BlackBerry Z10 boot screen Easter Egg!

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2013 10:01 am EST

Last week we played with the BlackBerry Z10 almost non-stop while working on our BlackBerry Z10 Review. We went through two or more batteries a day tearing things down to learn all we could about BlackBerry 10. Hanging out on the couch one night, Bla1ze restarted the Z10 and we were checking out the boot screen. He tapped it (for one reason or another) and we noticed a very cool Easter Egg. 

While the boot screen is loading up, a progress indicator fills around the BlackBerry logo. It gives you a good idea as to the load percentage, but we found that by pressing and holding on the logo itself, you can view the actual percentage number. It's a pretty cool hidden feature that we just had to share. Check out the video above to see it in action!

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BlackBerry Z10 boot screen Easter Egg!


I would prefer the development team to have put more effort into the functionality of BlackBerry OS 10 instead of this school-boy 1990s era novelty.

Yes ... the detail in it was well thought out. Even though there is no big advantage to having it, it is a feature of detail.

If you don't want to use it .... don't put your finger there.

But I can guarantee you this : Sometime in your life, YOU WILL PUT YOUR FINGER ON THAT LOGO !

Must. Not. Put. Finger. On. Logo. Resist. The. Urge.
Damn it, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a bloody magician! Ya can't push it any faster!

I think they should have put more of that sexiness into the rest of the OS. A lot of reviewers out there say they're just not that impressed. If everything else had that much "panache", I think it would have been reviewed higher, thus spurring a lot more sales.

What scares me the mention of using multiple batteries for a one day exaggerated full use. Can we get one full working day with this phone. From day one I cannot seem to get more then 6hrs from the 9900 (slow day). I can fully charge it before going to bed and when I wake up 7hrs latter it's off and dead. The bold version prior to the 9900 I could easily get 2 days use.

You'll definitely be fine with one battery for normal use. We used the crap out of the Z10 during the review, which is why I said we used three batteries. I've had no issues getting through an entire day with just one battery. 

My bold 9930 used to have the worst in class battery life. But after a few OS updates I can honestly say it lasts all day like a normal phone. NOW if I'm using it ALL day sending pics and playing with it, it will only last about 8 hrs. But for normal life for EX: work then playing with it after work,it works fine. By the way that's a nifty loading screen. Lil things like that make blackberry stand apart from the others.

I am a heavy user and have a 9900 for work. I easily get a full day out of the battery. Some days its down to 10-20% battery left but its still working.

I am thinking either you have too many apps open in background or you are using a resource hog like whatsapp. Or possibly you received a bad battery (it happens. I had to replace the battery in my F150 3 weeks after I bought the truck from the dealership).

Everything I've read though, no one has complained about battery life on the Z10 ... yet.

Lower your screen back light brightness you will not notice a difference in the screen but a major difference in battery! type screen display on main screen and lower it all the way down till 10 also if you have wifi turn it on it uses less power then cellular!

I hope I can lower it more than I am able to on my Torch9800 I can still land an airliner with the bloody thing on minimum brightness. I'm surprised Vancouver International Airport hasn't called me for their back-up plan.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Considering the boot time on past BB devices and the boot time on an Idevice, that's pretty respectable.

Did no one notice the fact that he has the AT&T version of the Z10?!

I'm on AT&T and I want that phone so bad! Lol enjoy it for me Adam.

It probably means that rather than having the branding on devices being hardcoded like it was with bbos, the devices now get that stuff based on the sim in the device, a more flexible approach really.

Verizon at least, we haven't seen any pics of AT&T branding yet. Actually, we haven't seen any pics of AT&T anything yet...

That is correct. I have an unlocked/unbranded Z10 and the splash screen matches whichever carrier SIM I put in it.

I like the way that your Z10 looks to be on AT&T service and the carrier hasn't released the phone to its own customers! We are getting shafted!

"We are getting shafted." is a little melodramatic. It's coming to AT&T, just not for another 2 months. I find it interesting that the phone is ready but they aren't releasing for another 2 months. I wonder if Blackberry wants to release to all U.S. carriers at the same time and there is one that is slow in getting the phone certified - hello Verizon.

Adam, I noticed the AT&T carrier can i get an AT&T Z10? I really don't want to wait until March. Could i have yours? Thanks!

I noticed this "Easter Egg" when I turned my Z10 on for the first time! Wish I had told you now but I though that if I found it straight away, you guys would do too. FML.

Ummm, did you know that this phone can make and receive calls too? :P

"rethink possible" logo when it was shutting down suggests it's ready for ATT release, will they release this month or does bberry want a march launch to get some more apps

PB boot time > 5min
BBOS > 3-5 min
BB10 = 1min

For those who are complaining about boot time. It's a huge improvement. If you cant wait 1min then you have a serious problem.

seriously 0ne min can be the difference between life and death how about 30-35 seconds.Every single time i turn off my bold that thought always run through my mind