The BlackBerry Z10 gets pimped in silver

By James Richardson on 7 May 2013 09:15 am EDT

One of my buddies (Jens-Peter) from Denmark decided that his BlackBerry Z10 needed spicing up a bit and as you can see from the image gallery above it looks pretty darn hot.

Jens-Peter had the Z10 shipped to an authorized service provider where it was totally disassembled in an ESD environment. He wasn't 100% happy with the final results as the volume keys, speakerphone and a few internal electronics are an integrated part of the frame so they remain original.

The paint job was done by Michael from Custom Colours. He carefully used masking tape to cover the essential parts as well as the back cover before starting work on the transformation. Jens-Peter wanted a silver color which wasn't too sparkling but also not too boring. 

So what do you think of the final result?

It looks beautiful to me. He is also considering transforming a white Z10 with sparkling gold. Should he? Sound of in the comments where I'm sure Jens-Peter will be able to answer any questions you may have.

And if you are attending BlackBerry Live in Orlando watch out for his sparkling silver edition - he will be there loud and proud!

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The BlackBerry Z10 gets pimped in silver


U guys should try putting a skin on the phone instead, it's much cheaper, looks great, and can be changed whenever you want. The best company that does skins right now is dbrand Inc and they have some brushed metal finishes if that's what you fancy. I've tried their carbon fiber and black leather skins and I love them. Check them out

They also do custom skins as well, have a look at their Facebook page

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Hi Babu123,

Thx. for sharing. I can not seem to find any pictures showing more than the battery cover with the dbrand so I assume their products "only" covers the back.

Looks very nice though!

Thanks for sharing! I've always kept a skin on my phones, they keep em protected and it's fun to easily change up the look all the time. I've always ordered from, but I really like the texturized look on the dbrand skins!

Hi Light_31

See picture #3 - it's not painted for several reasons.
I tried to avoid creating a device that would be slippery like the iPhone.
I like the black colour and finally scratches would eventually become visible just by wear and tear.

Hello CB team. In a future CB10 update please allow us to view the gallery from within the app. Thank you

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Hi Berry_Pink,

I agree and it's my mistake - should have taken some pictures without using flash as it really makes it glitter much more than in normal daylight.

The sparkling effect is almost not visible in normal daylight. Looks more like glas blasted aluminium.

I rather do agree with the nays. In my opinion it looks cheap but then it may be an entirely different affair in person.

Until then, Nay.

im sure quite a few ladies will enjoy an extra sparkly one, as a guy i definitely understand why he wanted a more subtle silver. If he could spray it in a gold chrome look, so that it looks like its gold plated, that would definitely be baller! i thought of sending my z10 to get gold plated but the thought of having that much weight on it is ridiculous when it is so amazingly light. but this paint job might be the best of both worlds, and if the metallic flakes don't mess with the reception in this one it shouldn't with the gold chrome look.

Gold plate is so thin it adds hardly any weight. But I would never recommend it for purely technical reasons.It needs to be applied over nickel and if it is applied to a plastic, that requires surface treatment and carbon doping. And it is not particularly tough.
That's why PVD on brass or stainless steel is a much better "gold" finish than real gold.

I agree - weigh should not be an issue.

Btw: The authorized service centre also warned me about adding a metal layer to the frame and back as it could influence the antennas (radio / NFC).

Hi Spennehaynes,

The most expensive part was the disassembly and as James explained it was not possible to do it completely anyway, so we could have gotten away with the project just by masking the sensitive parts with tape. I assume Michael spent 30-45 minutes covering the buttons etc.

Depending on how the paint job is done you should expect anything between $50 and $150.

Pls. note this would most probably void the warranty on the product.

They should do an official one of these, it makes even the HTC One look like crap. The finish could be better (close up it looks horrible) but the idea is very nice and when you look at the phone normally it has a very nice effect.

First off i wouldn't worry what the neh sayers are saying its your phone and its for you. i think it looks nice. the last pic looks the best.

I would do this with my Zed10 in a heart beat. Do you have nay more information on how to contact this Michael from Custom Colors. Was it just your phone's original pieces or did he has pieces that were pre done and put them on your phone? i have a chip in my bottom left corner so was wondering if he would take a new piece there as well or just paint over it?

