BlackBerry would have a team of developers at Netflix's door in 24 hours if they asked for it

Hunger Strike for Skype and Netflix!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 May 2012 10:20 am EDT

Here's the deal. When BlackBerry 10 launches later this year, it's critically important that there is no major app gap on the platform. We don't need 500,000 apps (of which 400,000 are crapps), but we do need to have all the major ones there in good functioning order.

Two of the biggies that we still do not have confirmation on are Netflix and Skype. CrackBerry Nation has been very vocal in wanting these two services on the PlayBook/BB10. Heck, we've even done an email petition campaign to the CEO of Skype.

There are lots of good theories as to why Skype and Netflix are not committed to BB10 yet (will save those for another post), but a few days ago RIM's VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders took to twitter in addressing a question which clarified that it's not RIM holding up the Netflix train. If Netflix asked... RIM would have a team of BlackBerry developers at Netflix's door within 24 hours to get the app built. I'm sure the same would hold true for Skype.

So Netflix... and Skype... let's get with it here and confirm you're coming to BlackBerry 10. Just do it.. or else I'm going to have to start getting desperate and sacrifice myself for the cause . And that's blood (and bad PR) that you don't want on your hands. CrackBerry Kevin to go on a Hunger Strike for Skype and Netflix?? You know I would do it. Don't make me.

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BlackBerry would have a team of developers at Netflix's door in 24 hours if they asked for it


And here comes the Skype and netflix complainers lol

kevin, do what you need to do to silence this crackberry nation.

I know a few facts that Skype is being worked on, other than that, no clue whats up with Netflix though

I would love to see a native Skype app for the PlayBook.. and it would be even better if it worked through the BB Bridge. I don't know why people have such a woody for Netflix. Their selection sucks!! Frankly, I'd rather see RIM partner with Dish Network/Blockbuster to bring some sort of streaming media (i.e. movies, tv shows, pay per view, etc.) option to the PlayBook and BB10 devices.

Ps. It sounds like Kevin is getting cantankerous in his old age. :-)

that doesnt solve the issue though. Amazong Prime is only located in the US same goes for BlockBuster/Dish. Netflix as bad as the selection is atleast they are in more countries.

I am truly v impressed at the commitment shown here by fans, cause as many may have finally realized that while it's fine to be fanboys, a focus on functionality would make that platform viaable first, and sucessfull second. Beyond core platform apps, while I could live without Netflix, I also consider it the second most important want. Skype is my first but also a must-have as I interact with people on several platform ...and always will.

You don't know jack dude! Skype has been adamant from the beginning about making a dedicated app for the PlaytBook! Besides it doesn't take that long to make one or convert it to BAR from Android. If they really supported us, we'd have one by now. So now I use OoVoO. To be honest I really think OoVoO is WAyyyy better, you can conference with up to 12 people, do alot of cool things with it including saving your conversations taking pics of your chat etc all for free. With Skype you have to pay for some of those features. I'd really like to see OoVoO make it to the PlayBook along with Yahoo Messenger, MSN etc..for everyone else.

I agree, besides Skype coming soon - Yahoo Messenger should come as well! Millions of people are using Yahoo Messenger on Computers and Smartphones, its should def come to the PlayBook! It will be embraced!

Seriously, I don't care about netflix anymore,when we need it they ignored us. And I unsubscribe already since last time we do the twitter to @netflixhelp

HULU refuses to go international. Therefore an inferior service and not worth any time in comparison to apps that would service a larger populous.

Complain to HULU to get its house in order.

This is silly. Netflix wouldn't even have to build the app BlackBerry would send their team there to do it for Netflix. While I have zero use for Netflix and do not care if it comes to my mobile platform, I still hear it is very popular & in some ways a deal breaker for some when choosing a mobile platform.

sometimes it is a strategy and or an indirect partnership/ some partners may have interests in not supporting a competitor.

For Skype* this may be more realistic but who knows whats with netflix.

