The BlackBerry Z10 headed to Mobilicity on April 11

BlackBerry Z10
By Michelle Haag on 8 Apr 2013 05:37 pm EDT

That's right Canada, Mobilicity will begin carrying the BlackBerry Z10 at select locations starting this Thursday, April 11th. You will be able to pick up the new BlackBerry for $599.99 and while the locations carrying the device at launch are limited, hopefully they'll be expanding to other locations in the near future. No word on what kind of stock each store will have, so you'll likely want to call ahead to the store before heading there to be sure they have them available. Will you be purchasing a BlackBerry Z10 from Mobilicity?

Mobilicity locations you can purchase a BlackBerry Z10 April 11:

Toronto Mobilicity Locations

  • Square One Shopping Centre, 100 City Centre Dr., Unit I-735, Mississauga: (289) 521-1719
  • Pacific Mall, 4300 Steeles Ave. E., Unit D56, Markham: (905) 604-7828
  • North York Plaza, 1379 Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto: (647) 342-3380
  • Bramalea City Centre, 25 Peel Centre Dr., Unit K1, Brampton: (905) 458-7788
  • 104 Dundas St. E., Toronto (Church & Dundas): (647) 346-0855

Ottawa Mobilicity Locations

  • 1595 Merivale Road, Unit 6, Nepean: (613) 212-0126
  • Bayshore Shopping Centre, 100 Bayshore Drive Unit K12, Nepean: (613) 709-6624
  • 168 Rideau Street, Ottawa: (613) 241-3322
  • 246 Bank St., Ottawa: (613) 435-7283

Vancouver Mobilicity Locations

  • 526 West Broadway, Vancouver: (604) 558-1530
  • 7238 137 Street, Unit 105, Surrey: (778) 578-0881

Calgary Mobilicity Locations

  • 2525 36th Street NE, Unit 130: (403) 444-8980
  • 77 Castleridge Blvd N.E.: (403) 265-5458

Edmonton Mobilicity Locations

  • 2331 66 Street N.W., Unit 208: (780) 989-0067
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The BlackBerry Z10 headed to Mobilicity on April 11


No kidding... about flipping time!!! I've been dying here watching and reading about everyone with their phones. And what did I have to look forward to? Checking Mobilicity's website and seeing the "Blackberry 10 Coming Soon" sign for the last two months.

Why? CanadaGSM had the unlocked pentaband/LTE Z10 for $649 and now it's down to $599. Just because Mobilicity didn't have the phone for the last two months doesn't mean it wasn't available elsewhere. At $599 though it's up against the Mobilicity Note 2 and now the S4 is coming.

Yes, of course the phone was available from other sources, but after reading a couple of threads from folks having issues getting the Z10 working on Mobilicity's system (specifically data), I wasn't willing to take the $500 chance that I'd end up with less than a pleasant user experience (... and with no support). If I get a Mobilicity sanctioned phone I can still go back to them and get a refund if things don't work out. With the operational uncertainty of using a non-Mobilicity branded phone, and the fact that I'm still on the fence of whether to wait for the Q10, I decided to wait it out.

With respect to the two phones you mentioned, I'd never get a Note 2 - really cool device, but simply too big. But... the S4 has my interest peaked. Might buy one just to play around with.

Fair play to you about the non-Mobilicity Z10 being a potential issue on Mobilicity. My GF has the TMobile USA unlocked Note 2 (SGH-T889) and I got it for her because it was pentaband unlocked and has now received an OTA update to enable LTE. My understating from the CanadaGSM website was that this phone would have no issues. I'm still not certain as to whether you can still custom edit APN settings in the Z10 itself or are they still preset. That's more of an issue to me personally. As to the Note 2 being too big, I use a Nexus7 Wifi+3G and have no issues myself and am looking to the Galaxy Note 8 Wifi+3G. If Blackberry made a phablet (well other than the 4G PlayBook), then bring it on.

From what I understand (... and this is from reading through one of the threads on Crackberry), the APN settings are preset, AND the Z10 on Mobilicity still uses BIS. There has been so little information from Mobilicity, so I don't know what to believe. Mobilicity's customer/tech support has been hit and miss for me, so I wouldn't trust a $600 purchase on the word of some high school student doing call-centre work on the side.

My 9780 is still going strong, so I might lay off getting a Z10 on Mobilicity's system till I read about some positive Z10 experiences from other more adventurous Mobilicity users. I really have no appetite being guinea pig.

BlackBerryZ10 spreading it's wing to fly even more higher. Congrats! :)

Posted via CB10

I'll be anxious to hear which one of the three Z10 model numbers Mobilicity will be using. I can't imagine buying a Mobilicity phone from them directly will be cheaper than buying one that works on their network from someplace/someone else. I'm a 9810 user currently with a great plan and would like to simply swap out my SIM into an AWS capable Z10. Is it that simple or what kind of problems am I going to run into? Anyone know?

The SIM is a different size I have heard of people cutting there's down though to fit, they have basically git rid of the extra plastic around the edges but the guts of the card itself are the same

From the Zed of Rockivy

I wouldn't waste your time cutting your sim... Just get a micro sim and get them to port the plan over (but price may change if going from BIS to non-BIS.

Wow, and I was feeling bad for myself because I thought MTS in Manitoba was the last Canadian carrier to get the Z10. If It is any solace to Mobilicity customers it's worth the agonizingly long wait.

Apparently the Z10 will still require BIS on Mobilicity's network. Not sure of the reasoning behind this but it's been tested with and without BIS and if you want your data still working the add-on will be required. I don't believe they'll be charging for this feature though on BB10 devices

Glad to know they are getting it. Thought they might be in the same schedule as Wind. Thankfully Wind got it way earlier.

I feel sorry for people that have to go all the way to square one to get one if they live in downtown toronto though.

Posted via TimeMachine

I've been running a Z10 from wind on mobi for the last month. I'm still on bis because I don't get access to data services without it. My apn is locked to

Still, love my BlackBerry. I was really hoping I could just transfer that 5$ fee over to BBM music.. but now that BBM music is done...

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I find it interesting that the Z10 still uses BIS on Mobi's network. Not that I'm complaining, I just find it interesting. I wonder if they've been having issues in testing trying to get the phone working without BIS - and that's why it's taken them so long to release a Mobilicity specific phone.

It's about time!!! I'm a Blackberry shareholder and fan... but I was not about to give up my great "all-in" plan just to own a phone. Since I've waited this long - and my Bold 9780 is still going somewhat strong - I wonder if I should just hold out a little longer for the Q10.

But... how long will Mobilicity take to get the Q10? On second thought, I'll probably go early and pick up a Z10 on Thursday - can't wait to join the fun :)

As long as the parent company was Rogers or bell for any of the smaller ones like chatter and koodo even mobili. Then anyone could negotiate for a z10 had a friend even git Rogers to carry everything over and honor the same price they were getting from chatter because they wanted the z10 so bad.

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