BlackBerry World updated to v4.4.2.26 - Improved app update notifications

By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2013 08:23 pm EDT

If you've been having some general weirdness happening with BlackBerry World wherein you've not been receiving app update notifications in a timely manner or having the splat stuck, you might want to go ahead and open up BlackBerry World. There's currently a new update pushing out that brings the app into v4.4.2.26 and is noted to address these issues you may or may not have been seeing. Do note however, if you're running a leaked OS then the chances are good that will see no such update available for your device. Most recent leaked versions should already have come with this release upon install.

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BlackBerry World updated to v4.4.2.26 - Improved app update notifications


Correction to the article:
Even with last leak, update availiable but you have to manually search for. Then The BBW update will come!
I had few update issues that I hope are adressed with that update: No more updates prompted or advised, and BB apps even updated by themself without any notice or asking! (BBmaps and Adobe Reader always get updated by themself here)

Go into My Word in BBW and press check. If not just check in a few days. The BBW app seems to get pushed out at different times.

It's going to be under the upgrades section of the My Apps and Games. Shield be at the bottom of the screen.

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They mean to click on "check for updates" at the bottom of the screen after you go into "My World", My Apps & Games. At the top of the screen it says Updates, Installed, Available. Click on Updates, then the bottom of the screen. I have been having to check manually for updates, so hI guess this update fixes that.

I am running and iafter pulling up Blackberry World was given the update notice, so it must have been newer than what was in that release?

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Yeah, I run and I got the update as well, though I had to refresh after being told I had no updates.

Me either until today when I happened to check manually

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Um, correction to the article, even with the latest OS this is an update.

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I tend to check for updates every few days so got this one yesterday along with LinkedIn...

I will have to stop manually checking and see if BBWorld has got it’s act together!

Z10 + + DTAC = BBtastic!

Why the hell are you posting a link to a blog about the iPad on a BLACKBERRY related ARTICLE? Spamming are we?

an update to fix the updates...

Also, running Z10STL100-3/ and I got the update today. So must be certain leaks that got it?

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On 1767 and I received it.

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Whatsapp notifications are not showing immediately neither in hub, nor on the app when the app not opened on home page! Please have it get updated.

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I refreshed in Blackberry world but nothing came up. Strangely enough I have it listed in the Blackberry Beta App. Removed Blackberry World from the beta app and removed the beat app itself. Still not receiving an update

I presume there's no way to remove the app or manually download it.

Thanks Blackberry. Every time they "update" something, they mess it up. Send out another update to fix it. Mess it up. I'm so thrilled I decided to go w/ BB10 and my Z10. Even better, my battery is still heating up with every update I install. Keep moving forward Blackberry. Sooner or later my Z10 will fry itself and I'll be unable to get another update. How's 10.2 coming along?

Anyone else find that you can no longer leave app reviews? In the last version I had the share option was absent, but it's back now only to have review disappear. Tried sending BBRY an email but it keeps coming back saying it wasn't delivered and listing other options of contact, none of which do any good for this issue.

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Updated and I still didn't get the update for the new T4BB10. Had to refresh it manually to see the update.

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