BlackBerry Z10 coming to Australia in March?

BlackBerry Z10 coming to Australia in March?
By DJ Reyes on 8 Feb 2013 06:07 am EST

So far the BlackBerry Z10 is available in the U.K. and Canada, with sales in both countries are going well. Read here and here. The rest of the world however, are waiting patiently to get one. It was confirmed during the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event that the BlackBerry Z10 would make it's way to the U.S. in March. While catching up on my Twitter stream earlier this week I came across a tweet from BlackBerry Australia, it seems they've been responding the queries on when it should arrive there. Their response?

Rest assured BlackBerry is working hard to carriers to bring the BlackBerry Z10 to you. This would probably be the case for most carriers and the main reason for the delays in getting the BlackBerry Z10 into your hands.

Are you on those networks in Australia? Can you breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's coming to you soon? Hit the comments for your thoughts.

That's two carriers confirmed for Australia then. Digging a little deeper, I also found this tweet.

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BlackBerry Z10 coming to Australia in March?


Don't forget Kuwait (and i believe the rest of the Gulf countries as well). It's available here since the beginning of this week...

Should pick one up in the next weeks, can't wait!

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I can't wait! Have been watching everyone on line enjoying their new BB's and i just feel so far away. :-)
Was going to import one from uk or canada until I realised that the models released so far don't match with Australian carrier frequencies.
So...I am patiently (?) waiting for the STL100-2 (Model: RFH121LW) variant to come out.
Ho Hum.....

I was at the BlackBerry 10 preview event in Sydney on the day after it was officially announced in NYC. Yes, BB Australia confirmed we are on a similar release timeframe as the US. I'm actually waiting for the Q10 though and will be switching away from Vodafone to a carrier that will release it. Vodafone has dropped support for BB, anything related to BlackBerry has been removed from their website. They're probably waiting to see if BB10 is successful on the other networks before considering releasing the Z10. By then, it'll be too late as they have poor network service anyway.

BBAU tweeted to me that it had got moved forward to Feb. Then about an hour and a half later tweeted that it was March again. I was on an emotional roller coaster that day. Lol

I'm with Vodafone and knowing how they feel about BlackBerry (they talked me out of the 9900 when I wanted to upgrade, saying it was a piece of rubbish and "each time I have to deal with a customer who brings in one of those pieces of crap, I want to slit my wrists" - true quote from a customer service rep in a Vodafone store. Instead they talked me into a Samsung S3 and it was the biggest piece of plastic rubbish I have ever used and I went back to my old work iPhone 4 after a month, and now am waiting out my Samsung contract) and the lack of customer support for BB devices, they have certainly lost me as a customer as soon as my contract is up in June. I'll be heading straight to Telstra to get me a Blackberry Q10.

Vodafone, instead of telling clients what they want, how about LISTENING!? I had numerous Vodafone reps telling me that a lot of the poor service and dropped calls, terrible 3G network coverages were with people who had BlackBerry devices, and getting a different phone would help the situation. idiots. The phones were great. Your network was to blame.