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By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2013 02:05 am EDT

Looks that way. We've been seeing a lot of reports from folks on Twitter and in the CrackBerry Forums where BlackBerry World is no longer working as expected. In other words, it's just basically not loading any content at all for some folks. Interestingly enough, all of the devices we have tested it on are working perfectly fine and many other users are reporting no issues as well. As right now, we're not sure what the situation is but we've reached out to BlackBerry to see what we can find out. In the meantime, you can keep your eyes on the situation by visiting the CrackBerry Forums and we'll update this post when things get resolved or we find out more about what's going on.



Takes a while to load up??

Posted via CB10


HI All

am out here in Angola(Africa) and i got my BB Z10 and since i got it the Blackberry Work app, does not work at all. message" There was a connection problem. Blackberry work must close:



Hi freind, i just came to Angola from Cameroun, BB world went down with same message" There was a connection problem. Blackberry work must close" but it worked well when i was in Cameroun, did you resolve this problem, thanks for your feedback...


I have also noticed this, I hope its fixed soon.

Posted via CB10


Mine is really not working again all

Posted via CB10


Australia - Not working.

Posted via CB10

Randy Harnarinesingh

Mine does not load at all.

Posted via CB10


The Web store still opens and you can install apps there, app updates also still come through, just can't open the main page on phone

Posted via CB10


Mines not working either!

Posted via CB10


Not working on mine :(

Posted via CB10

Randy Scanlan

Not working for me in Canada on Telus network on z10.

Posted via CB10


In Australia it doesn't work

Posted via CB10


Mines not working!!! Maybe it's cause of that update 10.1 on the way.

Posted via CB10


It's still working in europa.

Posted via CB10

Stefanie Crimi

For me it doesn't work in the netherlands!


Not working in Italy...

We need tools, not toys.


Thought I was the only one

White BlackBerry z10


Not working here either but you can access it by going through Music >settings > Blackberry World and it should open for you this way... Let me know if it also works for you...


I have found this to work on my phone also. Thanks!

Posted via CB10


I just tried what E_the_cameraman posted and was the only way that BlackBerry World worked. I went to The music application, then chose settings (3 vertical dots on the lower right corner) and selected the BlackBerry World on the menu and it worked.
When I first tried running the BlackBerry World directly through its own icon, it just hangs there waiting as if I didn't have an Internet connection. Hope it's solved soon.

Posted via CB10


I tried the same thing, and it worked.


Worked like a charm!! Thanks

Posted via CB10


This work around works perfectly for me. Thanks for the pointer.


It worked! Thanks for the tip.

RP Singh

Going in through Music totally worked after I was unable to get past the spinning disc from the main menu! Thanks!

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF



Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Merry Mr BlackBerry

Yep that works

Posted via CB10


Using the music application worked for me as well.

Posted via CB10


You are the fuggin man!

Jai Britt

wow. since this morning I was trying to open B World. Thanks E_the_CameraMan

Xapns Amarantidis

Yep. It worked for me too. Now it also works directly. Not sure whether it was resolved somehow since 5 hours ago I tried using it


Excellent!!!!!!! Works for me thanks man

Posted via CB10


Mine isn't loading either, but it works through the music app.

Posted via CB10


Well done e_thecameraman was able to access BW this way and after able to access through standard icon on phone Thank you for posting solution

Posted via CB10


Great tip, I was losing my patience in a big way. Thank you.


there is no settings option in music?

Felipe Barradas

It works this way for music and video thank you

Posted via Z10 awesome sauce CB10


Glad to hear I'm not the only one having issues.


Fast as always, Vodafone uk

Posted via CB10


Time for a coffe.....


doesn't work on my Z10 on T-Mobile


Works on my Z10 T-Mobile

Posted via Z10


Not working on my Z10 on Rogers on Vancouver Island

Posted via CB10


not working on Rogers in Newfoundland either. Coast to Coast.


Mine not working T-Mobile UK

Posted via CB10


Not working.

Z10 Rogers BC Canada

Posted via CB10


No open until now. 2 hours already

Posted via CB10


Working fine, Etisalat dubai

ken ikeda

It's a no go for me

Posted via CB10


Not working for me.. with Rogers..

Posted via CB10


Works great for me Canada on Telus network

Posted via CB10


Not working on Verizon in the US

White BlackBerry z10


working in Midwest US. Z10 on VZW.

