BlackBerry Z10 cases and accessories soon to be available for pre-order from ShopCrackBerry!

BlackBerry Z10 Cases and Accessories - Pre-Order Now!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jan 2013 09:23 am EST

For all of you waiting to get your hands on a BlackBerry Z10, our e-commerce team has some great news. The part numbers, descriptions and pricing are coming in for accessories for RIM's first BlackBerry 10 phone, and you can now pre-order them from

OEM BlackBerry Z10 casesbatterieschargers and other accessories will soon be available for pre-order come January 30th. Pre-ordering allows you to be first in the queue for delivery as items arrive in stock. 

Items will be available in both our main store (US and International) as well as our CrackBerry Canada store (visitors from Canada will be automatically redirected to the Canada store when visiting). 

ShopCrackBerry is the #1 trusted source for BlackBerry cases and accessories. As always, we appreciate your support and committment to the CrackBerry community! Exciting times - the new era of BlackBerry is almost upon us! 

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BlackBerry Z10 cases and accessories soon to be available for pre-order from ShopCrackBerry!


This post is about OEM accessories... aka BlackBerry brand. 

There will be tons of third party accessories, skins, cases, etc. coming out for BlackBerry 10. Our e-commerce team will be getting everything in stock as fast as they can. Stay tuned! 

Yea, the shirts, the water bottles, the hats.. how do we order that stuff? I don't see it on shop crackberry..

Historically this varies by carrier. For example in the UK, you'd never see a BlackBerry ship with a holster - only a pouch. In Canada, some carriers (like Rogers) would often do a holster. Holster is less popular these days, so seeing more pouches. Some carriers may put no case in the box. We'll see what happens as devices hit the market!

Hey Kevin sorry for the off topic question but I wanted to know where will I be able to purchase a BlackBerry Z10 outright without going on contract with Rogers again. Again sorry for the off topic question.

Does anyone know if BB10 will have Gorilla glass or something as durable? I'd prefer NOT to use a screen protector considering I plan to get the full touch version.

What about some Mophie love???

I would really love to see a Mophie extended battery case for the Blackberry 10 !!!!!!

Or any brand really!!, but a case with extended external battery

Giovanni Cedeño
La Concordia - Ecuador

Any custom arm bands for the Z10 for when I go running? That's really the onyl thing I know I want.

Wait... How am I going to pre-order something, when I have no idea what it looks like... There's no image for the leather holster

My favourite cases for my 9900 were the BlackBerry OEM ones. They did a great job with those.

Just pre-ordered both the flip and transform. By the looks of the pic the trend will continue with the Z10.

maybe the cradle has been replaced by the transform case?


The ultra-thin shell folds in half, so when it’s time to charge or sync your BlackBerry® smartphone, just fold the shell and pop your smartphone on the dock. Flip to stand for easy viewing!

so coming soon, I hope!

I'd love a black case with Sparks all over it... not necessarily a grid of them, but just kind of scattered all over, randomly... little ones that you have to look closely to see that they're Sparks. Maybe I'll design it myself :-)