The BlackBerry Z10 launching in two more countries over the next 24 hours

By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2013 11:23 am EST

While the US is still hanging strong waiting on BlackBerry 10, it looks like two more countries are due to have the BlackBerry Z10 launching in the next 24 hours. BlackBerry Middle East tweeted a short while ago that they are gearing up for the BlackBerry 10 launch in Beirut tonight. In addition, tomorrow we should see the BlackBerry Z10 go on sale with two carriers in Turkey.

I know that BlackBerry are launching first in regions where they have the most market share but I do feel sorry for you guys and gals in the U.S. that are so eager to get your hands on the Z10. Not long to go. At least we are providing plenty of good content to see you through. If there is anything we have't covered that you would like to see be sure to let us know through the forums.

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The BlackBerry Z10 launching in two more countries over the next 24 hours


After all the money that was spent on the Super Bowl commercial, I am still surprised that they are waiting so long to launch here in the US....

"They" are ready to launch now. It's the carriers who are delaying. Get after your carrier to launch sooner.

James, it is unfortunate that you suggest that RIM is 100% for the delay in getting the Z10 in U.S. The carriers are the ones who should take most of the blame. Look at Sprint, for example, who is saying
"later this year" - that is ridiculous. The last thing RIM would want to do is piss off their potential customers, but that is what some folks are suggesting: "Too bad you didn't support BlackBerry in the past"? RIM is committed to their customer base, so hang on folks, they are doing their best to get an early launch.

Which part of "It's a carrier issue" that you can't comprehend? Do you think BB would intentionally delay release of a device in one of the more important markets?

To shift the conversation in another direction before we in the US get too depressed with this news, is BlackBerry releasing the Z10 at a faster rate than the iPhone 5 last fall? Just an honest question because I didn't keep up with the rollout after the first week or so and I know they promised a global launch as well.

blackberry's market share breakdown by country: USA 22%, uk 11%, Saudi Arabia 7%, UAE 5%, Phillippines 4%, Canada 4%, France 4%, Spain 4%

Whey will they launch in Saudi Arabia, Philippines, France and Spain? Anyone know?

Launched in saudi arabia with quite a long waiting list. It doesn't have LTE, only 3G (middle east specs grrrrrr) so i'm ordering mine from the uk. The 4G is most likely to work here and the us judging by the frequencies. Did my research and i should be more or else ok for a "world" 4G phone. You can find the info on the world LTE networks page on wikipedia. Breaks everything down by carrier. But don't take my word forit, i mean those frequencies suit me at least.

No carriers announcement here in the Philippines, they even ignoring my query on social media. Black market is abusing the consumers and sells the Z10 @ $1,100. I think the launch here will be on March or April frame, I do hope BBRY will expedite.

James I live in Beirut and the blackberry z10 has been on sale since almost launch time. But the thing in Beirut is that here, carriers don't sell phones. You have to get your phones in independent cellphone stores. It's selling for $750 USD. That's the lowest price I've found until now. Feel free to contact me if you need any other info.

hey taz.. i asked a friend of mine and he told me it was selling for about 820$ but that was like 10 days ago... where is it selling for 7504 in beirut?

Well, there are three major careers in Turkey and so far, only two of them (Turkcell and Avea) announced that they will be carrying Blackberry Z10. Avea have been taking pre-registrations for a while now and they will begin the sales on 28th of February. Still no words from Turkcell on the exact date of sales and we have no idea whether Vodafone will be carrying it or not.

Phone houses or tech stores also didn't mention a single word on Blackberry Z10 thus far so i'm curious about this 'in the next 24 hours' thing, James.

Talked w/ some local Turkcell stores and they are expecting deliveries on wednesday (the day after launch) and I'll be at event tomorrow. Also Turkcell will offer Black & Whice where Avea is Black only. Also heard that Vodafone TR start near 28th like Avea.

For Turkcell today I made 4 reservations for Z10s and all of them told me that they'll call me on wednesday. So We can say that tomorrow Turkcell will start to sell online and wednesday in stores.

Glad I received last minute invite to event at Çırağan Palace Kempinski :) Yeap It was real palace and now used as hotel :P Here we Turks are like this :P

For us in the USA...but enough said about the "pending" launch, whenever that maybe...I'm guessing August...trying to set myself up for a win if it comes early...

Oh, and the Avea's selling price will be 1899 TL off-contract (for about 1070 dollars) so get the idea on how expensive could get smartphones in Turkey.

