BlackBerry Z10 caught hanging out with an iPhone 5 in latest video

By Bla1ze on 20 Jan 2013 06:34 pm EST

Just in case you simply cannot wait for January 30th to roll around, Telekom Presse has posted up yet another video of the BlackBerry Z10. This time around, we get to see the BlackBerry Z10 hanging out with the likes of the iPhone 5 and put to some quick tests for comparsions sake.

Given the BlackBerry Z10 is noted to not be final or shipping software, the comparison in the video isn't overy valid but it does offer a solid hardware comparison if nothing else. Needless to say, we'll be doing our own hands on comparsions once the shipping software and hardware is available. In the meantime, go ahead and check out the video plus, drop your thoughts on it all.

Source: Telekom Presse

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BlackBerry Z10 caught hanging out with an iPhone 5 in latest video


1. We can never use enough apps lol
2. Still, in a marketing level, and for the first glance, its wise and cool to have many apps on home screen

I'm just glad ol' Big hands is back! In my mind it's Arnie telling me how fast the Z10 is and that he will rip me in half if I don't get one.

For marketing purposes it is actually a really bad idea to have a crap load of apps on the homescreen it is too congested and if they are smart they will market with the top names on the homescreen IE instagram, facebook, twitter, netflix, etc etc... they need these popular apps to pop and appeal to consumers

This sounds a lot like something Mike Lazaridis would have said. Thankfully RIM no longer has this attitude toward apps.

I hope he would also compare it against GS3, since samsung's mocking unproffesional, idiotic commercial about BB old phones.

Why not show a proper browser test to really see which is better? Not just cut ahead and load two different websites on both phones and say the Z10 is faster. Plus the Z10 browser gets checkerboards when you zoom all the way in and out, this happens on even the most top of the line Androids like the Droid DNA and Note 2, but it never happens on a iphone 5, you will never see pinch to zoom checkerboard on iPhone 5 safari browser while you see it on Androids and this Z10. Why not show overall performance on both browsers? Load up big websites on both and see how they navigate and perform around such big websites with pictures and all that..because i have done all this with my brother's Note 2 and my iPhone 5 consistently beats it in Browser speed tests. (App launching is basically identical when comparing Note 2 and iPhone 5) But not for nothin Blackberry did a excellent job with performance, the device seems snappy like the iPhone 5, although i will say that Apple has been the best at developing mobile browser on a phone for a long time.

Yes i know the Z10 is not finalized so things could become even faster on the Z10 but lets not forgot also about what iOS 6.1 brings to the i5. It makes the i5 faster and snappier a around performance increase, AND there upgrading Safari on the iPhone again to make it even faster so we shall see

The scary thing is that this is an European model with a 1.5 GHz OMAP4470 and the North American model is a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm S4 --- the S4 is 30% faster than OMAP4470 at the same frequency.

Search for them. Gadget masters did a browser comparison and speed test between the pre-production Z10 and the iPhone 5. Z10 smoked it even with unfinished software and non-final hardware. The demo units of Z10 only have 1GB of RAM and the production units have 2GB. This alone will make a difference in over all performance. Apple is company playing catch up these days not RIM. BlackBerry 10 will out perform everything on the market and unlike everyone else, RIM still supports Adobe Flash in the browser.

So iOS 6.1 better bring with it improvements to Safari and over all performance enhancements and iOS 7 had better bring some kind of innovation. Top end Androids have surpassed the iPhone in features, speed and ease of use and so will BlackBerry 10. The only company that can't get it's act together is Microsoft. Apple can't rest on it's laurels anymore, the competition has stepped their game up.

Those "Worlds most advanced mobile OS" commercials apple ran now just mean that iOS is the geriatric mobile OS whose advanced age is starting to show.

