BlackBerry World Keynote video previewing BlackBerry 10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2012 02:30 pm EDT

Check out BlackBerry 10's flow UI, the new *awesome* touchscreen keyboard and get a look at the killer camera app with time warp-like functionality

Here ya go CrackBerry Nation, the ten minutes of BlackBerry 10 gold that were delivered during the BlackBerry World keynote. I know you've been waiting for this so will hit publish now.... and we'll do a deeper dive soon into everything that was shown off bit by bit. Enjoy the show. LOTS more coverage to come from CrackBerry!

* NOTE: We kind of screwed up recording this one and only caught the video feed showing off the display (we missed capturing the second video feed that showing Vivek's hands actually on the device). It's not the ideal video as seeing those gestures is what reall makes it. We're sure RIM will be posting the full keynote later, so we'll be sure to post more when we have it. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll love seeing this.  BB10 FTW!  *

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BlackBerry World Keynote video previewing BlackBerry 10!


Does anyone know if any of these awesome features will be coming to the PlayBook?? I imagine some will, but what about the keyboard and camera app?

Watched this segment live this morning. Thoroughly impressed. Went mountain biking, and fell over a few times because I kept running these scenes through my head!!

This was a very upbeat presentation - plenty of innovative concepts that can truly benefit the end user. Obviously these demos show quite clearly that RIM is pushing forward with 'wow-ing' consumers, and not just trying to solidify their corporate base.

I'll be in Waterloo, Ontario next week on small business, and I am going to make a point of driving by RIM head quarters with a smile on my face and nodding my head in approval. Even if it's just my own approval!! Who's with me?

I can't be with you in Waterloo I'm person. But I'll be there in spirit. Love the positive vibes heading Rims way right now.

I don't know about stock... All I know is I will be gifting these beasts to my friends and family as soon as they hit shelves here in Brasil.

Suck on that Android/iOS. The UI game now belongs to WP7 and BB10, simply put.

Wow. Gotta say that looks extremely impressive. The "time travel" thing on the camera is especially revolutionary, in my opinion. Excited to see everything BB has in store over the coming months.

Ya, how does that work? Is it essentially doing slow video for pictures or does it rely on you to take multiple pictures?

Basically the first few seconds before you hit the shutter button is recorded and a few seconds after you release it. This way you automatically have frames before and after you take the pic so you can go back and forward for the best frame. You will take a pic like normal, the camera software would do the other heavy lifting for you.

Yes, it looks like this technology uses a burst of photographs and automatically presents you with a nice interface to select the 'magic moment'.

I wouldn't be surprised if the copycats put an app for this tomorrow.

It's probably this kind of technology the explains some of the delays - to get the battery life it will take the very latest, fastest, low power processors and memory. One reason for delays is known to be that the current 4G chipsets are too power hungry for RIM.

"Passion for details" that is what really counts and will make all the difference for BB10 to succeed.. REALLY promising begin.. and now.. deliver and deliver fast the entire BB10 experience!!!

1st BBX looks great

2nd Rim really needed to show off a prototype device today imo, but they didn't, they couldn't, which suggests they're still playing catch up and that's not a good sign

today was rather a disappointment for me and their 5% drop in share prices suggests it was a disappointment for many as well

Why fully commit to hardware now when there's still 4-6 months before it will be released? So many new features can be added between now and then. With the way touchscreens are progressing, the physical appearance of phones is almost becoming redundant. Take the iPhone\Samsung Galaxy\BB10 Alpha device and they could pass for triplets. I don't think any of that accounts for the market reaction. The market is... the market.

And yeah... i'm impressed. Applauso, applauso RIM.

EDIT: Stuff like this is why the market reacts:

I think there are more surprises in store for the hardware. Having said that, we know that the resolution will be 1280x768, and it'll probably be 4.2" (while these could change, I doubt they'll decrease). It also has a front-facing camera and other things like the PlayBook, which is great.

I don't care what the stock reaction is - they demonstrated an awesome UI paradigm, and awesome virtual keyboard, and an awesome camera feature. With all the new games coming to PB and BB10, I'm sure some of the missing content apps will be on their way soon too. The developer incentives, the tools - it's all looking good and Thorsten just busted through the wall like the Kool-Aid man.

