BlackBerry Z10 comes to the US early thanks to Solavei

By James Richardson on 11 Feb 2013 08:49 am EST

If you are in the US and waiting eagerly for the BlackBerry Z10 to be released by the major carriers, it would appear that you may in fact be able to get your hands on the new BlackBerry 10 device sooner than expected from a small carrier named Solavei. The word on the street is that the Blackberry Z10 will be available from them starting Monday with devices being delivered Wednesday. Solavei is not a carrier I am familiar with but it seems they offer contract free deals with unlimited voice, text and data plan for $49 a month. Sounds good to me but you will need to check if you can get coverage before signing up with them.

The fun doesn't come without a price as the Z10 from Solavei will set you back about $999 without a contract.

Have any of our CrackBerry readers had experience with Solavei? Is this a good deal or will you wait for the big guns? Sound off in the comments!

Check out the Solavie Z10 deal here

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BlackBerry Z10 comes to the US early thanks to Solavei


Thanks for the offer Solavei. I'm very tempting but I'll wait. :-)
Tmobile, if you are listening, please release the phone sooner than later.


this,,, even if i didn't have my upgrade waiting, i'd wait for my carrier or someone else to have it cheaper,,, i'm not foolish enough to go for any (early) release day gouging...


wow would really like to get my hands on one of those but it's kind of hottt.... I live in the caribbean and would still have to ship it here and then pay duty which is 43% of the total cost including shipping, hope the price eventually drops, can't wait

hey bbdoc. im in trinidad. saw on fb one of those merchants stating end of february they wud have the Z10s in ill send u a link if i find it again

How did they obtain the devices? No carrier testing? Maybe they're the ones behind that Kijiji ad.

You would think BlackBerry would make an announcement about this availability in the US.

They're charging a premium on the phone...... Its cheaper for me to buy a phone on contract and pay the cancellation fee then to buy it with these dudes.... Gotta say, it made me look...

You must be out of your mind if you would spend $999 just to get this phone. Wait a little while longer and pay $200

You can't compare on-contract and off-contract prices.

But you can compare off-contract from the big carriers in March (probably around $600 based on Canadian prices) to this $1000 price.

You are correct but still who in the hell would do that? There are some dumb ass people out there so someone will do it.

Maybe you aren't a 1%er, but to some people $500 bucks is really not that much money. Sorry, but that is just how it is. That being said, I won't pay that much for it. Although $50 a month seems like a steal compared to the $80 or so I pay a month. $30 savings per month adds up pretty darn quickly.

You mean $200 with contract? Is that a fair comparison

"The fun doesn't come without a price as the Z10 from Solavei will set you back about $999 without a contract."

You can't compare apples to oranges. Or are you saying that the phone is going to lose value. Some idiots on engadget were saying that. I didn't even have the patience to inform them that you can't get a Bold 9930 in decent condition for under $250 now. So when are you going to be able to get a Z10 for less than that?

This article is a kind of a joke. Unlocked Z10s are already available at Negri Electronics for $100 less. And an unlocked Rogers Z10 can be had for less than $800 after shipping and unlocking. But in an interesting attempt to make it look like the Z10 just launched early in the US... We have this article.

Hummm, a noname carrier. Is that really a good thing for BB10? What does that say about the product ((device)?

Wow $999, really!? You can buy it for less on ebay now. Not to mention quite a few people on crackberry are helping people from US to get their hands on the Z10 for a lot less.

If they change their price to say around $650, they will be in business.

You're right, Solavei is an MVNO using the T-Mobile network. They use the social concept of selling service, similar to Avon or Mary Kay cosmetics. I still think that $999 is too high for the device price, though.

Isn't that a bit of an overkill?? But hey, people with cash can always have the first buy bragging rights =))

Actually, the deal is for an unlocked phone from GSM Nation. You can put your own SIM card into it. You don't need to go with Solavei. If they offered a white one, I'll be they'd get more takers!

THEY ARE NOW OFFERING WHITE! Thought Verizon had dibs, but I guess they worked some magic. Either way its on sale now.. Same crazy 999 price tag but I imagine some GSM users will do it.. if for no other reason then to avoid the big V..

Although the price on an unlocked BlackBerry z10 is high, there's a market for it. Not me :/ I can't see the average user running to get one but there are some BlackBerry enthusiasts that would love to get ahold of one a month before anyone else. Plus, Solavei offers an amazing service at just $49 a month. For a look at solavei go to

Never heard of them until now. They are selling unblock phones. The price is not far for the cost for an unblock phones. There other places you can get them but since the BB10 are hot and presently unavailable, you pay the price to own one now. If you're planning purchase BB10 without a contract, my guess you pay between 600 - 900 US dollars. I may have to go that way to keep my old plan, unlimited data with Verizon.