Pretty sweet indeed, though the Z10 - I personally am waiting for the full keyboard version, I need a tool not a toy - will need to be DEMONSTRABLY superior to get anyone to even think about a preference of RIM over iPhone or Android phones. Not sure this conveys as much superiority as necessary, but making progress. I'm looking forward to the X10 release and will buy one, staying loyal. I find my current BB experience to be VASTLY better than the iPhone and somewhat better than the Android (I've owned all and have always gone back to BB) - and that's on a BBBold - so I can only imagine how much better in actuality I'll find BB10. HURRY UP WITH THE X10. I understand why they needed to introduce the toy phone first, but the X10 better follow pretty quickly on the Z!0's heels.

The Z10 looks to be everything I want in a phone. Great performance, unique and intuitive UI. BlackBerry will be making a serious statement when this thing launches.

Totally agree. And the for factor is just perfect. I find the iPhone 5 to be too narrow a phone, it needs to be wider. The Z10 is slightly longer and noticeably wider - just perfect!

Yes, absolutely. Like Kevin said in a podcast with Rene, it's a bit wider so that two-thumb typing isn't cramped like the iPhone, but the words-on-key swiping keeps that excellent one-handed usability.

I really think it is the perfect form factor.

Doesn't really matter that it's not final, but is a very good sign that it's whooping the iPhone! Once QNX proves that it's the best in everything then everyone else will understand that other competitors have platform issues.


Some commercials showing (1) Time shift (2) BBM video with screen share (3) Keyboard (word prediction) on full touch.

It will definitely do the trick in the states.

I'm sure they have nothing else to show at the premiere of BB10. All these leaks have given away a lot. I'm routing for BB10 though.

I know the Z10 dual core isn't released yet, but imagine how QNX will perform when scaled across a quad core??


I think that's Heins' bigger bro in the vid!

Besides this, what they have to make very clear to the public is that BB10 is built from the ground up, completely new, and does not present the problems old bbs do. I can already imagine dumb people saying "Yeah, cool features, but I used to have a BB and they're slow and old and etc." RIM has to make sure the average consumer understands this.

+1000 I personally don't agree with plastic, but if you look at the picture as a whole, RIM's continued use of plastic, whether high-grade or not has indeed served them well throughout time. Going this route clearly was a smart choice.

I dont agree with plastic too. It was one of my deciding factor why I just could not get a Galaxy S3. When I held my friends phone, it just felt soooo cheap and was turned off by it.

It does seem like this BB10 have soft touch material which is what you get in luxury cars. I wish they make something like the new Sony Xperia Z build quality.

I hate with a passion that the z10 uses plastic. Really hoped for a build quality equivalent to the 9900/iPhone. Maybe on the z10 2.

Maybe not a metal back but the 9900 used a sort of carbon fiber type material, way better than the plastic used on the torch 9800/9810 which is what I think the new z10 uses.

the bb9900 was not actual carbon fibre, they just made it look like carbon fibre for aesthetics. it was just plastic.

NFC wont work with carbon fibre.

Yes it will.
Anyone who has worked with carbon fibre (as I have) knows that unless specifically designed for the purpose, carbon fibre laminate isn't nearly conductive enough to affect RF. The fibres are sheathed in epoxy, which enormously reduces conductivity. I have a model boat which is virtually 100% carbon fibre clad, and the remote control works just fine with the aerial inside the superstructure.

Having said that, I suspect that the Z10 frame, like any future BBs, will be magnesium alloy with a moulded polymer to give the overall shape. It is simply technically the best form of construction for small electronic products, stronger and lighter than aluminium and without the manufacturing problems (heat treatment, swarf buildup) or the structural problems (lack of flexibility means a dependence on the use of gap filling adhesives to give adequate shock resistance to glass and internal parts).

A production engineer wouldn't have chosen aluminium for the iPhone. Carbon fibre for the case back possibly, but it would make the phone a little thicker.

I own a 9930 and the battery cover is made out of a glass composite with the NFC antenna integrated in the battery door.

Loving this guys videos! I love the moment where he opens the back side of the Z10 to reveal micro sim and micro sd slot. Good comparison between similar functions on both phones, this is the first I've seen how you interact with text messages in the Hub.