Posted via CB10

Marco Wichmann

Hello,even my Z10 can't open's loading and loading...
I'm from Germany
Z10 STL 100-2
Never had problems before


I was on BlackBerry World about a half hour ago and it was working fine. But, I just tried to visit BlackBerry World just now and it won't load for me.

Posted via CB10


Not working on my Z10 on Rogers in Vancouver.

Posted via CB10


Not working on Rogers either. Just seeing the loading circle.

Ricky Yu

Mine not working - Indonesia

Posted via CB10


Potential app world update?


Working just fine here in Thailand via Z10 STL100-2 on DTAC.

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10 :-)


Not working since a long time, every day there is something new to share on the OS or function of the phone. This is what happens if you divert your company's core competency towards replication others success.

This phone and it's eco system sucks big time, truly regret for shifting from Bold 9900, as the name says bold was truly bold.

Posted via CB10


Hey guys, about BBW spinning wheel thing, I found the solution. If you go to music, then settings, and open Blackberry World, you can access the BBW once again, without problem. It's a only temporary solution, and I am sure they fix it soon. But until then, you still get to access BBW.


Thanks, this temporary solution works--Z10 on ATT.


This works. Although I got the Spanish BB World for some reason...

Posted via CB10


Cool thanks forthe tip but the main app still not working Z10 AT&T


Good work around thanks!

Posted via CB10


Polarszten, you are a genius, works fin in your suggested work around.

Posted via CB10


Actually someone already had found this solution on the first page...soo really the genius is e something cameraman.

Posted via CB10


Noticed this problem since yesterday in Germany. Thanks for your workaround!

BR Shrinet

Mine is not opening at all in kuwait.



Waterloo. BBW not working.

Posted via CB10


Mine ain't workin yo

Posted via CB10


Same in Qatar not working at all..

Posted via CB10


Thanks. It was not working for me before but that works. Hopefully a fix comes soon.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry World has not worked all day on my AT&T Z10.

Posted via CB10

Stephen Cooper

Not working....

Posted via CB10


I think there'll be an update to Blackberry World, which will include Music and Video contents. Also, an interesting finding after tonight's update, my Playbook apps now are available on my Z10!


I actually received a notification for an App World update and since attempting to do so, it hasn't been working since. I thought I messed up the installation somehow but I guess more people are being affected.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Mine is not working either :|


On Rogers network in Toronto and it is not working. I even did a reboot of my Z10

Posted via CB10


I have the same issue. I thought I'm the only one who is having an issue.

Posted via CB10


Endless loading of the home screen. Worked earlier today.

Ottawa on Rogers

Posted via CB10


Just had a look:
BlackBerry world does not load opening the app, but the suggestion here in the comments bout going via music works.

That is on O2 UK.

I will speculate a bit, but u think there is some communication between the phone and BlackBerry world when you open the app - communication other than downloading content and that broke.

J would also think they have multiple servers for multiple regions which explains why the problem did not appear at the same time for everybody.

Posted via CB10


Same here, mine not working too! At Singapore


Yh, mine has been Givin me pros 4 the past month n now it wnt open @ all

Posted via CB10


Mine has been Givin me pros 4 the past month n now it wnt open @ all

Posted via CB10


MTS haven't been able to access app world for last 4 hours

Posted via CB10


Not working for me here in the UK.
Must be everyone downloading Blaq has made it crash?

Posted via CB10


Just a spin cycle for me,

Posted via CB10


Sux, me too

Posted via zeten


Bell mobility z10.... not working. maybe we will wake up to 10.1!

Posted via CB10


Mine is also like this, doesn't upload anything

Posted via CB10


Not only the BlackBerry world all the Facebook news feed are not working. Hope they repair it soon.

Posted via CB10


Not working on Vodafone in the UK (at least, for me!)

Posted via CB10


Mine don't work either. (german device) but the music workaround let's me open it, again.

Posted via CB10

Frank Rx

Not working in Hong Kong

Posted via CB10

Murdock MacIntyre

Mine not working on Rogers in Alberta,Canada!

Posted via CB10

Mohit Lohiya

BlackBerry world not working..unable to load home page..:(

Posted via CB10


Thank god, I thought it's some problem at my end.

Posted via CB10

Malik Shakur Jamal

Not working in canada on fido.

Posted via CB10


Try it on wifi

Posted via Z10


Not working in Russia MTS.

jorge escobar1

I've haven't had major problems with it. Mostly minor glitches. The language of the menu randomly changes sometimes and I often get the blackberry asterisk randomly even if I've checked checked for updates.

