BlackBerry World updated in preparation for BlackBerry OS 10.3 and new devices

By Bla1ze on 31 Jul 2014 02:30 pm EDT

If you happen to be running a leaked build of BlackBerry 10.3 or the developer release, you'll want to check out BlackBerry World as there's a new update pushing through currently. Listed as v5.1.0.53, the update is noted to cover the usual bug fixes that every update gets but it also adds in more support for upcoming devices such as the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic.

  • Micro carousel update on content home pages.
  • Image display enhancements for higher resolution devices
  • Addition of recently viewed and bookmarks on Search page
  • Updated support for future device form factors
  • Search performance enhancements

That covers what's in the change log but looking at the app, there's a few visual changes as well to make it more in line with 10.3. Again, for now it only appears to be showing on devices running BlackBerry OS 10.3 builds so if you're on something less than you won't be seeing the update. However, the update will eventually be available to everyone as 10.3 rolls out, plus there's a chance the BAR file will appear.

UPDATE - And of course, right after I post it being only available on 10.3, it starts appearing on 10.2.x releases. Mostly everyone should be able to grab it now though clearly it's still filtering through. It should be noted, if you're using a 10.3 leak the update appears to cause crashing so you should be on an official OS release if you wish to take the update. If you're having issues on 10.2.1, see the comments for a fix.

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BlackBerry World updated in preparation for BlackBerry OS 10.3 and new devices



Looks like BB World will be the best looking app store of all the app store markets out there :)

I like the apple app store, it's visually appealing to me - at least it is on the ipad.

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The App Store does indeed look nice on the iPad.
Now that I've updated on my BB 10.2.1, I'm seeing the new flat icon.

It looks nice, but a bit out of place at the moment. They changed the FB and Twitter apps to be more flat a while back I believe.


I really dislike the new flat icon. :-(

I loved that the previous icon appeared to be raised slightly - as if you could feel it without looking. Now it's just boring and two-dimensional like a child's coloring book.

I know I'm in the minority, but I loved the individuality and textures of the 3-D icons, and I'm so sad to see them all conforming to such a non-imaginative dumbed-down format.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

I am in the minority as well as I really dislike the dull flat lol of the new icon. I have not noticed any performance improvements and the carousel at the top is much smaller. I don't understand this direction.

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I feel like BlackBerry is currently going for a similar view of design as Apple has done, going for a more flat-out, "colorful" style... also the new carousel in BB World does remind me of Apple's App Store carousel a bit... I really liked the old BB World overall design and format, felt original and different :(

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It seems they're finally headed in the right direction...but I guess, that's still yet to be determined...

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Am I the only one that sees it EXACTLY the same after the update? Did mine not update correctly? lol

Not true. Just got it on Everything listed is showing on mine, as well the icon changed to look like the new 10.3 icon set.

We need a new 10.3 leak for z10/z30 for daily use. Come on blackberry.

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I'm confused... I thought BlackBerry App world will be no more as it will amalgamate with Amazon App store!

Please can someone help out my understanding. Thanks.

Posted via my sexy all black Q10SQN100-3/

Essentially there are now going to be two app stores on BlackBerry 10 devices. Amazon will support only Android applications. BlackBerry World will continue as normal supporting all existing types of applications and BlackBerry and Amazon will provide support to migrate an existing Android application from BlackBerry World to Amazon if the developer desires to do so. Plus, if a developer no longer wishes to do native apps, they can now build Android apps and submit them to the Amazon Appstore for use on BlackBerry.

Many thanks... that has cleared things for me.

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Can we not get support for Android devs who decide they would like to make their app native BlackBerry 10 to make the BEST overall experience? The support to move apps should work in either direction for the love of .......gaAAHH!!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

As far as I know, the Amazon app store will be a separate app that you can download and download android apps. It's like using Snap, but official from BB and Amazon

Oh... is the update currently showing for my Q10SQN100-3/

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Got it. Too bad they don't update the Facebook app as often.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

It needs to work right, display all contents of the news feed, display all contents of a profile, have built-in settings, the ability to reply with pictures, the ability to reply to a comment on a page, and so on. There are many things needed, just go and read the reviews and you'll see. The top app on any platform and it sucks. BlackBerry needs to prioritize their app updates (the apps they control) and deliver quality apps that people will enjoy.

Agreed, I feel like it gets stuck between both news feed views. If anything there is always the browser version which works alright.


Wow that's pretty terrible, every feature you just listed is present on the Android version of FB.

Why do you BB fans do this to yourselves?

Because we don't revolve our lives around Facebook. That's for the Android crowd to do.

I use my phone as a tool to organise my life, not to hear teen moms complain about how everyone else makes decisions and see what mediocre dish everybody made for dinner.

Also it seems like Facebook is not as cool as it once was. I know plenty of younger people who never use it at all, they prefer Instagram and Snapchat for their social needs.


