The BlackBerry Z10 gets Telstra's Blue Tick rating down under

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By James Richardson on 5 Apr 2013 06:12 am EDT

Telstra in Australia have announced that the new BlackBerry Z10 has been awarded their Blue Tick rating. I suspect most of you will think the same as me - what on earth is that?

Well, the Blue Tick identifies handsets recommended for rural coverage and apparently this is most sought after by the rural, utility and mining sectors. How the Blue Tick is awarded can be seen in the following video:

As you can see from the image above from the Telstra website - the Blue Tick isn't awarded to all high end smartphones, so the antenna in the BlackBerry Z10 must be doing a great job.

Let's hope this new award helps with BlackBerry 10 sales in Australia. I suspect it will.

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The BlackBerry Z10 gets Telstra's Blue Tick rating down under


It certainly holds signal better for me then the other phones my friends and coworkers have. I'm not travelling to the outback but, I do work deep in the bowels of several datacenters. I can browse the Web with speed and precision while others around me have trouble.

I can imagine the Z10 being able to latch into a weak signal.
I commute daily by train and with my Bold 9900 there were a few dead spot, with the Z10 there are fewer (maybe two) interruptions to my connection.

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I actually found my bold 9900 had superior signal than my torch 9800, despite the fact the torch 9800 had the blue tick and the 9900 didn't. Good signal on my Telstra z10 as well, like my 9900, always had better signal with my 9900 and z10 than my partners s2 galaxy.

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And the "Sonic the Hedgehog" flashbacks begin ;)

The Z10 holds a much better signal than other phones my friends and family have. Then again so did my 9900 :)

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exactly, and that's how Paratek implements its technology to every BB10 phone. this is such a great news for every Z10 owner as this test doesn't only apply for Telstra only but it will apply for any network around the world too. here in australia, rural areas are everywhere and ozies love travelling hence people here need phones which work well not only when they're in town but also out and about and the Telstra's blue tick is one of the parameters used here to indicate which phones are suitable for you to do the job if you're the one who loves being out and about.

my experience with Z10's signal reception is great. i'm on telstra, even though i haven't swapped my sim with the new one but the reception is always there, whether it's in my pocket, on the dock in my car or inside the room and the data and the call quality are doing fine. telstra next G + Z10, the ones you need!

But I dont see any special branding for BB Z10 phones. Its strange on Telstra's website Sony Xperia Z, Iphone (5 and even 4), HTC One etc are shown prominently not the Z10. I have hailed BB for their great career relationships. Is that fading?

I used to work for telstra, and there's a lot of rural areas, and people who work in the mines. I could sell a blue tick phone without even having to think about it. Hoping this helps the Z10 sales. Figure it should.

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Wasn't there a post in the forums some time back showing a blog which tested the Iphone vs the Z10 reception in an elevator? The Z10 held its signal much longer in the elevator than the Iphone did. I guess this blue tick validates that "crude" test by those bloggers.

This doesn't matter. Bloggers,"theverge, engadget, techcrunch, bgr" do not make calls. That is not important. Lol! I guess they watch netflix in their phones all day and stop to take pictures in low light situations. I can tell you that besides Nokia, there is no comparison in signal strenght between bb and the rest. Samsung in particular is horrible! In low signal areas.

Interesting article and video. Pretty much confirms my experience. Was always missing and dropping calls on my Samsung GS2 and HTC desire. Not with the z10. It's an awesome communication device that's also fun to use and play with.

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Haven't dropped a call on my Z yet. Used to have to get up from my desk at work and walk my 9800 outside to keep from dropping a call.

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Interesting article.

I've only had a one dropped call that I know was my AT&T Z10 - - - lower Wacker Drive under the city of Chicago. My other few dropped calls I suspect was the other side.

I went from a 9800 to Z10. My former phone had frequent dropped calls so I'm happy this phone is doing better. :)

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I'm definitely getting better reception with my z10 4G on T-Mobile than I did with my GS II or my 9700. Very pleased! And the phone calls are higher quality, too, and don't sound like I'm on a cell phone. It makes the lack of UMA a non issue because I now get good reception in the places where I used to rely on UMA. Kudos to BlackBerry 10!

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The z10 does get a better signal than most but still not as good as my 9800. I work on the great barrier reef 15-20 miles offshore the z10 drops 3G quicker and reverts to H band ok for voice but not so good for data

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