The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Canada today! If you bought one, start here

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2013 02:26 am EST

If you're in Canada and have been waiting for the BlackBerry Z10, today is your lucky day. If you pre-ordered your Z10, you should be getting it shortly. And if you didn't, if you head to the store early enough you should hopefully be able to get your hands on a Z10.

Once you've unboxed it, gone through setup and learned the basic gestures, it's time to start spending some time on CrackBerry to unlock the full potential of your new Z10. We are here to help you get the most out of your BlackBerry. Keep reading for a roundup of CrackBerry's best BlackBerry Z10 content and services.


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Reader comments

The BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale in Canada today! If you bought one, start here


Picked up my white Z10 today in Toronto!!! Called 5 stores...all sold out. Finally found one at the Adelaide and Bay location. Most Rogers authorized stores only ordered 2 to 5 units (based on my small sample). The Rogers corporate store had 20 units and sold out by noon. The reps at Rogers were well informed (surprisingly) and one guy actually had a Z10 himself. He showed me the BBM video chat and how to use NFC to add BBM contacts. Very cool! All in all...I'm super impressed. The OS is awesome!!!! The build quality is good but definitely some room to improve for future generations. Also, no carrier branding on the box or the phone. For those who lucked out me, the wait is worth it :-)

You could start a rap song with your two sentences.

"Come on Stores, Open your Doors, The day don't begin 'till I get my Zed10, 'cause it's 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready for the Hub and Flow"

hahaha pretty bad I know, but it is all in good fun. Happy BB10 day Canada!


I wish I could buy one. There's a Bell store not too far from my work and I woulda been playing with my Z10 right now.

I went in last week and pre-ordered my Z10' started the count down to the 5th and then found out I had to be going out of town Monday night and won't be back until Thursday.... Ahhhhhhh!

And the waiting keeps going...

Maybe someone can help me out, looking at getting a new Z10, well we all know why it rocks, but unfortunately I'm currently using a CDMA 9650 with MTS and they aren't releasing it until March. Do any of you guys know if I can buy a Rogers Z10 outright and get it transferred?

Bold 9650 (looking for Z10)
Playbook (waiting on BB10)

Bell will have very limited covergae in the prvince though (Manitoba), as they are basically if not THE same as Telus...and no LTE in Manitoba...only MTS currently has LTE, and from what I remember when Bell came to Manitoba - they weren't having any plans to launch LTE

Z10 is just booting up I'm first one to get one at this bell store, they don't have the dummy phones out and/or posters nothing about BB10 here.

@kobos super jealous have to wait till 10am for the store to open downloaded all the essentials on my pc studied the manual.....argghhhhhh. Gime the 10 already

I'm leaving work as soon as the store opens.
Hopefully it only takes an hour, otherwise the wife is gonna be pissed that im working late to make up the time.

Really tho, I don't care, I get my Z10 today!

I Bleed Black & Berry

Just got one for me and my wife... there was a buzz in the Bell store for sure and we weren't the only ones there for the 8:30 opening :)

Love the hardware... feels amazing in the hand. Now to learn the software!

Nice article and great links.

Perhaps you should add "How to transfer contacts & calendar entries to your new Z10 from previous model BB's" as well. It seems this process isn't quite trouble-free.

There are multiple forum threads stating that 9900->Z10 contact/calendar info transfer using "Link" doesn't quite work, but people have found alternate ways of dealing with the issue.

I've got my second one already (wife and mine). Future shop is sold out here, and there is a lot of people being turned away. Poor buggers :(

Patiently waiting for the delivery truck to pull up to my driveway. Never thought I would buy another phone without a physical keyboard, but the z10 keyboard is the most innovative keyboard available on any phone or platform. I was never a blackberry fan until I bought a playbook, but within a week of owning one I went out and bought a blackberry phone, and have since upgraded to a new blackberry every time they release a new version. I now love my blackberry and wouldn't own any other phone on the market. Android is too unstable and unsecure, Microsoft doesn't know how to make a phone, and Apple.....well....its an mp3 player that you can make phone calls on, nothing more....

I've had my PlayBook for a few months now.

I'm an Android user, previously iOS. Android is taking thirty seconds to even get to my call screen and iPhone has nothing to use but music, which is in every phone now.
I'm sitting here in Texas waiting for Z10 to make it's way here and I'm switching to BlackBerry for good!

