BlackBerry World updated to v5.0.0.120 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

*UPDATE* - Got the change log - “Searching from the storefront, apps or games home screens will now return a search result group that contains just built for BlackBerry applications. The client also includes multiple bug fixes to improve performance!”

By Bla1ze on 27 Jan 2014 10:30 am EST

A odd little update is sitting in the BlackBerry Beta Zone app right now. We're not sure if it's showing for all users or what but it's certainly showing for some. It's an update to BlackBerry World that pushes it from v5.0.0.91 to v5.0.0.120. There's no change log or anything to accompany the update so if you're seeing it and decide to give it a go, let us know if you happen to spot anything new and improved. Right now, it's only available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone app so grab that if you haven't got it already.

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BlackBerry World updated to v5.0.0.120 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I wonder why it would be in the Beta Zone if it doesn't have anything new. Apparently I'm only eligible for the BBOS BB World.

+ 1 I updated too and didn't see anything till I checked for updates. Update notes just say bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Compass and calculator updates are available regardless of BBW update. You can get them even with your current version of BBW

I got compass, calculator, iron man and angry birds spaces all at ones asking to update. They all downloaded at the same time. I like this kind of mornings

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I didn't get the BlackBerry world update but I've found an update for BlackBerry Calculator and the BlackBerry Compass

Beta Zone is a funny thing as the criteria who gets the beta downloads seems to be a mystery. I've been fortunate to get just about everything offered.

I hope it fixed the "there was an error" message I have been witnessing recently when trying to download apps and games.

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I think I have a bad news for you....
I never have had "error" message before I updated to v5.0.0.120.
Now I can see the update for Compass and Calculator, but as soon as I push update button, AppWorld starts to swear that there is and ERROR blah,blah,blah...

yup, got same. app world swears that there is a connection error. but I was downloading minions rush update at that time! :)

I stopped BlackBerry World in Settings --> App manager then rebooted the phone and app world came back to life. Been getting those pesky error messages as well...

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I got the compass and calculator update right after upgrading BlackBerry World as well, but they won't download.

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I got the updates too even though I did not upgrade BBW. Both installed fine. If you're having issues downloading, try refreshing BBW in Settings, General.

For me it fixed my update tab where I had glitched apps that were not even installed on my device and that I could update..

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Good to hear from. I've had Chain Dots and that Piggies game updates stuck. Update it, but it still shows as needing updating. I just un installed them for now.

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Happened to be in the beta app and saw the update, so I installed it. I haven't noticed any changes so far. I just got the update notification email from Beta Info about one minute ago.

Maybe leading up to 10.2.1 apks, might be able to have them on BlackBerry World directly

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

Calculator and compass update for me too. Had a couple errors at first..not enough network coverage while I had plenty. Then not available for this device. All good after a couple of attempts.
Nothing else yet..

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Was there always a changelog for updated apps? All apps (Angry Birds Space,Calculator and compass) show a reason for the update.

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Great.. got an update for angry birds star wars, compass and calculator.

The calculator app now includes a tip calculator. Outstanding.

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I'm pretty sure the tip calc has been there for least in leaks I have been running.


Upgraded about 10 mins ago. Feels richer and smother, maybe it's all in my head Lol!!
Got updates for Compass, Calculator, Evernote & SN Sportsnet.

"a search result group that contains just built for BlackBerry applications." Thats a great idea! I think this will actually be really nice, and useful.

Although I just noticed they put the section at the very bottom, would there really be any backlash if they put it at the top? Built for BlackBerry are supposed to be the best quality apps, seems reasonable to put the best apps at the top, no?

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Something has changed for the better.

I had purchased Shadowgun on my PlayBook but could not install on the Z10. The option to do so was there, but attempting to do so would display a message telling me I needed to purchase it, but with no purchase button, just a download button.

As of this beta, I tried to install Shadowgun again and now it seems to have cleared up the issue.

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I just hope it fixes update pushes...rarely get app updates pushed to my z30 and when they do come they are very late. Shouldn't have to go into bbw every few days to check manually. I know some less tech savvy users NEVER update apps because they don't even know how to check for them. Ask them how they like Channels and I get a 'duh' blank look since they haven't updated bbm since buying their phone. I've taken their phones and checked manually and get a whack of 10-20 or more apps that need updates!

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Yes! iOS apps get udates/notifications almost too often, while BlackBerry World I have usually had to manually check too. Definitely this needs to be fixed, if today's BBW update hasn't done so yet.


BTW, there was an update for BBM as well. It showed up after I installed this BlackBerry World beta.

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Thanks for the updated info, Bla1ze. Though, I wonder if they've snuck in some client-side support for Android apk installs that could be uploaded to the BlackBerry World storefront from BlackBerry themselves on the server-side (assuming a legal agreement has been reached with Google?)

Just a thought... ;)

One thing that I just noticed which might be in the other versions is popular built for BlackBerry section. I have the beta installed.

Maybe there will be an android section coming.

I am on 10.2.1

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Finally! Installed new version, and all the falsely reported app updates are gone! ( apps displaying updates available, even though you update it a billion times - keeps on telling you it's available to update, and version numbers are the same).

Plus new calculator and compass.

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Is removing available apps new to this? I know it wasn't an option a long time ago but it's there now and that makes me happy cause some apps I never want to download again but some I do so this will help me remember if it was any good

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I updated and update all worked great with 4 apps at once, including compass and calculator. Still can't see any difference in the beta app world though.

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I saw a new feature. Now with this beta release, the action bar has a "add bookmark" tab for apps that you have never downloaded before.

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All that I know, is that for me its very snappy, I've never experienced such fast load times and the thumbnails appear instantly. Also guys check out what happens when u click on a Google play link to an apk:p

:p :D

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Dear Crankberry Forum

Am I getting the understanding that, many of you do not already have the OS update 10.2 as I have and I have had this for a good while, maybe about three to four months or more.

I am assuming that the updates that are collected in the BetaZone, are for testing and feedback on there function and features.

I believe I had installed a month or two now and had an update today for MockIt,
I do hope I was allowed to mention that, but I just wanted to say that the 10.2 OS update has been about for quite a while.

Good Luck Everyone

Z10 Jtv

Just got the update for blackberry world-seems much "snappier" and smoother -but no updates for compass and calculator yet.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but now you don't have to put the right spelling of an app which is a lot helpful!
It tells you what app you might be looking for.. Never seen that feature before.

I actually had to go into the Beta App and then go to programs, where it showed BBWORLD BB10 under the Eligible tab. I joined then restarted the Beta App and the download was there. Just a heads up. No idea why I would have to join anything as I usually try to be apart of every Beta.

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I have downloaded the new BlackBerry World from the beta app I'm not finding anything different yet everything seems to be the same unless I am missing something

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