BlackBerry Z10 Drop Test - carpet, hardwood and concrete (ouch!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Feb 2013 11:10 am EST

I'd be lying to you guys if I told you I didn't think about doing this test myself. Whenever a hot new phone hits the market, somebody always wants to be first to torture it to death. I've had access to multiple BlackBerry Z10's for a couple weeks now. I did accidentally drop mine once to the floor and survived unscathed. But to truly do a drop test on a Z10? NEVER. That would just be throwing salt in the wound of everybody around the globe that is waiting to get their hands on a Z10. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I know how much you all want it.

That said, Mashable's Lance Ulanoff doesn't care that so many of you don't have Z10's yet, so he put his unit through drop test hell. You can check out the video above as he drops it on carpet, hardwoods and even a concrete sidewalk.

The verdict? The BlackBerry Z10 is tough and can take a fall, but it's not indestructible. If you have butter fingers , you'll definitely be wanting to pick up a case to protect your investment. Luckily, CrackBerry has you covered there. 

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BlackBerry Z10 Drop Test - carpet, hardwood and concrete (ouch!)


TBH I'm quite disgusted at the fact, he just wasted a perfectly FINE Z10! and here's me LIVING in HOPE to get one some day D:

Quite angry at this!

Where does this guy live?

Why would he waste $700.00 on a very stupid thing like that? It makes no sense.

I can't believe what I just saw.

The problem with tests like this is that it is very dependent on the angle of fall.
You could drop the BB on a carpet and if it falls at a bad angle im sure the glass could crack from some microscopic fault line.

Chances are that he used the same phone for each test. By the time they got to the pavement, the phone has already been abused; it was a matter of time. And hearing the cameraman say "We did It" after breaking the phone makes me feel like he wanted it to break.

I never believe drop tests. No screen is perfectly cut and with that will have slight microscopic fissures on the edges and corners. Drop any full touch screen phone on its edge, get the force of the drop to travel down the fissure and you win the lottery. I've personally seen iphones break from lower drops. A friend of mine broke his iphone when it slipped from my coffee table and fell on my carpet.

What I would like to see is that they get a bunch of Z10s, put them in different cases and drop them to test how good they are. In this day and age, dropping your phone, any phone, means breaking your phone. Case it up.

Kevin, Any word on when the pre-ordered screen protectors will be available? I don't want to split my shipment, but if its going to be weeks, I will.


I Bleed Black & Berry

Does this make the Z10's screen uber important
Can it be used with a crack or does it only become useless if its too had of an impact

X2 on that. I understand when they said they're not in a spec race but the reality is since last year most popular super/smart phones come with Gorilla glass. They could of atleast used that. Basically it's useless if your screen cracks. Remember they're using a different touch screen technology than other manufacturers. It uses actutally pressure or something to that extent. And again...another reason they should of used gorilla glass. This is 2013. I wish my bold 9900 had gorilla glass and that was

You do do know Gorilla Glass is just a brand name right? There are other companies out there that make hardened alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass too; They just aren't as famous as Corning. Steve Jobs made them into a household name.

Yup. Too many people are fixated on the branding. It's like Beats by Dre. Gorilla Glass is not immune from breaking. My friend dropped his GS3 a few inches onto the ground and it broke.

Dude the digitizer broke, it happens (sometimes) when you crack your screen regardless of Phone brand /model/glass used.
It all depends on LUCK if after a cracked screen touch will work or not.

The Z10 is made differently.. The screen is only one piece no digitizer.. Unlike other touchscreen phones I forget what its called but basically its one layer with some kind of touch technology.. I read it on N4BB a couple days ago

Anyone else think that this video was worse to watch then that of the infamous '2 girls 1 cup' lol

I kid, I kid

I've been waiting on my Z10 for months (US consumer) and these guys manage to break one in a matter of minutes. What a complete waste!!!

I gave my Z10 a hug after watching this and nearly crying.

FYI: official drop testing on products is done at specific distances (usually 1m and 2m) on controlled surfaces, all 6 sides, and typically 10 repetitions. I don't think there are any standards beyond internal company requirements for pass and fail. Can't say I would expect any piece of glass to survive 1m on to concrete...

I guess this solves one question I had about the phone. I figured because of the touch on lens technology the touch wouldn't work as soon as the screen cracks, since the touch sensor is on the glass. Guess I should get a screen protector to complement my leather pouch.

Posted using the awesome new keyboard on the Z10.

well, that's not good... the screen cracks, and the device is a paper weight... :-( I'm pretty careful with my devices, but this makes me want to rethink the Z10... I've never had a screen crack from a fall. from my (1st gen) iPod touch, to my 9800 & 9810... I've had them dinged up, but never cracked... and I agree, this makes me sad to see it abused like that.

LOL the comments at the source link are priceless

1 - "This article in 10 words: I threw my phone against the ground and it broke."

2 - "I'm rather dissapointed in my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I got my shotgun out and and pumped it full of birdshort. I was apalled when the touchscreen shattered and the phone no longer powered on."

3 - "i feel the same way when i turn on the blender while somehow leaving my phone in it. Must be common."

