More BlackBerry Z10 bargains from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse

By James Richardson on 23 Nov 2013 02:53 am EST

We've seen a few price drops on the BlackBerry Z10 recently here in the UK. Carphone Warehouse have hit us with yet another which could be perfect timing on the run up to Christmas? 

The UK retailer now has the Z10 up for grabs from as little as £10.50 per month on a 24 Orange month contract. I'll be honest and say you don't get a great deal for your money - 30 minutes, 500 SMS and 100MB of data, but for the kids this one could be attractive. 

However, for just 50 pence more a month more you can get the Z10 on T-Mobile and that deal will net you 100 minutes, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data - which certainly looks more attractive. And remember - if you want the option to purchase the Z10 SIM free then you are only looking at £179.95! 

There's no up front cost for the BlackBerry Z10 on these deals and Carphone Warehouse still have a few options which come with free tablets. We are certainly not affiliated with them in any way but seeing as they are the ones that seem to be offering the best Z10 deals I think they are due some credit. 

CrackBerry nation UK - are these deals a Christmas bargain or is it just me? Sound off in the comments. 

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Reader comments

More BlackBerry Z10 bargains from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse


11 quid a month, 1Gb data damn that is a good deal. Just a shame everything else in the UK is so freakin expensive...

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

Having said that - only pay the equivalent of 13 quid a month for 3GB data on a pay-as-you-go plan here in Thailand...

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

For us in Austria, this would be a horrible deal...

You'd get here for 10£, 1000 min, 1000sms and 1 GB data... !

Posted via CB10

That's not good as I have a Z10 with 500 minutes, unlimited text and 2GB data in the UK and I'm paying £45 a month, not happy about this at all!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

+1 there is a lesson learned. Don't buy BlackBerry products as first buyer. Just wait until price drop.

Posted via CB10

Yes, agreed. But there's little point getting ultra upset about this sort of thing. Unless you were able to read the future and predict huge price drops in advance, there was little way of knowing that discounts would go do deep. I got my Z10 in September. I get unlimited calls and texts, 500mb wifi (with BT Openzone) and 1G for £29/month. One needs to be philosophical about these things.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Um, absolutely not, this happens quite a lot with LG, HTC & Sony too. Seeing how Samsung keeps outselling them by far, especially when offering less attractive G4 hardware. No Thanks.

I am sorry for your pain but thanks for the good laugh!

I'm just guessing that the next time you will wait for 6 months after launch.

If more people get the z10, then more people will realize the power of bb10 and qnx software.

I hope 10.2.1 can do the Android app trick and we can spread the word around.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

10.2.1 update does the install Android directly to your BB10 device, and some. And we are talking about a beta update. Just wait till this gets official, I can see it being even more easy to perform.

SIM-free, sub-£200, just two phones now stand head and shoulders above the competition: the Moto G and the Z10.

Z10 STL100-1 /

I am paying £40 for unlimited mins unlimited texts and 6GB of 4G.

I have not looked at the tariff touted by CPW but is it a 4G one? I would be doubtful.

Posted via CB10

I get unlimited calls, texts and data as my company pays for it :D

All joking aside, it's a 3G contract for £23.50 on Vodafone with the phone bought outright for £270.

Posted via CB10

Still I cannot convince my Mother! No buttons and a blind love of Samsung are preventing me turning her. Vampires never had this much trouble...

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Each to their own. I'm a BlackBerry diehard (Z10/PlayBook), my wife is equally attached to her cheapie Samsung and Kindle Fire HD, my older boy to his new Moto G and his little brother to his Huawei Y300, in each case with generic Android tablets. It's all about some diet/exercise app and ebooks for the wife and mostly about Minecraft for the boys.

Z10 STL100-1 /

Can she load her apps on say a Z30 running 10.2.1? With the direct load method? You might convince her yet

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

It's 169 on pay as you go (think they are all unlocked from cpw) or if you have a payg sim it's 149 to upgrde

Posted via CB10

The Z30 price will collapse soon as it cannot sell against such low Z10 prices and there should be updates in about 6 months for BlackBerry devices. Once the Galaxy S5 hits the Z30 will have an even harder sell and it is rumoured for January.

The real truth is that android and BB10 are viewed as head to head competition. Although true, BB10 and android are quite different on the OS level.

Posted via CB10

Judging by BB10 sales, it looks like a mismatch to say "competition." Yes the BB10 OS is elegant and I love my Z10, but if someone does not try it they won't find out. It's not much of a selling point compared to specs and apps and it is much less tangible.

Picked a sim free white Z10 up for myself from there after being given one to use from my work. Great device!

I paid 275 in the summer sim free for a refurbished z10 and get 1gb Internet 20, 200 minutes and 5000 texts for 8.00 on a rolling month contract with virgin, most of UK signal is H or 3G.

Posted via my splendid Z10

heh, I got situation, where ONLY Vodafone is good at home, but rubbish in my hometown and office. other networks I tried (O2, Orange, 3) are more or less dead at home (there are 3 spots where I get 1 signal bar in ground floor) but good in office.
Need to try Virgin :/

I bought an Awesome Z10 "Stormtrooper" on PAYG (to save 10 pounds over SIM free) as a lakes OS device, as my daily driver is a Q10 that's tied to BES I was missing out on all the fun and Appy goodness of 10.2.1 for these prices this is a real option for those who are reluctant, or Can't run leaks on their main device! Over the moon about this, But I sometimes wish Blackberry would Launch a device with this philosophy. I have 4 PlayBook's and now 2 BB10 device's, admittedly at the Bargin prices for all but the Q10.

Maybe if they had launched a Z5 along side the Z10 that was less than 200 sim free that would have saturated the market a little more. This is something I think MS/Nokia did right!

