BlackBerry reminds us that BlackBerry World will now include movies, music and TV shows

BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 28 Jan 2013 08:58 am EST

Last week we saw that BlackBerry App World get rebranded BlackBerry World. We've known that this change was coming and with the launch of BlackBerry 10 this week, it seemed the best time to carry out the rebranding. The change in name was to go with the new direction the store is taking as now it will not just be apps that you can download. We'll be seeing music, movies and TV shows available and BlackBerry has promised an extensive catalogue of these.

Initially, the movie rental will be available to those in the U.S., U.K. and Canada. What's available for rent would be dependent on the region. It should be noted that this will only be available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices to start with. We should hopefully see the change come to the PlayBook and other devices soon. Read on for the full press release.

Press Release 

New BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 to Include Extensive Catalogue of Songs, Latest Movies and TV Shows

Unified Multimedia Storefront Will Carry Music and Video Content from All Major Studios, Labels and Broadcasters

Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX:RIM) today announced that the new BlackBerry® WorldTM storefront (formally BlackBerry App WorldTM) for BlackBerry 10 will offer one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. The new BlackBerry World will include an extensive catalog of songs as well as movies and TV shows, with most movies coming to the store the same day they are released on DVD, and next day availability of many current TV series. The competitive offering will feature content from all major studios, music labels and top local broadcast networks. Customers will be able to preview tracks and access the content using multiple payment options.*

"Music and video content is an integral part of a rich mobile experience. People want easy and convenient access to their favorite music, movies and TV shows wherever they are," said Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer at Research In Motion. "RIM is committed to working with content providers to bring the best, most up-to-date content to our customers with BlackBerry 10, and to make it easy for them to get what they want."

The video download and rental section in BlackBerry World will initially be available in the US, UK and Canada. Varying by region and distributor, customers will have access to movies from the following studios and independents: 20th Century Fox, Entertainment One (eOne), Lionsgate, MGM, National Film Board of Canada, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, STUDIOCANAL, The Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures (UK), Warner Bros. Customers will also have access to TV shows from the following broadcasters and studios: ABC Studios, BBC Worldwide, CBC/Radio-Canada, CBS, DHX Media, ITV, National Geographic, NBCUniversal (UK), Nelvana, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (US), Starz Digital Media, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Univision Communications Inc, and Warner Bros.

The BlackBerry World storefront's DRM-free music download section will feature an extensive catalog from all major and independent labels including: 4AD Records, Domino Recording Company, finetunes, Matador Records, [PIAS] Entertainment Group, Rough Trade Records, Sony Music Entertainment, The Orchard, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, XL Recordings and Zebralution. The music section will initially be available in 18 countries: Canada, USA, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

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BlackBerry reminds us that BlackBerry World will now include movies, music and TV shows


"The video download and rental section in BlackBerry World will INITIALLY be available in the US, UK and Canada."
Patience is key.

Why should we always be the patient ones??? Why must we always be the last to partake in any form of blackberry innovation considering the fact that we pay more for our devices. We have no contract plans here in Nigeria. #thirdworldproblems

INITIALLY be available in the US, UK and Canada mean it will NEVER EVER be available in the rest of the World

When are TV shows going to work? I live in the US and they are all wishlist items on the Playbook going 1+ years now.

I wonder RIM is still neglecting countries like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines where in fact they have a lot of BB users in these countries? THIS ONE REALLY SUCKS!

PATIENCE, RIM is not neglecting anyone.
They said it would "INITIALLY" be only available in US, Canada, and UK.
That means in the future, it will be available elsewhere as well.

This has nothing to with RIM neglecting a region/country. This usually boils down to content owners and/or licence holders either saying "no", or asking too much to carry said content. It may sometimes be the result of government *ahem* oversight. This is why Netflix doesn't have the exact same catalogue in the countries it's available in.

As I recall, the iTunes music store wasn't available in Canada until sometime after Portugal and others. Although Amazon Prime just came to Canada recently, I understand that the on demand TV/movies/music still isn't available (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

So as others have stated, you'll have to be patient.

great news.. all the major music labels and tv networks are on board. The only negative thing is that the video is only launching in 3 markets (US,UK and Canada).

