BlackBerry Z10 hardware shown off once again on video

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2013 08:54 am EST

BlackBerry 10 is just about two weeks off at this point but leaks are still popping up all over. The latest comes in the form of this hands-on video from Germany (or Austria - I'm not good with foreign languages). We get a pretty good all-around look at the BlackBerry Z10 in this one. The video shows off the device itself as well as the OS and native apps like the clock and BlackBerry Hub. There really isn't too much that we haven't seen before, but it's always good to get another scope at what's in store for us on launch day.

The video offers a good overview of the basic OS, but we can say that it's probably not the final version of the software, so expect some surprises to be included. There is much that RIM has kept well under wraps so hopefully we'll be surprised at the launch event at the end of the month. There will be plenty of announcements regarding hardware, carriers and apps at the event and we can't wait to take it all in. For now, keep the leaks coming :-) 

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BlackBerry Z10 hardware shown off once again on video


Yeah, Bruvva and Lang. You two should contribute something. ;)

That video is awesome. I'm getting way too excited as Jan 30th approaches. This is gonna be good.

And ill contribute too. I understand german.

The guy is clearly from austria. Can hear it in his acccent. He doesn't tell us anything new really. He does confirm the middle pause button is for voice activation. He also once again says we get 2gb ram. Other then that its just another video.

Is it me or does this dude have the BIGGEST HANDS EVER?? BEAR PAWS. Hope it's just that his hands are that big and the phone isn't, THAT small!!

This guy must be HUGE with massive hands like that! The phone looks so tiny in his hands, but I know it is not as small as it looks.

OMG that was the first thing that crossed my mind. I was like OMG he has monster hands. It's like Frankenstein is playing with a BB!

Exactly what I thought too ! This guy must be a giant. His thumb was wider than the phone. Or did they make mini Z10's ...... However all that said, it looks awesome :)

Funny, that was my first thought "What is Arnold doing with that BB 10" The guy sounds very much like Arnold.

Question: How did a random Austrian get his hands on a Z10 and be able to demonstrate it online? RIM should pull an Apple get a search warrant for this dude's place.

The big hands is an optical illusion.
The hands look big comapred to the phone due to the fact that the camera is positioned close to his hands so his hands end up looking proportionally huge in comparison to the phone.
(Consider how your finger placed in front of your face can 'cover up' the moon! Since you finger is closer to your eye than the moon, it looks bigger to your eye)
E.g.: In this video, the distance quotient phone_to_hand / hand_to_camera is probably greater than 1.
If they pulled the camera back so the distance phone_to_hand was smaller than the distance hand_to_camera, then they would look like normal size hands and the Z10 would look like we expect it to look :)
By the way: this message would have taken at least 10 times longer to compose on anything other than a blackberry. :) :)

I may not be able to understand most of what he is saying but that is one sweet video! Only a few more days folks....January 30th hurry up!!!

Not sure how u figure austria? But he was speaking german and the language on the BlackBerry® was german. Where is the 2nd video he mentioned at the end???

They do speak german in Austria with a certain dialect. Second thing is that "Telekom Presse" is an Austrian website (.at), third thing is that the phone area code for Austria is "+43", which could be spotted in the phone application.

It doesn't matter if he was from Johannesburg Africa ot Timbucktwo Georgia he is speaking Deutsch and not Östereichisch. I was born and raised in Karlsruhe Germany and do not understand austrian. :)

Hi. This is not german. Its austrian ;)
I have translate the beginning:
This is a pre-series modell (Z10), but its near the final product.
8MP camera with flash.
On one side two buttons for volume in the middle for voicecommand.
On top the powerbutton.
On bottom nothing (here is a groove to open).
On the other side microsub and miniHDMI.
4,2" fulltouch with 1280*768px
Dualcore 1,5Ghz, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal space
weight 125g

The rest needs no translation :)

Austrian is still German.
You also don't differentiate between English and American... Both speak English, not another language. You may call it dialect, accent or whatever, but not as an other language, wise guy.

Sorry Pallox, while there are more similarities than differences between UK and US English, I think that 'every onlooker' will be quite informed enough to distinguish between the two. Just the same way that we in The Netherlands acknowledge that both we and the Flemish half of Belgium speak 'Dutch', but when we want to be precise we will separate 'Hollands/Dutch' from 'Flemmish'. And case in point: Bla1ze was wondering if this guy was from Germany or Austria (Switzerland would also have been a possibility), and the answer was given, as an overstatement, by calling the 'language' 'Austrian' (which is of course not completely true as it is a dialect rather than a language). But, as the overstatement served to make the distinction that was sought, I would, in your shoes, not prattle on about the difference between language and dialect, and certainly not call the OP a 'wise guy'. That's just my 3 cents (inflation), of course, and now, may I suggest we go back to nourishing our astonishing hard-ons for BB10?

