BlackBerry Z10 case documentation hints at charging dock

BlackBerry Z10 Transform shell
By Simon Sage on 7 Feb 2013 10:34 am EST

We've seen a lot of BlackBerry-branded Z10 cases, but not much in the way of charging docks. One of our fine forum members spotted an unannounced charging dock in some documentation for the Transform Shell pictured above. Our British friends have a quick hands-on video with this stylish number.  

No doubt third parties will step in at some point with bedside docks, but without charging contacts, it's looking like the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 won't be enjoying the old pod style anymore. Side-charging docks aren't bad for all-touchscreen devices, but it's hard to imagine a design that would work well for the Q10. Hopefully BlackBerry will surprise us.  

Now, it's worth noting that while I was unpacking the Transform Shell cases, there was a little insert of similar size to the one posted in the forums, but I don't remember seeing the graphic for the dock in there. To be fair, I was mostly a kid in a candy shop made of plastic cases at that point, so it could very well have been overlooked. 

How many of you are using charging docks right now? 

BlackBerry Z10 case document

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BlackBerry Z10 case documentation hints at charging dock


Would be awesome to have a charging dock for the Z10 as I can't make it thru the day without charging due to my constant abuse of the device!! :)
Noticed the navigation with GPS seems to drain the battery quite quickly so a nice charging dock/mount for the vehicle would be nice!

have one by the bed for my 9930. Take it with when I travel for my alarm clock.

I've used a dock for maybe 5 years, since upgrading from my 8703e.

I get calls during my "on call weeks", and having to go back to a "tied down" phone does not make me happy

I recall that we saw an inventory listing for BB10 accessories from a month or so back that listed all of the cases we've seen so far, along with something referred to as a "multimedia dock".

A dock with HDMI-out would be spectacular...

Docks are key. I had them for my Curves and now for my 9900 and I will definitely pick one up when I get my Z10 (though how to acquire one when you live in Poland is not so clear yet).

I currently use 2 charging pods. One for bedside mode, one at my desk for "top-ups" during the day. I'll definitely need one (2?) For my new device.

I'm really missing my charging dock that I had for the 9800.

A nice dock with audio out / hdmi port would be just perfect.

On the subject of cases I'm probably going to be the person with the most cases. Already have the transform and the flip in red, neither of which are bad.

In tomorrows post I'm expecting the red microfibre, and the holster which I expect will be my main cases. The microfibre for day-day and the holster for travelling.

If I dont have to remove the case to charge the Z10 in a cradle even better!

I used a charging dock for my Torch, but I have the Z10 now and its just laying there...I may need to get a dock :)

I have a stand for my playbook (using contacts). My wife has one for her playbook using USB. I'm not sure what is best actually...

Using one bedside dock for my 9810. It doesn't have the contacts (it uses USB), I don't understand why so many are complaining about not having contacts.
BTW, having the 9810 clock automatically launch when plugged was great.I already miss that with the dock I'm using now with the Z10 (

I understand having the Q10 horizontally will be less natural than the Z10, but I'm not sure it will be a problem if the dock looks great.

I always use charging docks on my BB's. I was worried about this as soon as I heard there were no charging contacts on the bottom of the phone & that it didn't have inductive charging :(

We don't need charging contacts for a drop in dock, just a micro USB that sticks up, obviously micro HDMI would be great too.

Would love to get a charging dock for my Z10! I have one for my 9900 and one for my PlayBook, they look so nice in them lol

There is a landscape mode case, and now a landscape mode charging dock, and THE OS NOT WORKING IN LANDSCAPE MODE, WTF!!!! I hope that a next update of the software will give a landscape mode of the OS!!!!

I have a bedside dock (usb connected) for my 9810 and a bedside dock (charging contacts) for my Playbook. I use the alarms on both to make sure I get up at 5:15am every morning.

I have another charging dock for my PlayBook at work so I can listen to music and have the clock app always up.

My z10 is my new bedside alarm clock. It doesn't get plugged in (yet) and it uses very little battery when in bedside mode. I would still like the dock though.

I've been so bummed about the lack of contacts on the bottom like the 9900 did. I love my charging dock and would definitely get one when they're released, it just won't be as good as the 9900 unfortunately.

The ideal dock for me would one that has both a USB for power and an 'optional' slide-up/fdown HDMI plug, with an HDMI out plug for a cable so I could dock the Z10 and charge it while its plugged into my HD TV for watching movies. However that wouldn't be all the time, so having the HDMI plug slide up or down when not needed would make it easier to dock with just the USB. :-)