The BlackBerry Z10 - Do you want it in black or white?

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2012 07:09 pm EST
BlackBerry Z10 - Black or White

Earlier this year at BlackBerry World, I bumped into Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins during the opening reception party and we met for the first time. We chatted for about ten minutes on a variety of topics, and as we were about to part ways I begged one thing from him. 

I begged Thorsten to make sure when the first BlackBerry 10 phone comes to market, that it's available in both black and white from launch. I expressed my frustration that how over my many years of loving BlackBerry Smartphones that it's always been painful to have to wait for months before a model becomes available in white. 

It's been a while since I've thought about color choices -- I just want BlackBerry 10 to come to market already -- but with the newly-leaked image above reporting that the L-Series BB10 phone will hit the market as the BlackBerry Z10 and will be available in both black and white, I'm thinking color choices again.

Based on recent photos and videos that have hit the webz, I have to say the BlackBerry Z10 in BLACK is looking mighty, mighty hot. But white. Ahh, how I love BlackBerry Smartphones in white. What to do. I'm torn. So it's time to vote. If you had to pick just ONE color to have a BlackBerry Z10 in, what would it be? Black? Or white? VOTE! 

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The BlackBerry Z10 - Do you want it in black or white?


Agreed - I'd prefer white if the bezel was also white.

However, if it's going to be as shown, than for sure black

i agree! if the bezel was white then I'm sold! however I kind of want a gun metal version as well.. but i think it'd look too similar to the iPhone 5 but still.. choices would be awesome!

[Torch user in The Philippines}

You're so right! I said it before. Bezel has to be white.. Like the rendered one. That would be one beautiful White/BackBerry..

Black is classy and very business-oriented. But I'd go for white one.. I lovee the contrast in the colors. Especially the black logo on the back... <3. Only if the two colors are available at launch! :) Or else.. will end up with the Black one.

A silver version would be cool. Polished silver and even a gun metal version. In the mean time I will take mine in black.

I wish they had one with a silver or metallic finished, and then the black rubberized back- I think that would look like nothing else on the market

Technically, I want it in whatever the "special developer edition" device color is. But if I were buying on the open market, it would definitely be black.

I like the Black and I like the white but its gonna be Black for me due to the yellowing of white devices.

I like the look of the white as shown with the black bezel. For the other ladies out there I think a white bezel may look crappy if makeup rubs off on it when it's used as a phone, so the white/black combo works.
I may be far outnumbered in the poll above but I'm stickin' with my pick ;-)

Simply fix for Kevin - get one of each colour. I mean this is the guy who bought a $500 clock app and a P'9981 (or was that two - another one for Mrs. Crackberry). First World problems........

I like the color white, but giving me anything white will only last minutes before it's all smudge. So, I'm sticking with black, unless there's other color like red or a combo two tone color.

I'm sorry, but that white phone looks like crap to me. I guess my expectations are high after seeing that rendering.

I would love to have a white BB for a change. Do you think it is carrier dependent as to what they want to offer?

Here's hoping for a gun metal N - series.

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I like 'em both! It's the BB 10 that matters...
Anybody see the video of the Dev Alpha B. Smoking the Galaxy SIII. in browser speed? That's dual core alpha build kicking quad core finished product!!!

Black, White, Fire Engine Red or Transformer-Camaro Yellow ... "who cares?"

IF I had some input with RIM's super-smart Marketing team - and trust me: I don't (yet?) - I'd let EVERYONE who PRE-ORDERS or BUYS adevice BY a certain date choose from a dozen or-so colours ... (not unlike the ipod's colour scheme/s)

More pressing a question is why more "BB fans" aren't asking for that 3rd crucial device in the BB10 lineup: a Torch 9800/10 "STLYE/TYPE" Slider based on the combination of the Full-size (screen) "Z10" WITH a Full-size slide-out Querty keyboard.
Between the market's demands for a touch-screen-only competitor AND 'us' die-hard traditionalist hard-QUERTY-keyboard adherents - those users who have kept this still great Brand and Technology afloat through the last 3-4 most difficult years - there MUST be a perfect combo-device solution like the full-size slider.

The Torch 9800/10 was a great device for the technical limitations it was designed in/upon and RIM's lack of ANY real / effective Marketing support. This NEW BB10 platform is the best shot at offering a perfect combination of BOTH functional feature sets.

Just sayin' is all ...

Why we don't talk about colors......... :) simple!!! Black white red wine pink for ladies in the house, gray silver* attention rim* a variety of colors could be a nice punch!!! In new york ppl are crazy talking, did you see the new BB and I'm like c"mon son I'm a 25/8 cause in midnight I'm always here* my fav time to read everything about BB* I love BB Family*

"White" vs. "Black with White Trim" is a significant difference. I have one of the ugliest computers ever made (Dell XPS M1730) that would have been actually attractive if they integrated a frikkin' BLACK backlit keyboard instead of "silver-ish-plasticky-looking-hot-mess" keyboard. Go ahead. Go look at a picture of the XPS M1730 and tell me that if the keyboard was BLACK, that wouldn't have pretty much fixed it.

Black is better for overall looks and battery life.... if you want a white device to look good all the time, you need a light-coloured background image... light colours (closer to white than black) use more power, so a white device "properly" configured :-) will draw more power than a black device, also "properly" configured.

When the device is in standby, the screen is black, not white, so again, a black device looks better all 'round than a white device with a big black rectangle on it, in my opinion.

Like everyone else said, if the bezel is white on the white model then it's white for sure! But if not, I'll be just as happy with the sleek all black.

I liked the nickel/chrome trim on the bb style (full keyboard flip phone). It would fit in nicely on a black or white (or any color) Z10, or maybe on a model with full function dual screens and flip out keyboard!

Black, or white, whichever hits first.
This time, it'll be white. I don't care if I get an extended battery and the cover is black at all. :P

I've read that the backs of the white and black Z10's are of different materials and that the black is easier to hold because it is not made of hard plastic like the white. Any truth to this? As for natural colour choices, the ripe Blackberry berry is really not black - it is a dark rich wine colour - a colour which would IMHO be a very attractive - even luxurious - in a Z10 hand set.