It would be probably not very much money they would get from it.

Example Intel's discount to Dell etc. if they have only intel cpus, maybe 1% was enough that AMD couldn't sell there a lot better Athlon CPU at that time. This killed AMD and Intel only paid about 1 billion Dollar (or two) but it costs AMD probably 20% market share.

Something like that can be happen everywhere.

* but considering that Windows Phone still have only a cheap Skypeclient, perhaps it's technical problem? (I mean if Skype does not put much energy in producing a Skype-client for it's owner, and the late result is an incomplete app, it's something I wouldn't have expected or they have real problems with the app and Windows Phone OS)

ummm... what are you talking about? the official skype app has been on WP for sometime now.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

okay... because i have skype on my lumia and it works as expected, although i can say that i honestly don't use it much.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Unfortunately, says a lot about the future of BB10. If the majors aren't even interested in having their app on BB10, even with RIM providing all resources and funding, then I am very very afraid for the future of BB10.

Even WebOS managed to get integrated Skype and a native Kindle app on their short-lived tablet.

Actually, the majors are committed to BB10. Were you sleeping during the BB conference in Orlando? SAP, Citrix, EA, Gameloft, Union... to name a few.

Agreed. To me Skype is a MUST. Netflix... not as important to me personally. But I'll Hunger Strike for Both Skype and Netflix if I have to.

Don't huger strike for Skype, because it is coming... RIM and SKYPE are working together right now on integrating the video chat to work with Skype as well, using the contact list...

A friend of mine who works at RIM as a Network Engineer who is working on the backend making Skype work with the NOC and they are integrating the contact list (like FB, Twitter and Linkedin)

And from there, it will be integrated into the video chat application. There will NOT be a formal app, but integration into the Playbook, that is why Skype and RIM are tight lipped, because its NOT an app, but an integration into the PB/BB10 contact list and video chat

Hey now, that sounds pretty sweet. Would happily dispense with the need for an app if the integration is robust enough.

Thanks for sharing. I knew they would eventually work on something together considering Microsoft bought Skype and Microsoft and RIM has a partnership.

I agree here because from the tweet he said Netflix, but never mentioned skype which Alec know is an app that is also being asked for loudly. So i believe skype is on it way for BB10 but clearly netflix is not simply because of the tweet.

If this is true, then you should say this in private to Kevin. It's not fair to those working behind the scenes at RIM. You have no idea how damaging information leaks like this are to a Brand and their marketing efforts.

There has been a fair amount of discussion of this before. Some of us were hoping the integrated Skype client would make its way into the Playbook 2.0 update last February.

And at this point, since RIM refuses to comment on this prospect, it's still in the realm of speculation.

Not only would RIM be able to send a team in 24 hrs. They would have a prototype running in 24 hrs as well! - Sweet apps for the fans

I don´t get why Netflix is a "Major" that service is sh*** in every single country, even in the USA.... So again, why is a "major" app?

Because if it's not there when BlackBerry 10 launches all of the US-based tech reviewers will rip on that fact in their reviews... and BlackBerry 10 needs good reviews.

Don't forget.. it's called BlackBerry 10 cuz it's gonna score a 10 / 10! :)


I guess so! I really hoping for Skype, though... I hate the service but I need it. Let's all hope that Skype, Netflix, and all the "majors" jump in the BlackBerry 10 ship!

This concept of an APP GAP versus a crAPP GAP is very important. There are a few other major apps categories or companies not yet represented on all BlackBerry devices. I'm speaking particularly of Evernote (works great on my Torch, absolutely hobbled on my PlayBook). And good mapping apps. Despite the lone wolf crying in the wilderness (Magellan Compass) which is really good, we have no other reliable and fast mapping or navigation apps for the PlayBook. Garmin Mobile and Google on my Torch again are superb, but these are not yet ported to the much more useful PlayBook. Major suppliers like Garmin, TomTom, Navionics, and Google have yet to buy into the PlayBook revolution. Add them to your list, Mr. Saunders. Then we'll really have a killer platform.

jjrimfan, Ontario

TomTom has already partnered with Blackberry, so you can strike that off your list above.

