The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Portugal

BlackBerry Z10 Portugal
By James Richardson on 4 Apr 2013 04:07 am EDT

The word on the street is that the BlackBerry Z10 is now available to buy in Portugal. TMN have the new BlackBerry 10 device listed on their website priced at 589 Euros which seems a reasonable price to me if that's the equivalent to the SIM free version here in the UK. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what the score is with contracts in Portugal so please feel free to sound off in the comments if you are from that part of the world. 

With the device continuing to roll out across the globe things can only be on the up for BlackBerry. The last earnings call did show a drop in BlackBerry subscribers but I strongly believe that next quarter will be a different story. I'm pretty sure a large percentage of Team BlackBerry were holding off on their upgrades to get the Z10.

Only time will tell. I'm feeling good about it though.

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The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Portugal


Last, anyway how many more countries to go? Feel like I've had mine for yonks already

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Actually even tough Portugal has an estimated population of 10 million, the numbers say that both Vodafone and Tmn have 6 millions users.

Even though I already have my unlocked Z10, pretty happy it is on TMN and Vodafone. Hope that Optimus follows soon (3rd carrier) .

From my understanding, it is only available online, which is a downer, once people can not test it and see how the UX is.

I have checked some of the comments a round forums, and most find it too expensive for the PT market. Others, are too ignorante about BlackBerry 10 and comment that it sucks (mostly from 'droids fans). A few educated people are excited.

I have tried to educate some of the 'droids fans.

Any ways, Portugal is not a BlackBerry nation.

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Contracts are not very popular for regular users and most of us get phones at full price, but since it's a BlackBerry, it may get the attention of business users and corps. Vodafone is also offering the Z10 at the same price off-contract. Contracts start at €15,90 up to €69,90 (the phone costing €569,90 down to €389,90, respectively) on Vodafone and €15,90 up to €69,90 (€489,90 down to €109,90, respectively) on TMN. Optimus, the third major portuguese carrier, hasn't announced the Z10 yet, but it's a matter of time. Prices should be close to TMN's, if not the same.

If BlackBerry 10 doesn't require BIS doesn't that mean that the number of subscribers will not increase next quarter or any quarter for that matter? ;-) just asking

My understanding is that "subscriber" just means the number of active phones which they can determine by device PINs.

Indeed, it has arrived. I was trully excited, but with this sort of prices it will not succeed here...

EDIT: in here i was trying to explain the prices in Portugal for the Z10 in comparison to the US. I couldn't because the post was marked as spam... Oh well...

It's just too expensive for the Portuguese average consumer. And unfortunatly if one has the money to buy an expensive phone, the diference in price between an iPhone5 and the Z10 is huge...

For me, got to stay faithfull to my little 9300 and my playbook! :)

IPhone 5 16G at 679.90 is more expensive than Z10 at 589.90.

SGS3, Nokia 920 and Sony Xperia Z all priced at same price as Z10.

These facts make your comments mute. If it's expensive for BB it is expensive for everybody.

The chalange is marketing and product differentiation, not price.

My problem is that I'm on Optimus and not sure when my upgrade is coming. My company keeps changing its policy.

The problem is that if you want a contract in let's say Vodafone, the amount of discount that you get in a iPhone is twice as much as you get for a Z10.
In TMN they've launched a campaign for the Z10 that puts the Z10 cheaper than the iPhone5 16gb.
In Vodafone no news about a simiar campaign...
Ps: i work for VDF :)

Prices are a bit hi for off-contract Z10 indeed, but in a contract and soon with carrier points they will be reasonable. Hey iPhone 5 is about the same price...
TMN has a bad habit of not reducing prices in BlackBerry' higher end phones... but... there's always Ebay... where you can find new Z10 sim free at nice prices...
I really Loooove the Z10... And BB10 is really the best OS in the market... IMO
It really preforms wonders....

Hello all, i was checking the z10 prices here in Portugal and what a surprise...749 euros, unlocked.
In tmn locked to them it is more than 500 euros.... this is indeed too much expensive to regular Portuguese consumer.
This puts z10 competing with iphones and galaxys 4 and so on... i dont know but i suppose with this prices bb will not sell well here.
I will keep my good old bold 9700, never let me down, never hangs, no bugs, and i have a lot of spare batteries always fully charged ready to use.
Of course when z10 prices become more affordable i will think about it, right now it is out of mu budget:::

Very expensive for Portuguese consumers. First to take Portugal was the fnac, with a price of 735 euros.
Use BB for 5 years.... Promised update the Playbook, so far nothing. Was a good way to spread the new system 10, these prices are not going to get more customers, the consumer will not risk paying much change.

Z10 also avaiable since this week in Belgium (even last week in some shops). Priced at 629 euros without any contract (d'ont think we have this in Beligum). I've just got mine yesterday... And I won't post to say "I brought it back..." I keep it, for sure :-D I've got to get use to it (coming from a iPhone 3G) but it is very refreshing, not all is perfect but for a new OS .. WAOW :) (still wait for Viber and Skype)

The Z10 is also for sale in Denmark now (has been for almost a week) Sim free price is 600 euros. I ordered it through 3 Denmark with a 6 months contract for 500 euros (the phone's price). The plan is 40 euros pr month for: free sms, mms, talk and data (100gb fair usage cap).

Yea 100gb. It's just the fair usage limit though. If you use more they wind down your speed/ cut off your data until the following month, depending on the manner of usage.

As an alternative to Fnac and Tmn I would recommend having a look at
They have the unlocked version for more or less the same price as the TMN.
Having said that I find it a rip off that TMN locked phone as the same price as an unlocked Z10 purchased in the UK. Rip off Portugal I would say.

Great news, waiting for Optimus and the Q10. Here in Portugal Blackberry still almost just for enterprise carriers, but that’s going to change. Im a blackberry user for years and só my wife, we have a BB 9900 and a playbook each.

Really glad to finally have bb10 in Portugal:)
But, unfortunately, we aren’t a BB nation. The high price of the hand sets and the lack of advertising will not help us to end with the droid/apple domination, even with the OS7 devices.
However, I hope to have my Z10 soon!

Hi people,

I bought a BlackBerry Bold 9700 with no LCD Display.
I want to buy a LCD Display, but I have read there are multiple choices, but not all of them will work.
I can read the IMEI from the back of the phone which is: 359564036308056

I can also read PRD - 26208-073

How can I find out, which LCD Display is the right one to my mobile phone ?

Also, do you recommend a trust worth website to get the goods from ?
Kindest Regards