I wanna model his hands.... Lol in my next ad... If i had an ad * Hes got man hands* sinfield. On a serious note im torn between waiting for keyboard or going all touch

+1 for the Seinfeld reference.

I thought I was the only one who remembered the man-hand-model episode when I saw this guy's first BB10 video lol

+1 more for the seinfeld reference.

on that note..

i mean this guys no ray mckidney..

but, is he still "master of his domain"?

And lest we forget, Mr Pitts, "and the stock will go heigher", Poland Water. Should post that on Umi's article.

BB10 is gonna bury iPhone 5 alive in the coming months. I wish however when there are foreign videos like this posted, someone would take the trouble to put some english subtitles on them as its really obnoxious to listen to a foreigner narrating what you can't understand
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Obnoxious? Really? I find the accent rather comforting, actually. And the subtitles are provided, though not word-for-word, but it still gets the point across.

Apple committed to some design principles that were called for in those days the constraining factors that were relevant then are no longer. As a result, Apple is carrying that baggage into their current OS. It's much harder for them to evolve, though not impossible as we have seen them transitioning from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X.

That's a great a point! Not being an ios dev I'm not sure what legacy api stuff they are locked into for compatibility and continuity but they have clearly stagnated on the innovation front for some reason.

Starting fresh has its advantages and html5 may give RIM freedom for further innovation with out too much legacy worry, so long as it supports the open standard the os is free to change as needed.

BlackBerry 10 is innovative and RIM seems well positioned to ensure it doesn't quickly become the same old same old.

The last time I was this excited about a phone was when I was waiting on the Bold 9000, I used that one for two years. It was the last phone I really braged about to the iphone 3G users. Now Blackberry is back. More powerful then ever. Can't wait for my Z10.

Same here; seeing a picture of the new Bold 9000 (at the time) with the vivid wallpaper of the skyline and 624 MHz processor made me really excited, but also mad, because I still had about a year before I could renew my contract. I'm glad I waited, because the 9700 came out soon afterward and I took advantage of that. (I have the 9900 model now.)

Looking back, it makes me wonder whether or not the Bold 9000 was overrated at the time.

The only problem Z10 has, is the public at large have a bad pre-conception of BB nowdays. With nearly every tech site out there ragging on RIM, consumers are swayed by the sites. Here in the UK a lot of people use BB's, more than I see people using iPhones or Android. They REALLY need to step up the marketing for this device. I'll be getting one as soon as my contract runs out and so will my wife. we both have Playbooks with the mini keyboard and find them so usefull, more so than my iPad. My iPad is only used for media consumption nowdays, while my PB is used for everything else. With the PB getting updated to BB120 (I hope they follow thru with that promise), then we will have the best mobile setup we can get.
Sent from my PB.

"With nearly every tech site out there ragging on RIM, consumers are swayed by the sites."

Actually, many of them have come around and are singing the praises of BB10.

The public are fickle :-) and will buy whatever they think is hot, looks nice, or what their friends have. Some will actually buy what works for them. I think for the general public (and even for some CBers) price point will be important.

10 more days....

Every single day I Google BlackBerry 10 and search for articles in the last 24 hours. That's put me on all kinds of sites around the world - Android sites, business sites in India, gadget sites of every kind, the average news articles - everywhere you can imagine.

The perception of BlackBerry IS IN FACT changing. I can't tell you how many posts I've read from Android users saying how Android has been a great run, but looking forward to BB10 or that someone's iPhone is now looking dated and can't wait to switch to BB10.

The BB10 platform is rock solid. The Apps will be there. The keyboard will be best in class for a mobile device. And the browser will load every site quicker than the competition.

