The BlackBerry Z10 goes up for pre-order in Ecuador

By James Richardson on 5 Apr 2013 05:21 am EDT


It looks like the BlackBerry Z10 is hitting the retail stores of Ecuador real soon. The two main carriers in the country will both have the device - Claro will have an exclusivity on the white version and Movistar will have the black.

Price wise we are told that the BlackBerry Z10 will slightly more expensive than in the United States, but due to my lack of not speaking Spanish I can't confirm the exact costing. If anyone in Ecuador wants to explain the pricing and release dates in the comments (in English) I'll be most grateful and more than happy to update this post.

Thanks to CrackBerry forum member jozegers for the heads up.


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The BlackBerry Z10 goes up for pre-order in Ecuador


At moment claro will have the white one from the 26 of this mont, the it will be in a plan from 18 months contrat in a 99$ dolars plus taxes fee the z10 will cost you $369 plus tax, our tax is the 12%

I will later try to give you no contrat price and in the lowest plan fee

Please see your email in editorial an tips

In Chile it is already available at Movistar costing 440 dollars aprox. with a data plan costing 80 bucks. In both black and white. You get 2 GB monthly and if you go over that you can still use it just at a slower speed. I'm not sure if Movistar offers the LTE version.... Claro does as I saw it advertised yesterday!

I get the no contract price for Ecuador Z10, not confirm yet but is between $999 plus tax or $1200 + tax, tax is 12%

I live in Ecuador and I could not wait for the Z10 to be offered by our carriers so I flu up to the states in March while the US market had no availability so I ended up ordering one online from Fido Canada and a good friend had it shipped to me down to New Jersey where I was staying at.
I am now back home in Ecuador, I actually got here last night and for my surprise I see this post.
I am using my Z10 on Claro as I write this message and have noticed that it gives me the 2G - 3G option as oppose to the ATT network I ran it while in the states.
I also brought with me a Locked ATT Z10 with me for my mother which she is not using yet until I do the unlocking for her.
My Z 10 is running flawlessly on Claro's network and I am happy about that.
I will be walking in to a Claro store today and will be asking details on price and availability for the device which it will sure it the 500 us dollar range on contract which is pretty expensive.
For sure I know some cellphone stores are already selling it for 1000 bucks.
Peace out.

Postes from Ecuador on my BlackBerry Z10

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