BlackBerry Z10 available on Vodafone UK January 30th

BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2013 05:37 pm EST

Two days out from the BlackBerry 10 launch event and shit just got reallllly real. A leaked document from Vodafone in the UK states that the BlackBerry Z10 may be available even earlier than expected. There was a rumor that devices would land on some carriers starting February 5th, but if this one holds true, Vodafone will be offering up the BlackBerry Z10 for online order on January 30th and it will be in stores on the 31st. So UK customers may luck out and be the first to pick up a Z10, but we're certain to hear more on this Wednesday. Check out the full doc below.

Vodafone BlackBerry Z10

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BlackBerry Z10 available on Vodafone UK January 30th


it does not look legit........shouldn't that say "RIM is officially launching......." instead of "RIM are officially launching..........".

may be a typo......

lets hope BB10 is available before valentines day.

not just in NA but anywhere it should be "IS" for this leak does not look legit.

Well in the UK we would say "RIM are officially announcing..." so I'd say it is legit. That's coming from a Canadian expat. It's just the way the English language is used here.

Get out and experience the world a bit more.

Actually, this is grammatically correct.
In England this noun is treated as plural and this document is from the UK. I would submit that this is proof that this is legitimate. RIM would make sure their documentation was correct gramatically and this lookslike a prime example of it being technically correct.

"Collective Nouns

Another way to think of this is that corporation and board are collective nouns, meaning they are nouns that describe a group, just like orchestra, team, and family. In the United States, collective nouns are usually treated as singular. It would be silly to refer to the corporation as he or she, so the only singular pronoun that remains is it.*

It is more complicated in Britain, where collective nouns are usually treated as plural, but then I think it makes sense to fall back on the idea that corporations and boards are entities and can’t take action without people."


I can't see one country getting before the others. . . . I expect EU and NA launch to be in unison, so here's hoping for the 30th!

i just found out that in the netherlands you can already order it trough typhone, it stats "

Op 31 januari 2013 zijn de nieuwe BlackBerry 10 modellen te bestellen! Schrijf u nu in en wij berichten u zodra de BlackBerry 10 toestellen bestelbaar zijn! Iedere klant die tot en met 28 februari een nieuw BlackBerry 10 toestel....

on 31 January 2013 the new BB10 phone are for order! you will get a message when they are available. everyone that orders its new BB before 28 of Feb can.....
so in the Netherlands they are probably available before 28 of Feb we are normally the last because we are not that big of a country so you will have it on the same 3 week window or sooner

i think that was the most important part of that document...this means that customers can easily use their existing sims with their current data plan immediately

Agreed. Either this is very wrong information, or they just outted that BB10 does not, in fact, need BIS at all.

CB team. Get to work on this one...

Diegonei, Thorbon, then is it the case that the barrier to making BBM a cross platform application is gone?
If were are off BIS and we have BBM, then ...
please advise

By the very nature of this detail, that "BB10s no longer need an addition Blackberry SOC", BB10 will run BBM in a fundamentally different way and therefore, it will likely be able to run-cross-platform??
Anyone think this will be announced? Seems like we may be able to get our service revenue and more back if this is the case -- especially given the news on WhatsApp?

As others have said and as Thorsten Heins mentioned in the last earnings call, the fee structure will change and move away from traditional fee revenue from BB plans. It's not really news.

I checked the German website earlier. they are reporting BIS is free. all BB 10 devices work on normal data plan

Nice. Love the fact that it says any sim only price plan will work and not just a specific BB one with BIS!

That's awesome for vodaphone UK customers. I'm hoping at&t will have the Z10 by super bowl sunday. They usually do releases on sundays.

5:00pm on the 30th? Maybe I'm reading too much into the time but it's pretty odd. That's noon Eastern. I wonder if this is an internationally simultaneous release? Major carriers around the world releasing it at the same time. Otherwise, why launch that late on a Wednesday afternoon?

I'd seriously put money on it!

Well if we follow that logic, then stores in Brasil can only start selling BB10 at 9:00pm. Most shopping malls are already getting ready to close by then.

But heh... I don't quite expect any of our major carriers to go for BB10 on the 30th... Sadly... :(

5PM GMT would be 12pm EST. If someone was wild ass guess, it could be possible that just after the official announcement, they could be sold at the carriers.

Pure speculation on my part.

Yah, it would be 12 noon eastern. So in other words, if the launch events take two hours it will be available right after the launch events are done. That sounds plausable to me. The time makes sense.

Seems like the OLD RIM thinking is really gone in truth. Starting to feel much better now.

Ok bring on Wednesday :)

This is brilliant news, Blackberry 10 will be in the peoples hand from Thursday! Brilliant execution by RIM if true... My only query is that I'm hoping to buy this phone Unlocked and Sim free outright, so hopefully major retailers also start selling on the 30/31st! BB10 is unfolding to be GREAT!

