BlackBerry Z10 hardware review video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Feb 2013 10:54 am EST

We waited a long time to get our hands on the BlackBerry Z10, so when it came time to work on our BlackBerry Z10 review we put some extra effort into upping the production quality on our videos. That being the case, and our Z10 review being *really long* making it easy to skip over the videos, I'm writing it up as a standalone post for your viewing pleasure.

Overall, we really love the Z10's hardware. Considering the Z10 loses all of the easily-recognizable iconic traits of the traditional BlackBerry -- including the keyboard, trackpad and menu / back buttons -- somehow BlackBerry's industrial design team still managed to make the Z10 look like a BlackBerry. Looking at the Z10, BlackBerry aficionados will recognize elements of both the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook tablet. From the P'9981, the Z10 borrows the edge to edge glass design that sits in a single, solid frame that spans the length of the phone. From the PlayBook come the softly-rounded corners and the great feeling soft touch rubber back. 

Hit up the video above for the video walk tour of the Z10's hardware, and for much more detail on the BlackBerry Z10's hardware design, specs and our impressions, check out our review below.

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BlackBerry Z10 hardware review video!


This was before the pony tail got chopped off. Recorded last Friday, on Jan. 25th.

My hair is still messed up... havent' had a chance to get it cleaned up yet post pony tail getting chopped off. 

Hey Kevin, any chance you could add a video showing how easy (and awesome) the NFC sharing is? just hold 2 BB10 devices together and you can transfer anything on the screen without setting anything up or going into any menus, etc..

Great to see Blackberry get some great or at least better hardware. BB started me in smartphones, but I have long since left for Android. Those two clown co CEO's should be slapped for running that company into the ground.

Congrats to all who stuck with Blackberry! Enjoy the Z10!

BTW nice Panerai Kevin!

Nice video... Kinda Apple-esque in the presentation; white background, jeans and black shirt. ;-) i like it.

Looking forward to trying it out on Feb 5 in Ottawa!
Bold 9900

Hi Kevin , A++

I like this approach for your demo's really clean ,crisp and professional.
They are so clean I can use them for my sales team to watch.
What would be great is to keep these BB10 review formats with the white screen separate from your other videos... maybe call them the Crackberry BB10 " Simple and Concise " Reviews .

The other reviews will call them Crackberry BB10 " Vador & Trooper" reviews for the great BB10 adventure !

great work A++ !!

I think Kevin and co can get the nod for an "all new experience" themselves. Great to see the site evolve into the product knowledge and support powerhouse from the early on lighthearted fun fan boy experience it once was. Kudos to the team.

I just got my Note II yesterday and I am still seriously itching to buy a Z10. I think I am going to end up buying the T-Mobile version off-contract at launch. What's one more phone, right? Such a beautiful phone. Such a beautiful OS.

BB10 is the most exciting platform out there. So much potential here.

Amazing, my wife and I are even more excited to get our phones that we pre ordered from Rogers! Thanks Kevin!

Dear CB, keep up the work.

But I would like to see some phone to phone competition like: browser loading speeds, batterylife, app / game loading speeds and handling, boottimes etc. :)

I will be waiting until the first week of April and must see a Kindle app by then or I will probably not be moving back to Blackberry. Do a lot of reading on my phone and appreciate the convenience of that app.

Have you tried with any specific 64 gb sd card or just a generic one?

BTW, Fedex says I'm going to receive my z10 tomorrow :)~~~

Typing this comment on my Z10, and the phone is so beautiful. The size is perfect, fits my small hands well and I can reach right across the screen. The weight is also really good, more light than heavy which suits the current smartphone trend and is an amazing feat considering the components the Z10 has within. The only thing that perhaps could be a worry is that the screen isn't flush with the corners and so maybe dust may start to develop in the edges, but I will have to wait and see. Also Kevin, when is the BB10 app coming out, I can't seem to find it yet!

Blackberry should've also worked on the quality of the pictures on their camera instead of what timeshift can do. The Z10 apparently comes dead last in against the other big 3 players in picture quality.