BlackBerry Z10 makes acting debut on ABC's Last Man Standing

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2013 08:05 am EDT

It's not at all uncommon to see product placement in TV sitcoms -- if you've ever watched Hawaii Five-0 you know this all too well. Everything from cars to computers to soft drinks get dropped into television shows. We've seen BlackBerry put to use in shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs in the past, and while we expected to see the BlackBerry Z10 pop up in a sitcom at some point, but we never thought it would be this soon.

BlackBerry fans all over caught a glimpse Tim Allen using the the Z10 on ABC's Last Man Standing this week. It was a bit hard to spot at first, but a little freeze-frame action shows off those unmistakable flying B's leaving no doubt that it's a Z10. We'll certainly see the Z10 (and hopefully the Q10 down the road) make plenty more appearances on TV and in movies. Check out some shots from the episode in the gallery above.

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BlackBerry Z10 makes acting debut on ABC's Last Man Standing


woohoo you know it's making waves when it hits the airwaves in shows :)

Wish FlashPoint was still new, they always used the newest BlackBerry products including the PlayBook!

The very "Outfront" and beautiful CNN host, Erin Burnett, was so excited about her new Z10 a month ago. She spent a good 5 minutes on her show raving about it and showing it off! I think that was a wonderful moment for BlackBerry - changing people's opinions! She did also say, she will try it out but will also try out the Q10 when it is released. Very good PR!!!

Lol... Hope if there's a season 3 Suits, a Z10 should replace harvey specter's bold.
I remembered how extensively windows 8 was promoted in Arrows.

IF?? We were left hanging last season... There better be a subsequent season, and it better have Z10s, or they should get kicked out of Toronto!

Ahaa +1, I was thinking the exact same thing, although him being a man of business and whatnot I think he's probably gonna get the Q10 instead.

I've also seen them using BlackBerry in White Collar. Another awesome show. Good to see BlackBerry in prime time.

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Ok. That is freaking dope. Nice to see them taking a page out of Apple's product placement book. Now to see the beast in movie theaters.!

Out of apple's book?
BlackBerry has been doing product placement in movies and tv for 10 years!

Good to see Z10 out there instead of track balls and scroll wheels though!

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I've never seen a BlackBerry ad anywhere in mass media before the BlackBerry 10 came out.. that includes the "Legacy" OSes.

Was that before Apple got big? In recent years I've even seen more Dell products in movie than BlackBerry. :) oh well

I always spot a few BBs on Revenge...I'm sure next season the sleuthing Grayson's will update to a z10 or q10..
Hopefully this will be a revitalization of the crackberry celebrity sightings!

I am excited for the US launch to happen so we can re-start the "Celebrity Blackberry Sightings" on Crackberry every Monday. I liked that series!

I first saw it on Dallas this season as it's John Ross's new phone. I had to rewind & pause my DVR to make sure I wasn't seeing things. My husband was walking by & said hey isn't that the new Blackberry phone? I can't wait to get hands on one.

I will be sure to start watching the show scandal more closely. It should be popping up in White House shortly

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BB should get a new Z10 to Erin Burnett from CNN, she is a loyal BB fan, and has touted her preference many times on the air. I would love to hear her brag about BB.

I remember that. It was hillarious because there was no way that 9700 he was using could do Skype Video...

It would be hilarious if they started using BlackBerry in Castle instead of Win8.
SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! Even though it didn't happen because of a security issue, you could say it just fit better for rich people. SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!!

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They should use it in Arrow, Nashville, Deception, Elementary, and EVERY reality show! (some still use bb9900s). And give one to Tamar.

Did they actually pay for this advertising? Or is it just that he uses it as an everyday phone? If it was so subtle, and hardly noticeable maybe it's something he uses on an ever day bases. Hawaii five -o advertising is so much more in your face you just know it's paid.

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I've been noticing lots of BlackBerry phones on the shows I've been watching lately. I'm sure BlackBerry will be squeezing the Z10 into lots more shows soon.

I watch this show all the time. All the main characters use blackberry products from curves, torches, bold, and even a style. And as of last week they used the Z10 where tim Allens wife was using the phone to record their daughters soccer game. And used the hmdi out to show the footage

I'm pretty sure the show is shot in Toronto cuz they used stock footage of Eaton Centre ceiling and passed it off as a Denver mall

But the show is hilarious

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I like Tim Allen every since home improvement so its nice to see him with a Z10, I also agree that I cant wait for the fresh crop of celeb sightings with the Z&Q 10's.

That's awesome to see that they are getting BBs out there into some shows. Many people might have missed that, but thanks to the CB fans that caught that.

I went and saw that movie "Side Effects" tonight, and they are using BB's in that, but it was an old Curve, and the Bold 9000(you see them a lot). had my trying to figure out how long ago that movie was shot.

Supernatural has has sooo many BB shots in it too. World, Tour and some early Bolds have all been featured.

Yea, but the bros just they use them cause they're cheap throwaway ones so they don't get caught, just sayin, lol

BB is also big in It's Always Sunny In Philly. Dennis usually has a Bold or a Storm and in the early seasons Dee was rocking a 7105t. Infact in the episode where Dennis is writing a screenplay, he's doing it on his Storm 2.

It's embarassing to admit my awful taste in TV, but I've seen BBs on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Look, it's really dramatic and it's weirdly satisfying to see daft people fighting. Anyway, Yolanda and Brandi wave thier BBs around a lot this season.
And I've also seen the Playbook and other BB devices on Community--which is the BEST show ever.

Last night on "Red Eye" on Fox News Channel there was a closeup of a white Z10. Almost couldn't believe my eyes.