Im in the same boat. But the actual cost is going to decide if I stay with Verizon or if I jump ship to T-Mobile. If its under $600, it will be worth it to me to stay on VZW. More than that, and T-Mobie's $70 unlimited everything plan will get my business.

Solavei works in the same network as TMobile, how is it possible that this small carrier is able to have everything tested and ready to go before its parent company TMobile?

I doubt they did any testing at all. As long as the phone has the right frequencies you can throw a SIM in it and use it. AT&T and TMobile never tested the GSM Galaxy Nexus, and AT&T didn't test the Nexus 4 sold by Google but both work perfectly on their network, just get a SIM and throw it in. These phones show up on these carriers in such small quantities as to not matter much is my guess, and as long as the phone is certified by FCC it can be used.

Also, I don't think TMob is this company's parent. They buy blocks of service from TMob and resell just as Straight Talk does.

T-Mobile is not its parent company and I am pretty sure no testing was done with the phone except they know that when they put in their SIM, the phone worked.

T-Mobile on the other hand will test the shit out of the device to ensure there are no issue with the network, including call quality and drop calls as well as to install their bloatware... I rather wait for T-Mobile to finish testing the device properly.

Is it a reliable source of information for BB10? If so May I ask BB gurus? Does BB 10 Hub use secure connection SSL for twitter, facebook accounts or not? Does BB 10 have open VPN? THANK YOU! I need answer plz. If you don't know just say that you don't know.

Before you buy services or equipment, have an attorney read their contract carefully.


As far as their sales people: they appear to be a pyramid scheme for their 'customers':
"Solavei customers who decide to promote the services to earn an income follow a unilevel compensation plan... every member you personally recruit will be added to your direct downline, those who were recruited by your first level members will become your second level, and so on."

That is network marketing or multi level marketing. Both of which have absolutely nothing to do with a pyramid scheme. (Unless you were to graph out the revenue flow which would ideally form a triangle shape)

That said I actually like their business model. Basically you refer like 4 people to use their service and you have a phone bill of $0 each month. Any more than that and they cut you a check each and every month. I'm surprised no one thought of this before now?

If Virgin in Canada can sell it for $499, I would guess the full price for it in the US would be about the same.

I didn't read everything but it appears that they allow you to make money by signing people up for their plans under you.. Doesn't look like you have to. Still not dropping 1k for a phone 2 weeks early though lol

It is cell phone Amway. My brother in law is on one of these things keeps pestering every one to sign up. Not sure if it's the same one or not.

I just can't see going with some no name reseller with a doubtful scheme. looks shakey to me. I can wait for VZW a few more weeks .

I wouldn't be surprised if a few American's buy the device for $999 from this company. There are a lot of them that have more money than brains. ;)

Figured someone would do this earlier, definitely a smart move to make $ off impulse buyers.. I can wait though..

Bold 9930 ::Twitter: @ChrisJaam

I think the main difference is that they are using the T-Mobile HSPA+ network currently in place, while T-Mobile is waiting to release the Z10 with their LTE network in March.

I met a lady who does Solavei. It is an MLM company. I went onto their website to look into it out of curiosity, but my 8520 is not one of the phones they support. I would have to break my contract with T-Mobile to get their service. $999 plus a $200 early termination fee is NOT worth it for $49 a month service, obviously! Just going to hang in there and upgrade to a Z10 next month. Much cheaper that way! :-)

I just picked up one on ebay unlocked and shipped for $850. I needed a 4g connection since I am a Per Diem Pediatrcian who dictates on my laptop and work in several different clinics. Instead Instead of buy a 4g USB connector, I'm hoping that this phone will be 2 devices in one. Average prices before Canda release was 900-1200. After Canda release, 870-1100. Hopefully this new offer will drive down the cost on ebay. If it doesn't work out for me, I should be able to get at least $700 back as long as it is before the US compnies actually get them to market. We'll see.

I know a few people that paid that amount for an unlocked iPhone4 when it came out. There are people out there that will pay that. For some it's a tax write-off.

the big question is when will we see real dates from the big guys. I don't care if it is March 31 (Hope not though) I just want a date. Carrier testing is bullshit as posts above said Nexus just worked. Someone is not giving the full truth.

Hey guys! I invite yall to solavei.

I tell you why! CEO of Solavei Ryan got Blackberry Z10 and look at 4G! =D

I understand that 999 dollars for Blackberry z10 but GSM Nation do have bill me later through paypal!!

