BlackBerry Z10 case concept lets you see your notifications and LED

By Adam Zeis on 13 Aug 2013 01:27 pm EDT

We see plenty of cool BlackBerry cases come to fruition, but on the same note there are equally as many that never see the light of day. One such concept that I would love to see hit the street is an awesome "peek holster" design for the BlackBerry Z10

Steve Purvey, a design intern for BlackBerry UK, has come up with this awesome holster design that not only lets you see the LED with the case on, but also has a side cutout so you can view your notifications without removing the case. You can keep the case on your Z10 and just tap the lock button to view notifications - it's as simple as that. 

According to the concept design the holster would be available in a variety of colors and even had a 3D-printed BlackBerry logo adorning the front. Check out the slides in the gallery above for more. 

So what say you - would you want to see this case on your Z10? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks Corbu!

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BlackBerry Z10 case concept lets you see your notifications and LED



I'd love to see that case! I'm always looking for something different, and that's wicked convenient!

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Agreed! BlackBerry has so much talent that is being oppressed. They need TAT, QNX, and these other young designers to have more say.

And if BBRY do it because of the fear of losing corp clients, they don't learn from the market. Look at how "adventurous" Apple and Samsung are, yet still corp clients flaunt those devices all the same.


yeah thats a nice solution, but for me i dont like holsters, maybe the designer can make it like a wallet, like the default "case wallet" of the S4

:3 ill buy that

Interesting but in my profession, clear plastic gets dirty and yellow quickly.

What I'm really curious about is seeing how this case would theoretically work. Would only part of the screen light up, would it darken the screen like bedside mode (wouldn't that require an OS modification)? How would it be activated?

Not knockin' the idea, just sparking some conversation.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

That's what she said?

I actually really like this concept. Hope they make one for the Q10 as well!


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Does it have a micro-fiber cloth inside, so that every time you put the Z10 away and then pull it back out, it cleans the screen?

That was my absolute favourite feature on my Nexus One: the pouch with microfibre cloth inside that cleaned the screen. Missed that on my NS and GNex, and I wish my Z10's leather pouch had one.

Looks cool but I'd never use it. The task of seeing a notification and then having to pull my device out would just irritate the hell out of me. Plus, when 10.2 comes out and has lock screen previews, it's pretty much rendered useless. But I digress, since it's not real anyway.

+1 Exactly what I was thinking. Lock-screen previews are so awesome on 10.2.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Thanks Bla1ze for the perspective. I wanted it but now I don't want it anymore.
Joking aside, the main function for cases or pouches is to protect the phone at impact. This could be useful and it is stylish at the same time.
BB10.2 FTW.

That comment makes me realise something. I have a flip shell case, and when I open the case it brings the phone out of 'locked' state, and immediately shows my active frames. This would mean when 10.2 come out i would not have use of the lock screen notifications.

Looks like have to be looking for a new case then....hmmmm

You going to make that available at ShopCrackBerry? I'm not interested, but some here might be...

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Good call. Typing blog posts with stumps might have been an uphill battle. Just think of the typos.

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Very cool concept! Love it!

One improvement I can think of: a clear, protective cover over the exposed screen area on the left. Otherwise, totally workable.

CB better stock up on those!!
About time I get a holster case that doesn't require me to use a belt hole puncher to make the led visible!

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this is so Awesome! Something so "OUT OF THE BOX". Beautiful design.
i would love this kind of design for Blackberry new products....

Too bad it won't see the light of day. Love it and would also love the BlackBerry docking station for my Z10. I suspect BlackBerry won't put any more money in accessories for the Z10 which is sad.

Hopefully the Z30 is still manufacture red in light of yesterday's announcement. I will wait 6 months before I upgrade to see if it survives and to see how accessories go for the new phone. Looking for a docking station with hdmi out.

The Z10 was my last BBRY device that u early adopt. Having purchased both my PB64 and Z10 on launch week and with both having been abandoned all too soon, I will have to wait and see how BBRY does with any new devices.

I sure hope they survive as I can't imagine using any smartphone other than a BBRY.

Living my Z10 and looking forward to my next BBRY.

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It looks great except it's missing details on how it'll "clip on" like a traditional holster on the belt.
Without it, it's just another case. A good one though. :)

now this is awesome. this solves the problem I had with having holsters or cases on my Z10... couldn't easily see the LED or notifications.