9.30 am. Just got the last available z10 (number 14) at the local Bell store. It looks like there will be a lot of out of stock retailers.

My "The Source" store is telling me that I can't pick up today without getting a new plan (Virgin won't allow me to upgrade as my plan that I got in December isn't current. I'll have to pay at least $14 more a month to get what I have now.)

Anyone buying outright finding that the stores won't sell to you today?

My "The Source" store, allowed me to preorder, put down a $50 deposit and then when I came in this morning I was informed, "Virgin Mobile won't be selling these, they didn't come in and we won't be getting them."

When I told him I'd preordered and paid a deposit he looked genuinely shocked and didn't believe me until I showed him my receipt. Asked me if I wanted my deposit back. I resisted the urge to tell him to keep it as a tip for his fantastic service that morning and was polite instead. That took a lot of willpower actually.

I called Virgin Mobile as The Source is the only place in town that sells Virgin Mobile and they said they would not sell me an upgrade to my current phone online, it had to be in a store. She did ask me for the phone number to our local The Source store so she could call them and straighten them out because they were flat out giving wrong information. The store told her they'd call me when they got some in stock. Not really eager to go back there.

I'm seeing no stock on either the Best Buy or Future Shop sites for VM phones. Wondering if it's worth it to drive 3 hours into Edmonton and see if there's any stock at the kiosks. I wanted to outright buy mine too. The only carrier in this little podunk town that got Z10 stock was Telus.

She has arrived! Very nice. I'm loving the feel of the device. Also the Flip Case is excellent. Charging it up now and then I'll get on with the migration of data.

Went to the Telus store near my work.. they had only been open 20 minutes and I was told they just sold their last one.... :(

Just popped into the Rogers near my office. All sold out and the one I reseved was not in yet. So bummed. Will try another store on the way home but I'm sure I am SOL.


Does anyone know how the Rogers device reservation waitlist works?

As an existing Rogers Wireless customer I called them last week to order a Z10. I was told to use the Device Reservation function from My Account page on the Rogers web site. When I completed the Z10 reservation it showed that I was position 2,514 on their waitlist. That position number kept decrementing every day that I checked and now, on launch day, I'm shown at position 2,366.

Does this mean I'm now the 2,366 order in line, and I have to wait until this number reaches 0 (zero) before my order is filled?

I did this also - I am down to #1512 but no shipment no info no Z10. I'm a little annoyed that I couldn't get one today. I was lead to believe there would be plenty of stock also!

The reservation system for Rogers Communications clearly stated that you might have to wait up to 15 days after the launch date, February 5, 2013, if you are on the reservation list. However, you can walk into an outlet and purchase or upgrade to the BlackBerry Z10 if there is sufficient non-reserved stock on-hand. I picked up my reserved BlackBerry Z10 this afternoon but am awaiting confirmation regarding whether I need as BES data plan to activate against BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The information on this forum is somewhat confusing and contradictory to say the least. The Rogers Small Business Representative will contact me in a few days. I could consolidate a few wireless services if I can drop a BES-specific data plan yet get all the features, including security and BlackBerry Balance, as well as dumping my separate MiFi monthly subscription since Z10 acts as a hotspot.

2300 phones arent that much.i was 489 and mine arrived last friday.someone did not come to get there white one,so i scooped it up too

Got mine about an hour ago. No carrier branding on the Bell phone for the above who asked. Going to be a little bit of a learning curve but so far everything is smooth.

Borrowed my friends S3 he got sick of waiting on Blackberry and is trying to get me to jump ship now to since I have no friends to bbm any way. If I could get used to the android soft ware and I didn't have a playbook I would be done. But I hate it and I do so I will give them til mid March and if it's not out by then the hell with Blackberry. All they have to do to close their doors forever is keep screwing their customers and watching them leave.

got mine in sherwood park alberta, its freeaking awesome people you will love it. small issue with transferring prime apps that i had on my 9900 and passwords but maybe that will work its way through?

I don't call transfer of passwords and 'prime apps' a 'small issue'. I beginning to wonder what does 10 have?

I went and pre-ordered my Z10'last week, and I didn't tell my wife because she is stuck with the 9780 her company phone and who knows when they'll upgrade..haha to bad honey!

