BlackBerry World updated with category UI change

By Simon Sage on 11 Jul 2013 02:27 pm EDT

BlackBerry World for BB10 has been updated a little bit with a new user interface in the category section. It used to be that apps were show in a straight list with hidden filters and sorting options beyond the top, but now you get a bit of a landing page first, and then expand to the other sections in the old format as necessary. It's very similar to the music app's layout. 

It a nice little change, and makes the top apps of any given category much more visible. Are you guys noticing anything new or different in BlackBerry World on BB10? How do you find the UI overall? Does anything else need tweaking?

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BlackBerry World updated with category UI change


I like it, gives you the chance to see a good app right away after entering the category.

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I use Remember as well. It's one of the few things I do with it, but it does it well.

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Needs to have more options like Google Play, like easy refunds, wishlist and apps/games better separated.

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I agree but if you use carrier billing it's not that easy. You have to go through your carrier for a refund. AT&T makes it pretty easy but idk about other services providers.

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Not calling you out, but how much easier can it get? Can't screen shot it, but tap lower left Icon (defaults to ALL) or pull to the right in BB World and you can choose All, Games, Apps, Music, Video, or My World.

Instant separation.

I just dl'ed a couple of apps before reading this. I didn't notice any difference. But I wasn't looking for it. Anyway, I'll look closer next time.

I dig the new BlackBerry World but I would like to see the call log go back to the way it was on the legacy devices. It was much more organized back then. I hate seeing the same contact show up on my log multiple times.

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It's already like that it just puts the number in brackets like (2), at least it does in 10.2

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I also didn't see the difference at first. It's after you go into categories, then choose a specific category that you see it.
I like it, as now we can see the new arrivals for the category we're looking for instead of scrolling through hundreds of offline maps when looking for real apps.

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Can we get a different background? It looks.... blah. And how about pushing top rated apps towards the top instead of paid apps?

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You can, just go into categories, music, choose the category of music and then you can choose "new arrivals" from the dropdown menu at the top (sounds like a lot of steps, but it's not).

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I'm new to BB10, I didn't see a notification to download an updated BlackBerry World. Does it do it automatically on Q10?

I wondered. I had a hankerin' for some app downloading last night, but World was down.

Didn't know if it was just me...


Same problem as the picture folder. A screen with duplicate apps! Annoying! I would rather drop down menu that allows me to toggle between All/Top Free/New Arrivals.

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Have to admit it looks much nicer now. And it makes it much easier to find the quality apps that might get easily overlooked.

What I would like most in the app world is for it to say weather or not an app will work with the consumers current OS! Too many times people will download an app, just for it not to work on their device. Then the developers get a flood of 1 star negative reviews, even though that person hasn't used the app. It's very unfair from the developers and gives wrong information to other potential customers.

Or they could make it more like ios where u can see different reviews for different updates to an app

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Tell us how much information the App wants. Way too many programs want permissions they don't need. I have purchased so many apps but never used them because they want everything but my mother's maiden name and SIN number. Let's have some protection!

I totally agree with you on this one. I too have apps I don't use since they want access to my personal documents on the phone, on the sd card and on the cloud...also want to be able to delete files, pictures and music....just so I can get the names of near by restaurants. There is no need to have that kind of access to my device

I was wondering why BB World was down last night. A notification on the BB World Homescreen would have saved me some confusion.

Lot easier when searching for apps.

But wondering why do we still have the drop menu type to select apps categories we are looking at.
Should'nt it allows to switch from the current default apps view (Let's name it "Top Apps view"; top free, top paid, Top grossing, new arrival..) to a "Categories View". Presented the same way to the "Top Apps view" but grouped by categories ?
Personnally I just feel that the drop style menu is just breaking the visual experience when searching for apps.

I like it. Subtle but good. I only wish they would steel a line from iTunes and give a popularity rating to the music. That way you can identify the hits that much faster.

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It needs a "trending list" in games...

Cause when ever you look, it's the same top free and top paid... they never change.

+ carrier billing for me in Egypt.

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Much better but I wish we knew the permissions the app wanted plus the dates of the reviews as it is no good having positive or negative reviews for an older version of the app

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Not for me they don't, everything else seems to have updated but no dates. I'm in the uk if that makes any difference.

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Will definitely be interesting to see how daily downloads are affected by this change.

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+1 been wanting this. Has been a topic in BB Beta Zone, nice to them acting on suggestions (or at least restoring functionality from legacy systems and phones)

okay I realized about that.But I think it's not going to make any difference since top and popular apps aren't there anyway,right?

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I like the new change. Much easier to browse within categories. Especially browsing new arrivals within a category, no more digging.

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When will we be able to delete unwanted apps from from BlackBerry World, much needed option.

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From your own list of apps, you can. Go to My World, open the uninstalled list, long press on an app, choose Remove from My World

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I agree the new UI makes it easier to find the most downloaded apps

To change the topic on BB AppWorld:
Hard to believe!
There are now lot's of great apps available on BB10.
Unfortunately the app devs do NOT advertise that BB10 has their apps.
All I hear is 'download our app from the Apple or Google' app stores
N-E-V-E-R the Blackberry Store!
Does BB even have a LOGO ICON for the store that the devs can use?
It must be hidden from view. I never saw it.

I really like the experience with BlackBerry world on my Q10. Quick and easy to pick the app that im looking for or just app that could interess me

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Stupid question. I don't have a BB phone yet so is there some way of differentiating native BB apps from apps that require sideloading in BB World? When I look at supported devices for some apps and see the Z and Q listed I don't see any other clue to native or not. I don't want to buy an app only to find out that it involves sideloading.

if you're in bb world, your not going to be side loading. Side loaded apps are the ones you didn't get from bb world.

Thank you from this clueless one. I thought maybe they lumped all the Android options into BB World. I just knew you needed to run a conversion file to get those to run.

Cannot post reviews for apps. Anyone else have this problem? Does BlackBerry have a no-fly list so some individuals cannot post???

I would like if the wish list is there and the apps/games that is installed are there.
Hope they can bring notifications if there are updates on apps installed.

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I would like to know how to get rid of these ghost Apps in app world, i am failing to uninstall/delete them - they keep reappearing under updates .... HELP!!!

I would like more apps. I do not care what it looks like. Very sorry but I have to admit I-store is much better (no matter how much I hate Apple).

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Please, BlackBerry, just improve the search functionality of BlackBerry World so that close to exact is good enough to find the apps you are looking for.

How do I update Blackberry World to latest version on Q10, can't find an option anywhere....!

It now shows the install size aswell as the app size... which solves problems installing big games like dark knight

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I like the new OS but I cannot believe a search and find was left out of Reminder. I have tons of notes. I used to be able to "find" any language immediately. Not being able to word search and find language in the new system was a pretty big mistake.

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