I invite you all to

feel free to ask me anything =D

I imagine if you're with the company (and have already built up a network of "friends"), you don't have to pay the $1k. That would make it even more reasonable.

But really, paying $1k for a phone isn't a big deal. Remember when people were paying $2k and $3k for a PS2 so they could get one right away? Some people have that money and don't care to spend it.

Solavei is out of their mind on that price. I have a friend that sells for them. Great no contract pricing on LTE at only $49/mo unlimited everything. You can get free 4G phones from them too. I just told him Solavei was off its rocker on this one. Let's see what he finds out.

PS They are a reseller on the T-Mobile network.

In general, you can check details about a website here:

It gives you enough information to make an educated decision on the trustworthiness of a site. Although Solavei comes up as safe, all the other information tied to it make it seem somewhat shady. For example, the site's registrant is ... and there is a list of domains on their server that have no relevance to cell phones.

Just giving my opinion.

Solavei is a pyramid scheme. My friend started his own pyramid carrier scheme after learning about Solavei, always pestering me to sign up because if I sign up enough friends then it would pay my phone bill and put money on a card for me (while increasing the filthy lucre lining his pockets). I told him no, because I am not cool with such schemes, and even if I was i have no friends that are stupid enough to fall for it.

What they do is Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing! Absolutely nothing at all in common with a pyramid scheme!!

A key item you'd need to find out about this company is about their technical support. What happens if your Z10 is in need of repair? If BlackBerry doesn't offer direct RMA support for the Z10 (like they do with the PlayBook) does Solavie handle the repair?

You don't have to go through Solavei. GSMNation is really selling the phone, unlocked, so you can use it with T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, Solavei, H2O, or Straight Talk. Someone should tell them if they went to something reasonable ($600 to $700) they would be flying off the shelf!

Coverage in my city for this company isn't worth switching and for almost $1000 they must be smoking cracked. Reviews around the net makes it seem like something sort of MLM type business. I will stick with Verizon.

My guess is that Simple Mobile would also work if you have an Unlocked Z10. They offer a $50.00 month unlimited BlackBerry plan right now. I've been testing a T-Mobile Torch 9810 on their plan and it seems to work fine if you can live with the limited T-Mobile coverage area.

In my neck of the woods - Northwest Washington State - T-mobile coverage sucks. Verizon is the best, but also the most expensive.

Solavei is on the T-Mobile network, and operates on a tier/ compensation system. If I sign one friend up to Solavei, I get a percentage of my phone bill discounted, and if they sign up a friend, I get a percentage of my phone bill discounted, and so forth. You can also use your own phone on Solavei, but it has to be approved by typing in your IMEI number, and getting confirmation via their website. Needless to say that my Blackberry Torch 9800 did not qualify. The also have very snazzy phones for sale, like the Nokia Asha 311, Nokia Fate, LG G2x P999, HTC Amaze 4G, Huwaei Ascend P1, Good Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Ativ S, and the Blackberry Z10. The phones range from $129 - $999 respectively, and you have to purchase them via the GSM Nation website. And to think that major carriers will offer the phone for $200 with a contract, about $600 without a contract, and if you break the contract, then you will pay about $350 to do so. However, the major carriers are now charging a fee about a $10 fee if you break your contract, until the contract term ends, so be careful if you choose this option. But $999? "No way Solavei!"

Whatever. At least we can tell the Americans that it has been available in the US less than one week after availability in Canada.

I am a Solavei user/member and have not had one issue with them. They run on Tmobiles network. $999 does seem a bit high, I thought I remembered seeing at launch the phones were going for $549 off contract. Anyways if you want to check into Solavei they have some interesting concepts and I dont believe any other MVNO has done it. Go to and a lot of your support answers will be found there.

That's a great deal. I've got the cash to be one of the first one to get it.
Let the poor be last .... they are use to it.

Z-10 .... here I come!

But this just goes on to prove that the release date in US is actually a delay by carriers as mentioned by Thor during one of the interviews.

The phone is through GSM nation. Solavei is only a service provider, not a phone provider. I have solavei and sell it at . When they first started, Solavei did sell one phone, then they switched to another. Now they just refer out to GSM nation for phone sales. This company is trying to exploit the Z10's success on ebay. It is currently still selling for more than $1000. That aside, I really enjoy having Solavei, I get unlimited everything and get paid to do so. I wouldn't hype it as far as the few that are making a killing, but I don't pay for my service and I make enough to buy me a new phone every year (If pay stays constant) I have been excited about BB10 because of the lack of BIS requirement. Solavei does not support BIS so I was happy to see that BB10 didn't need it. I've been on Crackberry for a long time now, if you have any questions on Solavei, let me know even if you don't plan on buying from me :)