Since some of you insist about this issue (of which I'm absolutely sure you are wrong ;), I retreat from the battlefield and turn back to BB10 and the Z-model.

Sorry guy. I'm German. And Austria is not Germany. So an Austrian is not German. Oh shit! Look! They both understand each other using same words. HOLY COW! :D
I agree, it's really not important ;)

Hey Hey Hey! This statement is false, as soon as you add a "U" to Color to make it Colour, or say Zed instead of Zee, and have two different languages to choose from on almost every device.. I say Americans speak Americish Canadians Speak Canadish and The people in england of course.. speak English.

He speaks german. His "slang" is used by the people in Austraia and Bavaria. Look at the source-link. It ends ".at" - its Austria.

If you know both well, there's a big difference between the austrian and bavarian dialect :-) Never call an austrian bavarian et vice versa, it's similar to canadians and US-americans :D

Well, the USA and Canada aren't that old and their people got similar roots. European civilization has a bit longer history ;)

well its just been 201 years since the last time the US invaded, can't be to long no.. THEY'RE TRYING TO STEAL OUR BLACKBERRIES!!!

P.S. Is the plural of BlackBerry (Smartphone), BlackBerrys? Or does it follow the correct thing with BlackBerries?

Well I always say it as Blackberrys, I guess because it's a proper noun. Blackberries fruit, Blackberry(s) devices. Lol

This guy is running newer software than we've seen before. You can tell because his calendar shows the day of the month, instead of just 31.

What a noob. Autofocus activated.
But still interesting as I finally see whole the Blackberry 10 in one video on the Z-device.
Finally. It gets reachable :D

Freaking awesome!

I'm buying this for sure!

The device itself and the whole ecosystem just look too perfect!


Di is abreviated for Dienstag ie Tuesday, jetzt means now all in german. Ich sprech gut deutsch und englisch aber versteh kein östereichisch. Try and check both languages out. J/s

Fantastic. When the display isn't on it looks almost identical to the obelisk in 2001: a Space Odyssey (which was also an advanced communication device)

On the release date will the huge hands also be available? Getting a pair of those, too..

I am going all in on the full touch screen when I can with my contract with Sprint.

So Cool Way to go RIM

Naa he's probably gonna get a 4G Playbook running BB10 and modify it to work exactly like a Z10, then it should look to scale

true story... he's using an old school soviet era screen protector that attaches with velcro fasteners.

i could be wrong

Why is the charing port on the side and not at the bottom. It's annoying using the phone while its charging with the placement of the port

It's the typical place for the usb-cable since generations at Blackberry smartphones. If any of the target-powerusers would have complained, it wouldn't be at that place anymore.

Also allows for docking stations.....but agreed. On the Playbook, I wish the cords were in the sides if you use the flip case like I do.

No big deal for me as many sources stated that BB10 needs reboots very seldom. Heins said in an interview he uses a Z10 as his daily driver for 8 weeks and didn't have to reboot it a single time.

Man; the world has changed! A 7 minute preview of a smartphone, and he mentions the phone once, with about a minute to spare, and doesn't even show it. A decade ago, how good the radio was would have been a topic of much quasi-religious debate. Now the phone part is a complete after-thought. You get in a time machine and go back just 10 years and try to tell people that on a forum, they'd laugh you off the site. Wonder how quaint this will all appear to us in another 10 years .....

Always nice to see a new leaked video. This device looks awesome! But those hands definitely steal the show. They have got to be the largest hands I have ever seen! The man must be 8 feet tall...

After watching this video and the many videos and pictures that have come out this year and last year, I am very impressed with Blackberry OS 10 and with their hardware. In my opinion, Research In Motion have made a 160 degree turnaround to compete with Apple's iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy S3 and many others. As the user of an iPhone for 5 years including the iPhone 5 This year's CES devices as well as all that Research In Motion has thrown in the wild, has made me rethink everything. I 100% regret purchasing the iPhone 5 wishing I waited for what 2013 has in store. The translation of the video provided in the comments above by Mixitbaby, the Blackberry Z10 is more powerful then the iPhone 5 and matches the Samsung Galaxy S3 in screen size, beats Samsung in screen resolution and RAM. Research In Motion is not going anywhere in 2013 or 2014, or even 2015. Blackberry was king of the hill and lost it to Apple and Samsung in 2008-2012, but 2013 belongs to Research In Motion and its 6 phones releasing this year

No regrets, as fortunately iPhones are very value stable. Just sell it and maybe there are a few bucks left for some accessoires. Unless your iPhone 5 has already become a scuffgate victim.