That may be true but they've been partners with them for years and the PlayBook still doesn't have a real voice guided app(and doesn't require data). It is really lacking in this dept and for such a beautiful tablet which is perfect for travelling its such a crime not to have one! I'd even pay for it if it was available as long as it caches on to my tablet so I don't need data and get lifetime updates.

Could not care less about Netflix myself, but would love to see it arrive to BlackBerry. Skype would be huge to have, Hulu too. They do need these "mega apps" in place at BB10 launch or at least confirm they are working on them and will have them added. Will go a long way to help adoption rates.

A hunger strike sounds like a fabulous idea. I could stand to lose a few anyway.

In any event, I really don't understand what the hold up is if RIM is willing to committ to building apps FOR things like Netflix. My wife is an Apple devotee, and I am getting sick and tired of hearing about Netflix, Skype, et. al.

And, quite frankly, to be viable in the US market, I think the following apps are absolutely necessary:


Also, they need to ensure that Google Maps/Mapquest Maps (preferably both) can provide free turn-by-turn navigation on BlackBerry 10, as they can on Apple and Droid devices.

I love RIM, I can't wait for BB 10, I will buy it no matter what - but that said, this is the last stand for RIM in the USA. They HAVE to get this right. It has to be on time, and it has to have the same features that Droid and Apple products have.

No excuses.

and we still dont have a native twitter app for the playbook, come on crackberry kevin go on a hunger strike for that too!

The PlayBook reference was not there when I replied... looks like they edited afterwards to clarify...

The only way i see getting around the Skype issue is to make BBM cross platform and make it a better experience than Skype.
This could work!

Why are the people at Skype being such jerks?

Honestly, if I were RIM, at this point, if Skype and Netflix and any other of the big app providers were still unwilling to play ball, in order to ENSURE that the BB 10 release would be well-received, I would go to them and say, "Not only will we develop the app ourselves, WE WILL PAY YOU some kind of entry fee to get apps out for our platform." Make them an offer they can't refuse.

You can't screw this up and have Engadget mocking the lack of popular apps in their first review of BB 10. You just can't.

With BB10 phone with front cameras, video chat will be instantly better. RIM can also add video chat into their desktop software and then game over. It opens up Video Chat with BBM functionality to everyone without opening BBM to other platforms because everyone will have access to it and if you like BBM that much and want it on the go, purchase a BB10 phone or BB PlayBook. No need for skype at that point. Unless there is some patent issue with a desktop version, which i can't think of any, then RIM should not waste time with this solution.

Totally agree, add the WhatsApp element on to it along with the ability to conference with multiple people and you got yourself a wineer that can't be beat. The only question is will the people bite, that's the trick, getting the people on the bus to make it popular.

Its become fairly apparent that apple and android have some type of conspiracy going. Blackberry is a large enough market for these apps and they are well aware we want them and would be willing to pay for them. Its very sleazy corporate stuff.

"Conspiracy" is too strong a word and leaves our community sounding whiny.

As it stands now, there's a couple of million Playbooks out there. That's the total BB/QNX userbase. Compare that to maybe, what, 150 million iPads? Maybe 50 million Android tablets? If you're a developer and want to reach the largest audience, why would you fragment your effort to reach such a small audience?

Playbook/BB10 will get the apps when RIM can show the world a large enough userbase to bother developing for.

I won't completely discount the possibility that Apple's Developer Relations people might quietly suggest to individual devs that there might be "perks" in being iOS-exclusive, but I don't know that this rises to the definition of "conspiracy".

Because the smaller BB audience is more profitable than the larger whiney Android audience that doesn't spend $$.

I think the main take away from Alec Saunders' comment is that it is not BlackBerry that is holding this up. After a comment like this, it is clear that Netflix and Skype are not on BlackBerry due to the competitive landscape.

