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BlackBerry World updated to v4.4.0.54 for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2013 06:40 pm EDT

If you're NOT already running a leaked OS with a higher build of BlackBerry World running on it, then chances are you'll soon be seeing a BlackBerry World update hit your device if you haven't already. The update brings some specific layout changes to the app and also keeps track of your recently viewed apps.

Additionally, you'll also notice the updates / installed / available sections has been improved along with reviews, which are now listed by date and version number of the application installed. You can check for updates in BlackBerry World and it should appear for you, if it's not appearing just hang tight - it'll be along.

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Kool. Keep moving

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


Looks great.

Posted via Z10 and CB10 on Rogers


Ha! Thanks Bla1ze. I got the notification as I was reading your post.

Posted via CB10


Who isn't running 10.1 now?
No sarcasm, just a genuine question.

Posted via CB10

Stefan Blum

Anyone that has a stock Verizon z10 :(

Posted via CB10


Yep. Because Verizon continues to drag their feet in regards to the 10.1 update. Thanks, Big Red, for making Z10 owners needlessly wait weeks for the same release people on other carriers have been enjoying for months. </sarcasm>


haha anyone who has Verizon and doesn't know about leaks or how to load them. So, like, a lot of people in the United States.


Knowing and choosing are two very different things.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!


Telcel in Mexico city still hasn't pushed OS 10.1 for the Z10 users.....


The whole country, actually

Posted via CB10


Telcel Mexico is horrible about updates, watched them hold an update probably a year past VZW


I am with iusacell and I have 10.1 you should try with a iusacell sim



Posted via CB10


I don't see any difference.

Posted via CB10


The reviews actually list the version number that he or she commented about. Very nice.

Posted via CB10


Got an update :)

Posted via CB10


And my notification just came up the same time you published this. :))

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry keep moving I love it!!!

Posted via CB10


The version type for each of the reviews is a great touch!

Posted via CB10


Haha sweet I got a thread started that you guys linked to. Made my day :)

Posted via CB10

Peter Lee4

Bla1ze, you're on fire today! lol


Very nice. Fonts are bigger, app icons look better. Very good. Makes you feel like spending time looking at what is available. Keep it up BlackBerry.


Just download. Now bring the channels to all.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

Poirots Progeny

Thanks for the heads up!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


I just check Software Update for 10.1
I received an update on my Z10 Version - size 3MB, on VZW!?


I think this is also new: Settings, General, Refresh BlackBerry World.
Also, maybe, the ability to download over 50mb apps over data.

Posted via CB10

Key one

Got it looks the same with just added figure


Just got it!

Posted via CB10


I like that they have a symbol to indicate built for BlackBerry apps but this would far more improved if "Built for BlackBerry" was provided as a category in the app category menu..

Posted via CB10


Looks great

Posted via CB10


They've added a bookmark feature similar to BBOS wishlist feature. Sweet, easier than sharing to Remember app.

Posted via CB10


This is my favourite part of the update as well. I've already bookmarked a bunch of apps for download later over wifi.

Posted via CB10


Oohhh is the new notification bar on the right a sign of things to come in 10.2? Massive improvement.

Posted via CB10


By that I mean go into MyWorld and then Available app. Touch and hold an app until the right bar appears. The design is way better than before.

Posted via CB10


Mine came in Spanish first. Amusing, to say the least. It's since corrected.

Posted via CB10


Got it!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


Much better. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Oops I just found a new existing gesture rather than finding a 10.2 preview. My bad.

Posted via CB10

blackberry artichoke

Love the layout! especially when downloading apps! Nice improvements! Keel on moving!

Posted via CB10


Date and version number were badly needed. Excellent to seem them in the update.

Posted via CB10


Wow nice to see this kind of improvement!

Posted via CB10


Nice update

Posted via CB10


I generally like the improvements, but I'm not a fan of the new dropdown style and the scroll lag on almost every long screen.



Posted via CB10


Not smooth when scrolling! Still missing the ability to sort by this or that!

Posted via CB10


I feel the same way..right away when I got the update I could tell the scrolling is very laggy..:/

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10


With developers abandoning the BlackBerry 10 platform what does it matter if BlackBerry World gets updated to prettier user interface? I'm confused.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


You can't abandon what you never were committed to.

Posted via CB10


Nice, keep it going, better filtration.


Got it. Whats the new about it


Woo-hoo! Say goodbye to that pesky 50 MB download limit over wireless! :D

Verizon Q10 (SQN100-2), (stock), r10.1.0.2039


Some minor improvements are always good.


You can download files bigger than 50mb over the mobile network now too nice!

Posted via CB10


Nice that they made it more usable. Keep it on BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


Can't figure out what the hell everybody is excited about.

Posted via CB10


Is there a way to force the update?

Posted via a physiscla keybaord on a Q10.


Updated reviews are nice. Still more work needed there, but this will help.

Posted via CB10


I'm liking it. Each iteration/update of BlackBerry World gets cleaner, more intuitive and all overall better experience.


Do you need 10.1 to download updates? Because I've NEVER had a OS or BlackBerry World update in the six months I've had this phone. Fed up.

Posted via CB10


Like to see wishlist feature!!

Posted via CB10


My app world won't open now:(

Posted via CB10


Anyone can confirm that our review can still be deleted by Devs in this update? Or is it the standard now that Devs can delete any review they don't like?

Posted via CB10


Why Verizon, why..... please 10.1

Pasted with my BlackBerry!


I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the problem I'm having after the update my call list is acting weird I call one contact and it dials someone totally different. Even the call logs are mixed up. Never had any issues just started right after I updated :(

Posted via CB10


Anyway to rush them up and to send me the invitation?

Posted via CB10 ~ Follow me on Twitter @TheNewsHQ for all news as it happens ~


Oops wrong place at the wrong moment!

Posted via CB10 ~ Follow me on Twitter @TheNewsHQ for all news as it happens ~


That's Great! Love my BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

grumpy gord

After upgrade BlackBerry world will not load. Just keeps instantly closing. Any ideas on how to fix? Will I have to do a wipe of the device?

Posted via CB10


I got the same problem, have you found out how to fix it? Could you please let me know? Thanks


Love it. Thanks BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Like this, they apply all changes I suggested in their BBW survey:

- mark native apps discretely rewarding their efforts w/o discrediting ports
- add date and version to the reviews given
- improve the my world section

great, if waterloo needs more advice, feel free to hire me as a consultant with an astronomic salary :)

Posted via CB10


I've been having a problem with payment options and not being able to access them over the last few days.

Posted via CB10


Updated last night...

Sent by Bbry Z10


Nice visual improvements, but damn it lags. We have three Z10s and the update caused BB World to lag (jitter) on all of them.


A great improvement, well done BlackBerry. I am going to celebrate by buying some apps, now that there is a bit of context to the reviews.

Posted via CB10


Nifty little changes in this build. I like it!

Posted via CB10 - BlackBerry Photography C00016D81


I recently did the BlackBerry World updated to v4.4.0.54 for BlackBerry 10 and now it wont open, it opens then closes, so i was wondering if anyone could help me ive tired restarting my phone dont seem to work.. HELP??


The improvements and changes are good. Would love to see a filter for search results other than the categories they fall under.

Graham Ireland

Hey guys I'm with Vodafone Ireland and after being promoted to update new BBM World now it refuses to open

Any ideas?

Posted via CB10


i have the same problem but im on EE 4G from london, but my app would will not open what so ever, if u find out how to fix it could you let me know thanks :)


I haven't received this update yet, I'm really looking forward to it.

Does anybody know if there's a way of settings apps to receive updates automatically?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm new to blackberry.

Posted via CB10