Love it !!!
If it comes out I'm buying two. A black one for my Z and a white one for my girlfriends Z.

I actually like the looks of this one! I'm running 10.2 on my Z10 and this would hide the notification previews, but for a quick glance at how many of what notifications you have, this is pretty clever! I would be a little concerned about the portion of the screen being exposed to damage but I would try it out if the price was right!

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Just take my money already!! This is awesome! This case is the answer to all the frustrations I have with the leather pouch case.

Case is more innovative than the phone itself. With hardly any Z10s selling poor chap will find it hard to sell loads of these amazing cases.

Yes. I want it. And I want it now. Shows my LED and the notification icons. And allows for it to be charged. As a long as it doesn't fly out of the case and it offers decent corner proton drops I'd be sold.

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I prefer sleeves to ugly cases, so this could be a winner, except that it doesn't protect the left corners at all which are the parts of the phone which get the most pain.

Sure. This looks nice and with a black Z10 the white case will be excellent contrast! The window to see notifications makes it very nice only that the upgrade to 10.2 hasn't happened as yet!

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This case makes use of all the blackberry z10 features, definitly would like to see this concept become reality.

That is SLICK! Makes me tempted to come back to BBerry. Apps apps apps. You get the apps, I (and many others) might come back. Oh, apps AND wireless tether.

Still, very cool case.

Love the sleeve. Miss the sleeve. This is like a sleeve on steroids. Would buy it in a heartbeat.

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As a concept, I like it.. for functionality, I am not sure of it's functionally on a day to day basis..

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With 10.2 imminent, I would vouch for a clear plastic case on the front as I am loving those notifications right now.

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I'd totally buy it in more than one colour!! Perhaps if they could do something about call as well in this z10 case.. like answering them w/o needing to pull out your phone from the case!! (challenging the S-view cover for SG S4)
Would be a hot seller!!

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Always rock my Z naked... all my previous BB's for that matter... why take away from the beauty of the beast... however, this is the first case I would consider... It looks awesome and has a function beyond protection...

From the Z...

Yeah the good thing about pouches and holsters is that the phone stays naked while in use and protected when not in use, i never use cases for the same reasons as you.

This concept speaks to the stimulating power of innovation and creativity. Two keywords that used to be associated to BlackBerry. BlackBerry should remain leading edge: from its OS to its phone designs and its accessories.

GS4 has a similar case, although it's a flip shell with a windows for notifications. Lovely design and I'd have one in a second, shame it will never see the light of day. Although I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

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I would love it if they had a leather one. I like the look of it. My main problem with Z10 cases is they tend to not look elegant (cheap). This gives style and practicality. Make a leather bound version and i'm sold.

Absolutely. This case could actually put an end to my "obsession" with trying to find the perfect Z10 case. Please please please make this case, hell I'll even beta test it for ya!

Wait, so the Z10 doesn't have the magnet sensor to go into holster mode?

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I like the idea, just not a huge fan my Z10 'inside' a case. I love a case a long the lines of this, with the LED and the notifications being visable, but not so much a pouch / pocket.

The led hole needs to be a little nicer looking and the roundness of the case is kind of ugly. I guess it a just a concept though. It has great potential

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The one problem I see is that when the screen goes to sleep, the notifications don't turn it back on which means until you take the phone out to wake it, you'll see a nice black screen. If you pull it out to wake it, you might as well see what came in.

Nice look though.

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I said I'd buy one on impulse until reading some of the comments not only would you have to remove the phone to wake it you'd also have no way of scrolling through the notifications. Although it would look nice on the shelf in the box along with the other 3 cases I've bought and not used............

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very cool.....would look great jus sitting on my desk during meetings and seeing my notifications at a glance

I want one! Wonder if they will create one for the Z30 or A10 device. ( is any name official yet?

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This is the kind of stuff we need to see come out of blackberry!

This is up there with the cool s4 case with the screen cut out to show time and notifications.

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lol this failed because it would get dust on one side of the device and get scratched up.INo wonder it didnt pop off.Actual use>looking cool.

they should have thought of this idea before the launch of Z10.. we need new designers with fresh idea..

I would love to see that case on my Z10.

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Well..Finally! Something more than just a boring black box. Utility and fun can, and SHOULD, go together. Two for me please.