Do what to ourselves? You think we should switch platforms just to get a more full featured facebook app? Are you serious? I rarely even launch the app anymore. I merely reply to notifications from the hub and that's it...

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How do I get the update? I'm on (z30). I don't see it in my app listings to update and my device doesn't see any updates.

BlackBerry World -> My World -> My Apps and Games -> Check for updates when in the updates tab.

On the 3rd try I got the update.

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Update seemed to kill it for me. Just opens and force closes. Z30STA100-5/

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Same thing is happening to me in my Z30STA100-5/ Has anyone seen or found a fix for it? I know I'm on an unreleased OS so I'm not really sweating it. If anything I'll just reload the OS and not up the app.

But if someone has found a fix for it that's cool also.

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Force close for me as well on 10.3. Sad. Hey, is anybody looking into this? I want to see the pretty new BlackBerry World as well.

Same here, I think they got us to force us to go back to official version.

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

Not a link...

Open BlackBerry App world and choose to find update.

My world - My Apps and Games - Updates (then click the refresh)

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New logo looks cheap and childish. The old one looked clean and professional.

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I disagree, the new design looks more in tune with the way things are being done now. BlackBerry got stuck living in the past for too long, it's about time they take initiative and stride head long into the present at very least.


So, following the trends is taking initiative? I honestly don't care about the icon one way or another. People judging a phone by its icons just sounds silly to me, but apparently silly, petty, superficial things are all the rage now so I don't doubt it...

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Received mines on I fine the icon looks faded though...overall, like the look..

Posted from my awesome spice country. #pure Grenada

Same here...

I guess it will look more streamline when 10.3 comes out (and then all icons will be a Matt /Flat/ Faded type look).

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I got it and I am on

Posted via CB10 | STL100-2 | Waiting for the mighty Squircle to return.

Yep broke mine too on .296. Just opens then disappears. Then stuck on the blank home screen until I lock and unlock. Tried a battery pull as well. I guess its time to downgrade back to 10.2.

I don't think ever in history have I ever been this excited for a device before like the Blackberry passport and 10.3

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Hey buzzer can u resend the app file again pls as I couldn't be able to download it now. Thanks

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It has broken my - what are my options please Crackberry friends? Is there a bar file anywhere for an alternative please.

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Downgrade to 10.2 I guess. Maybe this was a way of forcing all of us beta testers on 10.3 back to a released OS.

Now that the carousel is so small, I imagine some people will have trouble reading the tiny print on some of the images.

Posted via CB10

Same here. I'm on Z30STA100-5/ . After install the icon opened up bbm. I closed bbm and then it would try to open and crash.

I posted links to a working sys.appworld BAR file in other comments in this article - have a look, and side load that back onto the device to get back to normal.

Every link you posted is a 404 error

Via the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

They broke my Z30! This update is pure evil...where is the bar file for the working version of 10.3?

Powered by BlackBerry!

Forgot to mention I am running OS on AT&T. I need an update to my OS. come on BB release a 10.3 leak

When I get it i'll update it right away.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Hi guys. Just updated BlackBerry World am on 10.3 but now bb world just crashes my z10. Any fix

Posted via CB10

Just updated!!
Love it, great looking icons, colors, and layout.
Keep on innovating BlackBerry, you are far from gone as naysayers would like to believe.

The Range Rover

You'll need to sideload a different version of sys.appworld BAR file back onto your device to get back to normal. I've posted the link multiple times in other comments above yours... have a look & good luck!

Just got the following app updates :

BlackBerry Compass
BBM (support for Bbm protect and more)
Calculator (bb)
Blackberry weather
Docs to go
Adobe reader.

No BBE yet for me.

From my awesome Z30

I'm on the leaked 10.3

Just installed the new version of BlackBerry World. But when I try to open the app, it keeps crashing!!

I need help please...

Posted via CB10

Running 10.3 and the app crashed during install. Can't open app world and the website to download gives me errors. Been one of those day. Anyone know what directory app world download too?? Perhaps I can re execute the file??

Posted via CB10

They need to update Facebook on blackberry 10.2 devices it's hella slow, ,,,, will love the update, btw am using a BlackBerry z30

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Please update this post so that people on .296 are aware that this will break bbworld for them. I already brought this up in the thread, we're going to get a flood of people complaining, it just straight up doesn't work on .296

I hate the flat icon design that was pushed out in the update. These icons remind me of a middle schooler's art project...

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

You'll need to side load an older version of sys.appworld.BAR file using Sachesi. I posted links on other comments in the article for you to download from.

You need to side load another/older version of sys.appworld.BAR file using Sachesi. I posted links on other comments in the article for you to download from.

Side load an older version of sys.appworld.BAR file using Sachesi in order to fix it. I posted links on other comments in the article for you to download from.

Geez I know I get pretty lazy and sometimes not go through pages and pages and pages of comments to find an answer, but BrizzadMan has replied to many peeps with their complaints and the complaints keep coming and the answer is pretty much a post above or maybe 2. Anyways, thanks BrizzadMan, saved myself from having to reinstall the whole OS again.