Hi Jagwire,

This was most of all a fun project. On a daily basis I am working as an Infrastructure and Mobility consultant with enterprises and I decided to take a day off and do something a bit of the daily routine. I did not exactly spend much time planning this :-)

I your phone has a scratch you could consider buying a new frame and battery door. That would leave me with the option of switching from the original black to the painted one or just stop the project in case the paint job went terribly wrong. The authorized repair center told me that they were not able to order any spare parts yet, but I have seen them on the Internet (search for "BlackBerry 10 middle frame"). It seems that there is an A and B version and I would assume it would be for STL 100-1 and 100-2/3/4 but you should definitively ask the supplier.

One of the online shops i found was this one:

iFixit has made a nice guide how to dismount a Z10:

Also pls. not that any paint jobs or unauthorized "repair" probably would leave your warranty voided.

FYI: Custom Colors is located in Denmark. You might be able to find someone closer. I found this guy by searching for "airbrush" and you might be able to do the same. You can reach out for Michael by email (

In love with the black, hey thanks James, there are people who like silver. Good to let them know. Look good anyway. :)

I can only speak of local prices and unfortunately, Denmark is not cheap. Expect hourly rates from $70-$100 and up +25% VAT. :-(

Hello, my wife is disappointed with looks of white BB z10..and if the phone is available in another colour then black and white probably buying one.

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I like it. It would be nice to see a brushed steel version available. Until then, this is a good alternative. :)

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I can't be the only one that has a problem with Crackberry's use of "pimp" and "pimped" to describe things. This is twice in a few days now. Not trying to be the fun police, but nothing good comes to my mind when I think of those words. Let's try something else: ballin', blinged out, bling, dope, tight, flossy, swagged out?

Nah not really a fan of it. Makes the phone look worse. Some of the dbrand skinz look good though.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

We are just hiding :-)

PS: Saw where you are working on Linked In... How about having all the newspaper apps ported to BB 10 (the Android versions actually works fine on my BB 10)? ... and also having the websites detect BB 10 as a mobile device and serve the mobile version of the webpages? :-)

PM me if you need help/info.

Should have gone with the old Henry Ford adage of you can have any colour you want as long as it's black! ; )

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I would love to see a leather battery door cover, reminiscent of the bold 9000. Is anyone aware of one out there?

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*LOL* you are the first one to notice! After I initiated my project I also saw this, but I was the "point of no return" :-)

Yes it does look hot but what happens when the paint scratches off (after a certain amount of wear).... yes it will look like heck!

You are absolutely right. I have decided to use it without cover and see how it turns out.
Pls. don't concider this as a commercial product but just a fun idea with a rather quick path from idea to execution :-)

Hi Prince Radebe,

Neither I or Custom Colors are expecting anyone to do this. Primarily because it voids the warranty of the products and secondly it is not a scratch proof solution. Just look at it as a funny project and something a bit different than the stock products.


About 1½ hours of actual Work for masking, prepping and spraying several layers. Approx 50% was used for masking and the rest for spraying. This is excluding the time for taking it apart and putting it back together (which was a waste of time).


I had no intensions of trying to copy any other phone (actually my first thought was Black/Gold) and the HTC One had not really caught my focus at that time. Shortly after starting this project I noticed the HTC One and I can only agree with you: From the pictures I have seen it looks eleganct and signals a very good build quality.

Not a fan of painted plastic. Always going to look cheap IMO. What I think would be hot would be if someone made the parts out of carbon fiber. Not a wrap, but made the actual parts so you can have them shipped and you can swap out the internals yourself (if you're game). I have my door trims done in my Audi Q5 and the guy that did it sells in several colors. Would be a lot of work and probably expensive, but would be really unique and cool to sport.

Any takers ;)

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Don't really see the point as there's so little frame on these things. The stock flat black still looks best IMHO

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I like it. I remember when the first leaked photos of the Z10 were out (can't remember what they called it then), but the edges were beveled and it looked silver. I liked that casing much better.

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It looks pretty nice to me, I'm waiting for the sparkling gold one. Is it gonna be available on the market?

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