Thanks, Crackberry, for posting this! This article is very, very helpful! Please continue to add to it, and re-post occasionally.

Im Sales Representative at VivaTelecom - Kuwait .. Today we start selling the Z10 , After 3 hours the z10 is out of stock !

IIShamali, how many did you sell? When are you getting more stock; how many would you expect to be in the new shipment?

picked up a white one today from the rogers/BB far i love the phone but havent had to much time with it yet and it was nice meeting Kevin and Blaze...

picked up my balck one today @8:28am hehe from Bell.
Twit-me: @UnknownError507 #BB10Believer
An Error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to Correct it.

Maybe think twice before your purchase. I just picked mine up this afternoon and Its been freezing all day. Seems like blackberry battery pulls are back. Disappointed with my 700$ phone.

Drag I have read hundreds of reviews; given significant skin in the game, I have see ZERO other reports of freezing. Bring it back!

Went to another store and got the last one, been playing for an hour and LOVE IT!!! so fast and fluid... Looking forward to the apps to come!

Picked up my black Z10 at Costco in Missisauga. Was 4th in line and all 3 before me were there for BB10. Went to Costco because i had 50$ cash back card that I used immediately to purchase black flip case and separate battery charger with battery included, BB OEM. Can't unbox right away, cause I'm at work. We have BB devs and we went together to pickup the Z10's because these devs were amazed by Dev Alpha. The reps at costco were very pushy about BB10 - they were trying to convince as much as possible people kto go for BB10 - their words were that Z10 is "new supercharged iPhone".

Haven't gotten mine yet, but the more I read, sounds like the Z10 is all the worst of the iPhone, none of the best of iPhone.

LMAO. Troll much?? I'm sorry, but even the previous generation, the OS 7 BB's are already much better than iphone. Nobody is saying the BB10 is worse than iphone. Android and Windows Phone are the only real competitors. iphones are for people who don't care about tech and Apple devotees and that's it. You can't actually compare feature to feature with any other phone and expect to come out on top with that thing...

Got it here in Stratford at noon! This is one Seriously Simple Slab O' Elegant Cellphone.

took a mere 25 minutes to activate on FIDO and sign 2 year contract. @ $40/m.
home at 12:45 for personal setup.
made two calls. Flawless.
I found the learning curve to be quite shallow.
another day or two and the protective minimalist Flipcase in RED and Charger bundle w second battery, ordered yesterday from Store, will be here.

Hey Everyone, i really hate to ask this question, and look like a complete noob, however, much like the legacy devices, is it safe to use my playbook charger with the Z10?

Oh and i was the first one at my local Telus today (no line ups) however, while i was there (9AM) they were on the phone with a rather extensive list, informing their customers that the phone had arrived.

Got mine at 10:30, while I was at the Bell store at least 10 people came in asking for it. They seemed to have enough to give to everyone. White was all gone.

So far, I love it. Downloading and installing apps is wonderful. There's a great free Sudoku. I also got Songza. Pretty cool. The maps seems alright too, found my gps immediately and navigation seems great!

I'm a very happy boy!

Don't buy a Z10 if you rely on anything other than a mainstream email source and don't use BES.

Anyone want a Z10 door stop because that's how much use it is to me without BIS support.

How anyone at RIM could make this level of complete blunder is beyond me. They've just destroyed the primary motivation for me having a BB in the first place.

Does anyone know if the BB10 have quick email service. I hate how the iphone is very slow in receiving emails. My work BB receives emails instantly.

I held the black Z10 and the feel is very pleasing.

I just did a test from my work email to my hotmail account. after hitting send on the email and then hitting send/receive in outlook, it was 3 seconds before the red light blinked. I would say thats relatively quick.

I Bleed Black & Berry

It synced my Google calendar the same as my Playbook. Not much of a techy but the keyboard is really easy to get used to and all I've ever used is qwerty. Love this thing!! AND my son switched from iPhone 4s as well and loves the Z-10.

Just on my way now to go get my BB right now. My close friend has beet me to it as he went out and got his through Fido. He is ditching his iPhone 5 that he converted to from a BB Tourch and now he's back.

Picked mine up this morning! Went into the Telus store in the mall in my building. I hadn't pre-ordered (there) but they had them in stock so I got one. They had sold out by lunchtime!!

