BlackBerry Z10 gets the Porsche Design treatment

By Adam Zeis on 2 Aug 2013 07:15 am EDT

If you were looking for a bit more luxury in your Z10, this may be your answer. According to, Porsche Design has once again given a BlackBerry makeover as this time the Z10 gets the treatment.

Rumored to be called the P'9982, the Porsche Design device looks much like a Z10 with some added elements around the top, bottom and sides. The back cover takes on a totally different look and texture as well. The device is said also to be sporting a different UI, but whether it's more than just a skin (as was the case with the P'9981) we have yet to know.

The device is said to be in testing and rumored to be available sometime next year. It will retail for roughly $2,000 US. 

Check out the images in the gallery above then hit up the comments and discuss!

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BlackBerry Z10 gets the Porsche Design treatment


Translation is wrong. They ( wrote that it is in early testing and info in device indicated that it may be available by next year. Therefore, UI and specs may change. What we should care about now is only design.
To compare price with P'9981, they mentioned price of P'9981 is $2,000.

I feel like they should have done more to make it NOT look like they stripped off the top and bottom of a P'9981 and attached them to a Z10.

Same specs? I'd definitely buy it if this version will have a quad core and a better battery life.

Posted via CB10

It will be interesting to see if the UI is in fact different. I wasn't a big fan of the P'9981 icons. Let's hope they don't spoil it.


Adam - unsure whether this is made by BlackBerry or an aftermarket company? I should know that sorry. If it's BlackBerry hope they have better luck selling a $2000 device then they have selling the $200 dollar one. For 2K hope it comes with an extra needed battery.

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Agreed. This looks the part!! What if we can imagine this isn't a Z10 redo but an A10 reduce!

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That actually doesn't look too bad! I'm surprised and impressed! :)

The one thing I dislike about the Z10 is that people get it confused with iPhone 5. This looks good and is definitely distinguishable from the 5.

I kind of like that. The White Z10 is sleek and smooth looking all packed with BB10. It will take less than 5min to convert most if not all iPhone user to switch to a Z10.
IPhone to Android is not an upgrade where as iPhone to BB10 injects the user into the future with the best possible OS experience they will ever encounter.

Actually the difference is "only" around 1500$. You're just paying the extra 300$ with your contract.
Of course that's still a lot for a different casing, but I guess Kevin will find a reason to buy it ;)

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Considering the A10 will have the same color and a faux aluminium type look I don't see much reason to buy this. You're paying for the branding. The battery door looks nice though.

That looks much nicer and classier pièce of kit. Wouldn't mind having that in my shirt top pocket. Much cleaner lines and better quality looking materials.

For the first time I can say, this is a good looking collaboration. May well be tempted.

Posted via cb10 on my gorgeous white Z10

Don't see a reason to get this. BlackBerry should have made the Z10 more premium. Even the 9900 looks more premium the the Z10.. these are the stuff that messed up BlackBerry. Making a 2k phone would not increase sales dudes.

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That's the 6th device... BlackBerry has to try harder in 2014, this year's line-up if really not very exciting...

If this was more cheap it would just be the Z10.

The entire appeal of this device is the price.

The only reason to buy this phone is to show off how much money you have...

Too expensive for my taste value wallet. Does like the Oreo style Black screen black backcover grey in between, If it's the same dimmensiion as the Z10 it's a lot to pay for a design cross between BlackBerry HTC one silver and Porsche

Oh wow... this look surprisingly nice! much nicer than the one they did for the 9900.

2000$ to be unique and to attract everyone's attention? If you can afford it why not? Specs doesn't matter if that's what you are looking for

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I hope BlackBerry isn't spending very much time on this. I have never really understood this partnership. It's an ugly phone that costs a fortune. I would like to know the unit sales.

It would much prefer a special edition Mercedes Benz F1 Z10 or A10.

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Looks nice, but I'd like to see the logo on the back highlighted in the same material on the front. I'd happily take one if I won it, but otherwise out of my price range. I think I'd rather just buy a Z10 and Q10 and still have cash left over.

Looking good I think.

Alloy band and genuine leather back are nice touches.

Worth the $$? Who cares really just good to see BlackBerry getting some extra attention :-)

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This is how the Z10 should look!! Add dual core CPU/quad core GPU, 32GB internal storage, a 2400mAh battery and BB10.2 and the Z10 would be flying off the shelves!

@ $2000 it will sell like no more than 100. Why is BB wasting its time in this POS? Focus on the Z5 launch and then the upcoming A10 please. Also remove the bug from 10.1 MR which whipes off my SMSes.

Because at $2000+ per device the profits are huge. BB doesn't have to sell many at all in order to turn a profit from this...

And besides you don't want the hardware guys who designed this to be fixing bugs with the software...

Mercedes AMG Q10, that would be awesome. I thought it looked like a HTC one from first glance, but as I looked more closely it's actually quite unique.

RIM are real dumbasses if they plan to come out with this phone next year with the same specs as the Z10! Knowing them they will definitely do that too!

I like the fact that it had the same lines as the Bold Porsche, but apart from that it does really look like an HTC One.

I also do not like the leather battery door, that really looks cheap compared to the woven glass door of the Q10.

The other question is, will this phone have full BlueTooth compatibility with Porsche cars without the current issues in BB10.1 like:
- music starts automatically when connected
- no SAP on BB10.

Now this is smartphone porn. It may be sporting the Porsche name, but it's as sexy as the new Jaguar F-Type.

Posted via CB10 / BlackBerry Z10

Really like the looks of that phone. I think the somewhat curved bottom would fit nicely in hand and give blackberry a distinctive look.

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Let's see $1400 dollars more for etching of "Porsche Design" on the bezel and new UI. Gorgeous but talk about conspicuous consumption, it's nickname should be "BlackBerry Bling"

Plus to me it's bf ugly. The concept designs TK Justice and TK Victory looked a lot better than this Porsche one. The previous Porsche designed BlackBerry was also bf ugly. If Blackberry would only make these TK designs, their worries about having marketshare would be guaranteed over. I'm willing to bet anyone on this, surely their CEO.

CB10 - Q10

I really like the look of this phone. Classy, sleek, upscale. Looks Money.
If I could afford it, I'd get this phone even if the internals and UI were the same as the Z10.
Just like how I'd buy a Porsche GT3 RS, even if the internals were the same as my Honda Civic,
(again, if I could afford it...)

I'm sure it's available in Harrods within the Porsche Design Concession.

Now is the time for the celebrity endorsement. You would be surprised how many celebrities carry a BlackBerry.

This is the perfect opportunity.

Come on Thorsten.

Posted via CB10

Swag swag swaaagggg. 2000 dollars, damn need to get my sh!t together, I've gotta have one.

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Why don't BlackBerry and Porsche get together to build actual BB10 every day devices and not just some pretty ones like the 9981 and 2 ?

With potential customers knowing the device is made by Porsche or AMG it could actually boost sales !

An AMG built Q10 and Porsche Z10 can only dream

Posted via CB10

This looks tight! But for the $ z10 is where I'm staying! Just wish I could get a dodgers blue Z10! Now that would be amazing!

Posted via CB10

If it was an Audi design firm we'd have the A10 quattro (for the quad core model of course) in the works.

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you can buy HTC one with premium design and better specifications for only $650.

why should I pay $2000 for it??????

European high rollers will be as well.
Harrods will get a special edition I'm sure.
Maybe a Matte Black version :)
That would be AWESOME!

Honestly this is one aspect of devices I can't wrap my head around. A porche design phone. Really I love BlackBerry obviously, but who cares. What a tremendous waste of money.

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Why all the hate over this phone and the original p'9981? It did sell very well. Believe it or not there is a market for a high end luxury Blackberry. Just because you cannot afford it doesn't mean it's garbage.

It looks great! Love the fact they kept the overall aesthetics. The PD side icon is a nice touch. The headphone jack at the top is very welcome.

Most people don't get the idea of a high end phone and this design (this and the p'9981) is unlike anything they've ever seen before. Thats why they mock it and bash it. I personally love it.

The Blackberry p'9981 was a massive hit in my country (Nigeria). Even as pricey as it is, I was selling pretty fast for a high end/luxury phone. Costs between $2000 and $2500 but when you visit most stores, it is always out of stock. Not because the store feels it would sell and they are not stocking it, but becuase it flies off the shelves so so fast.
The target market is for the wealthy blackberry user that doesn't want to use the same phone as every other blackberry user.

You know this... come to Gidi***. Everyone uses the Porsche in this side of the globe...

Posted via CB10

I had a friend which purchase the last BlackBerry Porsche phone and it was a class of its own. It compliment her Porsche automobile quite nice. This BB10 version looks even better. Definitely this phone will not have any competition and should do quite well in the industry with high end executives and such buying it up.

I want one.

This is great news! My P'9981 is awesome even with OS7. I would prefer a keyboard but I couldn't say no to a Porsche Z10!

Too bad the original Z10 was not built with this quality or at least has this design to it. Unfortunately with it being offered next year, I will not pay $2,000 for a phone with almost 2yr old technology.

I was thinking the same thing. My opinion, it's doubtful that this with launch with 10.2, I'm thinking this will be the intro for 10.3 or higher. Or who knows maybe BB11?!

I don't think BB11. Too soon as we are just on 10.2. Still, even if it came with 10.3 or 10.4, it is still very old hardware underneath. A phone of this caliber in price should have at lease some aspect to the hardware that the owner can tout as being the best. Other than that, what a waste.

