BlackBerry World promises to share story, direction and vision for BlackBerry in 2012

By Adam Zeis on 27 Mar 2012 10:16 am EDT

BlackBerry World 2012 is quickly approaching and RIM is gearing up for what looks to be a great show. May 1-3 in Orlando, droves of BlackBerry fans will come out to learn all about BlackBerry 10 and what RIM has in the pipes for 2012. The above teaser video from RIM VP of Product Marketing, Rory O'Neill, invites everyone to come out to BlackBerry World and promises to share "the story, and the direction, and the vision of BlackBerry as a company". We can be sure there will be plenty going on, and I for one am pretty pumped for the show. If you haven't regsitered yet but are planning to attend, head over to for more information. Stay tuned because we just might be giving away some passes for BlackBerry World as well :-)

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BlackBerry World promises to share story, direction and vision for BlackBerry in 2012


But the best reason of all is to hang out with the CrackBerry team!!!

I'll be there. Possibly wearing a shirt. Possibly topless. :)

Kevin, if you go shirtless then you should get a tattoo of your Playbook on the gold chain, around your neck and chest (at least air-brushed).

I'd love to go, but there's no way I'm shelling out that much of my own money (plus travel + lodging). I'll have to live vicariously through CB (and hopefully get some great coverage of this event).

hopefully they have good things coming soon, I've personally lost patience but i won't sell my bb/pb i'll use them again when they've caught up. :)

I really hope this is the turning point , I want BB App World to succeed ! In spite of it's current flaws, I have yet to hear of any malware, security holes and privacy violations which perpetually plague Android and iOS ,with new escapades everyday. Already a handful of people who value privacy and security are turning to RIM and foregoing the bells and whistles/sand pits of iOS and Android . There is a reason Obama has a BlackBerry !
Let's hope RIM can seduce the average consumer.

Unless people actually see the impact or have experienced the security or privacy issues, by in large people think it's not either real or not a big concern.

Its similar to the psyche people have with using debit or credit cards for purchases versus paying with actual cash. Cash is real. But paying with credit or debit cards doesn't seem to be as real or have the same impact.

What happened to Carrier IQ? When Mr. Eckhart revealed the magic of Carrier IQ tracking your keystrokes and SMS did anybody really cared? People taught that the "i" in IQ is a product of Apple so it is ok!

Since when is BlackBerry a company?
RIM is the company, BlackBerry is the product. Interesting wording.

I really hope there is a lot of good news that comes from BB World. I am getting tired of hearing all the doom and gloom stories about RIM! RIM I want you to succeed!

There better be good news...BB10 is up for some really strong competitions that unless the os has some features that none of us have possibly imagined up to this point, it is already doomed. The main competitions are:

Next gen battery capacity of RAZR MAXX, with RAZR MAXX being "impossible" to use up its battery in a full day;

S-Pen and S-Pen's UI of Samsung;

Compatibility and syncing of Apple's os.

Catching up with the specs of other manufacturers are clearly not going to be enough, BB10 being able to do what others can do would spell doom since consumers are really expecting any handset to be able to do something that others can't do.

I really hope RIM understands what they are up against. Improving and modernizing are really too late and too little for the os, they need to put in at least 5 years of effort in this year's work and manage to successfully differentiate its products from the common generic smartphone group.

This is also my biggest concern with BB10. Can RIM bring a compelling reason for developers and consumers to migrate to the BB10 platform? Given what I have seen developed by Samsung in their S2 X and HTC in their One X I am doubtful. Although if TAT gets fully integrated in the platform then things may be different.

Hmm this post ins't long enough for you. You need to write more. We are used to you filling the toilet to the brim.

If consumers expected the newest handsets to offer something that others could not, Apple would be in a world of trouble and Android would be hurting because most Android phones are carbon copies of each other and the iPhone's only significant change was their retina display. Consumers these days just want the newest device that has a good app store and can link anything they use in their life to facebook. RIM is behind in the game. We know this. They know this and they're working on it. So spare the rest of the CrackBerry community with your posts(even though you're entitled to your opinion) and hold your comments till BB10 comes out. We all know you're not a fanboy to one particular OS but your post are always the same. RIM needs to do this! They need to do that! Their phones should have this! Their OS should have that! We get it already!!! Thank you for telling us something that none of us knew!!!

Ya, you can buy day passes and such but they're like $600 as well though, you come hang out in the bar for free and meet some folks.


A One-Day Pass includes:

  • BlackBerry World 2012 Keynotes *
  • Admission to the Welcome Reception in the Solutions Showcase on Monday evening *
  • Breakout Sessions, Hands-on Lab Sessions and Demo Theater, on selected day only
  • Admission to the Solutions Showcase during open hours, on selected day only
  • Breakfast, breaks and lunch, on selected day only
  • Access to the BlackBerry World Lounge, on selected day only
  • Complimentary access to Wi-Fi®; internet in the conference center
  • Access to BlackBerry World On-Demand, the online portal for conference content, until the start of the 2013 conference
  • Registration gift upon check-in onsite


So thats the #2 guy that need to be fired. How does he still have a job. Their marketing will be what brings them down if they dont change.

I am excited to hear what is down the pike for BlackBerry. I think we are on the brink of an upturn here. I personally can't make it to the show but can't wait to hear about it here.

Posted this in an older forum, but if anyone is looking to go, you can use this registration code to save $200 when registering: