BlackBerry Z10 in-car Bluetooth integration with Voice Control

By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2013 11:55 am EST

We're excited to see all the great ways BlackBerry fans put their new BlackBerry Z10 to good use, and Michael has one of the coolest uses yet. He fired up his new white Z10 Stormtrooper in his VW Beetle and noticed something cool about the Bluetooth integration. Not only can the Z10 perfectly sync up with the in-car system, but you can also tweak things a bit for direct access to the voice control features on BlackBerry 10.

Michael noticed a BlackBerry Voice Control name listed in his contacts, and after some playing around, dropped the assinged number into the voicemail slot on his VW's system. So by pressing the voicemail button, he gains instant access to voice control on his BlackBerry Z10 and can fire off emails, SMS or BBMs with ease. Almost makes me want to get a new car so I can try this out for myself! Check out the video above to see it in action. 

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BlackBerry Z10 in-car Bluetooth integration with Voice Control


My 2010 F150 Sync works with the voice control. Just have to press the button on the phone to start it. It sort of makes the Sync system look like its on a phone call. Works great.

Edit: was able to set a Quick Dial number works awesome! Thanks!

I'm guessing if you can set your car to call the number of the voice control app then it should work.

I set up my car to call 999-555-1234 when i say "call blackberry" and now I have full voice control from my car. And it works way better than the crappy voice recognition my car has!

looks like I need to upgrade my radio unit to get a better BT UI on my 2010 Genesis Coupe, so I can do awesome stuff like this too!

That is really cool. It's almost worth shopping for a new car just to use this feature. :)

The real trick will be figuring out a way to do something similar on NY motorcycle.

Damnit my 2012 Tacoma doesn't do this. I have the base model blue tooth. Not entune. I get the basics. Pairs when I turn the car on, remote control from stereo inputs. And I can press the voice control Burton on the phone which will take commands through the car mic

Time for an upgrade maybe

Again, if you read the post the trick is to find the voice control app "contact" in the phone book and call it.

I'm gonna have to try this!

I just figured out how to use it on my truck. The "blackberry voice control" doesnt show up. But if I add 9995551234 phone number into my truck it works. STOKED. I set that number on my speed dial. Press one button on my steering wheel, one on my dash and im on voice command.

It's not the phone its your car
And even the qnx based systems aren't anything special. This is all bluetooth standards. So far qnx isn't hiding any hidden features in there systems to pair with future phones. Not to mention cars are years behind when in comes the latest gadgets. There's lots of potential with qnx, bluetooth and nfc though.

For the best experience you'd want an aftermarket high end head unit. They tend to be closest to leading edge.

Cool, I'll test that in my Chrysler "MyGig" QNX powered infotainment system. (Not very useful, as it have already voice command, but just to see; I noticed that when peering, there was some options available: have to check that).

If you can voice control the phone, though, you'll be able to send BBM messages. I'm going to guess your MyGig system won't accommodate that.

wow! thats a really cool and productive way of using the bb z10 ! really go with the concept of flow!
when walking using gestures one-hand , once on the car using voice control! staying in touch with our-world (family,friends,bussiness) non-stop! thats truly connected flow ! the blackberry 10 way of flow !

wow! thats a really cool and productive way of using the bb z10 ! really go with the concept of flow!
when walking using gestures one-hand , once on the car using voice control! staying in touch with our-world (family,friends,bussiness) non-stop! thats truly connected flow ! the blackberry 10 way of flow !

It's compatible with BMW Connected Drive (QNX based). "BlackBerry Voice Control" is one of the options, showing up in the Contacts section. After pressing the dial, it will ask you to speak your voice command. No need to touch your actual Z10 at anytime.

im haviing issues with its connecting properly with my lexus.. when my z10 hangs up the car still thinks its connected to a call. didnt have these problems the torch

I have a new Accord Crosstour with HandsfeeLink which is QNX. I wonder what sort of connectivity I'll get out of it.

I was quite surprised when I connected the Z10 to my Audi A1's system via Bluetooth and found an extra number for BB voice control (this number doesn't show up in BB contacts, only on the MMI in the car). I can now send texts and emails on the move with relative ease and the system does a pretty good job of voice recognition.

Sold. (Who am I kidding, I was already sold.) This post has given me the push I need to finally brave the crouds at the Bell store to go through with my upgrade. Hope it works with the Q5 as well.

Sold out. Have to wait for more stock to be sent in.

I can use voice control on my BB 9700 or my iPod touch bluetoothed to my aftermarket stereo with the push of a button on the deck, no trickery needed! I am hoping it stays the same with BB10!

If anyone still has an old enough car that has a single DIN stereo you should check it out:

without even watchign the video i can tell you thats a Volkswagen, my Golf R has a similar radio head uinit but its a slightly higher up model and what not on it, but that is the same one my sisters Tiguan has ;)

Set this up today on my aftermarket Pioneer bt/navigation unit and it worked flawlessly! I just programed the "call home" icon to call 9995551234 and voila, hands free voice control! Sent a few bbms while I drove with both hands on the wheel.

Now THIS is the mega-future of Blackberry. And just the tip of the iceberg, please.

QNX is a good 10 country miles ahead of Apple and Android in automobiles.

Pairing phones...pairing BB traffic...pairing Google Maps...hmm...commute...Blackberry 11 or 12 will run circles around what iPhoney and Astroid will be doing for automotive support.

Worked like a charm in my 2012 Acura TL (Tech package). Blackberry Voice Control showed up in my phone book, pushed enter and off to the races.

Great freakin' tip and amazing feature.

I just bought a 2013 Accord and this works great for sending messages. Not so good for receiving. Be for this car I could use my Motorola T505 and use this function just by pressing the call button. It brings up the voice command. So you don't need a new car, just a blue tooth device.

Just tried this with my BMW System 6 bluetooth helmet and BMW Navigator III unit on my K1200GT and sure enough it works exactly the same. The sat nav had an option to Call Home but I live by myself so if I'm on the bike there's no point calling home, so I allocated that number as the "home" number.... so neat I can send texts and mails while riding a motorcycle, thanks for the heads up!!

Steve Parry

Cannot get the microsoft sync in my 2013 Ford Fusion. It will not sync, says no device found, with either bluetooth or usb. Any suggestions????