Got my 1st smartphone ever today: #Z10 - The only phone I've seen worth buying yet this millennium! #BlackBerry10 just brought sexy back! EPIC!! tc

got mine from the rogers store today here IN vancouver I was 260 ish on the waitlist.. my store only had reserved devices.. and no extras.... impressed to say the least Good job Blackberry!


I am in the states and await the carriers to roll out the Z10. I am also with Sprint - the annoying carrier which is pissing off all their customers that are waiting for the Z10.

It's like a double whammy of pain. :(

Seeing the Sprint banners on crackberry makes me want to wing my laptop out the window.


EDIT - for anyone reading that is from SPRINT - make no mistake I will be leaving for Z10 pastures if Sprint doesn't carry it.

Sitting in a community center killing time while swimming lessons happen for my kid laughing out loud. Thanks for that!
BB10 oh so ready BlackBerry PlayBook

I'm new to the touchscreen scene and this bad boy takes some getting used to like any thing. But in no time I'll be a pro. It actually gets easier with more practice. So far I'm impressed. Watch this space for details.

I got my Z10 today. Sweet!! Bell Salesperson said they had more Z10s going out today than they had Apples I5 when they were introduced. I am glad I reserved mine. You won't be disappointed.

I was in line at about five o'clock, the place was abuzz with people sitting down filling out forms with Z10's at th desks, the lady straight in front of me got the last one!


First one in my town (Nelson) to get one! Telus came through with a decent plan from retentions and I am stoked.

Looking forward to exploring and learning all the features.

OMG just got this phone I f@$kn LOVE THE Z10. (btw coming from the 4s) My Rogers store in woodbridge had a line of customers picking up the new phone. BTW my gf was with me picking up her white z10 today the rep said she was the first one who recieved a white one

Had my awesome Z10 for 4 days now and loving it. Hope you guys and gals in Canada fall in love with it too. Sorry that the US has to wait until March, but you will love it too when you get your hands on it. Text predictions on the keyboard is superb. The rest of the world is gonna love this baby too!

Junked my 4s today in exchange for the white Z10. The OS makes iOS seem like a relic. I showed it off to a bunch of people at work and a few of them are going to buy one now. Woot.

i was off today and got chance to buy one at koodo at 11.25 am and i dont have words to say further. this is revolution by BlackBerry.

I was in line 2 hrs ago at Rogers and I got the last one in stock! I couldn't help but unbox it right there and then just to hold it in my hands and then....

...Sh*te, who am I kidding. I live in the US.

Lol this one made me laugh. Don't worry, we're just getting things warmed up for our fellow neighbours!

This is really disappointing. I've been waiting for this phone for a very long time, being a Blackberry user since the Pearl first came out. I have been trying to pump so many people up for this, convincing so many that this is going to be a big game changer and a reason to come back from iPhone, Android and WP8. However, I can't really say that I'm nearly as excited anymore. I just can't think of any reason to give up my Lumia 920. Don't get my wrong, my Lumia is far from perfect, but it really offers everything that I need in a smartphone. Great camera, decent maps/navigation and connectivity with my Windows 8 laptop and Xbox 360. I am trying hard to find a reason to switch to BB10 but I just can't..

Ya I actually went earlier today to check it out and possibly upgrade. The software was great! But the camera quality (compared to my Lumia) as well as the maps were a big letdown. Those are two things that are really important to me. If the maps get better, then I will certainly switch over. And trust me, I'm not a troll, I'm a huge fan but I guess maybe it was too hyped?

If ur happy with the Lumia, just stick with it. I don't use a camera phone to impress people of the pictures I took. That's what my DSLR does for me. As long as the maps get me to where I need to go, then I can't complain.

The worst thing to do is buying the phone out of hype, when ur already satisfied with the phone. You'll just end up bashing the Z10.

+1, if you are happy/satisfied then no reason to switch for hype. As far as maps are concerned you can side load google maps [which I am assuming is better than nokia?].

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying hard to really like it, but I think I'll wait a bit and see all the reviews that keep popping up and if the maps get somewhat improved. And just to mention, I'm not the type of person to "bash" a phone just because it doesn't work for me. I hope you all enjoy the Z10. It's really great to see BlackBerry phones giving others competition. Cheers

I luv BlackBerry and proud to have it...isn't it much over statements about 'line ups', 'can't get mine because of sold out', etc etc ? I don't think that any store sold out today. Where ever I went, Z10s were easily available. No doubt, Z10 is the best in class but there are easily available. JMHO. 'Back in the Game' though.