I'm glad he made this comment. It shines light on the issue.

Big apps for me would be BMO and Starbucks.. Netflix is shit in Canada anyways and Skype isn't a deal breaker. Oh, and what's up with LinkedIn? if they don't want in I'll delete my account.


Whether or not Netflix is a 'deal-breaker', someone explain to me why RIM needs Netflix to build an app? I don't know the ins-and-outs of programming or licensing, but my guess is that if RIM showed up at Netflix's door with a wee bag of money and said, we need access to X & Y to complete our own Netflix app, this discussion would be over pretty quickly. Am I missing something?

(Skype, with MS ownership is clearly a different story, as they potentially have larger strategic interests in keeping their app off the PB; certainly at least until win 8 phones/tablets are available)

Haha, you're the only person that has seen it then? Are you sure you didn't see the Android .bar file that floated around that is incapable of video or voice calls?

It's an internal RIM build... And its not an APP, its integrated into the contacts and video chat app. So the video chat sees both Skype and PB owners online

what about the IM aspect of skype. how is that going to be handled if skype is built right into the PB contact list?

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

honestly don't know...

And even if I did have the answer... I won't answer anyone who lives in the Vancouver area after living in Toronto HAHAHA Jokes

So how will this work? We will just open the native PlayBook Video Chat App - log in with our BlackBerry I.D's - and then just search for our Skype friends{Their Skype User I.D's/Names} and add them to our contacts list?

You really don't NEED to ask for something like this, specially when most of us have been sounding it on the forums for some time, just go for it! So they can understand that we also count!

you two are awesome. i'm listening to 'so appalled' on my PB right now.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Go for it Kev but don't over do it...we don't want you to die and all...if that happend what would become of our beloved CB ;0)

FWIW, I was told last weekend buy a RIM support worker that Skype was currently being worked on.

That would be nice.

With that info and $1.73 you can get a medium double, double at Timmies. LOL

Of course RIM is willing to send a team of developers to Netflix within 24 hours. That is only one side of the story. Clearly, there have been negotiations between RIM and Netflix and there is an obstacle that keeps this app from happening. What is it? I have no clue. Maybe Netflix wants a big piece of cash to do it, they know the position RIM is in and think RIM would pay them for the privilege. Maybe RIM wants a cut of the subscription money to give Netflix access to the platform?

All I am saying this that we don't know the whole story and before you go on a hunger strike, you better figure out what is really going on between the two companies.

If Kevin goes on the hunger strike, this would get some pretty major news worthy attention on Netflix & Skype and BlackBerry10!

+1 but do we really want to risk losing our fearless leader? These two companies may not give a rat's *** and allow Kevin to become a martyr. No thanks.

Well I really shouldn't even post on this article but I don't care about either netflix or skype. I will continue to use BlackBerry. My concern is Verizon getting rid of unlimited data, now that's something worth going on a strike for but not a hunger strike. That's something only people like Gahndi should do to make the world a better place. Kevin I really don't want to have to say this but you are not that important. Remember people it's a phone for people who get things done not to skype on or netflix on, get an iphone if you want to play.

While I agree with your logic, in part, regarding Netflix I disagree completely on Skype. I frequently use Skype for work purposes. It connects me with court experts and allows me to depose witnesses from across the country at little cost. I also need to communicate with people in other countries, which is free Skype-to-Skype.

Regarding Netflix, I would only point out that there are a great number of people who subscribe and will want it on their mobile device. If it is not there at launch it will open the platform up to criticism. The masses will not buy it, thus it won't be around for me to use as a tool, as a result. Therefore, Netflix is equally important.

