BlackBerry World now listing which games are gamepad compatible

By Bla1ze on 20 Jan 2014 08:18 pm EST

Gamepad compatibility for games on BlackBerry 10 has been available to developers for a while now and there's already several games that support the option in BlackBerry World. The problem with that previously, though, was that unless the developer stated it in their app description no one would know whether or not gamepads were supported. 

That's no longer a problem any more as a server side change to BlackBerry World has introduced a new 'Gamepad Compatible' section. If you open up BlackBerry World right now on a BlackBerry 10 device and head into the Games section, at the very bottom you'll see games such as Shadow Gun, Critical Wave, Neverball are already listed but that list will continue to grow as well.

This is something that has been a long time coming, so I'm glad to finally see it appearing there. If you're shopping for a compatible with BlackBerry 10 gamepad, be sure to check our listed of ones that are supported.

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BlackBerry World now listing which games are gamepad compatible


Awesome news! I will actually buy a game pad now!

Now I have to find a review I saw of a few a while back. :-)

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And before someone points out the obvious, yes I saw the link at the bottom of this post of which ones are supported, but I saw a link a while back where some of them were actually compared. :-)

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It's sad when we have to practice defensive posting.

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Thanks for the info! Someone please make a decent hockey game.

Is there still a 2 controller limit?

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Huh there is no Hockeygame for BB10? I thought BlackBerry is a Canadian Company and hockey is HUGE there. What a shame ""

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

Btw, Nintendo not doing well with hardware sales. They're looking to move into mobile.

Nintendo may I introduce you to BlackBerry and Foxconn?

Z30, 4 bluetooth game pads, hdmi out, Mario Kart Qnx!

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Iwata's direct quote was, "Given the expansion of smart devices, we are naturally studying how smart devices can be used to grow the game-player business." It is crazy to me that Nintendo didn't/couldn't find a dance partner (Sony?) to take over BlackBerry when they had the chance. Protecting Nintendo's game franchise - in mobile and the home with one device - would have been worth the full price for Nintendo alone, not to mention all the assets that would have been essentially worthless to Nintendo but extremely valuable to share with a co-suitor.

May I suggest Pastry Push?
The game fully supports Keyboard inputs and is completely optimized for play especially on the Q5/Q10 :)

Now if only BBRY would make a game pad specifically designed for BB10.

Perhaps even.....a docking station that can stand the phones up (or on their sides) so we can have an optimal experience.

BlackBerry making a game pad? No Thanks, I would rather leave that task to other companies. It will work out much better in the end. Though it would be nice if BBRY can get some sort of "Certification" program going where hardware such as game pads get a stamp of approval from BBRY.

Yes please. BlackBerry could potentially own the game space with a mobile device that plays console-quality games - that can be played on the go or at home on a big screen TV - with the addition of a controller. I'm sure Foxconn would be happy to make the controller. Very low cost/risk for BlackBerry with very high potential reward. it doesn't have to exclude third-party manufacturers but BlackBerry has to lead the charge.

This is good. And this is a continuation of little things that is building the BlackBerry 10 Ecosystem.

I can see great things ahead. BB10, the z30, will be the gaming device, the computer, cell phone, media player all in one. Time to buy the stock! Cool to have the best in the making backed by the Pentagon!

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A game pad/controller for a phone...ridiculous. On a BlackBerry fan website give me a break!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It's not on my wish list but as you can see, BlackBerry fans like the idea. The "tools not toys" mantra is slowly being laid to rest.

Trying to figure out why big name developers make games but not apps for bb10? I'm surprised that many BlackBerry users even play games on their phone compared to other platforms.

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Hurrah! I have just ordered my gamepad controller yesterday! Just in time for me! Thank you, BlackBerry.

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Often wondered about this. But was afraid to ask in the forums for fear that it might betray that my BlackBerry device is not only a business device for getting things done. There I said it. Now, I am going outside. And I may be some time...

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This is a very smart move. As we see Nintendo struggling with the movement away from consoles towards gaming on phones it makes sense to capitalize on this trend. If BlackBerry could become known as THE top mobile gaming platform - which it appears they have the foundation in place - it would be a HUGE win. Having a section for console-level-quality games (that you can play with your controller on the go, or at home on your big screen) could let BlackBerry do to XBox and PlayStation what Android and iOS have done to Nintendo. The key is getting the best games showcased and this section in BlackBerry World is a great first step. If this section does fill out with quality games and word gets out then we may see business users AND their kids wanting a BlackBerry. And, just like that, a properly targeted/marketed hit product can win back a meaningful portion of the consumer market and completely turn the tide for BlackBerry.

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Add Despicable Me to the list... it works flawlessly with my Wii remote connected to my Z10.

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Just curious as to why Modern Combat 4 is still listed as game pad compatible when the version for BlackBerry is not only the Android version works with game pads..

I think before someone posts some of these reviews they need to physically check that they indeed work, I'm really losing patients with BlackBerry World posting Games and Apps that do not work as posted..recent addition is Asphalt 8 which claimed to be game pad compatible but after everyone realised this was not the case they removed the line from the description

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Is the Gamepad compatible section listing out all gamepad compatible gave or just the top ones?

Also, if I search for a game, how would I know if it belongs to this gamepad compatible section? Thanks.

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Any recommendations for a game that works well with a Wii remote (the wand) I've been those and just wanted to try this out before springing for a real game pad remote.

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