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BlackBerry World Mobile guide now available in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 20 Apr 2011 02:21 pm EDT
BlackBerry World

If you're planning on attending the upcoming BlackBerry World Conference in May, you can now find the mobile guide app available in BlackBerry App World available for download, but if you're not attending -- that doesn't stop you from downloading it and following along with those who are. It has some cool features built into it for both attending and non-attending indivuduals.

The 2011 BlackBerry World Mobile Conference Guide is an easy way to look up the full breakout session catalog, keynote speakers, community speakers, read up on conference sponsors plus create your schedule before getting to the event. You won’t miss a beat with the apps Event Messages and social channels – all this right from your BlackBerry device. 

Although the majority of the content does require you to be registered, the social networking additions make it a great app to get a one stop shop quick glance of everything that is happening. Especially when BlackBerry World gets rolling, considering during that time RIM's social teams go into overdrive in an effort to make sure those not attending, are at least kept up to date. Of course, we'll be there on-site as well to bring all the latest news.

Download the BlackBerry World mobile guide



Really tho, I just hope they announce some new devices headed for release around August! That's when I'm due for an upgrade at AT&T. Still sorta undecided as to what device I'm gonna upgrade to. I wanna see what's gonna actually be released around that time frame.


Come on Bold Touch - sadly I may download this even though I'm not going as I'm really looking forward to the expected announcement of new phones :)


Do u mean it's not out yet? Dang, I may be due an upgrade from AT&T this summer. They have great deals for when 2 yrs are up. I got this bb FREE.there is always a great deal at that time. Love at&t just for that reason alone.


No PlayBook version? :p


New phones will get some attention I'm sure, but I hope there will be some big announcements of playbook software.

1. Skype.... please please please!
2. Some news apps, NYT, FT, etc. I like the Globe and Mail app which shows it can be done. Plus I used to have an adobe Air app for the NYT on my laptop, come one NYT, I'll pay for it!!!
3. Adobe please update the reader so that we can make notes on the pdfs we read.

If I had these three things i"d be very happy.


That's a nice looking app


Any news on the CB party at BB World?


Damn!!! i want to be at this event bad!!! lol


You guys should have a contest for passes.. I would really like to attend this event! (I just can't afford it :/ )