A) I'm totally that important. I'm like the Mockinjay of BlackBerry. Lol. I kid, I kid... :)

B) TOTALLY DISAGREE about Skype. Skype is a work tool. When you have a company with people all over the world (like we do with Mobile Nations), Skype is the tool we use a million times a day to keep connected. It's a business tool. I'm not killing time on SKype. SKYPE IS EFFEN CRITICAL TO ME. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I personally don't think that CrackBerry nation should worry as much about the possibility of Skype coming to the Playbook because I have sent three emails to Skype inquiring about the issue and they told me that a Playbook compatible version of Skype is in the works but they didn't give me an approximate time frame as to when it should be available for download from BlackBerry App World. As for Netflix on the Playbook, I personally don't care if it's available or not for the Playbook because Canadian Netflix users don't have access the the same great content that American users do.

I think the tweet misses one point. There is a a large interest in these apps coming to BB10. Maybe not by some companies (Netflix, Hulu), but by the people looking at buying a BB10 device.RIM really needs to be knocking on the door rather than waiting for the phone to ring.

I totally agree with you!! That tweet sounds like they are waiting for netflix and skype to ask them first and then they will send developers... Why don't you just send them first and then ask!?? But when we talk about powerful rich companies, they got bigger egos than average Joes like us. RIM are the one who is in need right now, therefore they need to ask, so people get what they want,not what they want to impose to buy! How in hell RIM think people will get used to buy per view knowing people want a monthly payment!?

I would search for each and every post complaining about "NO SKYPE / NETFLIX == RIM SUXS" and post a link to this article.. But then that would be spamming so I will not ;)

Personally I don't use Netflix so don't care mush but Skype would be a ++

Kevin, I am with you on this. If by the time BB10 releases and Netflix is not on board, I will cancel my Netflix account ASAP. I don't watch much Netflix on my computer anyway. I really like to watch on my Blackberry device but if I cannot have my way, why waste my money paying Netflix every month.

As a Blackberry user I am offended that netflix will support apple products but not balckberry. I therefore CANCELLED my Netflix subscription and phoned and emailed netflix to let them Know why. Their on-line questionaire that you fill out when cancelling doesn't actually ask the right questions or let you tell them why you cancelled. Here are some email adresses i found for them... and

If enough people cancel and tell them why it could make a difference!

Right ! A hungerstrike sounds just fine . Why don't you starve yourself to death and then maybe Netflix and Skype will appear on BB 10 ?? LOL !

I've been waiting since day one for netflix and skype to hit the playbook and frankly I'm fed up of it. If they came out tomorrow I wouldn't use them. Begging for Netflix to take money from us and they still can't see the potential. Honestly f**k 'em!!

Why still people in here trying to see this topic just a a simple complaint... Why still in denial?? A big name cross platform video calling is more than need it on this tablet! So I wouldn't say “here we go again, another skype and netflix complaint ” why that attitude, if all of you know they are very important in order to blackberry survive.

Just think about it!! What would all of you do if RIM go out of business because they simply couldn't catch up with the competition, after all of you talking smack about other platforms... Then you would have to move to one of those same platform you bash in the past because they were toys and no tools! Unfortunately for RIM times had changed and people like tools and toys in the same device.

The only reason RIM isn't out of business just yet, is because they still have the benefit of doubt because they still haven't deliver the next phone, but if that phone comes short on things people of this era like and look forward to buy, that will be RIM final words and will die without a doubt! SO I DO UNDERSTAND KEVIN IDEA, he does know if those big names apps aren't there by launch day is over for your beloved blackberry! And people we are talking about THE NUMBER 1 BLACKBERRY FAN WITHOUT A DOUBT KEVIN BLACKBERRY! If he is even considering NOT TO EAT is because he does recognized himself the importance of this facts, .. So for those who just see this thread just like another NETFLIX AND SKYPE COMPLAIN ... All of you are so in denial and lost!!! I recommend to those to wake up and support whatever it takes in order to RIM get right or just die with them with them with no phone or business!

Call to cancel your Netflix account, while saying that it's because the Playbook isn't supported.

Then say that you'd stick around if they give you a month free until they can get the app launched.

