BlackBerry World vendor portal changes coming soon

By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2014 02:01 am EDT

Although this doesn't really apply to end-users, it's certainly going to appeal to BlackBerry developers. Over the past few weeks, BlackBerry has been beta testing a new a version of the BlackBerry Vendor Portal. Beta invitations are still being rolled out, so you can keep checking your email to see if you've been invited. If you've not been invited as of yet, here's what you can expect.

  • Improved experience - New look and feel
  • Promotion Codes - Created and managed by you!
  • Enhancements to the application submission process
  • Simplified management of screenshots and images

On top of the new changes, there's also some general updates as well that have been implemented. The RIME Store Vendor Agreement has been updated to reflect the corporate name change from Research In Motion E-Commerce to BlackBerry Commerce. With the transition from Digital River as Merchant of Record to BlackBerry Commerce now complete, the Digital River Vendor agreement has been removed from the portal.

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BlackBerry World vendor portal changes coming soon


It's BlackBerry that approves the junk, not sure why you're saying c'mon devs. The devs who actually do great work are constantly overshadowed by the crap that does filter in. Great app arrives, makes it onto the new arrivals list, then gets tossed to the bottom by 50 "App For" whatever listings.

Exactly! The junk hurts me as a developer as well. At least, my B4BB apps are automatically ranked very high. But BB World needs to have a better filter system. It's no fun to use it.
I want to avoid Android apps, I prefere native ones, but there is no way to filter them (only B4BB filter). A search for a decent app ends up with trying dozens of android ports, and most of them don't work as expected or are just poor.

You're not just whistling dixie.

Twice now I've had my app releases rejected by some idiot at BlackBerry because of an abbreviation "BB10" in my help doc, and once because of an OS bug; all while they cheerfully allowed garbage book, map and "app for" junk through...

[URL=""]Download [B][COLOR="#b03060"]Noted[/COLOR][/B], my 5-star rated, native BB10 notepad app.[/URL]

Does this help with android devs wanting to submit their apps to BlackBerry world?

Ive noticed that the big name native apps like wikipedia, bloomberg are NOT being updated, well not for a long time.

I feel BlackBerry world is in transition (maybe a limbo) between native and android ports.

Either way its disheartening and I think something needs to be done about it.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

No, it won't really help them. To be honest porting Android apps is a peace of cake (ok, there might be problems if you do it first time). However if will be easier for all devs to upload and more feedback from apps (I hope).

If so its baffles me why this isnt done already.

Nokia managed to build an android app store in no time for nokia X and thats a completely new unproven android hybrid platform with no google services.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Some developers, like me, are still furious with BlackBerry for one decision or another.

Some of us spent forever writing java apps - to have the whole OS killed.

We then started writing AIR apps at the request of BlackBerry. Now they have AIR being killed.

When developers are told to rewrite the same app 3 times - no matter how easy it is to port the APK instead... sometimes you're angry enough not to support based on principles alone.

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Talk with Windows phone or Palm developers, their pain is even bigger. I think it's a fate of struggling mobile platform, always look for a way to get their business better so they change constantly.

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A healthy app- development environment is absolutely critical to Blackberry's future. Bring on creativity, set high standards. Forget numbers. Go for quality. I am strongly in favour of seamless android access, but even more in favour of a strong native app development program which would set BlackBerry apart from other os apps. I would pay double for a good native app.

A severe problem for BlackBerry is custom apps - not just global big apps like instagram etc, but local apps offered by local or smaller firms. They are built first for android and ios, then maybe for windows, then possibly but unlikely for BlackBerry. This must be changed. And it can be. BlackBerry needs a market clearing mechanism to convert these apps to bb10.. even a forum on Crackberry to trigger developer response to demand.

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Who needs a hundred free apps or one dollar apps?

If I can have the top-rated, best app for the job and save time filtering through the junk, happy to pay standard rate $4.99 or more for an app like that.

My time is money. If my business charges $50++ p/hr to customers , I can't and don't want to play "find the right app".

Deliver and I will pay.

Maybe BlackBerry make an new hyper-premium, super-curated app selection with only 50 slots. Platinum selection, but it CANNOT and MAY NOT disappoint in any way.

Invoice, Stocktaking/Inventory (phone camera as Barcode scanner), CRM, Office Integration, Clipboard, Video editing, VNC / VPN / Remote Desktop, BB cloud storage, Import / Export modules, Direct database access, etc....

I'd happily pay for this stuff. More than I'm happy to pay for Microsoft Office....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm looking forward to the changes. Promo codes is something that has been tales about four almost a year, so I'm glad to see that becoming more of a reality. Moving away from Digital River is probably the right move, since it cuts down the number of payment sources. If they would cut out Bani, that would be even better.

I've never really had a complaint about the developer portal, but improvements are always welcome. I think the one thing that really needs to be worked on is reporting. Sales numbers don't seem to tie up with payment amounts all the time. A lot of that probably came from using multiple payment sources. The problem has been knowing which sales come from which payment sources. It becomes a guessing game about what funds will come from which source. Hopefully that will be worked on in the future.

Now all we need to do is get rid of all the junk apps (or allow us to filter them from view, at the VERY least) and put a stop to the heinous practice of allowing developers to kill any review they don't like for the most specious reasons (does BlackBerry World have any standards at all in that respect??), and I'll give a guarded thumbs-up for once.

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I hope they will make BlackBerry World available in Estonia, currently without proxy it is impossible.

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