise that would dilute BlackBerry votes into 2 phones and less chance to win.

Let's vote Z10.

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No, I would want ONLY the Q10 in the shortlist. Yes, I know you guys love the Z10, but really? Out of the two let's pick the one that's more similar to every other phone on the market? Has being an individual gone out of style or something? We all need to feel part of the herd one way or another it seems...

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Perhaps it's because Z10 has been longer in the market. Although Z10 is a touch screen phone, it offers a large enough differentiation than others already.

Let's vote for BlackBerry 10.

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I'm surprised the Q10 even made the long list - probably because of it's unique standing in the market right now, with it being the only PREMIUM qwerty phone available right now.

Yes, one could argue about the herd mentality - but it is what it is.

Vote over and over again just because you can and dont forget to tell everyone else to vote over and over!

Who would vote for a phone they don't have/use. So this ends up being a popularity contest and you can predict the outcome by looking at sales numbers. Votes should be restricted to a select jury.

And if it's true you can vote more than once it's even more of a farce.

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In that same sense, the jury would consist of mostly Android users and iOS users. To be fair, the jury would have to consist of a large group of people that are experienced with all the devices and used them all equally. In essence, there is no easy way to go about it .

They would have a primary device, sure, but at least they would be able to judge all devices on their faults and merits. But yeah, it's difficult to really get an objective result.

Anyway, I guess we should be happy with any spotlight BB10 gets.

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Popularity and sales number would help. Z10 has a chance because BlackBerry 10 users are passionate and crackberry is a strong community. Let's vote Z10!

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I've never even heard of this T3 outfit. So the result could depend a lot on how many enthusiast sites send their readers there to vote since I have no idea if they have a large regular readership or not.

If it wins, that's cool. From that list is BB10 the only device that doesn't have a RSA app? Don't see how it will win, but I remain hopeful.

Is the Nokia 1020 not eligible, then? I'm pretty sure it could have won. And Q10 is a better phone than the Z10.

If the PS Vita can win game console of the year then the BlackBerry should be able to win the smartphone of the year because they both didn't have many apps at launch even though the Vita does have Netflix.

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I hate that the BlackBerry Z10 wasn't chosen for the best design but i voted for the next thing closets to the design of the Z10, the HTC One. Still voted for the BlackBerry Z10 though. #BlackBerryforLife

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It is natural Q10 didn't make it. We fans can't view the world with BlackBerry classes.

That has been said. Q10 is a great device. BlackBerry definitely made the right decision to continue producing keyboard.

On the marketing side, BlackBerry should focus on large screen devices.

If innovation prevails in BlackBerry a large screen with keyboard or a dual screen device will rule the world again.


People are most likely going to vote for the phone they have. and since only about 2.7 million Z10 phones were sold compared to 60 million iphones... SO sad that people didn't even try the Z10 before they were allowed to vote.

Actually a number of interesting categories to vote for beyond phone of the year. Thanks for the link.

How meaningful is this "award" if you can gin up a frenzy of fanboy voting? What if another product cooks up more votes - is that the better product, or is it just a means of harvesting email addresses for later spamming?

I voted! Although, I would have preferred to vote for the Q10. It's all good though.

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I'm my opinion
It's takes time for people to get used to the new os
It took the IPHONE. Till I phone 3 & 4
It took the galaxy till the 3
It took android 4 years people become complacent
They are scared of changes. And this is a big change for the better for BlackBerry, I was a happy 9930 user,but the z10 changed me. I think people just expected the z10 to sell. 20 million out the gate. But even if it did. They would only credit that to the existing customers and would not give BlackBerry credit
So, keep pushing, with time they will see
Everyone I now that has tried it has bought it and. Talked about themselves for not doing it sooner
BlackBerry by choice

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Z10 is an awesome device. Battery life is a bit weak but bb10 is far superior to anything on the market right now. The only thing wrong with BlackBerry now is perception. They must get creative and drive through this negativity that is clearly influenced by those profiting from BlackBerry's struggles. The stock market manipulators and morons at the US retail stores are killing this brand....

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BlackBerry has to keep pushing till its understood and these badlands start treating us good!!

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