All it will take is the loyal soldiers like us to use our BB10 phone so our friends can say, "WHAT? THAT'S A BLACKBERRY?!?" and they'll be impressed by what RIM is doing once again. #BB10 #Believe

You're absolutely spot-on about issues regarding the marketing of the BB 10; this was my biggest concern about BlackBerry 10's success, second biggest being investor sentiment. (Despite iPhone 5's success, AAPL actually dropped from $700 per share to around $500 per share.) TV Commercials aren't going to be enough (see Surface, Microsoft); BlackBerry has to absolutely flaunt its stuff out there and hog the spotlight. (I'm happy to say that in the previews of BB 10 we have seen so far, RIM has done great so far in this regard.)

Unfortunately, many consumers are tech-illiterate, so it comes down to language, buzzwords (e.g. "SPEED!") and brevity of presentation. Also, while BlackBerry World will have 70,000+ apps at BB 10 launch and developer sentiment within BlackBerry has been highly positive for the most part, that may not be quite enough, despite the mantra of "quality over quantity". But a really high percentage of good apps (or actual apps) could help stem the flow of the ideal that "more is better".

He actually does a pretty good review.

Has any of you checked out the real time quote on RIMM on the nasdaq?

It shows that RIMM is up over $20.00 per share. That's an increase of over 134%


Will the shorts die after they see this?

Apparently google released a profit warning late Friday, and it shows that they are down sharply.

A lot of tech players are up .... RIMM is up the most.

Something smells fishy.

I wonder if the shorts will sleep good tonight ....

This has me pretty anxious. If it's truly up that much, I might sell all my shares tomorrow morning...

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe just sell enough to cover the money I put in and the rest of the shares will be pure profit.

If it is jumping this high ..... there must be a lot further to go.

I know that RIMM trades over seas on a few markets. Maybe this is what the opening price is over there. Maybe they saw the Giant Hands Video and understand everything he is saying. He speaks in some sort of code.

please do not!! even if the shares goes up to 35$ please guys dont sell anything, we supported this company, we have been mocked by many, now its pay day for all of us that believed in this company we must old on the line until the end, trust me this will pay off. read the above article as one(1) of my sources, Prem Watsa been my north pole for must decisions on that matter. when i put 23000 back in September at 7$ ish do you even know how many of my friends laughed at me? i had to be either a very well informed guy or a total idiot to do that. well looks like times had shoes wisdom in my decisions. i'll stick with my stocks no matter what happened until the result of Q2 comes out (have to leave enough time for everyone who forget about bb to hear about BB10 and than buy it to know the real sales prospective,witch major investors will wait for before they lay a 'fail' or 'pass' on RIMM's come back)

RIM has under 100 million registered users. I think that doubling that amount with just one mobile carrier is wishful thinking. It would be great if it did really happen though.

There are over a billion people in China. Chinese people like the latest and the greatest. I'm sure that they would love to get their fast little Chinese fingers on a brand new BB10.

They have roughly 350 million smart phone users. Does your position of possibly 300 million going to BB10 still stand? lol @ "their fast little chinese fingers" that was truly funny. Gotta give you that one.

100 Million ...... absolutely. I couldn't post the link, but if you go to, and go to the poll about what smartphone people will be buying next, BB10 is rated number 1.

The entire link is too long to post, so i have to break it up.



There market is expected to go from 350 mil to 500 mil by the end of 2013. So you can be on to something. Lets see how it goes down.

It must be a glitch. Other sites aren't reflecting what the NASDAQ is showing. That was a good rush while it lasted though :)

Nasdaq is the king of sites. Other sites will feed off of it.

RIMM closed Thursday @ $14.91 per share. Add $20.05 to that price, and you have new current price of $34.96.

The date is wrong, but the prices sure do add up !

I won't sell .... because if BB10 sells well ... the shares will go to NEW Record highs within 18 months.

(Edited to fix a few discrepancies.)

If RIMM stock really is up by as much as 134% (meaning it has more than doubled), while this seems like great news, I'm a bit concerned that investors may sell; but, I remain optimistic and some research I've conducted shows that RIM's re-emergence is very much real. January 2013 looks to be the most progressive month RIMM has had (even before this news broke), since April of 2009. I reiterate, this is real.