This is brilliant news, Blackberry 10 will be in the peoples hand from Thursday! Brilliant execution by RIM if true... My only query is that I'm hoping to buy this phone Unlocked and Sim free outright, so hopefully major retailers also start selling on the 30/31st! BB10 is unfolding to be GREAT!

This is really REALLY great news!! I hope in the US we get the same treatment! Wednesday can't get here soon enough!

I am so excited for this, I saw this post and literally roared with excitement (My Sister thought I was some freak). I hope this is real and they do realise the same day, but I was hoping they'll realise both colours on the same day, looks like i have to wait to mid Feb though . _.

Hopefully this is genuine and o2 will have it available on Wednesday straight away as I'll be ordering one right away!!

But I'd rather be on O2... Oh well their loss - they should be doing what Vodafone are doing! Finally some good news for the UK!!!

Verizon doesn't do immediate release so I have very little hope of a Jan 30th availability date. Even the iPhone had a 2 week pre-order, and most other phones get delayed until they're good and ready to put them up for sale. Big red takes their own sweet time with everything.

i am on O2 until mid-april.. but i am really thinking to stop the contract now, pay the difference for my 9860 and move to Vodafone! BB10 from the first day!!!!!

We shouldn't pack pitchforks, we should pack cannons that shoot blackberries (the fruit) at their headquarters to remind them that that have f***ed up again.

I still doubt it. Have been hearing Feb 5th too much and the UK is not going to get it before Canada.
Maybe legally they can sell it but they won't.

It all depends on how quickly particular carriers approved the device and final software, Rim would obviously not be able to start shipping to the carrier until that happened so that could account for a few days difference even with the shorter shipping distances.

Well I'm excited for you guys. From all the resent leaks and rumors, It definitely looks promising for the UK, Rogers, and Verizon customers. But I'm on Sprint here in the good ole US of A. So I'm not getting my heart rate up till I hear something more specific from the horses mouth on Wednesday.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

hmm...if that data thing is true thats a great thing for people on iphone to switch over to test bb10 or if they like both they can switch in between.
which is a good thing right?
hopefully it still compress data like a blackberry phone should.

You mean like how Microsoft changed their logo symbol to that new ugly square?

BlackBerry's existing logo is still good. Keep it as it is.

I just finished on the phone with something to do with my blackberry playbook and guy told me BB10 will be released on Jan 31st! They have gone through training and are ready to go. Was kind of shocked he told me. Anyway, I never post but thought that I would share my excitement! Can't wait to get my BB10 Phone!!!!!!! Oh and he said that BB10 OS for Playbook should be available within 2 weeks :) Take this all with a grain of salt until "official" announcement. I don't want someone getting in trouble. :)

It all sounds very very exciting! can't wait for the live event on wednesday. On the other hand, going over the leaked paper I have to wonder If that is good news for me or not. Here in Argentina BB plans have a standard flat fee. I just pay around USD36 for unlimeted data plus my minutes. If you were using let's say a SG3 the story would be different since every other phone excpet blackberry has tierd plans. I am possibly looking at a much larger service plan fee If this was accurate. However there are no news whatsoever yet as of a possible release date here so in the meantime as I get my z10 shipped here I will still be able to use my unlimited data plan!

Verizon and the other big US carriers better have the phone available on Monday after the Super Bowl. If RIM wants to start a fire under the feet of consumers with their expensive ad and then people go to the store and have to wait weeks for the phone....well you get the picture.

And for selfish reasons, I want my new Z10 before Valentines Day when we leave on a 3 week trip to Australia. If I have to wait until I get home to get my hands on this phone I'll go crazy.

Re the grammer, this is a Vodafone document and not a RIM one by the looks of it.

When's my Voda contract up, Oh Feb the 10th thanks for asking :) Happy days.

Awesome, really cant wait any longer. I think I will be emailing the gentleman at Voda who was pushing for me to get a Galaxy S3 as I'm way over my renewal date. He told me the Z10 would not be released by them until July 2013!

May just have to wait a little longer now though for the white 'Stormtrooper' model :0

Brilliant news. And now Vodafone, please bring it over to Germany as well. Isn´t too far away is it?^^


Have just been into my Vodafone store and was lucky enough to be shown the prices for tomorrow. for 300 mins, unlimited texts, 500mb it will cost £37per month plus £179. Blackberry rep was also in store and did not seem to know much about what was happening or was just keeping quiet! Staff could not say if they will have them in stock for tomorrow.

I hope you are wrong on the Vodafone pricing. That would make the Z10 more expensive than either the iPhone 5, Samsung Note II or Galaxy III ! Not a strong opener for the Z10 by a manufacturer that is struggling beyond basic contracts with 9320 aimed at teens.

e.g. For the same £37 pm contract, the iPhone costs £109 upfront and the contract has unlimited minutes, texts and 1GB of data !

Furthermore, 300mins, UL texts and 500MB of data is not even a standard plan combination.

Is it just me or does this document only suggest that they CAN sell the Z10 from 5pm rather than they WILL sell the Z10 from 5pm... Subject to stock availability.... Maybe I'm reading too much into this.