The BlackBerry Z10 gets priced in India. Is it too expensive?

By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2013 05:58 am EST

It seems that over in India the pricing for the BlackBerry Z10 that has been announced today is getting some stick from consumers. I've seen numerous people on Twitter and in our own comments/forums stating that the Rs 43,490 ($800) price for the new BlackBerry 10 handset is too expensive. If I have done my calculations correctly that equates to roughly the same price as the Z10 is here SIM free in the UK. 

Clearly most folk don't have this kind of money laying around so that's why the majority of UK BlackBerry users end up with a 24 month contract - payments are made monthly over the duration of the agreement. But in India things work a little differently and it is an 'unlocked' market, meaning that customers must pay the full price for the device up front. We all know that BlackBerry is hugely popular in India. Will the nation be willing to spend their hard earned cash on the new offering from BlackBerry?

BlackBerry have said since day one that a total of six Blackberry 10 devices will be released this year. I can only presume that at least one of these will fall in line with the current BlackBerry Curve pricing tier. Will Indian Blackberry fans hold out for a cheaper model or will they pick up the Z10 as soon as possible? 

Do you nice folk in India agree with the price that the BlackBerry Z10 will sell for? Is it too much compared with other high end smartphones? Sound off in the comments as we would love to hear your thoughts.

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The BlackBerry Z10 gets priced in India. Is it too expensive?


Way tooo overpriced,, already the BB name has hit an all time low among users.. now they come up with this insanely high pricing policy for the BB Z10 way higher than other competitors in the market.. id expectd a resonable price in relation to the competition...
the galaxy S3 retailed at 43180 Last year in MAY2012... is now at 27000 .. and the z10 is pretty much in the same league..

The original commentator and most others are perfectly OK with the "Price" and "Specs" of:

a) iPhone5: Yet when BB launches a device with 'better' specs and functionality - at the **same** price point of iP5 16GB - there is endless b!tch!ng.

b) "Currently available" Android^ & WP8 Flagships: Yet when BB launches a device with 'comparable' specs, equal OS functionality, better Multitasking, KB, Hub setup AND 'potentially' equal number & kind of Apps - at a 10-25% premium price point - there is endless b!tch!ng.

^ Anyone willing to provide an authentic log-file - documenting the actual physical process allocations in the '4-core' processors in Android 'OS'???

PS: To put mildly - the original commentator surely has a rather interesting user name (actually kinda stinks).

"now they come up with this insanely high pricing policy..."

Who is "they?" Certainly, you can't be talking about BlackBerry since the carriers/retailers can sell at whatever price they want.

Why would it be overpriced for any particular market? I don't think the pricing is a surprise. Z10 is priced similarly in all markets. Price does not vary my market. Thats not how pricing works.

Now if you are saying Z10 is overpriced, thats another matter.

Well, we do not know how solid was the report and at this stage everyone is throwing in their estimation which is without proof.. Let's wait for the official announcement from BlackBerry

Well, we do not know how solid was the report and at this stage everyone is throwing in their estimation which is without proof.. Let's wait for the official announcement from BlackBerry

Guys, it is what it is! The Z10 is similarly priced as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5. If folks find it expensive, and I understand that there are no carrier subsidies in India, then just wait a bit. By the fall, the Z10 should be half the price it is today. RIM doesn't even need to release lower cost devices. Why should they? The quad core Aristo will likely be positioned around $150, dropping the price of the Z10 downwards fast.

There are 5 more BlackBerry devices coming in 2013. RIM needs to compete at the high end not the low end. What will happen to the older devices like the Z10 if they release competing low end devices? It's a foolish idea to waste engineering efforts on new low end models when it will kill off the engineering efforts on the existing models like the Z10.

Look how long the 9790 stuck around when several cheaper Curves started showing up. The 9790 was a nice little device with autofocus camera and NFC!

Your logic is flawed, while a new device will push down the selling price of the older ones, it does not push down the costs too, there is stuff in the z10 such as the high pixel density 720p display that are going to remain more expensive than say a 4.5" version, similarly there are also now lower end dual/quad core options from qualcomm too.

With the remaining four unknown devices BB needs to be going with models that expand their audience regardless of whether that is at the low mid or high end of the market, whatever now shows up instead of aristo will do that by offering bb10 on a larger display device and lower end models would also do that by offering bb10 at a more price-sensitive part of the market too.

The 9790 succeeded in a lot of areas because the pricing of the 9360 was too high so it made a lot more sense to step up to that model instead and similarly the 9320 did well because it provided the right specs for its price point.

Tell me then, how much is the engineering effort - design, prototype, test, build, FCC & other approvals, large scale manufacturing, shipping storage, marketing? Is that peanuts? I think not.

Twitterati flak for Blackberry Z10's
Rs 43,490 tag

Times Of India | Tech | Feb 25, 2013, 07.02PM IST

NEW DELHI: The much awaited turnaround phone of Blackberry in India literally landed in social media hot soup. Within hours of the Canadian smartphone maker launching Z10, its latest offering based on the new operating system BB10, the company found it was not the handset or company's name, but Z10's retail price that was trending on Twitter.

Priced at a whopping Rs 43,490, the new BlackBerry Z10 has been since been trending prominently in top Indian Twitter trends. The social networking site was flooded with both angry and amusing tweets about Z10 with users venting their ire, frustration and dismay as they perhaps expected a lower price tag.

We collated some of the most interesting and puny tweets targeted at Blackberry Z10's price that make for a funny read indeed.

@makadi: BB 10 launched at "Rs 43,490", the actual cost of the phone is 13,490, remaining is for the 10grams of gold used in the circuit board...

@fakingnews: Lava mobiles showroom costs Rs 43,490

@coolfunnytshirt: BlackBerry Z10 launched, priced at Rs 43,490. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Let's check out my PF & Gratuity...

@vivekbhandari_: Rs 43, 490 for a phone that doesn't have FM Radio!

@IronMan_Kagzi: Who on earth will buy Blackberry Z10 for Rs. 43,490 when we have a #wannabe #Samsung #GalaxyS3 , #micromax #Canvas2 available for 10K odd rs

@GhantaBabaJiKa: BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490 giving tuff competition to bajaj discover, splendor and passion..... 2 minutes silence for them

@asarode: BlackBerry for Rs 43,490 RGV can make 3 movies in that budget.

@ravibudania: BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490 With tagline "kya aap c*&^%ye hain"

@Ohmmeee: #BB10 phone launched in India at Rs 43,490. It has this remarkable feature where friends laugh at you if you still have a Blackberry. :p"

Can you have a relative or friend get you one in a cheaper jurisdiction? Dubai, UAE? US when it comes? How much of the $800 is tax? any idea?