It's only launching in 3 countries because it can only launch in 3 countries right now. Why it hasn't been launched in other countries is simple; they haven't been able to get agreements in those countries yet. Negotiating with copyright holders is bad enough, but when you also have to negotiate with local broadcasters and residual holders (who hold the rights of broadcast for specific areas and these areas can vary not just internationally, but nationally, regionally and locally), it's suddenly a huge legal mess. Don't be surprised if it takes years to negotiate download rights in some countries but seemingly a lot quicker in others.

Don't blame RIM for this one, unfortunately this is how international copyright works.

We had same promises from RIM for Playbook and a Video store never come to rest of the world.
We can not have Slacker radio for Playbook in Europe and you can download it from Google play in all countries, no sense!!
Even the app BlackBerry News come 1 year after to other countries.
RIM is too slow

No it just means there's a store you can rent movies. Netflix is completely different. The store will be 100 times better then netflix but expensive. The only media store I've used to date is the movie rentals on xbox video. I use a netflix account for free and it sucks balls. Internet streaming is the way to go for everything.

I even tried subscribing to xbox music, 10$ a month for unlimited music downloads off a really good catalouge. Still run into too many hurtles in paying extra for some songs and your mp3's are all tagged for copyright. I deleted everything and went back to the normal pirating.

Legit media payments and downloads still has a way to go

Explains why they dropped "App" from "BlackBerry App World". Having a unified storefront for music, video, and apps is a good move.

... as stated in the article. Apparently I have become one of those people that reply before they read.

All I have to say is, in my opinion, the device that kept RIM in peoples hearts and minds was the playbook.

RIM please don't forget your loyal fan base and those that kept you afloat during your worst period. Have the playbook BB10 ready on Jan. 30th. What does everyone else think?

2 days notice should be plenty. :)

BB10 for PB would be awesome, even if it's a beta for those of us launch day diehards.

Fanboi-ism aside, I think an even better reason for BB10 at or near launch (perhaps when N10 drops?), is to convert PB owners that either don't own a BB, or that still use older feature phones.

Until my Playbook is running BB10, this news is okay. When it gets BB10, this news will be awesome!!

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

I'll be interested in the pricing of this content compared to iTunes. Does anyone know how these catalogue providers compare to the iTunes catalogue?

i'm new to crackberry but not blackberry. i think this is great news for blackberry users. i've been following all the CB updates last couple weeks since i found out about BB10. it was news to me that a new phone was coming out and i am very excited. i was prepared to go down with the ship as they say because i love RIM products. Last couple weeks have been very exciting and more excitement to follow as i have pre-ordered my BB10 last week. I enjoy all the articles and comments. Keep up the great work!

I believe I am in the minority, but I find music sold in the optional format of lossless codecs would be a bonus. I still buy CDs because I like the highest quality. Also, it would one up The iTunes store...

I'm all for Lossless WMA or Flac, but give me a decent vinyl rip any day of the week!

Jumping and squealing like a schoolgirl! *ooh* don't forget the closed captions or subtitle! It is not available on playbook 2.1. Hopefully BB10 will have it *fingers-crossed*


I have and use iTunes now . I can see the music thing for those who use their phones as an iPod. I can't see TV and movies working very well. In a pinch we will watch TV/movies on the iPad but mainly we stream content from the Computer. If BB wants to sell me movies then the store must be accessible either through BB-desktop or the internet.

Good luck to those who want to watch TV on a 7 inch PB or the new Z10. I am not one who would do that. If they want to sell TV / Movies they will need to make a bigger Tablet and make the store PC accessible. Why not sell to other brands. iTunes is available to Windows PC's.

Great point! This is not just about the device on a micro level but the whole ecosystem and integrated experience at a macro level!

The average consumer doesn't have a computer hooked up to its TV, and RIM is a mobile software company before anything else, not PC. Anyhow, you seem to forget Playbook and BB10 phones have a micro-HDMI port to plug in your TV, do you? That's how I use mine when watching movies, anyhow.

I always use my microHDMI port as well, even though it sucks running a 15 foot cord across the room (no DLNA). Perhaps BlackBerry could do something to fix that, such as Blackberry TV? ;)

What kind of music can be purchased and played through the new service? I hope it's not ALL MP3. Would be nice to see Blackberry step out on front with FLAC support!

Blackberry App World multimedia content probably won't be available in Barbados for a while, we have TONS of copywrite issues here.