Not showing consumer HW was interesting, but understandable. RIM's in the unenviable position of "minimizing bad moves" and a physical dev product is at least more than "proof of concept" pie-in-the-sky (or worse, underpowered to get mauled further in the press).

That said, I was adamantly opposed to a touchscreen ANYTHING replacing my 9930, but if they keep chugging away at the nuances that make a BB a BB, I might jump in just to do my part and put my money where my heart is (as many fundraising operations are now fond of saying). Does RIM need my charity? I don't know. But I'll be an evangelist if they can deliver on these promises (and DON'T "pull a STORM").

The most promising, upbeat outing for RIM in some time!

Anyone want to buy a month old Blackberry Torch 9810? I think I want to upgrade...that camera and keyboard are awesome!

Couldn't have asked for a better reminder as to why I am patiently waiting for the release of BB10..... I have always loved my physical keyboard.... but I think I can now also love the new virtual one!! You always need to do one handed phone use, now you can still do this!!

Keep it coming RIM #LetsRock&RollThis

Amazing video, I'm so excited for the new BlackBerry Devices to drop with BlackBerry 10.
Loved the UI, the whole Flowing UI was amazing and how their making the whole touchscreen seem like a trackpad...Sheer brilliance.
Heres a Crackberry Fanboy who will be smiling and waiting for this device to come out like it's his christmas present.

Honestly, I am impressed at the idea of how you can flow from one channel to another without switching apps or having to remember any complex gestures. Its intuitive.

How much I'd pay to have captured a smile at the right moment. Buttons, timing the picture perfect. Precious seconds shaved off. Capturing moments AS they happen.

This is in a class of it's own. You will NEED this device.


While true, this is clearly using minimal TAT-inspired effects to accomplish this "flow." I'm very certain that the true Blackberry flow will look 10X better with pure TAT-ilage that will be sure to drive the UI experience.

My friends, this was just yet another teaser of more to come; only this time, RIM delivered it beautifully.

Ah I came to Crackberry to hear what the haters would say, it took a while but finally you came. Now blame the stock, and your second comment, No inovation is laughable, perhaps another hater will do better.

Hahaha you cannot be serious??..if so then innovation you say??...hmmm lets see how innovative Apple are when it comes to the iphone5??.

But hey its cool, keep hating on RIM. Just shows how pathetically sad the haters are to come on here and trash talk. Im no fan of Android or Apple although i do own an iphone4 and the new HTC One X and both have their uses but i dont feel the need to go on Android or apple forums and bash them.

Perhaps you need some contact lenses/glasses and an earpiece because if you didn't see innovation in that demonstration, then you are either blind, deaf, or - and this is more likely - dumb.

super excited about this phone. Hope they will release it soon and if it is not too much to ask ...reasonably priced because I will get it without contract. :)

Wow loving it so far, the BB10 features. Really hoping this changes RIMS fortunes and gets them competitive again with the juggernauts of Apple/Android.

But the only thing that concerns me with the time warp app is if BB dont put a decent set of optics in the phones. The CEO says that cameras are a big part of mobile devices...great, now give BB's a decent camera and optics then it will be worth it. A 5mp auto focus camera is hardly mindblowing when you have 8mp to 12mp cameras on Android/iphone devices.

But GO RIM GO!!! and rock this baby to hell and back!!!

More megapixels does not necessarily mean better camera. I agree though that a nice camera with 8 mp in the BB10 phone would be awesome.

i think you're wrong on that one, so many people have waited years for this update myself included, there's no way i'd wait another six months or year after release of bb10. I want a bb10 phone and i want one now.

I won't wait for my phone contract to be up either. Can't. This stuff will save me many minutes during the day. It is compelling how few keystrokes it takes to pump out messages. Wow! RIM knows how to innovate -- take predictive text into a different wormhole! Not just predictive, but learns what and how you type, plus it puts the next words right at your finger tips! So, so sick!

We're not talking about some fancy tool you'll rarely use, we're talking about a huge advance in text entry -- stuff you will use all the time. This is game changing! Wow!