Please listen everyone.....Before BB launched the Z10 in Canada, one of our carriers (Bell) had a suggested list price of $800 and got everyone fuming. Please note, this is only suggested list price and no one pays this price. On launch date, all the carriers were selling the Z10 at between $550 and $650 so please don't get overly excited!!! The phone is great and after switching from an Iphone 4S to the Z10 I have never been happier. The predictive word, BBM Video Chat with screen sharing, the time shift feature camera, and the silky smooth OS. The only problem I have now is I am addicted to the phone and also on it.

BB10 43,490 its to expensive for Indian markets if bb wants to do well against android and iphone5 then they have to bring low end device.There r lots of younger ppl who use bb and they cant spend 43500 for a cell.Bring phone between 28k - 35k to win Indian mkts.

Dev, think 20-25k is good price for this kind of Phone to grab the market....otherwise .andriods are ruling the smartphone .

I think the reason why the Z10 is this expensive in India is because there is too much demand for the device. It's basic economics: Supply and Demand. If you don't have enough supply to satisfy the demand then you increase the price in order to make a bigger profit on the available supply.

It is not a wrong price. There is no "wrong" in pricing. It is just a pricing that isnt going to shake markets.
Its more important that Blackberry release a mid and entry tier phone as soon as possible.

There can be a wrong price, especially for people who like Bold style quality.

If you price it high enough and not have cheaper options ready for a subscriber base, one that is already looking at cheap Androids and WPs, you most definitely can shake the market.

When Samsung released the first Galaxy S, it was still a top tier phone. At the time, you could buy it for Rs. 29,900 (when i bought it for my dad). However It was still cheaper than the Iphone and had better specifications. This is how they build up the Galaxy brand and today they can afford to price it at a similar level.
Now I get that Blackberry doesnt want to be seen as a cheap phone. They need a premium model. In my opinion they should have launched the Z10 world wide at a price about USD 150 less (sim free) than they did. They could have followed it up with Aristo at the higher price point.

I know its expensive, but still I cant wait, so I have already pre-ordered my device and I am just waiting for my device to get delivered which is expected till 28/02, That was the phone which I was waiting, I know ppl use to tease for using BB instead of Android, but I cant ever think of any other device, and I will continue to use my BIS or BES plan on Z10.

I got the phone last week and I love it. The price for indian standards I cannot comment on.

Just wanted to reply to your comment regarding BIS/BES use on the z10: Have a more in-depth look at how this will work out as the z10 does not use BIS. Ask your carrier on the specifics so that you can avoid any "surprises".

The phone itself is really really nice though!

I was honestly expecting a price between 35k to 40k to compete directly with the Note 2/SG3. This price is kinda outrageous at this time.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

if u cant afford $800 then u wont be able to pay $700 either... so $100 more or less wont make any differnece

There is a mental price level that will subvert you from purchasing the device because you are knowingly paying a premium. That is when the $100 matters to BlackBerry.

$800 is the average price for the unlocked version. Same price in Belgium, Germany, probably most of Europe.

Buddy, India is not Germany or Belgium or anything like that. Its never going to work here. It is way too expensive, and lets not forget BB does not enjoys the Apple Hype. All BB fans here are too disappointed and there is already a buzz that many of them are abandoning their most loved Technology. No Hope for BB, at least not in this price sensitive part of the Globe.
I am feeling sooo SAD!! God Help BB. I want to see them SHINE again. Plz God.... PLz Plzzzzzzzzzzz....

i too am very unhappy...but to be foolish and spend this much amount on z10 will not be a wise act.i want bb to shine but i also know that i dont want to drown myself for showing my loyalty ..i will wait for the price drop..that much i can do..and i know they will when the selling will be hampered..30 to 35 would havebeen ideal..and dont understand why even mr sunil dutt thought 44 was right...very sad...and truly disappointed...

$1054 here in Turkey. (No contract offer yet since devices are not available - even week after launch even! Huge LOL goes for BlackBerry)

As i mentioned in a forum thread....its not that the pricing is high. Blackberry has not done enough to advertise that it has left behind the old operating system.
People are still equating Blackberry with BB7... That is what is going to bite them...

was counting down to day zero every day waiting for the phone , but this price has made me think twice , being a HARDCORE Blackberry fan it really hurts me to see this , have been using Blackberry from the time i started using cell phones thats more than 10 years even when Nokia was the way of life .

till date i havent compared or been able to compare a single phone with blackberry cause i jsut love everything to do with blackberry

now with S 4 better specs coming on 14th March there is so much to think about

my Z10 has specs of the S3 (a year old phone)i would not have minded that at the right pricing

but now old hardware compared to the S4 which would launch at a similar price !!!!!!

OMG the sleeplesss nights im going to have thinking about my big switch , my dis loyalty my love going

God hope i find a way out !!!!!!!!

Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are you doing????

I was planning to post a comment on this news, but after reading yours, I don't need to. You have echoed my exact thoughts! You just forgot to add that after charging us a bomb, they are actually giving us a cheaper (probably inferior) processor and No more Push-Mail or uncapped data plan!
Was counting days! My BBM DP was the BB10 countdown image!
Blackberry India has just shot itself in the foot. Just think: We - the Die-Hard BB fans - are thinking of not buying the device at this price! What about the not-that-crazy-about-BB fans? And if Blackberry India is thinking about converting Android fans to their fold - forget about it! The S3 is available for Rs.29,000/-. That's almost $300 less!! And that too with a down-payment of just Rs.15,000/- and rest on interest free installments.
Blackberry knows India is still a strong market, lets fleece the Indians! Well, Mr. Sunil Dutt, this is one Indian who is promising he will not get fleeced.
And mark my words guys, they will get the price down to a fair value of Rs.36k - Rs.37k in a month, when the Indian market slaps them hard! Hope just like the USA, it is not too late for them.

The price should have been around 35K. Otherwise other brand will eat up BB. BB in no way the only smartphone with these type of specification. Time will say! But die hard fan like us are little disappointed with the price tag.

@James Richardson it is not that we Indians cannot afford a freaking Z10... It is not that we are waiting for a "Cheaper" model... We are not as cheap as you guys think we really are... So dont judge us with that money crap of yours buddy... It is just that the pricing is not fair... @Kevin hope the blogs go through you before it is posted.

No one insinuated you were cheap or couldn't afford it... $800 USD is an expensive amount in any part of the world and these days, it's just not feasible for people to be spending that much money on a phone on a whim. Thnk about it, that's more than what Canadians pay where you can pick up the device contract free for under $600 CAD.

In Nigeria, its being priced for 100,000 Naira pre order with most carriers and almost 200,000 Naira from retailers. This is insanely too high. I personally would love to get it, but with this price tag, I might have to wait a bit more or sacrifice so much to get when available.