As unfortunate as it may be, RIM's future will not just depend on how well they execute the delivery of BB10 itself (OS and hardware), but also in how that delivery is perceived by the media (and hence broader public). We all know too well that many pundits out there have it out for RIM, so RIM has to do whatever they can to weaken any leg they can find to critique. Of course netflix or no netflix will not make or break BB10, but taking away as many chances for idiots to say 'without insert-app-name, BB10 just can't be taken seriously' seems like a prudent approach. Like it or not, netflix is one of those apps that many will quickly look for (like skype, kindle, etc.).

Don't care for Netflix, I might use Skype.

Bring MLB At Bat, HULU, Navigation (turn by turn), Amazon Instant Video.

Didn't Netflix work on the Playbook browser when Playbook first came out?
That tells me that there's no need for an App. All it would take is Netflix to stop blocking the Playbook browser. It makes no sense to me why they are limiting who or what can access their services, when it's a paid-for service.

To me this sounds like RIM-Netflix negotiations aren't working. Why else would you say that you'd be there within 24 hours. It's almost like saying: Netflix ain't coming, but it's because of them and not us (which certainly may be true but doesn't make me think Netflix is coming any time soon).

If RIM offered to fix all of my BlackBerry problems, I would be at their door in 12 hours -- starving.

I wont hold my breath. RIM gets shit on everywhere. I even got the latest GameInformer mag in the mail the other day, they had an article about mobile gaming: iOS, Android and Windows. Nary a mention of our beloved 'Berries anywhere.

I can watch Netflix on my 3DS right now but it isn't a viewing friendly platform (too small and very limited battery life).

Would love to see it on the Playbook though.

Kevin, when are you starting this hunger strike? It should coincide with the release of BB10 on _____________, 2012.

jamaican BB fanboy

What i think crackberry nation should do instead on a hunger strike is to organise a day that all the members on here call in and terminate their netflix account; even if its just temporarily. i am not talking about saying your'e gonna cancel and then leaving it at that. i'm saying terminate and give a clear indication of why you are terminating. get this information out and just organise a day to do it. make it as public as possible. and just do it.
no hunger strikes kevin, that wont hurt netflix or skype terminating your account with both would send a clearer message.

I want Netflix on my PlayBook and it is aweful that we keep hearing nothing from Netflix or we are excuses why it is not there. I like my netflix but I want the ability to use it on my PlayBook. Skype would be great too.

Netflix has excuses... there is no reason not too when RIM is willing and able to help within 24hrs.

Well, after having read most of the readable comments, it surprizes me that the suggestion of an alternative service to Netflix hasn't been suggested. The right alliance could provide a superior service and bring in a company with strong footings in both movies and electronics, enter Sony, who need their own injection of new life. A strategic alliance there could potential create some magnificent synergies around manufacturing, OS integration between all home electronics under QNX, and a completely new offering for movies on the internet that would be a very compelling competitor to Netflix. They could also integrate video call to the PS platform for video and gaming integration.

It's a thought, makes sense from my very distant perspective.

There are not many alternative services. At least where I live, in Brazil, alternative services don't offer apps compatible with the PlayBook or the site is not compatible.

Does Netflix have to ask? Does Skype have to ask?

RIM builds Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WLM, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk. Why not Skype or Netflix? Skype is especially important for a connected tablet.

Well, Facebook in BlackBerry and Playbook is simply horrible to use. It's an app slow with many (too many!) bugs.

And I do not understand, if RIM wants these apps on its platform (and she needs them) give it some amount of financial incentive to Netflix so they can do the application.

The arrogance of those companies blows my mind.

I don't need 'em but it's regrettable that their absence gives haters some ammunition.

How about SlingPlayer? They haven't supported any new devices since the 9780. And it is a conscious decision to stop BB/PB from using Sling. The FaceBook app used to work fine until Sling blacklisted the PlayBook's Flash agent's user string and made it unavailable. What's the issue there?

I know, right?!

