The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Italy and South Africa

By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2013 08:49 am EST

The BlackBerry Z10 has gone on sale in yet another couple of countries in the last day or two. South Africa was first with the Z10 launching on Vodacom and then Italy followed suit where you can pick up the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone on Vodafone.


Although I am not very familiar with the currency in South Africa, Vodacom do seem to be offering what may be a pretty sweet deal. If you order the Z10 online with them for R399 per month they will also include the BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell, a HDMI cable and a premium car charger. That sounds like a bargain to me. Customers will also get free BBM up until the end of May 2013 so all in all it looks like Vodacom really are having a purge on the Z10.


Press release from Vodacom:

Johannesburg, South Africa - Vodacom today launched the new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry® 10 in South Africa. This smartphone is now available from Vodacom World in Midrand and will be available from other Vodacom stores on 22 February 2013.
The BlackBerry Z10 is available on contract at R479 per month and the offer will include:
75 voice minutes, 150 SMS & 575 MB x 24 months; and
Unlimited BBM texting until 31 May 2013. A new BBM VAS offer will be launched from 1 June 2013; pricing information will be available closer to launch.
Terms and conditions apply.

The BlackBerry Internet Service is not available on BlackBerry 10 but it is available on earlier BlackBerry devices; this includes all BlackBerry devices on OS7.1 and earlier.
The new BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone based on the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, giving customers a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet, and offers a smarter experience that continuously adapts to their needs.

Phil Patel, Chief Officer of the Consumer Business Unit at Vodacom said: "We're delighted that today our customers are among the first in
Africa to experience the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry 10. We'll also be launching the BlackBerry Z10 LTE which will be available at stores by mid March, so our customers can look forward to enjoying the new features on the BlackBerry Z10 and a great internet mobile experience".

"The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone delivers a powerful new mobile computing platform for BlackBerry customers. With BlackBerry 10, every
feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep customers moving," said Alexandra Zagury, managing director at BlackBerry for South and Southern Africa. 


Don't worry people of America. Your turn is nearly here.

Images source: TheTechieGuy

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The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Italy and South Africa


I totally agree! MTN has always had much better deals for BB. I'd much rather take more data, than fancy accessories, thank you.

Belgium? I thought they already got it... Netherlands are in line (looks like after America) to get it by week 13 :(

As it stands I think $1=ZAR8.88 and R399 is the cheapest contract where you're only getting 75mb of data. It works out to ±$45 a month for basically just the phone, its a rip off. And to buy the phone outright would be R8,500 roughly equaling $960. I wish SA could get cheaper phones

The testing of devices by US carriers is extremely challenging and thorough. The carriers are obviously using their most bestest monkeys on this one. So far the monkeys in other counties are giving it an opposable thumbs up.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Eway That's sad how it comes to the United States last. It's almost as if it doesn't want to come out in the United States. What's up with these carriers and states?

Don't think too much people in SA will buy the Z10 as it has been for the old BBs, they'll stick to them bcoz no more BIS with Z10. No matter what I'll give it a try...

MTN will have a package called MTN Ultimate which is BIS with 200MB fair policy usage. BBM will still be free. After 200 MB data will still be compressed so data usage will be much lower than normal data packages.

woow great to hear that , i had already pre-ordered with 8ta will call and cancel and wait for MTN then, do you know when MTN will release it ?'lade

I've been a Vodacom customer for about 10 years now, but I think I'm gonna move to MTN for the z10. Vodacom has just got too many problems, overpriced packages being one of the most prominent ones. Still excited, though

I got an empty flipcase and a charging bundle on backorder. I guess at least I can judge the size of the unit in my hand. Would you not think that American carriers could at least provide some sort of status report from their super secret squirrel testing facilities? Nothing like building the hype.

Well hopefully this launch is rounding out wave 1. Thorsten said the Z10 would launch in 3 waves around the World and that South Africa would be in wave 1.

Hopefully each wave is about a month long and by the end of April the Z10 at least will be available in most countries.

At this rate the BlackBerry 10 will just be a drain on the financials in Q1 as it's only going to be in a handful of markets by the end of march and the expenses of the launch and marketing must thus far must over shadow any profits from sales.

Still hope they manage to move a few million units without the USA in Q1 because that will be a good sign that the platform is competitive globally. Then I hope the USA eats it up like mad in Q2 and they move 10+ million Z10 and Q10 units globally in the April to June Quarter.

I cannot believe how stingy vodacom is. I'm contemplating moving to mtn because their basic contract price for z10: R399 for 200 anytime min, and 250mb. Vodacom: R399 for 75 anytime minutes and 75mb as well as 150 sms (who cares). Unbelievable if this is valid.

Sorry to say but Vodacom has become an absolute joke recently. Their deals are absolutely pathetic and ridiculously overpriced. I would like to see less SMS but much more data bundled instead. In the world of BBM, Whattsapp, Gtalk, Facebok chat, etc why need so many SMS?

Apparently they will release a LTE version of the Z10 only as from next month (didn't even know the Z10 is coming in a LTE and non-LTE version, thought it was LTE version only, unless this is a network throttled thing). Those who opt for the non-LTE version will have an option of a R80 / 500MB bundle. Sneaky scumbags.

It may not be much of an issue overseas but data costs in South Africa are simply outrageous. Not having BIS anymore is going to have a major effect on BB sales in South Africa.

And yet there are still 3 carriers in Canada, including mine, that haven't been able to get supplies of Z10s since the release. I'm not going to wait forever for a Z10.

Wow ... what a beautiful country.
The weather looks awesome ..... I must go there some day.

Z-10 is an AWESOME phone. Don't think twice ... just buy one!

Z10 will hopefully be in MTN stores today as mentioned to me on the Facebook page. I will be calling around to see if I can get my hands on one. Just need to decide which package I am going to get. The basic one with 250MB or the 350MB one? Being on BIS for the past 2 years I have no idea how much data I have been using. Any help will be appreciated.

Go with Cell-C they are way cheaper. Check out price comparison write ups on my broadband. Consumers need to stop being loyal to big brand names. They will rip you another A..hole. Some people have halved costs with cell c.

Ok this might be a stupid question but here goes.... Is there any indication on the Z10's box to indicate if its a LTE or non LTE device? Or will you only be able to tell once device is powered on? Will be buying one outright next week from a online store, but seeing as Vodacom and MTN state that LTE version only launching "mid March" and the online store clearly lists it as 4G. So i just want to make sure I end up getting a LTE device.
Any help would be appreciated

I think the Nigeria lauch is the cheapest so far. Z10 is for like $635 and the BIS subscrition is the same; $8-17 for 1GB or 3GB fair usage

Got my new Z10 in South Africa, and I am SUPER happy.

Now waiting for new update, but issues yet.

Just love updating to the latest and greates available.

Thank you
Playbook 16Gb 0S 2.1, Bold 9700 which was replaced by the super Z10