Posted via CB10


I'm in Malaysia working good :)

Posted via CB10


Still working well in Malaysia, with Maxis!

Posted via CB10

Russell Durose

Not working on EE UK

Posted via CB10


You've jinxed mine, it was working fine until I read this, now it's just doing what twitter was doing the blue ring.

Posted via CB10


Mine as well not working - O2 UK

Posted via CB10

Robertico Cicilia

My doesn't load @ all

From Holland.

Posted via CB10


Pakistan not working...

Posted via CB10

Theodoros Georgiou

Not mine as well. Cyprus

Posted via CB10


Nope, not working here in Puerto Rico, T-Mobile network

Posted via CB10

Wei Li

Not working here

Posted via CB10


Its working fine on 9900 but not loading on Z10 !!

Both on Vodafone UK


As posted by another member, BlackBerry world is accessible via the music player.

The main page format is different so it looks like in the process of updating it they've screwed up something.


Just went on to check if mine was working when I saw this post and I'm not having any issues in Kingston, Ont., Canada on Rogers
Thanks for the heads up tho

Posted via CB10


Not working on my Z10, AT&T, Portland, Oregon, USA .

Posted via CB10


no issue at all
another lie from wall street analyst to beat down the stock price for shorts

Posted via CB10


Not working on Z10 (STL100-2) on Swisscom

Posted from my beauty, Z10 (CB10)


I have the same problem.
I WILL tweet @BlackBerryHelp.

Posted via CB10


It's bust in the UK on O2. Just keeps spinning round and round and round and round and round get the idea.

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10

Russell Durose

Yes the music fix does work. Went through music library. The launch for BW does not work

Posted via CB10


Not working here in the Netherlands and I am a heavy user/buyer. ;-)

Posted via CB10


I have issues with BlackBerry world, I can't open it,

This has to stop because I have no more patience with BlackBerry, I haven't dumped them when they had old devices hopping that this bb10 will be different,

BlackBerry Z10


Mine doesn't work in Canada,

BlackBerry Z10


Just stopped working. Black screen and whirly thing.

Posted via CB10

C William Campbell

Mine just started to not work in the last ten minutes

Z10 for president


Yeah. I'm on the infinite loop of swirly thingy. Has been for at least 12 hours I'd reckon.

Posted via CB10

p0lar bear

Same issue here. BlackBerry world won't load at all since yesterday. O2 Telefonica Germany

Posted via CB10


Works fine on my bold and torch but for months has been freezing on 1st opening on playbook, so having to close and reopen every time is a hassle. In a way I'm glad to hear others are having problems so maybe a fix will be forth coming.


Not working for me in UK since 6am...

Posted via CB10


Wow, is BBRY preparing for a blowout??

Posted via CB10 app


In the UK having the same problem blackberry world still trying to load up

Posted via CB10


Austria - Down :(

Posted via CB10

Khalid Al Mohaisen

Not working since morning

Posted via CB10

Roy Lee

Same here from Singapore

Posted via my WhiteBerry Z10


Mine not working, from indonesia...just circle around

Posted via CB10


Seen this a couple hours ago, it was working for me on Telus in Manitoba, however just now after a hard reset my BlackBerry World is NOT working now. :(

Posted via CB10

Alooi Divona

Works fine on my Z10 - Bahrain

Posted via CB10


On my BBZ10 i noticed it only fails to load correctly when i'm using Wifi.


Yup me either, Wind Mobile in Canada

Posted via CB10

Polina Armen

Not working in UK!!!

Posted via CB10


not working on z10, but working on dev alpha c ... hmm

Aeron Solo

France : down

Posted via CB10


Mine isn't working on O2 in UK, just the loading circle.

Posted via CB10

Michael Bird

Mine won't load either. It just started doing it today. Odd. Not a bad thing right this second but I know others would really like it back up. Hope it's up soon. Btw, crackberry and its readers are awesome!!! One of my favorite places to go on my Z10!!!

Posted via CB10

Stephen C.

I have the same problems with my BlackBerry Z10, and I also have the PlayBook using the same BlackBerry ID because as the BlackBerry supports mentioned can share ID, this problem pop up since this morning, in BlackBerry World. I'm a user from Malaysia, telco is Maxis.