Luckily I got mine after work today. Rogers has sold out throughout Ottawa so it was crazy calling around to try and find a Z10 and Rogers don't place any on hold on launch day.

I was searching around in Richmond this afternoon and there were a few stores sold out and one that only had white ones shipped for today. I was looking for a black one. None of them were willing to sell it outright. They would only sell them with new contracts or as upgrades.

The Rogers store that had only white ones said they should get black ones tomorrow and would sell one to me for $700. They said the price was higher because they want to make extra money because it is new and off contract. That pissed me off. I would have liked to get one today but I'm not going to pay extra for it. That's stupid. And frustrating.

My fellow BB fanatics with the Z10 make me sick. I cant stand reading these posts and I am still on a bloody Torch. Aahhhhhhh....I want my Z10.

I was just looking at various Canadian Telco sites and none having pricing for outright sale.

I am Australia and cannot wait till snails start selling. I want to buy one like yesterday.

Help))) Please Help)))

Thanks CB for the great tips, tricks and help with getting the Z10 up and running. Loving the device so far but still has a few items that need getting used to and a few bugs/work as designed that needs getting used to but what a great BlackBerry.

Got mine this morning at Bell store. No white ones as all sold out including the pre order ones. Traded in my 2 month old LG Optimus G and the Z10 seems much faster and browsing is smooth. They didn't have many units left.

Another happy customer from Sherwood Park, AB.

Got mine at 10 this morning. Just love it. The keyboard is really something when you get the hang of it!

I picked up my Z10 this morning, was out of the Bell store about 09:30, when I left Z10 #4 was being processed. I think 2 of us were pre-orders, other 2 were walk-ins from what I overheard. This particular Bell Store normally opens at 10 am so I suspect the majority people would not have even thought of going early (it wasn't advertised and the guy in store said it was a last minute decision).

I actually had some mixed feelings about losing the keyboard but for the amount of typing I do (not a lot) I feel the bigger screen is worth it. I didn't spend huge amounts of time trying the touch keyboard today but I think I'll get used to it and might (given time) prefer it - certainly prefer it versus the small screen.

I live just outside of "the city" (Greater Toronto Area) and cannot get either DSL or Cable Internet so I depend 100% on my BB, or wife's Motorola XT860, for Internet access (via mobile hotspot). My previous 9900 did ok but coverage maps suggested I was on the edge of LTE coverage so I thought with the Z10/LTE I might greatly increase my Internet speed.

No luck on LTE, perhaps I read the map wrong, LTE signal disappeared part way home. At home my signal shows as H (not even H+ not that I dug too deep) However, despite appearances it's working great!

My wifi hotspot is immensely faster on the Z10 than anything I ever got on the 9900 (which did claim H+). With the Z10 I'm getting 8-10Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up from and ping time as low as 50ms - this is miles ahead of the 3Mbps/300Kbps/120+ms I typically got on the 9900 (Motorola was no better).

The faster hotspot makes the upgrade worth every penny for me, I work in IT and the 9900 (or Motorola) were borderline too slow for VPN work. I finally feel like I might have escaped third-world Internet.

Not much to say about the phone. Interface/gestures are very much like playbook and second nature to me.

As an aside, my iPad has gathered dust since I got my playbook (I think about 18 months). I originally tired of the iPad because of no flash support (a few websites I followed a lot used flash which drove me nuts). I hate flash but that's what convinced me to buy the playbook. Eventually flash became a non-issue but by that point the iPad felt like a model-T, playbook had email (yay!) and the interface is just so much better.

I haven't had a single freeze or hickup on the Z10 device itself, I've seen a few complaints on that. If you're having that issue I'd take it back to the carrier and get a new one.

One thing that didn't work for me was restoring my BB9900 backup to the Z10. I had a 4.5GB backup file, I think most of my files (mostly mp3 and pdf) got transferred but not my contacts, evernote setup, dropbox setup, email accounts, twitter, facebook, 4square, basically nothing other than files ... this is quite annoying but I haven't had the drive to dig for a solution tonight, I can live without my contacts for another day and just reconfigured all the accounts I needed.

Phew, that was long winded.