My BB device is due for upgrade later this year and was sort of waiting/wanting a physical keyboarded BB but after watching this presentation, I am not too sure now . To fully utilise all that BB 10 OS have to offer, I suspect I need the full 4.2 in screen.
That keyboard is well designed, intuitive and makes lots of sense.
Well done RIM !
Like Kevin says one handed action rules ..

Looks great but for me 2 years to late... App market..??? To smal..... The designe have to be for the os10 device have to be fantastic....material the best no plastic quality sharp or around the world....headphones from bose ore bang & olufsen.... Display from samsung..... And and.....

... And that, ladies and gentlemen, were the first impressions from our senior capital markets analyst from the republic of me-basement.


Just from using teaser apps like Scrapbook you could tell where the BB UI experience is going, at least at par or better than the iOS, let alone android experience.

The icing on the cake would be if I can use all the features of this phone two days in a row without having to worry about the battery. That would complete RIM's comeback, and I will buy two of them.

And this is why blackberry is dead on arrival. Death knell. They are are still too busy chasing after the consumer market, recreating the WebOS fiasco of too little too late on a dying platform. The one distinguishing characteristic they had was their keyboard and they're tossing that away. they ahad the right idea in OS7 on the bold 9930.

Ill ask one simple question...why would any business want to equip their users with blackberries based on this demo. Most of the comments on here is how much progress they've made for consumers. If I want consumer, I go Apple

You can't simply focus on the enterprise, in spite of the consumer segment. Otherwise, BB7 would be selling like gangbusters. They MUST appeal to the consumer demographic, because that is the driving force in the expansion of the smartphone market, and it is also what is driving the BYOD movement, where people are using consumer phones for work.

RIM isn't abandoning the enterprise either. They are trying to keep their strengths while growing in areas that have been their weaknesses.

A physical keyboard BB10 phone will be coming as well, so they aren't throwing it away. More and more users are going for touch-only devices, and in order for RIM's market share to continue to shrivel up, they need to produce a compelling virtual keyboard. That is just what they've done, and that is beneficial to consumers and enterprise users.

Wrong, just like before they are going squarely for the business market, and like most innovations - they occur first in business and then trickle down to consumers like the bb phone itself. Apple and all the rest are going to be copying bb again but by then bb will have eaten into their market share. for me the apple ui is already old, boring and in need of a radical overhaul. The history of apple itself shows that you can't rest on your laurels and assume you've cracked it forever.

Ive posted this elsewhere: what has Apple innovated in the last 24 months? Retina displays? Siri? iCloud? Faster CPUs? None are game changers. Apple is becoming the old RIM!

BlackBerry users are finally getting a phone to brag about and show off. Can't wait to get one in my hands. LETS ROCK &ROLL THIS! ! ! !

Hey Kevin, if they make that phone they showed at BB World (I WILL LEAVE APPLE AND COME BACK)!!!!!!!!!!

Uhm, am I the only one who noticed he said all your open apps will be running at the same time?
Talk about BATTERY KILL! Not a fan of BB10 so far smh.

How we jump to conclusions on something we don't know...

A real time OS will do just that, but you're jumping the gun in assuming it will kill battery life, and you're already against BB10.

What it will do is to push the mobile envelope to a new dimension. No one else can do real time and no one else can do multiprocessing as well as QNZ and BB10. Wait till RIM releases the quad core PlayBook! I'm in line for that device too! :)

OK but that's MY opinion. I'm not against it, but I'm certainly not for it based on a keyboard and the new camera like the rest of you.

I saw the keyboard demo on the video. Wrong approach. the predictive modeling doesnt work. Doesnt work on apple or apple siri. For people like me in professions it cant anticipate half the words. I actually have to slow down and think about what it will guess so I can type the words it will recognize. They are going where every other manufacterer has gone before.

I really think the big whoohoo's in the audience were plants or die hard blackberry addicts in which blackberry can do no wrong. Dead man walking.

Not helped by OS7 not ready for prime time flakiness.

Here's my prediction. The Blackberry OS10 will be reivewed to great fanfare in the WSJ. Walter Mossberg will remark as will others how the platform is innovative and does things that neither the iphone nor droid does. However, given the dearth of applications and the functionality of those other platforms, he would not recommend switching and will suggest that new users evalaute it. he will also note the lack of portability from old blackberry apps, data etc. Familiar?? See WebOS.