I suspect those users have the same ID share with PlayBook have this issue. I have tested my friend BlackBerry world without BlackBerry id apply in PlayBook, just sign in BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry world working fine.

Hope the problem solve ASAP.

Stephen from Malaysia.

Posted via CB10


New Zealand not working

Posted via CB10


It's like the twitter spinning wheel from last week

Posted via CB10


Been a spinning circle since last night.

Posted via Zeppelin

Stephen C.

Tested my friend BlackBerry Z10 with the same mobile network services provider Maxis, but his account is new, BlackBerry ID only sign in in BlackBerry Z10. No problem for updates application and etc.

Guess the BlackBerry world is confused with the share ID for BlackBerry devices.

Post by Stephen, Malaysia.

Posted via CB10


I haven't been able to pay for Blaq at all in BBworld. I've been trying since 6pm CST. It keeps saying it has no card info on my PayPal account which is ridiculous since I I've been using the same account with BBID all this time. I was just going to try the website side on my computer to see if I can bypass this glitch.

Posted via CB10

Monica Buruato

Here in TX on AT&T not working either. Wouldn't have known until I read this and tried it. Was working fine yesterday, I believe.


Australia Is down...

Posted via CB10


Mine isn't working :(

Posted via CB10


Not working I'm from Saudi Arabia

Posted via CB10


Works great in Tucson AZ. No issues.

Posted via CB10

Ijme Woensdregt

Nope. Not loading any content here in holland

Posted via CB10


Hello World.

Still not working here in Germany (Vodafone) and WiFi only. Workaround with open Music and jump from there to BBW works great. Even downloading and installing Apps without any kind of error or speed problems.

Not sure in what Time Zone the BlackBerry HQ (Yes I know it's Canada) is or where the BBW Server are located [are they located in different Country's??]. So I suggest: NJOY the wonderful Day and wait till the IT-Guys and Devs are waking up.

Posted via CB10


Same here Vodafone UK :(

Posted via CB10


User LJT gave a great tip in the BBW issue thread: go to the music app, open the context menu and select BBW. It opens from there.

My BBW has been down as well, Vodafone NL, stl100-2,

Will check my PlayBook later...

Posted via CB10 - Z10 Vodafone NL


As of right now (3am PST) it's not loading at all.


Not working, looks like it is updating. Just started this morning. Before today, it was fine. USA T-Mobile.

Posted via CB10


Not working on Rogers :(

Posted via CB10


Not working
I try to open it no

That negative

Posted via CB10


Still not working z10, globe telecom Philippines

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry World has been working since I got my Z10 on Feb 5. Saw this form this morning and checked it and Can confirm it is not working now

Posted via CB10


It happened to me for like a couple of minutes and then it fixed itself so I didn't really have a problem with that

Posted via CB10


To fix it on 10.1 start Games, navigate to a game and open BBW from the side bar.


Not working tmobile usa

Posted via CB10


Dreaded ring of death...

Posted via CB10


Was working fine last night around 10pm, now, nothing will load, just keeps spinning.

Posted via CB10


no probs here whatsoever, browsing and downloading apps still working well, Im in Indonesia using Indosat


Not working still on O2 Ireland

Posted via CB10


BBWorld working without problems in Puerto Rico

Posted via CB10


Loads very slow... Saudi Arabia

Posted via CB10


Not working in Shetland on Vodafone.

Posted via CB10


Mine is also not working :(

Posted via CB10


Music-setting-blackberry World

Posted via CB10

Jimmy Fong1

Mine is not loading as well :(.

Posted via CB10


Only "Loading..." and can't start it.


Not working since morning - Czech Republic

Maik Wolski

Same in Germany

Posted via CB10

nick canada

Just checked and everything was fine on northern tel (bell) the only thing that has changed lately is trending apps are at the bottom now.

Posted via CB10


Not working In Canada

Posted via CB10


Germany here its completely down, nothing is loading when you open the BlackBerry World App.

Posted via CB10


Works fine if you launch from within your music app. Music, overload button, blackberry world

Posted via CB10

Cee Yuen

Mine won't even load up, can't access anything...

Posted via CB10


Singapore phone in japan not working

Posted via CB10


Not working for me this morning. Att

Posted via CB10


Not working on my Z10 in AU

Posted via CB10


Mine isn't working full stop!

Posted via CB10


Mine in not working at all !!!