"matches the Samsung Galaxy S3 in screen size".

But this is not true. The GS3 comes with 4.8", the Z10 with 4.2". But that's quite good. The Z10 is aiming at people who search for a handy premium fulltouch device you can use properly one-handed, but which isn't an iPhone. And I think there are many people you bought a GS3 just beacuse its mindshare and who actually pretty messed-up by its convenience in everyday use. I honestly think there are quite a few ship-jumpers out in the wild.

just wait till RIM does that extra 20 degrees and does a complete 180 degree turnaround. you'll be even more impressed i promise!

"Research In Motion is not going anywhere in 2013 or 2014, or even 2015."

I disagree; RIM is moving UP, and going where no mobile manufacturer has ever gone before.

Have no regrets; many fell to the iPhone 5 craze, so it's understandable. Hopefully, more Apple people emigrate to BlackBerry.

And here the testguide:
(shorten: )

I translate the mainfacts:

First - BB10 is the most modern/advanced in february. four gestures are enough to control the hole system. Its faster, more solid and more fluid then every other.

the OS needs only 0,6 GB
battery with 2100 mAh - big enough for more than one day
size: 129 x 65 x 8 (mm)

camera on back:
8 Mpx or 3264 x 1836 Pixel in 16:9 mode or 3264 x 2448 in 4:3 mode
1,9 MPx with 1600 x 1200 or 1600 x 900
the camera makes very nice pictures and beats lumia 920 and iphone 5 although in bad lights. (see

the pictures u see in the article: left iphone 5 and on the right Z10

with all the leaks coming out the last while its hard to keep up.

I don't remember the 2100mA battery (i have 1800 stuck in my head). Have we seen this 2100 show up anywhere else?

Thanks a lot for the link. Amazing stuff. I'm so tired of all those Apple-brownnoses and Android-fanatics teasing about Blackberry. It's about time for a huge comeback.

Love it...Did not understand a word but it was clear as day. Awesomeness!!!!
BB 10...Boldly taking over!

Either he is the Jolly-Green Giant,..(based on the size of his hand(s)) or the device is really small.


Looks good.... but nothing game changing. I hope there is more to it than that..... I thought the device was bigger than that???

The only problem here is that you just didn't recognize the actual game changing factors. You're only looking at the surface I guess, in expactation of some useless eyecandy like in Ubuntu for phone. But everyone who spends hands-on-time with this, will certainly recognize them.

Why does almost everyone here feel the need to dispute either his nationality or hand size?
I like that I could get an in-depth view of the OS. After all, that's what this video is all about!

Have u seen his f********n hands!!! This guy must be a giant!!!!! It makes a Z10 look like a Z5 - HALF SIZE!!!!!!!! Anyway the 10 ROCKS!!!!!!! Can´t wait to order mine!!!!! Sorry X10 but touchscreen BB10 for me!!!!

I want a bigger screen then I'm back to being a BlackBerry user. I'm so used to the huge screens that are close to 5 inches that I just can't go back.

Those icons are so bright and colorful, and that's just through the camera! Imagine what it'll look like when it's actually in your hands!

15 more days...

Two things:

1) Oh my gosh I love that blinking red light!

2) As a big Texan, that's exactly what the Z10 will look like in MY hands (and yes, big shoes, too . . .)

His email and a website in the browser shows ".at" so I'm going w/Austria. I'm glad English is a germanic language so i can understand a lot of what he's saying.

Adam, you mentioned "here is much that RIM has kept well under wraps".

Has that been confirmed? How do we know for certain that there are features we haven't yet seen?

Performance is very snappy.

Its going to be pretty easy as I'm already used to those gestures on my playbook.

Looking forward to part 2...
google translate - "In the second, which is about to come out here, we deal with the apps and the excellent voice control, which is at least on par with Apple's Siri German already."
Was not expecting voice control to be a major feature of BB10 but if it is I'll take it. RIM is clearly coming in with the goal of eliminating any gap it may have between GS3 and iP5.

What size is screen of the Z-10 again? If it's 4 inches, damn this guy's hand is a Mammoth..good video, though. 2G RAM, enough for me.