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All the icon becomes flat style just as in 10.3....
I'm running 10.2.1 ;)

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

The current issue with BlackBerry World actually reminded me of one (useful) aspect of Android. On Android when you uninstall a stock app like market, it does not remove the app but instead brings you back to the version that comes along with the OS when it was first made available. BlackBerry does not have this feature, as a result of which users have to source for ways to downgrade when new releases have issues. In fact if my memory does not fail me, older BlackBerry 10 OS allowed that too....?

The new carousel is too small on my Z10. I want to go back to old BBWORLD

Dev of AutoCrop Scanner

I am not even on leak 2.3 but on carrier updated version and BlackBerry World stated that I have an error occurred. Need to wait a few minutes to try again. Have rebooted few times and still it is the same message. What am I going to do? Oh yeah.. I have trawled the forum for solutions. Alas I have found none that specifically address my issue. So to make it short... I need HELP!!

Posted via CB10

Got the update! BlackBerry Z30 running O.S

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30 running

By which he means "The new icon is cool...keep on getting better!"


Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I am not on any leaked OS, but blackberry world crashes after the update. Message says an error occurred and try again in a few minutes. Still not working... anyone help? I can't even try to redownload the app anywhere

Posted via CB10

I'm running anyway for the update...has to reload the older bar file as it not only crashed but froze my Z10...Actually it happened to EVERYONE running 10.3... What's up BlackBerry?

Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4

after the update i can't access the blackberry world anymore...... it automatically closes the app on first time opening, and then if i do open it the second time the hole phone freezes, and i have to manually restart the phone...... i have a z10 stl100-2 currently running leak is anyone else having the same issue as me? =(

Take a look at the 1st few pages of the thread as this is a known issue and also Brizzard has some helpful links on re-loading to a previous BBW version.

It happened to me but I was able to reload an older version.

Hope that helps.

Posted via CB10

Wow, I almost forgot the Classic. Is it still needed? The Passport is taking the headlines and everything else. I'm so glad the Passport is coming first! If the Classic came first, folks would just ignore it completely as "yesterday's BlackBerry". The Passport proves that BlackBerry is innovative, creative, and they can make a bold statement!

Speaking of "Bold", I wish the Passport was called BOLD! It really is a BOLD move by BlackBerry. The name "Passport" doesn't do it for me. I'd rather Q50 or BOLD! :D

Not a good update..
BlackBerry World language has changed to the local country where I live and I can't read this language..
Searched for an option to change the language in blackberry world and found nothing that can fix their mistake

Posted via CB10

Umm, one small problem. I updated the app via App World and while the icon changed its the same old App World when I open!

BBW keeps on force closing need help!!! BlackBerry Q10, SQN100-3,

Posted via CB10 with my Q10 / Playbook 64GB

While downloading the update, the process got stuck at the "Install Pending" point and has not recovered, even after several reboots. As a result, I am unable to download any other apps from BlackBerry World. Any suggestions as to how to break out of this seemingly endless loop?

Posted via CB10

Has anyone faced BlackBerry App world crash after the update? For me it is crashing when I try to launch. Help.

Posted via CB10

I have the 10.3 .0.296 and I updated the app world and it's making my phone freeze and I can't open the app.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I'm on I have updated the BlackBerry World yesterday and it keeps crashing.

Even after reboot and battery pull, the same error message appears... hope there will be some solution to this soon.

Posted via CB10

I just updated mine and now I can't open the BlackBerry world. Keeps saying error occurred. Tried restarting my phone and still can't work? Anyone else facing this?

Posted via CB10

Updated right away, and suddenly bbw app is force close again and again.
I'm on STL100-2 with OS

Can anyone please help I'm using operating system Every time I try to update BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World crashes and the entire phone freezes for about a few minutes. After that happens I try to use BlackBerry World it starts up and crashes then freezes. I have to reload the OS to get it to work but I still did not update app world. Any help will be much appreciated...


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I have a z30 with and after the update the BlackBerry World is not running, any advise or similar experience? Thanks

Posted via CB10

I've figured a way to "get past" the BlackBerry World crash. FYI I'm on the official on Q10.
(1) Go to Mobile Network and disable both Mobile Network and Data Services.
(2) Restart your phone.
(3) Turn on your WiFi.
You should be able to access BlackBerry World gradually. I said gradually because there might be crashes along the way, but it gets more stable after a few restart of the BlackBerry World.
It is merely a walk-around until the official 10.3.1 is released, but at least it allows me to do app updates or installs in the meantime.
I reckon this crash has something to do with BlackBerry World not compatible with global mobile carriers.
Hope this helps.

Thanks! I just turned off the Mobile network and relied on Wifi (without having to restart) and seems to work for now. Hope they sort it out soon...

Posted via CB10

You're right - it appears now that rebooting the device is unnecessary. I got the crash without a reboot when I first tried it, so I penned the conservative steps.