Fun (and not so fun) facts:

* RIMM's share price, of $15.94, is at its highest since Feb. 9, 2012. $34.96 would be the highest since June 16, 2011, if this figure stands.
* The highest ever share price for RIMM was $236.66, back on Aug. 20, 2007, which was followed by a 3:1 stock split (to $78.89 per share)
* If you adjust for dividends and splits, RIMM's highest share price was $147.55, on Aug. 19, 2008
* The last time RIMM stock was at $20+, it was on Oct. 31, 2011. (That's a nasty treat, there.)
* The last time RIMM stock was at $30+, it was on Sep. 15, 2011.
* RIMM hit rockbottom on September 24, 2012 at $6.22 per share, which interestingly occurred 3 days after the iPhone 5 launch. But, as investor sentiment on AAPL stock soured, sentiment in RIMM stock seemed to grow.
* The last time RIMM stock was below $10 per share was on Nov. 21, 2012.
* Interestingly, RIMM sustained its 4th largest loss ever in adjusted share price on 12/21/2012. The RIMpocalypse didn't happen, though.

The fact that Aug. 19/20 is historically a good day for RIMM stock may or may not be a coincidence.

All things considered, if you look at RIMM stock, its downfall began on Sep. 26, 2008 - that's the day RIMM officially began its path downward. It wasn't until Mar. 10, 2011 when RIMM's prospects truly began to free-fall. One thing I've found interesting is that Android did a lot more to hurt RIMM than Apple. This is supported by an interesting article I've found:

His shaky hands really made me nervous for some reason, but the video itself was great. I'm going to need news, videos, or pictures (my daily fix) about the new phones everyday until the actual launch.

BB10 is like Iron Mike Tyson in his prime & the iphone just got knocked out!! #ILoveBB10 & I dont even have 1 yet

What strikes me the most is the cluttered/junky appearance of the iPhone App page. It looks truly awful. Initially, I was a bit unsure of the rectangular boxes that BB10 was using to highlight their Apps. However, when placed next tothe iPhone, its true elegance appears. Way to go RIM, we are seeing the emergence of a true superphone.

So I know its just a beta version at this point but did anyone notice there isnt any sort of pop at all to show the text message came in? I am assuming there will be other apps to show a pop if necessary but it seems a bit weak to not have the phone show anything (and yes I know its a simple swipe to preview it, but there are times when you just want to glance down to see the text)

BlackBerry is the master of notifications, so I wouldn't worry about that!

I can....not....freakin'....wait. These videos and photos are killin' me!

The way I look at that is my BB Z10 on the table upstairs in my bedroom, I just came out the kitchen, looked over at my Z10 and see the red light flashing, I know action needs to be taken. If I don't see the red light, I continue to bed with the wife to watch that good ole black and white movie.

With the iphone, im in the kitchen, text came in, I get back to where my phone is, I never knew if there was action to be taken unless I decided to just go and pick up the iphone to check to see if there was action to be taken. No action to be taken, Time wasted....

popup would be good only if I was sitting watching the phone all day waiting for a popup, otherwise, its impractical. After a period of time, the screen goes black and you never knew a message came in. You see the red light, you know something happened and you go to the phone and go to the hub and move forward from there.

It wasn't a rumor, it was on Blackberrys website, but I did see someone say it was something like conceptual. I really hope they use it though. Looked cool.

Ha! So true. Quite the shaker, although if my hands were on it Id probably be shaking with excitement as well!!!

This guy freaking looks like hes going through alcohol withdrawl.... Holy freaking crap! Thats just crazy shaking!

He's shaking 'cause BB10 and the Z10 is already "rocking his world!" (aka have held him at mercy). ;)

My fear is that the notification system stays as lacklustre as in the video. RIM was always known for the blinking red light and icon notifications...I was hoping the Hub would be more of a notification centre/drop down, rather than just a 'Messages' app.

Getting rid of he icon does not a notification centre make.

