The BlackBerry Z10 gets officially announced in Indonesia - Will be in stores next week

By James Richardson on 4 Mar 2013 04:02 am EST

The BlackBerry Z10 has today had its official launch over in Indonesia. The country has long been a big market for BlackBerry and is also one of those places where many users still rely on good old 2G to keep them connected - as we saw last year when the BlackBerry Curve 9220 was released. The BlackBerry Z10 will be available next week for customers to purchase and the devices will be stocked in the BlackBerry Lifestyle Outlets that Indonesia is lucky enough to have.

The BlackBerry Z10 will be priced at Rp 6,999,000. I'm not too familiar with the Indonesian phone market so whether this price offers good value compared to the other high end smartphones on the market I don't know. But I'm sure you nice folk in Indonesia will tell us in the comments. Will you be rushing out to pick one up next week?

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The BlackBerry Z10 gets officially announced in Indonesia - Will be in stores next week


this is a Polish... not an Indonesian flag oO

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More or Less around usd.728, expensive but people in indonesia still want buy it, mostly just for BBM and their lifestyle.

True that. I know that some even willingly bought it for more than twice as much as the official price, just to be the first ones to have it.
But I would like to believe there are some Indonesians out there (like myself) who are patiently waiting and curiously interested to this device due to the new QNX based Blackberry 10 OS, and not just for BBM and being the first ones to have it.

not really lifestyle for me, if we can maximize the BBM usage, we can gain lots of money. millions of BB users in Indonesia, can you imagine how big is that market? with only 125K IDR (12 usd) with full BIS Indosat, I say we have cheap marketing platform that is BBM. We only to organize groups, and BBM contacts, so we can broadcast our products directly to the potential customers. I say there's no other platform that can beat this now here in Indonesia, when I meet someone new, 90 percent of them will ask for BBM pin, sure I let them know my pin, because it mean new potential customer. BBM also the best way to keep in touch with customers, if the have problems they can BBM you, and that's for service after sale.

Slightly more expensive than the Galaxy SIII (Rp 6,499,000), and cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 5 (Rp 7,999,000). AFAIK if you pre-order from certain stores you can get it at the same price as the SIII.

thank you for fixing our flag. Sorry for inappropriate words from the previous commentator.
It was just misunderstanding.

Good to hear. First it was Singapore, now Indo. The local launch in Manila is on Wednesday, March 6 though we still have no info when the Z10 will be available in stores or through the local carriers. The wait is killing me!

If I do not get unlocked contract free Z10 in Singapore I will be picking up a Z10 from Bali 2 weeks later! TI chip or Qualcom? does it make any difference in performance? BTW 6,999,000 IDR..MAHAL SEKALI!!!

hey it's monaco's flag! hahahaha
just kidding :p
from indonesia here :D

i also wonder about the difference between the TI n qualcom chip, is it still worthy?

the preorder start tomorrow (March 5, 2013) --- Go to the (for telkomsel user only)
Actual price IDR 6.999.999 disc IDR500.000 (pre-order) so the final price will be IDR6.499.999
Blackberry will be distributed to buyer @ March 15, 2013

i've been waiting for it since last year.
in indonesia, 1USD = Rp 9.600,-. so it's price about USD 729.
it's very expsensive!
two weeks ago, some people bought BB z10 in singapore (blackmarket) in price about USD 1150 then sold in price USD 1450 in jakarta! much much higher than Phone 5 after launched

Expensive but I've saved up. Can't wait to get my paws on the Z10. I'm going to miss my 9900 though. I love the 9900 + PlayBook combo.

Akhirnya (Finally) BB Z10 datang ke Negara Blackberry (BB Z10 came to Blackberry Nation). Memang kita masih pake 2G (Sure, we still use 2G) Seperti Gemini 8520 saya yg masih EDGE (Like my 8520 Gemini still using EDGE) tapi kami bangga dengannya, Blackberry (But we proud of it, Blackberry) Hampir 50 juta orang pengguna BB ( Almost Fifty Millions BB users) Cukup besar, ya ? (Huge enough, huh ?) Sekarang, Selamat datang di tanah dimana Blackberry berdiri tinggi ! (Now, Welcome to the Land where's Blackberry stand Tall !)

I am more interested in what kind of blackberry plan the operator will be rolling out with this new device. Will they still maintain the existing bis + bes plan.?

Just one of the many curious indonesian blackberry user here... At "Launch" price, does this rethink possible QNX will worth to compete with the flagship Android, iOS, and Windows?

I Attended the launching last night.
it was an awesome night, my first hands-on with the device :). I met and photo with Vivek too :)

Fyi- BBZ10 will be in store 15 March 2013, but pre order has open today.