Just $10 cheaper than iPhone5!
Blackberry10 has the potential to be where the iPhone is today.

The problem is that Blackberry India thinks that it has ALREADY reached where the iPhone is.

$800 seems kinda expensive....But then I'm not from India so I can't difinitivly say. I can say that here in Canada my carrier Koodo has it for $550, no contract :)

The pricing isn't logical.

Just why do you have to be the costliest phone in the market? You have half the number of cores in there, you have half the battery life (Note 2 is 3100 mAH), you've taken away BIS (USP in not-so-rich markets like India) , you do not have a Zero-bug system out there, you'll offer an older chip set. I am a power-BB-user and love the Z10, but this pricing is just not justified. Sentiment wise - comparable specs, good design, comparable or better performance + some glitches expected and accepted for a 1st gen OS, are perfect to put you in the big league, but definitely not in a league of your own.

Guys i agree the price is on the higher side, but if compared to iphone and the original release of SGS III it is almost at par. Regarding the device, i have been using it for the past 10 days or so, as i was out of town and my SGS3 died of the sudden death syndrome, and i was totally stuck without any communication device, i immediately bought an unlocked Z10 from the local market. This phone is a sheer joy to use, insanely fast, much faster and fluid than my SGS3, it is absolutely amazing. The main feature, the hub, believe me, once you use it, you will not want to go back to android or iphone. All the reports stating Z10 is not at par with the android devices or iphone are absolute rubbish, this OS is way better than android. The app store is not upto the mark, but it is bound to come up sooner or later. If only the ppl dont listen to the misinformation on the internet regarding theis phone and give it a shot, they will come to realise that this is a superior device. Bought one for me and another is coming for my brother now that it has been released in india.

Yes but the problem is that the Z10 is not better than those two phones you mention. I will buy it but most users will pick the other two if the pricing is the same. Another problem is that Samsung is releasing S4 in March and I do not think the Z10 can compare with that

the price is insane. it will just make the way to Lenovo purchase of Blackberry faster. No matter how good Z10 can be it should be half of this price.

Like it North America, is the the carriers that set the pricing or is it BB?. Just want to know who is establishing the selling price.

Yes, to be slightly more elaborate on what Ankit commented: Blackberry India decides the prices for devices in India UNDER NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER FROM CARRIERS.

Expensive....yes. But I'm still going to buy one tomorrow. Started a little debate in my head at that vs. Expensive watch.....the Z10 won out :D.

i know its about india but ill also say this in the caribbean we spend between 600-800(us) on blackberry phones and others(s3,iphone) from our local phone companies (DIGICEL and LIME) and after spending that kind of money would you like to hear the best part ??? The phone is LOCKED to the respective phone company

Baaad move BB ! In the price for a Z10 people can buy 2 Samsung Grands and still have money left over. I am not saying that these 2 are comparable but the Samsung Grand specs are also very good and spending that much extra for the Z10 doesn't make any sense. Common sense did not prevail I am afraid...

It quite expensive and disappointing. I would have loved to have it for around 35k, which would have made it competitive too.

It is worth every penny. I love the BlackBerry Z10.
I will sell my goat. What is the big problem here? Do you fancy Americans think that we can't afford that in India?
We take pride in our country and in our BlackBerry.

I happy to pay.

Disappointed with price. As mentioned most of the people here has to wait for new models from BB at lower prices or switch over to other platforms if BB do like this high price in future. At present price most of Indians are away from this phone.

Contrary to what the author thinks, the problem is not the fact that a phone is retailing for that price, it is what would be expected for a newly launched high end phone. The problem is that RIM wants to charge high end price for what is at best a mid range device.

what you think does not matter is sales that matter and it is not selling so the others think is not that good 300,000 in 3 weeks the other guys sell that in a day

BlackBerry really is going to bite the bullet hard with this one. It is Rs. 10,000 above where my expectations were. Now I can't recommend this phone to anyone. This is more than just expensive to the people who have Bolds right now and are looking to upgrade.

I think Blackberry needs to answer to the whole world (right now) that why the selling price is more than 5 times the cost?
What is the thing which takes the price of z10 from $149(cost) to $800(sp).
I understand the criteria that if you want to earn profit in business in any market, you need to have cost as 1/4th the selling price of a product but why more than 5 times?

5 times the cost of PARTS. Then add assembly, packaging, shipping, advertising, initial R & D costs, OS development and testing, rent, power, etc..

I can see that you have never run a business.

Not even Apple charges 5 times...BB is not in the same financial situation as other companies so it is silly that they want to charge a higher premium

No they don't they are actually charging more than that despite having greater economies of scale and vastly reduced R&D costs (breaking maps and altering the version number to 6 could not have taken very long)

Anyway, this whole idiocy of judging stuff by the parts value has been thoroughly debunked both on here and elsewhere and it is pointless for people to keep parroting it.

I don't know the Indian market being Canadian and all, so I won't add my two cents to the price debate.

But, despite what BlackBerry has said many times about 6 devices this year, with the delays in the Z10 to almost Q2 in parts of the world and the Q10 pushed to nearly Q3 in those same regions, I am starting to doubt that Blackberry will be able to get their act together and actually launch 6 devices this year.

Seems overly optimistic. Maybe 4 and then the other two get pushed to next year so they can launch with last years specs in 2014 at a premium price like the Z10 and Q10 are currently trying to pull off.

Why is BlackBerry not able to catch up on hardware? Seriously guys, just ask your suppliers what they have in their road maps an buy the latest parts like everyone else does.

Yeah I know, not in the specs race, you're in the experience race. While if you want to be in the premium price range, you NEED to be in the specs race.

6 devices? if the z10 and Q10 don't sell well the company will close its doors..and so far unfortunately they are digging their own grave


Go home blackberry, you're drunk.!!!
34k for note 2, 36k for 920 36k for one x+ !!!
This price is probably for the cream....but i tell you, one lose brand value with price cut off !!!

this is india.. price in india almost doesnt count!!

if its $800 in the Indian market.. people will buy from UAE or Hong Kong where its around $650
people in India will always find a way to get it at the lowest price..

long live the Grey Market. screw taxes..screw duty.. screw BB for being greedy.
India stats will be low.. while sales in the cheaper countries will soar!

BlackBerry, I expected you to be amongst the sensible of manufacturers. There's a concept called Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Please go through that!
Following CrackBerry and BlackBerry ardently since I purchased by Curve 8520, I liked the BB experience. That drew me to buy the PlayBook a little more than one year ago, against everyone's advice that it is an unbaked product. Since then, I've been up on CrackBerry almost 3 hours a day, without fail, reading new and old posts and all the comments waiting for Z10 to come in India and shut up the iSheep. Sure, Z10 is a brilliant phone and I'd love to have one, but never at this price point, reasons being:

1. An old TI OMAP CPU for the price of a flagship phone.

2. 1st gen OS (though I can totally live with it)

3. THE PRICE!! BlackBerry, try and understand this. A middle class guy in India would earn in the range of 40-50K INR a month. So your phone would cost me my one month salary. The equivalent in Canada and US earn, if not more, at least $3K (Correct me if I'm wrong). Now you see where everything is skewed?