OTV (very funny tax :P) Luxury Tax about %45 + (over that OTV) %18 Tax :D And they limit us bringing devices outside the country to stop grey market. (we can bring 1 device per cal year and have to make Passport registration and pay $60 to register. You have to arrive the country before 30days of registration. So you can let anyone ship it to you, but I always find someone and pay for their passport to register my devices :P )

Because if they launched without whatsapp and Skype in the USA, the American media would hit blackberry really hard with chappy reviews... again.

And the Good "Ole USA is gonna be the caboose.......again. Man, what did we do to deserve this?

Yawn, I am starting to think CB are doing posts like this on purpose, guaranteed page hits from the inevitable not out in the US moaning posts.

First IPhone took 6 months to become available. I am willing to wait for US release and hopefully most of the things we have been asking for will be available and any bugs can already. Be fixed. I Want To Believe

Mexico here, if what read is correct we should be getting Z10 around same time as US..... Booooooooooooooohhhhh

Waiting here in South Africa. Pre-orders taken online with BB Z10 being priced at R7000.00 pre-paid. That"s about $800. Imagine what it'll cost on contract over 2 years. Data charges etc.
Makes me think the carriers here are still trying to work out how to milk us before the phones are rolled out.

R7000.00 perfect, I was thinking over 10 grand.... :)

heard Cell C is launching March 1st, am not sure of Vodacom and/or MTN... and the others


Feb 25th in India. Hope it is going to be Rs. 37,000 ($. 710) for Z10. BBRY don't make mistakes this time with service and pricing.
BBRY! Wish you good luck in India. Convert everyone to Z10 or Q10.

Don't worry USA ..... in Canada, I am still waiting for Telus to get me my Z10. They tell me that they are behind close to 150 phones, and when each shipment comes, they are only getting 40 or 50 phones.

I am told that the demand out does the supply. I don't mind waiting .... anything for BlackBerry.

The demand is there. That's a good sign. Too bad people have to wait so long though. I'll find out today if I'm going to stay with Telus or migrate to Rogers.

This is the first time I have had to wait for a product that you could get in Beruit and Turkey today. :)

Here they worked hard for launch. They made agreements with biggest companies and send devs to help them to release apps :) And many official apps about to arrive, some are there, ready for tomorrows event on BlackBerry World.

This time BB Turkey really surprised me.

On the plus side you guys in the rest of the world with the later launch dates will benefit from some of the glitches in rev 1 BB10 firmware/software getting updated before you get them. Yeah, I know not much of a plus, but just so you know the Z10 is an awesome beast even with the few glitches (which in my personal case have been very minimal). The wait is well worth it! Hang in there! : )

We'll probably be waiting until 2030 to officially see it here, in little ol' New Zealand!
Our 2 big carriers are SLLOOOWWWW operators.

Nevermind, we parallel import everything anyway

So glad more get to enjoy the Z10 awesomeness ... still waiting patiently in the US. C'mon T-Mobile you have 1 job, just 1 lol.

I have to agree. I've had the Z10 for a few days now and have to say it is hands down the best phone I have ever used.

I know I'm saying this as a person who already owns one but to everyone in the US and other countries that have to wait, it's definitely worth it. Don't get discouraged and really hoping by the time it gets to you, the apps everyone is waiting for will already be out.

Just hang in there!!

Yeah... I can see that, sorry for coming off that way. I just hear a lot of folks upset about the delay saying they not going to wait and get something else. Just sayin' don't...

James the BB10 content is getting boring without an Z10. The excitement has cooled down and we (USA) don't know when or if we will get to hold our BB10 phone.
I really was excited to get one. And since it will still be a while I find it less and less interesting to read all the reviews and posts on BB10. I will just have to come back to read it all when we get it in our hands because I am afraid I won't remember all of it until then.
As you can see I am really disappointed and sad.

No update or announcement yet here in the Philippines. Due to that, some people do sell the Z10 at a very... very.... very EXPENSIVE price.. Totally unfair! I know that it isn't out yet here but come on guys.. That's your business we know that but give a bit of "fairness" with the price..

If CB will allow me to win the Z10, it would give me such honor as I will definitely spread how brilliant this device is..

I am also doing some freelance BlackBerry support via Twitter, Facebook and even in person..

Keep it up CB! You doing a great job! Kudos!

Rumours put February 25-28 as the D-Day for the launch of Blackberry Z10 in Nigeria. All the four major networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel-NG, Etisalat-NG) have it on pre-oder. It's retailing at N100,000 ($635). What am anxious to find out is whether it will come with 4G even though no network currently offers it in the country.


People, the rest of the world Is bigger than america, so please have some respect.