BlackBerry World rolls out first pricing tier update for GBP and EUR currencies

BlackBerry World Developer
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2013 09:11 pm EST

BlackBerry World is getting the first of its new pricing tier updates today. Covering the GBP and EUR currencies, the update includes updated currency exchange rates and VAT requirements and will allow vendors in these regions to sell their apps/games in BlackBerry World for lower prices. This means lower prices for consumers and hopes of keeping these items competitive in the Euro and UK markets. The updates will be rolling out over the next 24 hours. You can find out more at Inside BlackBerry from the link below.

Read more at the Inside BlackBerry Developers Blog 

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BlackBerry World rolls out first pricing tier update for GBP and EUR currencies


I'm getting credits to myself for this! ((= And Alex Kinsella for listening me, not like BlackBerry Blogs refuse to make posts about unfair old pricing...

$0.99 was equal to €0.99 and £0.99 before and now equals to €0.89 and £0.75...

Yeap, this is proud and responsible BlackBerry user...

Agreed. Apple throws in stickers with their products to promote brand awareness. Makes a lot of sense for RIM to do that too, even more so with BB10 products. Get the brand out there and stickers can't be that expensive in bulk considering how many handsets your going to sell :)

I got a cap with blackberry logo on it as gift on 9320/9220 launch event at my place. But I think it was made by local stores that made the event, not from RIM (because it wasn't well made). So I think RIM until now still leaving the blackberry gimmicks/merchandise to the stores.

I found some blackberry stuffs being sell too here, like backpacks, wallets, T-shirts etc. If RIM sells original/official merchandise I'll definitely buy some.

BlackBerry conferences. I've got stacks of stickers for Ripple, App World, HTML 5 + Ripple, etc. Plus BlackBerry pens, notebooks, sharpies, etc.

thats really awesome especially since many people were complaining about the euro prices and rightfully so.

please make a poll about the stickers, and RIM may be surprised how many of us would be commited to use them, in the car, office, laptop, tablet, etc. Let see if they include one or some for us to show.

We are Berry (back /alive /in business /proud) * BlackBerry 10 , or something in that line. Substitude the B in Berry with Logotype and the asterisk with a Spark symbol.

Getting back to the subject.......
Managed to get into Blackberry world this morning (haven't been able to since it's relaunch , $0.99 apps are still £1.00 and no sign of any at £0.75 , not surprised to be honest.......