Ill throw this prediction out if they come out with a line of devices with keyboards and tight exchange integration that has all of their new OS features. Otherwise its time to ring the bell.

Well, if that's your vision of the future, Jack, then you should get a much stronger prescription for your glasses, have some Lasik eye surgery, get a white cane, a seeing eye dog, learn to read brail and, most importantly, throw out your crystal ball because what you are actually seeing is the original broadcast of The Beverly Hillbillies. You know being as myopic as you are, is not something you should brag about.

I don't think you're right about it not anticipating the words of your profession. If it works like the predictive text on the PlayBook, it learns the words, phrases and even sentences that you frequently use and it should be able to adapt to your jargon and way of working.

Exactly! I'm using my PlayBook more and more in meetings BECAUSE of the predictive text for scientific words/terms. Once you type in the word the first time, it remembers it and then you just have to type two or three letters of a 12 letter term (for example) and it predicts it. I love it!

besides all of this bb10 greatness..i hope they add a orientation lock like the not a landscape guy

Cool, thanks for posting this Kevin! Lots of awesome features coming for BB10.

Btw for everyone, there is a good summary of the keynote and a lot of pics written by BGR. I know they are pretty critical of BB and RIM at times, but I thought this was actually very well done (despite some minor jabs from the author). It's good to see some of their writers also share a decent level of interest on the topic.

I hope it's enough to put RIM back on top of the phone game. I wish they'd release a BB10 smartphone with a physical keyboard though. Never been a fan of touch. This looks amazing!

To all the BlackBerry haters..........SUCK IT!

Great demo, I just may consider a touchscreen, that UI was freaking fabulous.

Oh and Johnathan Geller you can SUCK IT TOO!

As stated recently and months ago...

All-touchscreen devices first, QWERTY BB10 device second. When is the next question and it's been said possibly in Q1 2013. All-touch devices coming out in fall.

Simply brilliant.... Love that photo app... Guys I have already started saving money for the bb 10 phone... I hope there's more to follow...

The messaging feature was very cool. I liked the keyboard, but the camera blew me away. That was very cool. I can't wait to pick up a BB10 device for Christmas.

This is truly impressive and promising. I am sure it is not like the thunder of a cloud that never rains. There is much goodness in BB10 keeping Blackberry in line of its original mission. And yes it will leap over the competition. In fact, I think the playbook in its present state makes every other tablet look and feel primitive, yes including the ipad3, I looked.
My only concern is this; will BB10 include apps that allow cross-platform communication? All my family have iphone and my friends have android, so the BBM with all its glory is useless to me. What about Skype and Viber? include those and a BBM like app that communicates with every other device, and BB10 will rule.

This is just friggin' AWESOME!!!!!! Can't wait to get one! I guess my wife will inherit a slightly used 9930 in a few months! :-)

I really hope this bb takes a massive dump on apple.


The only reason why you would NEED a physical keyboard is if your fingers are lifeless and touchscreens don't respond to them. Get over the fear of change. This touch keyboard is legit. Everyone should give it a shot.

I cant wait to upgrade im not sure if i want a touchscreen or physical keyboard. Im in love w bb10 already. Bravo RIM bravo!!!!!!!!

Can't Torch 9800 died on me 3 months ago went back to my Bold 9000 holding on to my upgrade until BB10 #letsgo BlackBerry only for the shakers and movers

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

When ever I upgrade my phone the old one goes to my wife. Right now I'm on 9900, my wife on 9800, my dad and sis on Bold 3, my mum on curve. But one thing I can assure is, when these beautiful mind blowing babies hit the market all of my family will be upgraded to BB10. Also 5 PBs within the family. Just praying they launch a physical keyboard version also. Either way I will buy it. Way to go RIM!!!!PIRE strikes back.
Mighty Thor with his hammer called BB10.

The physical keyboard is the greatest "app" of all time.
I just came from the android.
The glass screen requires... literally.... that you continuously look at the screen.
The touch and physical "click" of physical keys allows you to look away from the phone.

Of course, the keyboard shortcuts are impossible on a touchscreen, too.