The rest of the OS looks awesome. I also think the phone is look super cool in white.

I have always and will always HATE RIM for putting the usb port on the side instead of the bottom. I'm such a over-reacter/ nit picker.

Yes you are.
I believe the usb-port on the side makes Blackberry special. It has always been there and is a significally sign for being a berry ;)

Nice thank you I guess I am just used to landscape with my PB and my 9850. Going forward I expect the larger screen should allow a better experience in either direction.

I haven't watched a ton of the videos but thoroughly enjoyed this one. Glad to see the OS build is killing it. Now even more excited for BB10!!!

I haven't watched a ton of the videos but thoroughly enjoyed this one. Glad to see the OS build is killing it. Now even more excited for BB10!!!

Can we get a video comparing it to the S3 or Galaxy Note? Really just the S3. The iPhone 5 will be 1st comparison everywhere, but the S3 is kicking the iPhones butt, so that's the real compettition. I want to kick the S3's butt.

Whats great about this video that needs to be emphasized is the ease of BB10 use. The commentary always seem to be how easy the iPhone is to use etc. But this video shows that BB10 blows the iPhone out of the water on switching between apps, swipe-tap vs. double tap home button then tap, so much more effortless on the BB10. Closing apps - swipe - tap X vs. double-tap home button, hold down till the icons jiggle then hit X!!! This is something that RIM needs to show-off in its marketing campign, the general public still sees BB's as clunky and hard to navigate as compared with the iPhone, this is no longer the narrative.

Well I'm interested now. This is something Finally innovative. Bring it on, i'm ready for a change.

Wherever you go, there you are.

If that is true, then finally the shares are almost properly priced.
After the launch, they should double to $70.00/share

If that is true, then finally the shares are almost properly priced.
After the launch, they should double to $70.00/share

Like everyone else I cannot wait to pick one of these babies up. I have NEVER had the urge to get any phone at launch in the past but this one is different for me. I'm usually the one saying "Why don't you just wait a bit and see if it's really as good as they say.". I'm breaking my own rule and not waiting.

Santa BlackBerry's coming soon. BeBerry good little boys and girls ;-) #HOHOHO

Bill Gates had a famous saying that in the end "its all software". This is where you make your dollars and become the dominant force in the industry. Hardware is a tough business and your margins are thin. You can pull it off but it is not easy. At this point in time, it is my belief that it would be a mistake for RIM to move away from hardware. Not that RIM is really in the hardware business. But optimization of the smartphone does require a well thought out marriage between hardware and software. So you have to get your hands dirty in a manner of speaking. Google figured this out the hard way.

I am looking forward to BB10 and the Z10. I am eligible for new hardware in April / May 2013.
Since my phone is a corporate device the Balance (Personal / Work) option will be great. Hopefully my employer and service provider will be ready for BB10 when I am. We are with Rogers in Canada. Device availability to corporate customers is usually a few months behind public availability.

I think it's a mistake, on RIM's part, to not have the N Series devices ready at the same time as the Z10. I personally prefer an on screen keyboard but most of my coworkers and my wife prefer the hardware keyboard which Blackberry is known for.

One thing I am still not sure about is whether Balance will use my corporate BES data connection on the Personal side or if I am supposed to have a personal data plan too. Does anyone know how that works?

Wow amazing... An iPhone 5 rebranded BlackBerry more than 6 months later... If you remove the multi task thing, that's just the same. Siri is just copy paste... They gonna have a bad time with patent

Post by Cult of Mac.

Apparently BB users have been waiting on the BB10 software for "several years"??? - Maybe I'm wrong but BB10 is about 12mths late not years?? Also the iPhone5 has a more premium feel to it as it has no plastic on show - I can appreciate what they say but they are not necessarily right.

The article importantly states" the Z10 was faster and more accurate at sending at text message. It’s also better at multitasking, offering users a live preview of active apps, rather than just displaying their icons. As for the home screens, there isn’t too much difference between them; like iOS, BB10 displays icons with names underneath. It also has a nice animation when scrolling between home screens, not too dissimilar to Android’s."