Posted via CB10


mine hangs in the black screen with circle running and nothing happens here in Sask with Sasktel. It worked just fine on tuesday.


Down for me. Going through the music app works.

Posted via CB10

Madhav Dhir

Not working z10 orange uk

Posted via CB10

Madhav Dhir

Yes works through music app

Posted via CB10

muhamad shettia

Same not working

Posted via CB10


I launch BlackBerry world from the music app :)

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry world not loading...

Posted via CB10


St. Lucia - not working

Posted via CB10


I am with o2 UK. Not working as well... perhaps BlackBerry World is going through some sort of maintenance?? Whatever it is... fix it as soon as possible.

Posted via CB10


Store front loaded fine. Download us SLoooooW.

Posted via CB10


Getting an eternal loading screen.

Posted via CB10


Mine is not working... as well as my brother's... we only have that little circle that keeps on spinning,we thought it was just loading, but nothing came out.... waited for few minutes, restarted our phones, yet same thing happened....

Posted via CB10


Not working on my Verizon.

Posted via CB10


Working on my Verizon Z.


Not working on AT&T, but can access via the the Music app

Posted by gliveron via CB10 on AT&T

Darcy Goettling

I have the same issue, but the work around for me was to send the app to my phone using the browser. That is how I got the updated twitter app.

Posted via CB10

Lyss Hayek

I came on here this morning to see if anyone had reported the same thing. Thanks! Mine's not loading at all since this morning. Z10, rogers. But I am on wifi too so I don't suppose that makes a difference.

Posted via CB10


Its working now. Try again

Posted via CB10

Glen Litwiller

Works fine for me in Canada!


Works on my Z10 with AT&T.

Posted via CB10

Prashant Palem


Does this My World issue has a permanent fix? I have been facing this since morning. Not working at all. I had issues with charging also. Got it fixed by restarting my BB.

Any help is very much appreciated.


Not working for me either. Telus


Yup... mine not working as well. On sing tel.

Posted via CB10


This morning no problem at all. Now it's hang
Greetings from Holland

Posted via CB10


Not working here either

Posted via CB10


Not working on Megafon in the Russia

Posted via CB10


The news should have said: "Users of BlackBerryWorld were Greeted with the application not loading since late last night". At least will go at par with Google news yesterday about their disruption of services.

Posted via CB10


Early Thursday in Alberta. Telus phone, hasn't been loading BBWorld since last night...

Posted via CB10


Yep, not working. Won't load. Started last night. At least my wife is happy. She keeps asking me what all the 99 cent charges are for.

Posted via CB10


Mine is just fine, but sometimes on "my world"tag has red star, but after go inside and check for update, nothing come out, I assume is some APP not avaliable in my area, like twitter and facebook. BTW, i am in China of course.
Other than this, so far so good.

Posted via CB10


From Spain - not working at all

Posted via CB10


Not working since last night. Rogers in Toronto.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10


Nor working in Scotland uk

Posted via CB10


Hmm mine has just been spinning... hope they fix it soon!

Posted via CB10


We can only hope that it is due to all the new BlackBerry users clogging the system to get their apps and music uploads.

Posted via CB10


The loading ring of death is at it again, not working since last night here in Waterloo.

Posted via CB10


Not working for me in the UK on EE

Posted via CB10


Mine also not loading. I find its been pretty slow for awhile now

Posted via CB10


Canada - Telus: Not working at all, I left it open overnight and did not load

Posted via CB10


Not working for me either.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry world has been working for me however since I've had this phone I have had many issues with the native FB app and so has a lot of other ppl I know that has the Z10. Has anyone experienced any issues particularly with the chat and updates?

Posted via CB10


Not working on Rogers but the workaround work, go to the music app and the link to the Bb works, from there I could see my apps and update some apps

Posted via CB10


Mine is not working either, on Rogers in Toronto.
I also been having a problem with Facebook since yesterday.
When I open Facebook I get a message saying
"There was a problem connecting to Facebook. Please check your connection and try again. Tap to retry"
When I tap I get the same message, I have the facebook options on the top of the screen that will allow me to open messages, friends list and everything else except my News Feed
Anyone else have this problem?


Trinidad & Tobago - not working at all on my z10.

Posted via CB10

benedict gomes

It's not working on my device right now.

Posted via CB10


Not working for me here in Ohio but maybe it means they are putting up good things for me to download

Posted via CB10


Not working in Italia

Posted via CB10


Not working here in Venezuela