Got mine this afternoon (was on pre-order with Rogers in Toronto), went home, got it setup and then tried to sync it with Outlook on my computer (just like my 9900) and....nada, nothing, feature gone, not included with the new BlackBerry Link (for BB10), and the phone isn't supported by the old BlackBerry Desktop software.

Very disappointed by this huge

Be forewarned, if you don't access Outlook mail, contacts etc through MS Exchange you are out of luck with BB10.

picked up 2 z10,s today bit of a learning curve,but after a while you get used to it.still not sure about the keyboard .landscape works good,just not to sure about portrait mode.may just take me a while. other than that i love it.

Still waiting for a white Z10 to come into the Bell store I have long standing connections too. Manager there treats me well everytime, said she's going to hold one aside for me the moment the come in. We'll see tomorrow.......the anticipation of it's arrival is killing me, especially because they had 20 to 30 black units shipped to their location already. It's probably LORD VADERS fault that dark force bastard! LOL!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Just got mine and am happily posting this message with my sleek black Z10.

Holy sh*t this phone is NICE... The web browser is phenomenal on this thing.

Overall very FAST. If I could super capitalize FAST, I would.

Atleast most of you got the chance to have on the release day. I'm in canada's north (nwt) and we have to wait, we'll be lucky to get it tomorrow. If not hopefully by the weekend or next week. Despite were use to waiting for things (we don't even have proper caller ID yet, most of the time it comes up as "unknown caller" so you're gambling whether you wanna take the call or not)

I got mine this afternoon. I didn't pre order because I was off contract and wanted to change carriers. I had planned to go with Virgin mobile but they seem to have dropped the ball on the release and didn't have them in stock today so score one for Koodo.

Hm, the inability to restore your backed up contacts and email settings sound like a pretty bad problem...

Thanks we are very proud of BlackBerry here in Ontario and I pray they don't sell it out to the Chinese as I read in the Toronto Star recently a Chinese company was interested. Omg! I've been cheering for Z10 to take off and restore the faith in BlackBerry! From the sounds of it most are very impressed....good to hear :)

I will be getting one in the next week for Valentines Day! I can't wait lol.

Wow...... Is all I can say. This keyboard is out of this world. It knows what I am about to type. This is my best purchase ever. These phones will definitely sell well, otherwise there is something wrong with this world.

The guy at the Telus store said he sold 48 Z10 today. He still had a few left, but is expecting more in on Thursday.
Got to get one for the wife for Valentines day. The release of these phones was perfectly timed.

Thanks BlackBerry.

Great to hear good things about Z10! I'm going to get my hubby to get me one for Valentines Day and forget the flowers and chocolates lol.

Had an opportunity to use one at a local Bell store tonight and wow, definitely absolutely amazing! I am a pro-keyboard guy but this phone is really making me think twice. Even my wife who hates shopping for phones thought that the word flicking was pretty amazing. The gestures take no time to get used to though maybe I am biased because I own a PlayBook for over a year now. I used the phone like I always had it the first moment I picked it up. One thing is for certain, the phone definitely stands out and is leaps and bounds better than anything else right now.

I also had an opportunity to talk to a head-office guy from Bell briefly and he said with determination that it is definitely the best phone that they have tested to date, beating the likes of both iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2, especially when it comes to browser performance (probably the most important point for me).

As soon as I see some of the committed apps like Skype and Whatsapp on the platform + a decent mapping application (c'mon BlackBerry Navigation, where are you) my 9900 is going on sale. For now I am still too committed to the old BB ecosystem.

I'm switching carriers but can't because I need a new device to make the move. I couldn't find one in any of the stores I walked by. One Rogers corporate location rep today told me they're all out... No white phones yet. Today is the first day though. I'll redouble my efforts.

Off topic but what are you doing with your current BlackBerry phone? I assume selling it or giving to family member if so then how do you take your information off it??

I have my new BlackBerry 10 and I love it, the only issues I've had is transferring data from my Bold 9900 to BB10 took at least 3 hours but after everything I had transferred. When I link it to my car's blue tooth the media player starts and I can't choose photo albums when posting on FaceBook, those are minor issues considering the bigger picture.. :)

BlackBerry Curve 8830 --> BlackBerry Tour 9630 --> IPhone 3GS --> BlackBerry Bold 9780 --> BlackBerry Bold 9900 --> BlackBerry 10 :)