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BlackBerry Z10 heading to T-Mobile March 27th

BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2013 11:55 am EST

The BlackBerry Z10 is already available in the UK and will be landing in Canada starting tomorrow, however those in the US will have to wait a bit longer. The end of March looks like the time when carriers in the states will start to see the Z10 available. A leaked shot of T-Mobile release dates points to March 27th for the BlackBerry Z10. It sounds about right and we're sure to hear more in the coming weeks, and hopefully other carriers will drop in around the same time. 

T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 

Source: TmoNews



almost april. maybe the Q10 will be available by then, as well?


Can someone please explain something to me?

I live in Michigan so I can run up to Canada really quick and grab the phone at full price.

Right now I am with AT&T

If I buy one from Canada Unlocked...which carrier? And will it work with AT&T and all the features such as LTE/4G?


Having an unlocked unit from Rogers ought to do the trick. However, I'm not sure what LTE coverage would be available. I do know the GSM carrier of Rogers is what AT&T users use.

Good luck! Let us know if you pull the trigger.

Loving Jesus!


And Jesus loves you :D

Love your signature...and I just emailed crackberry and hopefully they can answer it for me. I really want to and will do it because that is what I initially planned on doing here with AT&T is to pay full price.

Thank you for answering my question. Keep your faith strong and may the good Lord Bless you!


you can actually get any of the phones from rogers/bell/telus they all run the same bands including LTE :)


All us Americans .,...... lets head to Canada to get our Z10 -.
The carriers want us to order their left over iPhones and other junk. We're not going to take this anymore. Why are we always last in everything? Are we turning into a third world country.

We are a disgrace of a nation!


brutal.. i feel sorry for our neighbours down south.

In solidarity, i will not pick up my Z10 until everyone in north america is able to pick one up.....(who am i kidding).


HA! Good one! Please Enjoy and give us as much info as possible.


Everyone move to Canada!



Phone and national healthcare? Say it ain't so... HAHA


We've got room for most of you. Bring your jackets :)


:( March 27th????? so i guess im NOT cutting my hair till the 28th of March. I am looking to get both the Z10 and Q10 as i have two lines, i currently have the 9900 and 9780 and I CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE SWEET BABIES......Tmobile pls bring it sooner....PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE


Is the Q10 coming to Tmobile now? I heard it was a no-go. That would be sweet if it does.


yikes, hopefully Verizon can push it out sooner


ARGGGGGGH! Well at least with T-Mo this makes more sense because it appears that 3/27 is when they are going to launch the LTE enabled SGS3 too. So at least the Z10 will be one of only a few phones from T-Mo that will be LTE capable for a little bit, and hopefully T-Mo will offer incentives to employees to push LTE devices. Guess I'll be waiting for almost two full months after the launch. If all carriers come at late March too, then it doesn't bode well for BlackBerry as MWC and Samsung are due for ramping up. Also if T-Mo releases iP5 around then won't be good either.


The optimist in me says that maybe the other US carriers will be "able" to launch sooner for this reason. There is also an LTE mobile hotspot launching all on 3/27. So this is obviously the TMobile LTE rollout.


Man I hope your right. I want BB10 in hand before I land in Germany, not after I return home. #letsgoAT&T

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)


a lot of T-Mo forums are saying that the LTE band for iPh5 won't be ready til mid 2013, and fully rolled out by end of 2013. My wife has an iPh5 on T-Mo and it says 3G, even though my T-Mo HTC says 4G


T-Mo will be deploying LTE in LTE Band 4, where they currently have HSPA+. They are moving HSPA+ up to the 1900MHz spectrum, UMTS Band II, and keeping some in LTE Band 4 also. AT&T has been deploying LTE in Bands 17 and 4, so in theory an iPhone that supports LTE Band 4, could be quickly made by Apple to work with T-Mo.


ah, cool -- thanks for the info!

Pilot Prop

hopefully my carrier drops it earlier than that... im tired of waiting


Damn....hope the rest of the US carriers don't wait that long also. Either way, I hope there is an update to the OS to fix some of the missing features Im gonna need.


sign this petition pls, maybe we can get them to move the dates up =====> http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-bb10-to-us-customers-sooner/


Can you please stop with the petition. Its pointless and won't do anything to get the phones here sooner. And quite honestly..pisses me off. These stupid petions do NOTHING!!!!! Did you sign the petition for Netflix??? Do you see Netflix anywhere??? Thats what I thought.


Agreed. iPetitions only accomplish wasting bandwidth.

Evan Nave

Chill out with the "pisses me off" stuff. It's good to show the carriers enthusiasm for the BlackBerry brand. Most Americans are under the impression that BB is dead and that everyone has moved on to a "better" product. Look at Sprint, they have so little faith in BB that they're not even going to carry the company's highest volume model. I say sign the petition. What is the harm? On the pros and cons chart I see no cons.


Unlocked Wind (Canadian Company) Will work 100% up to speed with T-Mobile!
I will be getting my phone from Wind.


I like the sound of this.


Rogers is att lte right???