Posted via CB10

Z10 Stormtrooper. Cool turn of phrase. Presume you mean a white Z10? I hope that's what you mean as it would sort of fit the look and feel of a white zee 10. I'm happy with my Darth Z10 though!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Yup White Z10 is the Stormtrooper, perhaps we should set up a Crackberry campaign to get JJ Abrahams to cast it in the new Star Wars films as official Stormtrooper communicators!

Posted via CB10

In Malaysia. USD30 get u 1333 mins talk time. 1333 sms. 2gig data. Phone z10 at usd299 subsidise. Higher plan is higher subsidy for phone.

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Listen up guys, Listen up guys!!!.....Virgin Mobile UK, sim only unlimited everything £15 pm (VIP sim) cancel anytime...I’ve been using now for a few months and had no problems. Signal is great am using data like nobody’s business and not a problem. It’s a no brainer get a Z10 for £179 fom CPW or even cheaper on ebay (thats what I did, i binned my contract phone from now on) and slap in a virgin sim and booom your cook'n reeady for anything, with a top super smart phone in hand.

p.s. they also have cheaper sim offerings starting from £7, £10 and £12

hi. how to get vip sim (everything unlimited for 15/month?)?? I would transfer two numbers INSTANTLY!

Price competition is huge for BlackBerry now. Phones and software are good now bit still lack acceptance and familiarity. BlackBerry must recognizer this in its pricing. It must soon market itself as android.

Posted via CB10

I just grabbed the z10 from CPW at £179. Stupid not to really.Been keeping an eye on this device since it launched, but couldn't quite bring myself to drop full price. However, now I do have one I don't think I would have been disappointed if I had. Popped my 3 payg sim in, all you can eat data, 300 mins, 3000 texts for £15/m, and 4G in December. Most Excellent!

I get 2000 any network minutes 5000 3 to 3 minutes 5000 texts and truly unlimited data used well 20gb so far this month and pay 40 I can't see why anyone would buy a phone with just 30 minutes a month

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This is the price point needed for some BB10 devices in order to better compete with Android devices. In the end, you end up with a much better (BB10) mobile OS versus Android. All it takes is for the customer to try BB10 out, from there it sells itself.

That's very cheap! So fingers crossed we'll see them everywhere in January after Christmas and maybe before.

Posted via my CB Q10

You folks complaining about your plans are hilarious. Come to Canada, it's outrageous. Mine's $85 for unlimited calling and texting, 1 GB of data

The Z10 at £179.95 is currently 6th in the bestseller list at

Z10 STL100-1 /

Any other extra charges or upfront 179.95£? And unlocked or have to do anything 2 unlock? Want to use it in India..

I've just compared the plans to the Samsung Galaxy S3 (same generation) and those Z10 deals are indeed great as much cheaper.
10.2.1 will make those phones even better.

You would have to unlock it and make sure you get one with a radio and sim card or no sim card as supported by your carrier.

Posted via CB10

Anybody checking out the cool wallpaper, this is the second time I've seen it...anyone know where I can get it???

Posted via CB10

one week ago I bought my Z10 from CPWH for 179.99 + 3 pounds for screen protector. BEST MONEY SPENT EVER.

Awesome phone, fantastic price.

I have been a very happy z10 owner for 5 months now not one issue runs great

Grab a barging this phone is a hidden gem in the smart phone world

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Watch out for the sting in the tail with the T-Mobile 11/m contract - all calls once you use up the 100 minutes are a whopping 40 pence a minute. That could work out _very_ expensive for the unwary.

I an so grabbing one for myself.. my Z 10 fell recently,. Now has quite significant scratch. Atleast I can get this and wait for the next big release from BlackBerry... good deal!

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Moto G has lower specs!
and Z 10 is simply fantastic. Smooth and simple, no android stands near to this!

Now let's go out, buy some Z10s, and do some serious channeling !!!

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels

I've bought this phone on pay as you go for the mother and she had trouble answering calls but after I loaded 10.2.1 for her she has no problems! #bargain with a 10 s/o contract. Gt a nexus 5 for the Mrs though, sorry blackberry! Might sell it and get her a z10 too though lol

Posted via CB10

Just picked mine up today. Impressed with the phone so far. Wanted to try blackberry as a replacement to android. Looking good so far. First touchscreen I can get on with typing.

I went and bought the Z10 straight away sim free when I saw the last article a couple of weeks ago! Upgraded from my Curve and the Z10 is frighteningly good!

I bought it sim free and am using my virgin 1 month sim only rolling contract at only £7 a month, smell a bargain.

Thank you Crackberry for spreading the BB bargain love!

Now we're talking! A Z10 for less than 200 quid and OS is fantastic value. I'm getting two.

Why Z10 is not a 'nexus plus' from BlackBerry? There will be no another chance to do something good with Z10!

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

I picked up a Z10 on Friday from ATT for $300 (not including tax) without contract !
Now the web price indicates $340 (without tax).

When I was in the store, I was explaining to the girl that I my contract wasn't due until next July, and I didn't want to use the early upgrade for the Z10, and wanted to buy it outright, so I could upgrade next year to the Z30 or better.

I'm going from a 9900. I'm stoked. It is great to have the Crackle App, and real SKYPE. Still many things to learn, I've only had it for a few days.

It is great…

I especially like being able to video chat to a Playbook, both incoming and outgoing work fine.
I watched a few PBS shows on my TV by connecting the micro HDMI cable.

I have ordered a spare battery + the Z10 Flip Shell case. So it will be like a mini Playbook with that case...

Amazon UK were selling brand new, SIM-free & unlocked Z10s, in black, for £179 but it looks like they've sold them all now and don't plan to stock them anymore. Meanwhile, and completely inexplicably, they are charging £379 for a white version!