Well, if this doesn't make you understand, I believe BB is going down. I'm thinking of selling off my PlayBook and go towards the Nexus line. At least they know how to place a product in an emerging market!

True an average middle class Indian salary is 600$..thats the reason why even apple is failing in India..BB has not learnt its lesson even after seeing Apple

800 for a phone !! ?????

I have been a staunch blackberry supporter but it’s coming to the point where you just think maybe the mess Blackberry are in is all brought on themselves....I was still getting over the super bowl advert and then I saw this. The brand has been pretty much embarrassed over the last few years (delays of phone, play book seriously undersold and a global launch of the phones that took place 31st jan and still isn’t available globally) and then to come in at that price, first generation phone which is largely un proven and is priced at $800 ???

"Clearly most folk don't have this kind of money laying around" you missed the point Mr James Richardson, people actually do have that kind of money lying around, especially in india! its all in the economics! We know the giants in the mobile phone industry at the moment and Blackberry is not one of them.
Go and refresh on your opportunity cost, the opportunity cost of getting a Z10 for £535 is not getting an iphone for £499! or not getting an S3 for £399 or not getting the htc one for £450 or the getting the Xperia Z for £450.

in all these comparison any straight thinking, well informed person will not choose a lower spec, immature OS, lacking apps device!

I love the Z10 and BBM but I am also a straight thinker!

Problem with us Indians is that we really only like one price..FREE.....anything else is too expensive *rotfl*

A recent article on Reuters suggested that BlackBerry had lost its appeal in India because it was seen as a "cheap" brand. If BlackBerry wasn't making money selling BB7 devices into these markets, what's the sense in selling BB10 devices at a loss? Raising prices and making a product seem to be a status symbol can actually improve sales.

Asia Pacific is their stronghold, they need to come up with a price that is palatable. It makes a big difference especially in India if you want to win the masses over to buy your phone. They don't have that hype as yet for their phones like Apple and Android do. You got to enter the market with a perfect price and then as the product matures into something else you can charge a premium. Come on RIM you guys got to put your thinking hats on! (Yes i know they are BlackBerry, but to me they will always be RIM).

Hopefully this does not backfire!

This is tricky, in Argentina "Black Market" they sell it between 11.000 ~ 17.000 pesos (2.200~3.400 u$s official change US Dollars), is the same price for the Iphone 5. But we can import legally both of them, stupid president!!!!

And the price of the S3 is 5.200 pesos (1040 u$s), but you can buy it in a regular store.

So for me is just the regular price for a smartphone.

The pricing will kill it, I was looking forward to pick one on day one but the price has made me think twice and wasted the day, but then I might pick one soon. All said and done blackberry did not do their homework well. Sell 10000 devices in a month @43490 vs sell 100000 devices in a month @35000.

Maybe they have done their homework well and know that initial demand will support a higher pricepoint while still giving them more room to move later on as they needed to, unlike if they started out at the low price and had no room to react.

Look at the pricing in the UK, there was such demand for the initial devices that the off-contract prices actually went up as the stores tried to encourage people to go for the contracts instead.

$800 is way too expensive. They should match Canadian prices which is going for about $650 without contract.

all the ppl posting here that it is bad than iphone or only slightly cheaper than the iphone:
Have you even held this device in your hands, let alone use it.

It has an old processor:
Just use it once, old processor or not, it is insanely fluid and fast, much better user experience than android and right there at par with the iphone. The processor or the hardware only does not make the entire experience, it is the full package which makes it good, and this is one hell of a package.

FIVE TIMES the profit:
Are you serious, you really think that the sum of the cost of the parts is the cost of the mobile, and there are no other expenses involved, read the post by Bluenoser63 for a summary on what is involved.

1st Gen OS:
If the first gen os 10 by BB is this what i am using, what they will do ahead makes me very excited.

It pains me to see that most of the people start bashing a new device even before they have used it, making their opinions based on the rubbish which is posted about this device. Pls dont do this. This is a company which is trying to make a comeback and in this process they have created a truly phenomenal product. I for one think that they are back in the game and the misinformation can go only so far and once ppl start using the device, they will come to know what a masterpiece it is.

BB is trying to win back market share if u need to achieve that pricing needs to be correct. Even as a loyal user of BB im disappointed with the pricing.

@Amit, I agree with u regarding the Specs & the OS part but regarding pricing they have definitely got it 100% wrong..Hope u know this An average Indian middle class salary is 600$ while this phone is 800$

That would seem to imply that the people suggesting it should instead be the equivalent of $700 are just as wrong then too.

The other thing to bear in mind is that this is the full price for the device, there is probably a fair amount of room for dealers to vary the price depending on their margins, BB have to announce pricing that is as high as it is going to be rather than what it would typically be since that will not be clear until the market decides.

Also, if they started out too low, it gives them no room to move later as they need to be selling these devices for a profit so cannot start out with a very low margin as any drops would see them losing money.

I was waiting for a BB10 phone since the OS was announced. Such a polished, slick, gesture-based OS is what you want after using Nokia N9. The price, however, is a kick in stomach. No way I am going to buy Z10 priced at 43K. Unless Blackberry slashes it price really soon, I am afraid it will lose lots of customers in India, one of its primary markets.

Even loyal BB users will not buy @ this price..30k is the right price for this phone which is trying to win market share..RIP blackberry..its dead in india

No offence but that is too much to ask for a struggling country. Maybe this Z10 is for the rich folks. If I may compare this to the current price here in SA which is SAR 2599 that should equal to INR 37329.18 = USD 693. CrackBerry featured the cost summary of a Z10 which is less than $200 so why the killing price of $800? I am a blackberry by choice but I will wait for the next generation of BlackBerry 10 with a more reasonable price and specs.

Way too overpriced..Crackberry pls send all the above comments to Mr Heins. An average monthly salary of an Middle class India is $500 to $600 while this phone itself cost more that their monthly salary they definitely wont be able to afford it.. Blackberry 10 is almost DOA in India, Just coz of their pricing..

The Z10 is not for those earning $500-$600 a month. Seriously if you are in India earning only$500 a month then you have bigger things to worry about like buying food, paying your children's school fees. A premium phone is not on the horizon for those in that pay bracket. Next thing you will tell me is that BMW should lower the price of their car because the guy who earns $500/mo wants to upgrade from his Vespa.