Why do we need apps for uses that need an internet connection anyway? Platform specific mobile apps could be replaced with web clients. Sling's streams perfectly fine to my laptop (no SlingPlayer app required) but the Playbook browser is blocked? Is this just so Sling can charge $30-$40 for a SlingPlayer mobile app specific to your mobile device? Gimme a break.

It seems users should only need apps when you are untethered - like for games, navigation, etc.

Agreed, but the real problem here is that there is no mobile app to sell at this time and the FB app only works with a few of the newer Slingboxes - my older HD box isn't compatible with the FB site so I need the app. I purchased Sling Player Mobile for my 9780 but now that I have a 9900 and PB, there is no available version - money down the drain. I would gladly pay $30 again to have the app on my 9900 and/or PlayBook, but there is no indication that will ever happen (Sling will not comment on unreleased software). So, they blocked access from the PB but have no app. Yeah....that makes sense.

Funny and I'll quote it "We don't need 500,000 apps (of which 400,000 are crapps)" so that means RIM thinks the other 400,000 companies that make apps are crapp, lol

Finally Skype is waking up! I think one my comments that I left in their forums on their website got their attention. I wrote one long comment one day and one of the sentences was written with all big bold BLUE and RED saying " DO WE HAVE TO WRITE IN BIG BOLD LETTERS TO CATCH YOUR ATTENTION????"
Its been there for about 2 weeks and I got about 5 kudos but then on the 3rd week it got removed.

I don't truly think netflix is worth it, but Skype on the other hand would be a no...Skype yes...

Kev WHY not put up a post asking ALL blackberry users to delete their netflix and skype ONLY then will skype and netflix understand we hold in and u have over 9 million followers on CB... Lets make this happen

I would not cancel my account. As much as I want Netflix on my Playbook does not make sense I delete my account with the entire history of movies and series that I watched and personalized recommendations, just for a possibility of Netflix consider making a Playbook app.

oh come on... BE A MARTYR FOR THE CAUSE! You can start a whole new history- re-invent yourself... just think of the possibilities :)

As a Blackberry user I am offended that netflix will support apple products but not balckberry. I therefore CANCELLED my Netflix subscription and phoned and emailed netflix to let them Know why. Their on-line questionaire that you fill out when cancelling doesn't actually ask the right questions or let you tell them why you cancelled. Here are some email adresses i found for them... and

If enough people cancel and tell them why it could make a difference!

I don't use netflix, got rogers on-demand. No need to cancel for me. Maybe a small demonstration in front of the Skype and netflix headquarters?

Why do so many people need netflix? Their selection of movies is hot garbage. Their tv show selection is ok but the movies are so booty, you can find better movies in a hobos shopping cart. Skype would be the business if it could make to the blackburley nation.

Because Netflix is easy to use, works on multiple devices, and it's simple as find a movie, and start seeing in a few seconds from your couch, which is much easier than going to a rental video store to pick a movie.

Why RIM doesn't develop its video chat application for Linux, android, windows, macos platforms?
After the above implementation who is going to need skype?

Ah yes, because all the people who use Skype will actually want to have to install a new application, make a new account on another service, and hope that their family contacts and work contacts also migrate to this new service from RIM.

There is now TVs with Skype. RIM is much, much distant from creating a video chat service attractive enough for people migrate from Skype.

I would have no use for Skype but WHEN Netflix comes to Blackberry I would subscribe but only if it would work on the phones and playbook and xbox (already know it does though obiously)

Unless i got the american netflix with all the new tv shows I wouldnt use it that much thought still would be nice for when im waiting and stuff but not a must to me.

Why don't blackberry fans put their money where their mouth is (so to speak)? I did.
As a Blackberry user I am offended that netflix will support apple products but not balckberry. I therefore CANCELLED my Netflix subscription and phoned and emailed netflix to let them Know why. Their on-line questionaire that you fill out when cancelling doesn't actually ask the right questions or let you tell them why you cancelled. Here are some email adresses i found for them... and

If enough people cancel and tell them why it could make a difference!