They summarise by saying "However, I think it’s safe to say BB10 looks like a huge improvement over its predecessors."

It obviously says quite a bit about the Z10 when an iPhone biased website, who often bash the competition, report this.

T- minus 10 days and counting

BlackBerry by Choice.

metal cases like the ipad are too slippery.....hence a lot of drops. I prefer the rubbery texture of the playbook. Hope the Z10 sports that type of feel. Even my Bold 9000 (old track ball) is still working, has taken a beating over the years, has a textured feel and grip to it. Metal has no shock absorbing qualities, so the impact is transfer to other items to the screen. That is why iphones always have broken screens...tons of them. Iphone users have to put their phones in clunky phone protectors....whats the point of building a sleek and cool looking phone if you have to put it in a big rubber casing....Hope the Z10 is tough like my Bold 9000

I agree much prefer my PB body to the iPad's metal.

I wonder how premium the iPhone5 looks after the aluminium is scratched and dinged senseless. A friend of mine put his 5 in his pocket with some change by accident and it scraped the top unbelievably - he almost cried when he realised what he had done. He also had a cover on it, but it didn't cover the top or bottom

Anyone who I have seen with an iPhone (4/4s/5) has it in a cover, screen protectors or additional power packs. Yes I have by Bold9900 in the leather pouch and it is pristine after a year but I think it looks better than an iPhone anyday.

I'm hoping the build quality is there too but then again it's a BB so that's a given.

We should totally make Mobile Olympics

Competition between OS and their users by performing various tasks, each challenges could be one-handed or two-handed lol

BB10 would knock it off

Sorry, might be a great video but I had to stop watching it, could not get past the left hand tremor that dominated the screens.

Phone looks like a beautiful piece of work. And, as with Android, essentially a tweaked copy of the iOS and iPhone physical design, with some carry-overs from BB lore. The video suggests there are equally zealous BB 'fanboys' as Apple 'fanboys' (although this one has a tremor). It looks like a very good phone, combining a lot of iPhone elements with modified interface tweaks, and even a few pieces from the Palm WebOS that once existed. It's really only going to be a flier if the classic BB features are so pervasive and well executed it brings people back from the iPhone, and (and this is a big and), they find a way to stimulate massive development in the creation of Apps - a huge lag behind Apple, Android and the impressive Windows 8 mobile OS. If BBM and slightly faster push email is important enough, this phone will satisfy some iPhone otherwise users, but probably not be the game changer RIM needed. As for all the 'negative' comparisons, just watch the video with the sound off. Or better yet, review all the features of the iPhone not covered in this. Even the diss on Siri is silly - can the BB make you dinner reservations and give you the Knicks' schedule and record? No clue from this video.

RIM's time has come. They had one advantage all this time: a keyboard. Now it's gone. Prediction: RIM marginalizes to an enterprise-only company that sells in bulk to highly security conscious businesses and governments. Nice try though. But if you want a sleek, touch-screen phone with voice recognition and a billion well-made apps and tight integration with your home computer on every level, there's a phone for that already. If you really want a different take on the sleek, touch-screen phone, take a look at Windows' latest offering. The only thing actually innovative in terms of differentiation from the iPhone.

Pretty sweet indeed, though the Z10 - I personally am waiting for the full keyboard version, I need a tool not a toy - will need to be DEMONSTRABLY superior to get anyone to even think about a preference of RIM over iPhone or Android phones. Not sure this conveys as much superiority as necessary, but making progress. I'm looking forward to the X10 release and will buy one, staying loyal. I find my current BB experience to be VASTLY better than the iPhone and somewhat better than the Android (I've owned all and have always gone back to BB) - and that's on a BBBold - so I can only imagine how much better in actuality I'll find BB10. HURRY UP WITH THE X10. I understand why they needed to introduce the toy phone first, but the X10 better follow pretty quickly on the Z!0's heels.