So u mean BB is a luxury? then only Tata's & Ambani's can buy it..for z10 specification u get a Galaxy phones half its price and they even have a better app ecosystem..Z10 is a first phone & if it needs to succeed it needs to be priced appropriately or its going to see its fate..Now we know it DOA in India

It depends on where you look at it from. For a lot of people the Galaxy phones you talk about are also luxuries, but you don't seem to think of it as such. BB plans to release 6 phones in 2013 itself. One of them may fit your needs and be in the bracket you want as well. Show a galaxy to someone using a nokia asha and then start from there.
you will see where we all are coming from.

The point im trying to make here is for the specs of z10 we get a galaxy which is only 350 to 400$ in India that is Rupees 20000 to 25000..ppl who are getting 600$ are affording these kind of $400 phone on EMI. Where does BB fit in??

Pravs, if those are the specs you want, go ahead and get a galaxy. I waited for a new Blackberry every time they launched one. This one is no different. The flagship models have always cost this much. I have a Curve 9630, and a Curve 9220, which don't cost as much and probably the ones that come later won't cost as much. You can wait longer or get the new blackberry that will be available.
Seriously, every phone has different specs and it is up to you as a consumer to make the best choice. It's really a simple choice.
BB fits in with the loyalists, AND the people who want a change, AND the people who think BB is something they would like to have :)

You missed the point I'm trying to make. The Z10 is their flagship device. It is expensive and not targeted at the $500/month earners. Just like a BMW is not targeted for the $500/ month earners. TBH at $500/month you can't even afford a Tata Nano. It is not BlackBerry's fault that there are a lot more $500 earners in India. Their product costs a certain price and if you can't afford it then buy what you can afford. You can't force a seller to sell to you at the price you can afford

Everyone in India owns a smartphone irrespective of cost. It is the one luxury type item the common man can afford eventually. BlackBerry was nicely priced and did a lot for the price per month. We can not look at the Z10 as mobile computing in India just yet. This is a phone. Thus it is overpriced.

Seriously guys? It's a BlackBerry, and you have a choice. Buy it if you want to, don't buy it if you don't want to. India is not a cheap market. Our price expectations are set according to what other offerings are in the market. When I bought my Pearl, it was Rs. 25000 (about 600$) at that time, when I bought my Bold 2, it was Rs. 35000 (around 700$), and when I bought my Torch, it was Rs. 35000(around 650$).
Now when I see the Z10 priced at Rs. 40000 or above, I realize that it is a phone that will be better than what the earlier BBs were. It may have a TI processor (seriously, is your mom going to love you less now?) and maybe buggy according to some users out there.
Make a choice! Want it, get it, don't want it? Move on.
If S3s can sell at a price, and so can iPhones, I don't think BBs should price any differently.
I am tired of hearing the "They need to recoup their lost share" and all that crap.
I'm sure, as a company, they strategised over this and then came up with the price.

I'm getting mine as soon as I can, no matter what it costs.

"If S3s can sell at a price, and so can iPhones, I don't think BBs should price any differently."
Oh yes, If the iPhone can sell at Rs.45k, why can't also the smartphones from Micromax, Lava and Carbon.
Yes, we all agree that the Blackberry 10 has the future potential to be where the iPhone is today. The problem with you is that you think that Blackberry 10 has already reached there! It's nice to be a Die-Hard fan, but also important to think straight.

And for the pricing of your devices: I would love to buy the stocks of the retail store you buy your devices from. They do make a humongous profit. The Bold 2 (9700) was launched in Nov 2009 if i am not mistaking. It reached Indian shores I believe end of Dec 2009. I bought that device from a reputed retailer - Vijay Sales - for Rs.27,999/- on Jan 25th 2010. (PM me if you need the bill copy). That is besides the point. That was the time when RIM was still up there; when the phone that Mike Lazardis referred to as a toy had still not matured into the cult that it is today.

And if an inferior quality processor doesn't matter to you, why don't you save money and buy a curve instead of the Bolds and the Torches (Your Mom is still gonna love you the same) ;)

Kishore, if you are happy with a Micromax, Lava or Carbon phone, good for you :)
You talk about the future potential of BB10 like you have seen it. I believe in BB and YES I am a die-hard fan. I am one of those who will spend the money because I want to support the OS, the hardware (whatever variant is available) and the ecosystem. In fact, for all the facts they throw at us about the system being easy to develop for, I might even take the plunge and try my hand at developing an app for the OS.
I am not buying the BB10 (yeah, I know, don't have it yet, still in the office stuck in a horrible audit :) because of the processor. I agree that as informed consumers (cores, processors, ppi, GPU, etc.), we want the best, fastest, latest.
But sometimes, you gotta go where you heart is. My mom already uses a Curve 9320 and she refuses to part with it ( I may convert her to the Z10 as soon as mine arrives :). I know for sure that he love for me won't change dependent on the processor. But I like what you did there with the words :)

In all fairness, the BB10 OS may have to prove itself in a phone before many believe it can be worth the 43490 tag. For me, it doesn't need to do all that.

I am buying it because it looks awesome, will feel awesome, and will perform awesomely (a little too much awesomeness for one sentence, maybe?).

You can buy stock in whatever company runs the "Official BlackBerry Stores in Delhi and Noida". That's where I get my joy from :)

Z10 is the top of the line phone just like the other brands. It's not cater to those who cannot afford it. Considering there are like a billion people in India, not everyone share the same standard of living. Even if 1% purchase the phone that's like 10 million unit . You don't cry about the pricing of a Porsche or Ferrari or Iphone or Samsung for that matter. Why blackmail BlackBerry to cut their price? If you cannot afford it, stick to your current model or move on to another brand you think give you a better deal. Let the market dictate the price. If Z10 fail in India so be it!

Ohh still BB not understood the market point (at least most of the people view who wrote comments here). Already most of the people changed their platform from BB last couple of years due to so many reasons. BB meant to say the remaining small percentage of people also move, Yes surely people take this price point and will move. so finally BB wins or not. who knows..... blackmail? (what a word)- who is blackmailing whom....

india is the second biggest market for mobile devices and if you want to win masses..this price is too much..i know they are not that stupid..but also if u want to establish as a huge brand ...and your fate is hanging ..then this price is surely going to kill should have sold it on a loss rather then pricing it at 44 grand....first win a solid foothold and then when u are ready...go for profits..

It does not make sense to have the phone cost (significantly) cheaper sim-free in one country compared to another. Otherwise, all people in the UK would order one from their friends in India and the UK market would suffer.