I know the hspa+ portion works perfectly but what about the LTE?


The LTE version or just the HSPA+


Will they give us an issue coming in and asking to unlock our phone when we buy it. Also will they make us sign up for a contract of some sort


the carrier won't unlock it, but you could hit up a store or one of the website. won't be illegal, since it's a Canadian phone.


but when will Wind have the phone


My thoughts exactly...


i heard Wind is getting it in March too

Mr Gill

Please tell me you're joking! If that is the case I might just have to buy the unlocked phone and then use it with WIND. Woe is me! Woe is me!


I don't have the link handy, but it was posted elsewhere on Crackberry... MTS (Manitoba) and Wind will be getting them in March (was the last I read)


"...and hopefully other carriers will drop in around the same time."
Hopefully NOT!! I would hope that they'll be available MUCH sooner! WTF?!?


"... hopefully other carriers will drop in around the same time."??? I hope the Z10 comes out March 1st on the other US carriers. You can hope for the Z10 to be available late March all you want, Adam; I want it sooner.


The same way the january presentation was scheduled for the sole reason of not sounding as late as february 1st. They're actually a month behind on everything


That is what I am thinking.


This late release is probably because there's not enough big name apps yet!


Noticed several devices running demos had at&t splash screens, and several months ago it was noted that us carriers had received devices for testing.... So, as usual, I don't get u.s. Carriers at all


plus the BBM Video Chat Kevin had with Frank Boulben was on his Z10, running on Verizon...at the Super Bowl.


assuming this is a change within the bb10 os that the carrier splash screens arent hard coded in anymore, any sim that is in the device will give you the corresponding splash screen


Noticed several devices running demos had at&t splash screens, and several months ago it was noted that us carriers had received devices for testing.... So, as usual, I don't get u.s. Carriers at all


The 27th of March is ridiculous man. Another two full Months?! that's crazy.

Living Bold-ly!


Great, Adam. How about Wifi Calling/UMA support. Will it be available at launch or ever?

Please find out and inform us!


Please say it's gonna be there


Crap, was hoping it'd be sooner.


So that means maybe mid summer before they start showing up online for a reasonable price.


For those of us on Sprint, we'll be lucky to have them with a 2 year contract by mid summer!


Wow, that is horrible. I hope that Verizon steps up. I don't care if it is BB or the carriers fault, it just sucks.


Dont worry, us Canadians have you covered.. We'll gladly smuggle some unlocked WIND Z10's for you T-Mo customers, as for you people on Verizon, we'll do the same but with Rogers Phones! Though of course...it coomes at aa price


Can someone please explain something to me?

I live in Michigan so I can run up to Canada really quick and grab the phone at full price.

Right now I am with AT&T

If I buy one from Canada Unlocked...which carrier? And will it work with AT&T and all the features such as LTE/4G?


Get Rogers -- I always got Rogers phones, unlocked them thru a website or store, then ran them on AT&T and T-Mo when I was in Boston. Plus Rogers' phones have the least restrictions on features (i.e. bluetooth file transfer, etc)


I think I will, thank you :)


Do you think there will be issues with LTE band?
It is GSM to GSM, but I am wondering if connection speeds will be the same.
Also would it require a special SIM card like the iPhone generally does?


Haven't dealt with LTE yet, since every carrier is just rolling it out - my assumption would be that Rogers & AT&T will have compatible LTE, since they are the largest GSM carriers of their respective markets.

You'll need a Micro SIM, which you can get from AT&T or you can just cut up the regular SIM, using the tray to make the outline (not too difficult)


This is horseshiiiittt!!!


way to kill momentum... I mean, this is piss poor. All the hype of BB10 is sure to die out by than. The only way i can see this being a good thing is if they have Both the Z10 and Q10 in stores by then... Which we all know wont happen. I'm highly disappointed


So will all this "testing" ensure quicker releases for future BB devices running on same or similar hardware?


T-mobile better let of use NFC on this one or I'm leaving.


I would be a great thing for BBRY if they could offer Q10 at the same time.


TMO really is #3 I hope ATT or V will get it sooner. I'm going t whoever has it sooner. One sucks just as bad as the other so why not switch.


I'm currently using a BB8900 Curve, Which was a great phone and has lasted through time and time. I'm only using it because my Bold 9900 died (red blinkin code 11011). I refuse to spend a few hundred dolalrs to get a new 9900, because i'm planning to buy the Z10 as soon as it's available, but it is killing me waiting like this. I loved my 9900, the 8900 is just no where near the same phone. Come on T-Mobile.... Bring it sooner. i can live with HSPA+ until the LTE is ready in March.


We want the white version T-Mo


Does anybody have release dates for Australia? So far I have heard that Telstra will be carrying them but all I get when I ring up the customer centre is a big fat "I don't know...." There's all talk about the UK, Canada, and the US, but what about your loyal fans Down Under!?


Thats why BlackBerry is losing us...someone stole my BB9900 last saturday and now im thinking what phone should i buy...theres tons available...but im thinking about waitiing 2 more months ??? like.DAMN! they suck thinking what we waant