BlackBerry Z10 gets some extra class thanks to Case-Mate's real wood backing

By Simon Sage on 28 May 2013 01:03 pm EDT

One of the first cases we picked up during the BlackBerry Z10 launch in Toronto was Case-Mate's real wood cases. These are two-piece cases with Rosewood, Zebrawood, or brushed aluminum backing, plus silicon inner lining for a smidgen of impact protection.

Despite the metallic finish, the casing itself is plastic. This is kind of a disappointing contrast to the premium feeling of the rear of the case. The bottom rear band is real aluminum and glints nicely, it's just too bad that it wasn't extended all the way around the Z10. 

This case itself adds a fair bit of thickness to the BlackBerry Z10. One nice side-effect of the added thickness is that you can now balance your Z10 on any of its sides. This is perfect for impromptu video viewing and standless bedside situations, though makes the phone slightly less pocketable. 

The top frame adds a heavy rim around the display, which is perfect for additional protection, while the inside of the case has a silicon layer to provide some impact protection to the rear.

The mechanism which attaches the two halves has a clever dual-locking system, so there are alternating clips on the top part and the bottom part. This makes the join very secure, which is good news for those times you drop your device and don't want the case to disengage. On the flipside, it makes removing your BlackBerry Z10 a little tricky. 

Case-Mate real wood case for the BlackBerry Z10

The buttons and ports are all left open so there is no worry about anything being hard to press or getting stuck which is a nice bonus. Though it could make the case feel unfinished to some, especially given the higher price tag of these cases.

For a case this big, odds are you could get a comparable hybrid alternative with a more shock-absorbent silicon layer, but you aren't grabbing one of these for the protection. You aren't going to find a many (if any) BlackBerry Z10 cases that use premium materials like Case-Mate has here, and for those that value style, these cases are an easy choice.

Hit up the links below to get shopping now!

Purchase the Case-Mate Zebrawood case for the BlackBerry Z10
Purchase the Case-Mate Rosewood case for the BlackBerry Z10
Purchase the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for the BlackBerry Z10

Reader comments

BlackBerry Z10 gets some extra class thanks to Case-Mate's real wood backing


That is a rather fully case. It seems that case mate and the rest appear to be making more cases that are glorified skins more than proper cases to protect from drops and dings.

Posted via CB10

Glorified skin is right... I have (had) the case mate barely there case. Dropped my phone from about 3 feet on to tile floor and destroyed my screen. Actually even broke the case too. Did nothing to protect the phone.

Posted via CB10

Tried these out at the store and found them to be too slippery in my hands. Plus I didn't like how far the buttons are sunken in. Look great though.

Posted via CB10

I actually bought the rosewood case for this. its a great case. I agree that it adds a sizable thickness to it, however that thickness brings some serious protection. Plus everyone loves the wood finish on the phone. a great buy

I like the fully crafted wood cases but unsure about these glued on wood inlay. They have my taste in materials, just need to see them in person.

Case-Mate is a very reputable brand. I'd say you're pretty safe. Just double-check the length of warranty so you can exchange in event of an issue.

This is how you CB10, son!

I have the rosewood case and I LOVE it! It doesn't add too much thickness but what thickness it does add it makes up in shear awesomeness. Always get compliments on this case. A definite must unless you tend to drop your phone often as there is not that much protection.

Now you have the chance to spell "won" correctly next time! ;)


This is how you CB10, son!

I have the rosewood case and it is amazing. It's more of a style thing than a protective case. That being said, it does offer protection with a rubber back and good all around protection.

I get compliments on mine quite frequently. Totally recommended.

Posted via CB10

There is an inch wide thin film circuitry glued on back side of your OEM Z10 back cover; it has two tiny gold metal contact posts. That is a NFC component I believe .

I don't think everyone realizes that the thing is there with this explosion of after market accessories. I think these mfrs should take the steps in making sure there add-on's do not disable or disrupt any OEM functionalities.

Posted via Zb10

It's a nice enough case; certainly adds some size to the phone and sometimes that's what you're looking for. I like the feel of the wood, too.

I have the Zebra wood case for my Z10 and use NFC on a daily basis with no issues. I love this case and I get many comments on its looks.

Posted via CB10

I purchased one expecting an aluminum case. But it's just plastic.
I was especially disappointed in the deception with the case description on the Case Mate web site: "Brushed Aluminum Gunmetal/Black”.
Nowhere is it mentioned that the case is plastic. Maybe the “brushed aluminum effect” should have been a hint.

i am currently using this case, everytime i pull it out someone makes a comment on how nice it is with the wood backing, it has also saved my phone on numerous times when the dreaded accidental drop has happened

I have the brushed aluminum case. I do get a lot of comments on it and everybody likes it. It does add some thickness, but I'm cool with it now. Of course nothing beats the sexyness of the nekkid z10, but this definitely compliments it in my opinion

Posted via CB10

Just purchased this online no one had this case in store, "maybe that should be telling me something". Looks good hopefully won't be to disappointed with functionality lol.

Bold9700,9780,9790. Z10

I honestly think the rosewood is the coolest looking case out there!! I haven't seen one in person but i am sure they look great!

I really want the rosewood but $80 bones for a plastic casing is a little much! I definitely think it's a sick looking case though but for now, I'll have to stick with my BlackBerry transform case white on white baby! :)

Hey CB, any 50% off extravaganzas happening soon? I'll snap the rosewood case - mate up right now. ;)

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I have this case and used it for a trip around London and it served well. It offers very good edge protection and better drop protection than it seems at first since any drop on edges would transfer impact along the back of the case which is rigid and larger than the back of the phone.
That said it really gives a different look to the phone and I use a cheapo black rubber case most of the time as it preserves the general z10 look and feel.

Posted via CB10

I have this case and I really like it. My wife and son both have the other box and it is just a bit too much for me. It also makes it easy for me to identify my phone.

Posted via CB10

I have the case mate barely there aluminium case and used it for a month before quitting. It adds quite a bit of bulk to the phone and no one knows it's a BlackBerry. I got asked if I was using an iPhone... I wish they had a circle/square on the back so the BlackBerry logo was visible.

From the mind of a MaNiAc

Had to buy the rosewood... Hope it looks good on my white BlackBerry Z10

By the way I wish I could have supported CrackBerry by buying it here...