There are millions of middle-class Indians that can afford this phone, if they really want it. For the rest of us (although I am not Indian), we'll wait for a mid-range BlackBerry 10 :)

After waiting for the Z10 (long overdue), it is unfortunate, BB has overpriced the phone and its driving away some very loyal customers. Dear Mr Heins & Boulben: Comparisons are odious. You can't compare Indian salaries with European salaries and then use 'It's the same price in Europe' logic...The Indian market won't sustain volume sales especially with Samsung & Apple slashing prices on their premium products. Blackberry just lost another long & loyal customer. I hope you guys succeed but common sense & on-the-ground reality says BB has gone overboard (the boom mentality crashed fifteen years ago). Hope you come down to earth quick! The disappointment is obvious.

Funny how some people turning into sharks when they see blood. Because BB is in a precarious position, all these self appointed business gurus offering advise to the company how to price and market their product with or else consequences are nothing but self serving. I should stand in front of BB head quarter @Waterloo holding my Z10 and threatening to drop it on a pool of water unless I also get a free Q10. Yeah, the world is full of CEOs wannabe.

It just launched an hour and a half back. Thanks for your insight into the launch of a new BlackBerry. I don't think you have typed DOA enough times on this page.
Thanks Pravs, we know you WON'T be buying one...

$800 is a bit expensive for a country like India. The economic social classes are too divided. But for die hard blackberry users price won't be threat. A credit card always supports monthly payments. :)

While here in Ecuador price for a Z10 unblocked, considering carriers haven't brought it yet. People are getting it from other sources, the price is: $1350.

I think that is very expensive! Hope I could get one unblocked from another country.


Well I'm not in India, still waiting in the US, but RIM seriously has to price this device competitively with an SGS3 price in the respective market no matter where it is, and that may be a little high even. It may mean that RIM makes less per device for now, but now that BB10 is basically just like Android and iOS in the terms of data usage and e-mail functionality, combined with the fact that it is a much weaker ecosystem trying to get off the ground, pricing premiums are simply not going to move enough units and get adoption high enough. Samsung didn't go head to head with Apple on pricing with the Galaxy at first, but it has now moved closer and closer to them with each successful release and the Galaxy name has recognition now.

Most of BlackBerry's growth over the last couple of years wasn't with high end phones, it was with cheap phones where they were losing money on hardware but making money on the BIS fees. While that BIS fee goes away in BB10, you can't simply go into a market and charge $100 to $200 over a comparable device just because you sold a lot of cheap phones there, it won't work. Build the quality, build back the brand name, build the ecosystem, and build up the price accordingly over time.

It is very much on the higher side for me atleast.. (I'm a student as yet)
But it was expected as BlackBerry here are always more expensive than hardwarewise comparable others..
Presently You can get a 16 GB Galaxy S3 around 30,000
HTC one X around 32,000
So 43,490 is a bit high.. But then it is a BB and it has a brand reputation..

im a true blackberry user. ive been holding on for a long time waiting for the z10, but if the price for the phone is gonna be so high in the US (over 600) im getting the Galaxy S IV which is coming out on March 17 ( Still before the Z10) for tmobile ill have to wait an extra 10 days. if the tmobile roadmap is real. (march 27)

Sorry to say but BB has made a big fool of themselves by launching the Z10 at such a HUGE premium. India is a very price sensitive market, but a market with a huge potential. Indian twitter accounts are mocking this price and its really hurting the brand. Quotes like: @makadi: BB 10 launched at "Rs 43,490", the actual cost of the phone is 13,490, remaining is for the 10grams of gold used in the circuit board...
@IronMan_Kagzi: Who on earth will buy Blackberry Z10 for Rs. 43,490 when we have a #wannabe #Samsung #GalaxyS3 , #micromax #Canvas2 available for 10K odd rs


No doubt its expensive but then again I was expecting this kind of pricing the day it was launched globally. This is a flagship model, so I'm guessing more affordable bb10 phones will be arriving shortly. As the hardware specs of q10 is the same, it won't be cheaper either.

India needs a Curve-level device, not a Z10 - at least price-wise. If they want to undercut iphones, and compete with cheap Android, BBRY will need to wake up and realize what made them successful in these emerging markets... LOW COST DEVICES!!!!! They need to release a low cost Q10 style BB.

ohh really,
In INDIA we are ready to pay high prices once the device justify the cost. just see statistics about iPhone 5 sales in last 3 months, those are 5 times more than previous highest quarter sales. in profit point of view, in last quarter iPhone is second after Samsung dominated market here.but now at this price point, these comments are from BB fans and not from Android/iPhone users. why i have to pay more if this OS fails or no update guarantee like what happen to bold devices, app ecosystem and so on. so many points need to answer for premium price point of view. of course i am the user of BB phone and playbook

The unlocked market doesn't just apply to India you know. Blackberry z10 + bold 9900 is WAAAAYYY to expensive. You CAN GET NEXUS 4 for £239!!!! What makes blackberry impressive to newbies...nothing. I am already addicted to blackberry which is why I will be getting the q10 but what are they playing at.

For us who live in non contract world, there are few things matters here:
1. Price is not set by carriers, but by sellers&resellers. They gotta make profit too, otherwise how can they live? Though sometimes, there is something called ”sellers association” or "sellers group“ (or whatever their name are), who set the price for all stores. If you see a product that is at the same price everywhere, that means something is controlling it. Not the manufacturer, but the seller.
2. Prices at places far from manufacture factory has few things called added cost. That's why the sellers sells it at higher price. To cover things like shipping,storing,tax,etc. The further you are from the factory, the more expensive you will be charged. Old blackberry sold here at my place came from at least 3places. Made in canada, mexico or china. I think there is a factory too in europe. Finland or something.
3. If the price is not dropping after a few month, something is definitely controlling it. It's not the manufacturer, it's the greedy sellers.

EDIT: I've posted it when Z10 launched in singapore&malaysia,got some reference it's around $680 in singapore & around $700 in malaysia.

Every day was counting the launch date of BB. My homepage was crackberry. Defended it in forums, blogs, comment column from the ruthless attack of Android creeps. Blackberry, why did u do this to me? when i finally wanted to lay my hands on you, the steep price is standing inbetween. I cannot afford you BB.. a diehard fan cannot. :( I want you to win in India..Get your pricing right.. Plz plz plzzzzzz

The Point is ... the Phone doesnt seem to be worth Rs.43290/ ( 800USD) its not that Indian consumers cannot afford or they are price conscious... its just that they are smart and are willing to pay the right price... is the Z10 had a 1080P resolution 5" Screen with Gorilla Glass , FM radio, Good Battery, and Huge Applications then people would certainly had paid that amount. Even Samsung Galaxy S 3 comes with a Quad Core processor and similar features and priced much lower... so doesnt make any sense to buy Z10 paying such a premium. NOT TO FORGET... we have to pay additional for the BES/BIS plans ( indian operators havent yet announced that Z10 will work on normal data plans). And yes BB10 doesnt have whatsapp !!!!

