The BlackBerry Z10 in Australia will kick off with some great regional applications

By James Richardson on 18 Mar 2013 06:54 am EDT

With BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 getting a confirmed launch date in Australia - BlackBerry are making the most of local developers and have let us know that the good folk from 'Down Under' will be able to access some great new regional content from Blackberry World. Is it me or are BlackBerry doing absolutely everything right?

Some of the released, and announced, apps for BlackBerry 10 by Australian developers include:

  • THE ICONIC: Australia and NZ’s premier online fashion retailer 
  • Hotels Combined: A hotel search app that finds the best deals from hundreds of sites at once 
  • AHL/Event Cinemas: The ability to find movie sessions and make bookings
  • TripView: Displays Sydney Train/Bus/Ferry timetable data on your phone
  • goCatch: Connects taxi drivers directly with passengers
  • Clipp: Open, view, share & pay your Tab 
  • FoxSports: Sports news, statistics and on-demand video from Australia’s leading sports broadcaster
  • Virgin Australia: Enabling users to find flight specials on the airline 
  • Feather Duster: A “Tweet visualiser” by Conduct, which demonstrates the use of big data

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The BlackBerry Z10 in Australia will kick off with some great regional applications


Hmmm....that's a decent list. I'm surprised to see the Iconic on there. Foxsports, Virgin Air and TripView are all nice additions. Big wins would be: Australian Football League,,, Weatherzone Plus, and Foxtel Go

I agree, with the need for banking apps, hopefully they will come, however in the mean time the browser is super fast opening by banking sites.

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I agree, keep pushing them! The bank apps are hugely important to many. Aussie BlackBerry user's shouldn't miss out.

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For me, the mobile banking websites work quick and well. I even like to delete the history from my browser after each use, so having an app just seems like a great starting point for fraud. Am I missing something?

Not bad. Movie times badly needed - event cinemas app not actually out yet. Downloading fox sports atm though!

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I was on holiday in Sydney and picked up an Optus prepay sim for my UK z10 - trip view as a great app (although not free like the Android version), and Optus had the latest OS upgrade before o2 did in the UK.

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Saw three talking heads on CBC Newsworld last night write off BlackBerry. None had anything to do with the tech sector but unfortunately laymen will see this and buy into it. None had even used the Z10. Why these people are allowed on a national stage speaking on something they know nothing about is beyond me.
Let's teach these girbles a lesson. Haters gonna hate.

I've got mine already from Mobicity. Quite nice. Waiting for Audible and of course Aussie banking apps as well as those mentioned by Timmycanfly.

I'm alittle confused. Alot of people are asking for banking apps but all they have to is go to the banks site from their blackberry's browser and add the Page to their home screen. I do that with scotiabank and it works perfectly. I am able to do all my banking needs on there. So I dint see why so many people are asking for banking apps. Can someone fill me in if I'm missing something?

Apps provide deeper functionality and ease of use/speed, which is why we all love BlackBerry, to get things done.

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Some larger banks allow you to take a photo of a check to deposit it and this is not available at the "desktop" website, only the mobile app. I don't have any need for this feature, but alot of people do. I already have sent several emails to Wells Fargo asking when they will release the new BB10 app. They told me it is in process, but no ETA.