Did this guy really go to all that trouble covering up the identification numbers on the phone, Just to then show us his name in both his Gmail and Facebook? LOL

Well, whether German or Austrian, I find it easier to listen to and understand than Spanish on account of it not being spoken so swiftly.
Our gigantic friend with the catchers mitts did a nice smooth demo...

I think that was Thorsten with the big hands.
And LOL at the guy that said this is a 160 degree turnaround for RIM. I guess we still need another 20 degrees to go before Jan 30!

Rockin' the 9900

BB10 looking nice. I have 1 concern though, based on all the vidz i've seen so far there doesnt seem to be a way to "jump" to the "homescreen' or active apps page or quickly jump to a particular app. if your on page 2 or 3 of the app list you would have to scroll back 2-3 pages before you can select the app u want.

You can tap on the small square icon directly at the bottom of the screen that will take you to that page. Or the icon with four small squares I believe is the hub which if you hit that it will take you straight there. Maybe wrong but I vaguely remember that feature being demoed in a video earlier.

There's little dots at the bottom of the screen, one for the hub, the active frames, and one for every page of apps you have, all you have to do is touch the dot to quickly jump to any page.

austrians speak german - although they've never been apart of a german state prior or after WWII

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bb10 is going to kick butt

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ive been using one for 10 years (bb10), im blown away by it's forethought
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i expect a "happy ending" everytime i end a phone call with my new device

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i am making a "find the nearest dentist" app


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yesterday, i drank over 3 times the recommended dose of energy drinks

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I just hope there would be no more FREEZE and faster reboot., I love my bold 9930 but, it kills me when it freeze, take battery out then reboot and double trouble..

The reboot will definitely be faster (≤ 30 seconds), and with 2 GB of RAM, Dual-core processors operating at Quad-core efficiency and highly stable QNX infrastructure, I think this will be a virtual non-issue.

all the jumps from one app to another looked real smooth and quick... very promising...

one question though, people up top mentioned that it has 2 gb of ram... thats not referring to the internal storage right? i was hoping it came with something like the s3 which i think have a choice beween 16 and 64 internal storage....

Hello, the RAM is separate from the internal storage. By comparison, the Bold 9930 has 768 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage.

Will the new blackberry 10 have a quad core for us and canada?

If anyone else knows about all the specs please reply!! thanks Want to get rid of this shitty iphone!

Well, I indeed hope it will have the same specs in Americas as in EMEA. The final specs are not officially reveiled yet, but we can expect a dualcore, I guess.

1:41 - Swiping down is a great idea for locking the phone; it's all too often that I accidentally press some buttons on it because of forgetting to do this.

2:07 - Love this implementation of bedside mode - that's a cool looking analog clock display.

2:40 - That browser looks really sharp, running a desktop-configured web page.

3:06 - This flow interface will prove incredibly helpful here - BlackBerry should totally patent this, just to spite Apple and Google (and maybe Samsung).

5:48 - I hope BB 10 has the option to display "Are you sure you want to delete this message?" here. Or at least a "Trash" folder.

Overall, very impressive, though I wished the reviewer would've elaborated on the Camera (time-shift for faces, focus-shift, modes, in-video zoom, versatile on/off light switch during video) and the Browser (speed, HTML5 [485/500], plugins, etc...) a bit more.

'curvezzz' mentioned that it's to cover up the serial numbers (which I presume is a way of keeping RIM from finding out who exactly leaked this video).

Holy cow - wherever this phone is made ..... is the back door open or what?

Where are all these BB10s coming from? Is RIMM getting paid in any way? If 100,000 of them slide out the back door, is this figure included in Rims total market share?

Please Kevin ..... I need answers.

Nice specs. But out there on the market we see more powerfull devices (like quad-core, etc.). The only chance for RIM to succed is to have 3 things: lots of apps in AppWorld, extremly good UI and a good battery. It is just my opinion and should be treated as well.

In 3 words: Good job RIM!

funny comments, i had a laugh with most of them.
appart from all the hints that indicate that it is in Austria(where the language spoken is German, just with a very strong Austrian accent) yes, it is Austrian German, which I personaly like very much, and enjoy it everytime we go on Ski vacation to Austria(very friendly Volk, yummy food and good prices) it is just a description of everything we know about BB 10, it is just great that everybody around us(Switzerland) is gonna have BB 10 except us. Grrrrr.....
oh before i forgot to those Language experts, believe me, if it would have been in Swiss German, you would have not been able to identify it, it is way to complicated to English speaking people.
I had a blast reading all the comments!
I wish y'all a good day.
another addict.

They're either covering something or he's one of the people who have taken the device apart to see what its awesome guts look like and thats electrical tape holding it together