I find it hard that the old one was selling like crazy? When people say that are they talking millions of units or thousands? Either way, not the phone to help bring back BB to where it was. This phone is for a select market and its the general public that BB needs to target. Waste of resources if you ask me.

make a Q10 version and I'll get rid of both my Q10 and Z10 to get it. I like the simplicity of the design. But i wouldn't mind a HUGE Porsche loge on the back.

Above anything I'm very into design when it comes to phones. I'm still in love with the P'9981, especially the matte black version. I really like this as well, its slightly reminiscent of the BBX London prototype from a couple years back, I wanted that so bad to be the final Z10 design. But this I have to say is a bit underwhelming for a Porsche Design BlackBerry. What I loved the most about the P'9981 it was jarring and unapologetic. This Z10 version is safe and quiet, brings no attention to itself. Hopefully this is not the final product design even though this most likely is.

You add the word Porsche to the Z10 and round the top and bottom then charge $2000. You must be out your rabbit ass mind

Hot device but just get the BlackBerry Z10 or Blackberry Q10....I would never spend $2000. US dollars on a cell phone even if I had the money

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Just to clear something up for everybody, the $2,000 price tag is justified by the materials the product is made from and the hours that it takes to build. Titanium is not an easy metal to work with and its not cheap. You also have to remember this isn't made from plastic(BlackBerry). Think of it as buying a watch from wal-mart or buying one from Rolex. Your going to pay a premium price for the craftsmanship.

Also Porsche Design the design company and Porsche the car company are two very different divisions. Porsche Design makes high end random products using the Porsche Design nameplate, they don't design the cars. So for everyone out there who says "I want an AMG Z10" or "I want an Audi Q10" that makes no sense at all and would never happen in a million years.

You're paying for exclusivity and a status symbol. Don't kid yourself.

The materials are great, I'm sure. But to think that the price tag is what it is because of materials alone is quite off base.

This isn't a $10,000 device we're talking about. The base price of a Z10 is 500-700, so thats roughly a 1500-2000 mark up your paying for. An appropriate price considering the name plate(Porsche Design), the materials(Titanium, other fine materials), and the workmanship(higher calibre construction) that goes into build it. So no the price doesn't come from just materials alone, but you also need to remember this isn't some made in mexico out of a factory device.

Looks very nice but hope for some better pictures to show the actual color and sheen of the metal. Also hoping that some aspect the phone internals improves like more memory or CPU or better camera. It will be a tough sell to spend so much on a phone that has one year old BlackBerry internals, which the press would say is two year old internals by then. By that time we'd be looking for a new Z10 with upgraded specs.

Posted via CB10

I know it is designed by Porsche. But it reminds me of Lamborgini. ;-).

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

That is one expensive Z10 case...I like the look of it better than the A10
Maybe they should put a picture of the PORSCHE designed phone on the Mercedes F1 car....that would be

Hmm. I'm satisfied with my Chevy Z10. Does everything the Porsche does and I can use the $2,000 on all the cases and apps I want! Maybe even a $500 clock app! :)

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

I am sorry but this doesn't even look classy, or pretty, or appealing in any way.

the white Z10 blows this out of the water.

Looks great! I just hope there is a giveaway so I have a chance, albeit a tiny one, to get my hands on this device.

Too damn expensive and for what you're getting it's not worth it! At least if it had updated specs with an Octa-Core jeesh. They're on crack and whomever buys one of these is just trying to show off that they can afford it.

Man...if only it was in my budget. I'd grab my tattoos before this but man. Looking mighty sweet.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should be spending money to bring apps to BlackBerry 10, not making cockamamie Porsche design BlackBerry devices or Z30 phones! The issue is the apps! THE APPS! Gosh!!!

Posted via CB10

They better not mix this in with the rest of the BB10 lineup. Blackberry! STOP IT! Stop confusing your customers like you did with 4-digit numbers! amazes me what peoples' definition of a nice looking phone is. This thing is hideous, IMO. Not what I would expect from PDG. One would have to be STUPID rich....or just put out 2Gs on a phone like this.

I can't tell which brand is cheapening which though I think it's Porsche cheapening BlackBerry. My front yard mechanic neighbor has a Porsche to go with the broken glass, garbage and other junk littering his yard but probably doesn't have a BlackBerry.

I likey! Will be in line. Maybe buy directly from BB? Can I get turbo version with wider wheels and lowered suspension?

Meh...with a case on you won't be able to really tell anything about this phone...why don't they just resign the Q10

The only thing that doesn't make sense is the name. The P'9981 was based on the 9900 series, so the name makes sense. The new device isn't based on the 9900 at all.

It would make more sense to call this the P10 (which rhymes with Z10), or something along the lines of the new naming convention. P10, P15, P20, or even the Z20.

With biggest possible screen (4.7" full HD. 468ppi Gorilla glass3) for the same overall dimension of Z10, fastest 2.2GHz Quadcore processor, at least 2GB RAM and 32GB internal aluminium casing/frame.............. yes, I will preorder it.