4 - "I agree I took a flame thrower to it for 10 minutes and it melted what a piece of poop!"

Wow, the touchscreen doesn't work after it shatters? That's not good. Case companies need to come out with a lot more cases and bumpers for the Z10 as well as the Q10.

OMG! Why did I watch this. I'm in the states and want a Z10 desperately (not so desperately that I'll pay full price for it when I have an upgrade with AT&T - well that's a lie. If I had the money, I WOULD buy one).

Anyway, I found myself getting ticked off as those "drop" tests went on and on, and then when they broke the phone? I saw red, and does anyone know what they did to the phone off camera? What a waste.

I can't even get one yet & they are breaking one.
That is mean. I'd take that broken one in the mail. Send it to me.

Although I suppose that is good info to know, it is glass, so it is pretty obvious that if it falls the right way it will likely crack. Having said that, I think that was a total waste of a new phone which so many of us are just drooling with envy to get our hands on.

I cringed every time you dropped the Z10. Seriously man OUCH! i love touch scren and just watching you do that is like latterly breaking one of my rib cages..........that was too dramatic XD
anyway....Can't wait for the Z10 to arrive!!

No, it had an AT&T SIM in it. It was one of the Z10's the press got at the event in NYC. We had 3 of them so we had to sacrifice one to do a drop test.

I'm doing a 10 day stint with BB10 when it comes to the U.S. so I wouldn't give mine up but Lance agreed to sacrifice his. He was so sad when it broke.

In all fairness the carpet test is flawed. They are in an office, chances are the carpet is thin and just glued to the concrete floor. At home you would have under pad and more likely a thicker cushier carpeting.

The same could be said for the hardwood test pending if they actually use a sub floor in an office setting.

Pavement is pavement...that test is fine.

I can't stand haters but it just has to be said that you can totally tell by "profiling" him (and how his articles slant positively to Apple and negatively to Blackberry) that he is your typical iDevice lover.

Screen being unusable after it cracks seems to be the Achilles heel of TouchOnLens technology. Because the touch sensitive layer is on the lens itself so when it breaks, essentially breaks the "digitizer"/touch sensitive layer.
On other phones the digitizer is a separate piece under the lens/outerscreen so it is unaffected by cracks on the outer layer.

Appears case is a must. Maybe insurance too. I never get insurance for my bbs because they've always been rock solid.

You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!

I'm here wanting the z10 badly, and they're doing this crap! AND THEN LAUGH ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!


This is the same idiot who gave the Z10 to 5 people without telling them how to use it, and then claimed that it was not easy to use because they couldn't figure out how to unlock it or send e-mails by looking at it.

Nobody ever claimed that the phone was indestructible. I have seen many cracked iphones and android devices.

Waiament! He rebooted and it hit the AT&T "Rethink Possible" screen?! Where's my damn phone AT&T!?!?

Props to this guy, in my view its very informative, I mean, I've dropped my 9900 likes 20 times on pavement and a few dings and no screen breaks. Gives us a good idea as to the quality of build.

It makes me sad that these guys in NYC got their hands on an AT&T branded BB Z10. where's the love for everyone else!?

The drop test was inevitable and considering they're using such thin glass (thinner then the competition, it makes sense that it broke. That was a sideways fall though, I doubt many phones would sustain that altitude drop on the side. Most drop tests are flat and at hip (or slightly above hip) height.

What the fuck is wrong with people!!!! I'd like to drop him on his bald head and see how many times I would need to drop him to break his damn glasses!!!! This just passed me off so damn much.

this is actually very informative

1) due to the type of touch screen, the phone seems to be useless if the screen cracks.

2) the z10 is not built like previous BB i've owned. a couple of curves, a huge one way back when they had scroll wheels on the side and now a 9780 Bold. all of those phones took massive amounts of punishment and i never had them in cases.

even the playbook seems more rugged. i've dropped mine from table height on to a wooden floor several times without it even sustaining a scratch.

a case for the z10 is obviously a must. i hope the q10 isn't as delicate. right now phones with cracked screens are still functional because of the trackpad and function buttons, but these new all touch phones are going to result in a lot more paper weights. i would be fine with a keyboard phone without a touch screen as long as it had the new browser.

Definitely need a case, but most stores here dont have any yet and the CrackBerry ones we (gf and I) want are either sold out or on backorder. Not impressed.

Thanks for the sacrifice! BB's have always been indestructible - left my 9860 on the roof of my car, drove a half a block away, backed up, picked up the 3 pieces and put it back together again. Just a little scratch. Good to know my new baby will need a little more TLC :)

Seems pretty standard. These kind of tests are impossible to compare to other phones. Iphone 5's are getting BEAT up by people though, like the small drops of your chair or something. Large glass screens, that shit breaks on a tough drop no matter what. Check your craigslist for how many people replacing iphone screens. My little bro has made thousands running a small business replacing screens.

Not as bad as what I've seen. Someone microwaved a samsung galaxy sIII, ipad 4 and an iphone 5. They just might microwave the z10 too. ;)

By the way...where the heck did the girl go running off to? Did she suddenly get a case of the "runs". lol