I am a blackberry Bold user and like most blackberry users.... the pricing is disappointing... the phone is a good buy at 30K ( 600 USD) but at this price.... Blackbery has created Harakari in the Indian market !!!!

There are literally hundreds of new and shiny tech toy being push out everyday. It's very tempting and enticing to have or to own these devices. You got to ask yourself do you really need it? Can you afford it? Let's not get emotionally hype up by whats new and what is it you need to have. People who have, it ain't all that. People who don't you are not missing much either. Just keep your perspective in check, that's all.

Yeah, those comments from carriers in places like the UK and Canada describing it as best ever, 50% better than previous ones etc all seem to imply it has been way below expectations, but get hey I guess we should take the random noname bloggers with axes to grind (shares to short?) over such comments shouldn't we.

Finally realized that, BB saved me Rs:35000/- allowing me not to buy Z10 by launching at around Rs:44000

I wonder who was naive enough to decide this price point considering to competition pricing in India. This is such a bad decision on part of management and they should rectify it at the earliest to halt the damage from being done. They had such a chance but alas some stupid bunch who took this decision.

the phone is at least 100 dollar too expensive. I think BB has missed a trick here - It is more expensive than the S3 by over $100 and S3/Note 2 are the current best sellers around me (I am part of the software industry and this is the single biggest smart phone buying community).
I am sure that the phone would still sell but there was a good opportunity to drive decent volumes in India which will not happen now. I suspect it will sell less well than the 9900 at launch (which was $700 at launch).

Specs plus the OS plus available battery power will determine the real value of the phone. This phone blows android and iphone 5 out of the water. It is worth the money. The Hub alone and the speed of this device is worth every penny. OS7 devices are still manufactured, sold and supported by BlackBerry. BIS is still available for those are concerned about data usage. In no way has BlackBerry screwed over India. To suggest in anyway that they have is totally false. The z10 is the device to catch now. Go ahead and buy another device so you to can punish BlackBerry unfairly. But it the end you will have only punished yourself as you will have to use your newly acquired and inferior device everyday. The Z10 is simply awesome. Had it for 3 weeks and never going back.

It might be to expensive for the India market, but remember blackberry didn't set that price the carriers did, and I think they did knowing bbm is popular in that country so most people will want to switch.

Too expensive and not value for moner, I am a diehard BB fan, but looking at the price, I will have to look for other options

Is it too expensive? - You bet it is.

The lust for apple products was something that set the tone for this market, we saw phones being priced way higher than a 150CC motorcycle and a Laptop combined!

We now have a blooming business of manufacturers who are selling smartly designed products for as low at 200USD running the latest variant of Android packing quite a punch with its specifications. Ofcourse the build quality isnt top notch, and so it is unfair to compare them with Blackberry. And then it is unfair to compare Samsung, Apple, and Nokia too.. so who do we compare Blackberry with?

The Torch 9860 is sold for about 250 Pounds in UK, this translates to some 20000INR..
In India, this model is available for about 17000Rs (and falling) where does this 10+% price cut come from?

The Bold 9900 is sold for about 300 pounds in UK, this translates to roughly 24000INR, this is being sold for about 30000 in India. Where does this 10+% increase come from?

Does that mean, Blackberry has always seen India as a market to "fleece" with its "flagship" product?
Certainly looks like it.

I have been a pseudo Blackberry salesman in my social circle, and sadly unless may be God or an Holy Cow gifts me a Blackberry , or may be another launch (Q10) would force Blackberry to reconsider the prices for Z10, I would NOT buy the Z10!

In totally another news, last year Ducati launched the Monster 785 in India for 699,000 ($12,968) and on day 2 of launch, it had a whooping price cut of 100,000Rs ..So may be theres a lesson or two to (yet) to be learnt for Blackberry Worldwide and Blackberry India...

Roughly on par with a Pay As You Go version in the UK. Expansys (UK) web site PAYG BB Z10 £519.99 (Conversion; INR 42,529.) So do BlackBerry now subsidize low paid economies around the world? Sorry this might rule the BB Z10 out of some of your price league, but seriously do you really expect a cheaper price than other places around the world?

Could someone please elaborate on how the processor on the Indian version of Z10 is outdated/old??

Placing an order on the 28th Regardless of the price... But for it to compete against other big boys, they need to come up with financing schemes and making it a lot affordable to a lot of people...

Another sad thing I noticed that i tried 2-3 stores in New Delhi where I could get a glimpse of the phone before ordering not even one had a demo/dummy handset available.. I know It is early days but as per all the 3 store staff the dummy/demo sets will only be available for display end of march till then it is only preorder

Bb will be releasing more products this year covering different price ranges. They did not abandon the low end devices. If this doesn't suit your pocket than wait for the device that does. I'm glad BB made this product available in India despite the perception that only low end devices thrive in such countries, it gives those that can afford it the option of getting one.

Hello Guys,

I have read through the long list of comments passed as to BlackBerry Z10 being expensive, fair deal accepted.. Expensive for whom?? For you personally or for the Nation as such?? The Z10 was never meant for the masses it was for a different group,people where they can afford to try the new irrespective of the cost.. It's not a Tata Nano it's more like a Jaguar XF.. It's specifically made for a niche of people.. It might have its drawbacks but it also sure does have its following..

If you remember the Bold 9900 two years ago was brilliant phone but had no stellar specs or a brilliant OS.. It just had all things right , which were needed for a BB, best keyboard and great connectivity and style.. It had its strengths, lot of ppl said that it was too expensive but a lot of people went on to buy it.. The price for the Bold 9900 hasn't still dropped.. Remember that iPhone5 specs are much worse than the Z10..

If you see India as a market which is Price conscious then you all people are wrong.. India has been major market for luxury products.. Indian Market has seen the highest growth in luxury segment in the last few years irrespective of the world economic situation and they expect that to grow 10X times by 2015..

Am not comparing Apple to BB or Android even for that sake.. BB has cult and serious following and Thanks to Mr. Heinz he has delivered more than what was expected of a 1st Gen OS.. Android still has bugs in its latest ICS they were stupid they forgot that the Calendar had December.. Luckily BB hasn't done so bad.. For half of you up there I don't think you ppl have experienced the Playbook which was a glimpse of what was to come in BB10..

As far as the BIS, I think that was a great move to remove it.. It now doesn't take every month re-investing on a BB which was the reason lot of ppl shifted to other devices.. It now takes the fight back to Whatsapp.. For mere Rs. 98 you can enjoy all the social services like BBM, Facebook, Twitter.. So you obviously saving Rs.200 every month.. Wifi hotspots in the country so I think that will be their USP for India..

If you can't afford it right at the moment, that's fine, BB has a device planned for the masses which will duly be released.. Luckily I have saved for the past fee Months and now I can afford it.. I really have dug deep into my pocket for that, because I don't want to have a second hand experience.. I want to experience the BB10 OS ASAP.

Remember that BB is a company but not a Charity Organization.. So it makes sense, to make Hay while the Sun shines.. The sun is shining on BlackBerry(The Smartphone Inventor).. The Race is too long to decide who Wins or looses!!

For all the guys who have decided to BUY.. Please make sure you tighten seat belts.. Am sure it's going to be a one hell of a ride we are all going to enjoy.. Lets Rock and Roll this..

Keep Moving..
Be Bold..

It was a comparison.. You can always test drive one at a dealer near you.. It's available in India and running a full book of pre-orders..

Be Bold..


If you don't agree with stealing, then get a phone that you can afford.

This top of the line phone isn't for everyone. Just those of greatness.

That is why this phone is not in America yet. Nobody there has money. America may be going bankrupt soon. Take a look:

ok... so I pre-booked it with UNIVERCELL and now I cant go back after hearing the price.... but seriously... going by all that I have read and seen on Z10 pricing... I think it is priced about $100 more in India than what it sells in the mideast with the big petro dollars... I guess the reason is that there is customs, sales, duty, and a variety of other taxes... so if it is retailing at 44K(all taxes inclusive) it is still priced less than or equal to the UAE market after taking out taxes. Plus you get an additional peace of mind if you buy it in India... knowing that if it goes bad.... you can harass your retailer... :))

The other thing is that I am not going to pay more for a lesser screen estate (iPoo), and a buggy droid with the latest OS. Agree that the Indian middle class earns about $500-600... its the young bachelors, who have no overheads, who are tech savvy and can afford one, will buy it, along with the other top brass of multinational companies.

Lets not get upset over the pricing... if you cant afford one now, wait... we don't need one at the launch and flaunt it to our friends...

Unfortunately... I will be among those who will feel cheated later on, when BB drops their price after Q10 comes out... Damn... loon to mushkil... na loon to mushkil...

BB by choice...

A bbm going around in India since yesterday's pricing announcement: "BB Z10 for rs. 43,490; givign tough competetion to Bajaj Discover, Splendor and Passion". LOL...
(Discover/Splendor and Passion are brand names for two wheeler scooters in india) :D

I am an expat American (USA) living in India and put a INR 5000 ($100) deposit on the Z10 yesterday. The Blackberry store called Sunday night that they were accepting deposits for delivery later this week. Although they did not know the price, the one indicated in the story seems reasonable as the iphone5 is selling for about the same. Should pick up the phone Saturday and then need to decide whether to put my AT&T SIM in, which is international roaming, or my local AirTel SIM. I presently use two 9900. I am fortunate to have a nice salary here and I doubt if I can be considered normal here. But most everything here that is imported, whether it be electronics, cars, or high end phones are insanely expensive due to duties as the government is attempting to drive purchases to domestic manufacturing. And make money from the well off. I will send a note back later this week and let everyoe know how much was charged and my thoughts on the phone.

Eh, lots of pissed off people who complain about the price. Wait and then buy it. It eill lower soon enough.

This is like "make hay while the sun shines"... I WAS personally quite excited to see the BB10 coming up right through the entire last year and two more months of 2013, only to see such an exorbitant price... as one of the readers mentioned they would come down to a price acceptable to an average Indian person (economic point of view) but then it shows BB is no different than the other players. While I do understand that there are other factors involved like duties, taxes, etc and also that this is a normal biz practice, I would have still loved to see the Z10 being offered at somewhere around INR30-35K. Shall have to wait for sometime how it goes for BB in India.

Unfortunately, for me, Z10 is overpriced. Last week, I finally give up and bought myself a Nexus 4 which was sold at $500 here in Indonesia. I think Z10 will be sold at around $750 or more here. Had it been offered for $150 cheaper, I could still force myself to buy it. If it seems insignificant for you, do realize that we live in different part of the world. $150 is enough for one-month meal budget here.

It's such a pity that after months of waiting, I have to switch to another platform. I still keep my 9320 for BBM since it's indispensable for

My guess is Z10 will be around $690 - $750 when it launch in indonesia. Android users here will laugh endlessly if it sells at $800. They will still laugh if it sells at $700, but they will laugh harder if it's at $800.

They surely $700 is enough for one Nexus 4 (IMO, best value for an android phone) and one 9320 (IMO, best value for a blackberry phone). So, best of both world :-)

Blackberry India might have priced Z10 a little too high for our comfort.. but specs & performance wise the device is no less than the latest iphone and android devices.. so IMHO it deserves to be priced in the top bracket with rest of the top end devices..

I might have to break bank to buy this baby.. but buying it definitely I am..


Can't argue about the performance, but spec wise? It's comparable to one year old Android.

Ah, IMO, it's not BlackBerry India fault to price it that high. BlackBerry HQ decided the standard price. I do hope this strategy will not hurt them in the long run.

Logically, if you said blackberry HQ decided the standard price, it should be around the same price everywhere. Then why is at singapore Z10 is being sold at around $680? In malaysia it's around $700. For singapore&malaysian resident, please correct me if the reference price I got is wrong.

I mean, BlackBerry HQ set an overpriced standard price. Anyway, it will be sold differently in various countries, depending on things like taxes, custom duty, etc.

Been following the BlackBerry story for 2 years now thanks to my lieutenant The Playbook ;)
For what I have understood in the last couple of years is the massive effort BBRY has put into the BB10 QNX platform, I do believe BBRY is not really betting its money on the Hardware Specs but on the overall user experience which is why we see the limelight on the Hub and the Peek.

Quite honestly if consumers are offered seamless functionalities which are glitch free you should be able to satisfy a large portion of the market.

QNX is a solid base for BB10, As long as there is enough innovation on the OS front and Aggressive marketing stance in a price sensitive market like India success for BBRY should not be an uphill task in India in comparison to let's say United States

What is required is a slew of options at various price points and an incredible user experience( which btw bb10 is quite capable of delivering)

While we are at it BB10 update for PB in the next month or so would be great.

Z10 should have been priced below 40K Rs. if they want to compete with Android top dogs...if they want to compete with iPhone 5 then it's a different matter

One more big thing is, after some weeks the china made mobile would launched for sale with the same appearance of Z10. Then our friends will tease us.... THEN only WE WILL REALIZE THE FOOLISH ACTIVITY OF BUYING THIS MOBILE AT 43k....

I have got mine for 39K in Hyderabad, AP, India @ Sangeetha Mobiles.. Am super super happy.. Mine was the first piece in Andhra to be sold, am over the moon..